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Human Resource Management Report on My Dream Job Submitted to: Submitted by: Prof. Neeraj Kumar Mohit

Human Resource Management Report on

My Dream Job

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Submitted by:

Prof. Neeraj Kumar

Mohit Sharma (271035)

Dec, 2018







The position and the firm


Job analysis: Interview


Competency mapping: Skill Matrix


Job Description and specification


KSAs you need to develop to be ready for your dream job




Appendix-1 Questionnaire






A job is a place where you learn, you implement and you grow. Hence working in a great organization is everyone’s dream. But what will be the scope of the learning will be subjective of at which position you are working, what are your roles and responsibilities and what is the job description.

All these factors together makes a job. But this area is so diverse that even a single responsibility change may lead to a total change in the scope of your job. And you may land up in the wrong job and additionally in a wrong company.

The Position and the Firm

As Job role and the firm in which you are working in, plays a major role in the future growth and long term plans, so I aspire for Fiserv India and role will be Business Analyst.

Why Fiserv?

Whether you join Fiserv on their Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources or any other function, you’ll get to the heart of one of Fiserv’s key business areas. You could become part of a local or an international development programme but either way you’ll begin to understand the core workings of the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. And as Fiserv is a diverse business with a global mind- set, you’ll see how Fiserv, benefit from different cultures and new local perspectives.

Why Business Analyst?

‘Business Analyst’ or BA, as the name says it all, analyses the purposes and needs of the client in order to help to develop the software which will allow the business to grow rapidly, to effective, coordinated and hence, more successful.

Business Analyst’s role is most critical in the Information Technology sector industry today. In fact, a BA is a must in a team where the business requirements are to be understood. A business analyst bridges the understanding gap between the business operations and software technology to fulfil the requirements and assist to develop the product better.

Job Analysis

In order to get a Glimpse about the required KSAs for the job, I contacted Mr. Vikas Yadava who is currently working with the organization from last 10 years and is working as Senior Business Analyst at Fiserv. The basic methodology that I have adopted is that I have asked him several questions (Questionnaire) regarding the job responsibilities and the KSAs required for this position. I also asked him about the work culture of Fiserv.

Also, I have looked on the web portal like o-net as suggested. I have included the information from these portals as well in the report.

Job Analysis In order to get a Glimpse about the required KSAs for the job, I

Competency Mapping

Competency mapping plays a major role in the demonstration of the candidate which make him perform well. Hence competency mapping is essential to create Highly Strategized job descriptions and also helps to build the performance management process for the measurement of the candidate’s performance and reward. Method that I have used here for Competency Mapping is: Skill matrix.

As per each of the competency mapping, I have rated Business Analyst profile, on the scale 5 to 1 where 5 is the Highest and 1 be the lowest.

Job Description

After analysing all the inputs from Mr. Gaurav and other online portals, I have concluded following as the major components of job description for Business Analyst:


• Will work closely with Development and Client team • Be responsible for the management of data stack for the company • Understanding of features implemented by the developers and telling the clients the real usage. • Understanding complex features, divide it into small independent features. • Defining, analysing and communicating key metrics and business trends to the management teams • Taking in account the business requests from the Top management and Deriving insightful information • Building deep understanding of how Business and Systems are working • Building and deploying analytical models to resolve business problems • Evaluating the organization's use of technology and recommend improvements such as hardware and software upgrades • Provide client with functional support for software related problems

Technology Skills:

The following technical skills or software knowledge is required by a Business Analyst to perform their day to day tasks:

• Access software like Citrix; Mac HelpMate • Application server software like Microsoft Windows Server; Oracle WebLogic Server Hot technology • Backup or archival software — Veritas NetBackup Hot technology • Calendar and scheduling software — Microsoft Entourage • Content workflow software —JIRA Hot technology

• Office suite software like Corel Office Suite; Microsoft Office Hot technology

• Operating system software like Linux Hot technology ; Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hot technology ; UNIX Hot technology

• Presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint

• Web platform development software like Apache Tomcat Hot technology ; JavaScript Hot technology ; PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor Hot technology ; • Word processing software like Apple iWork Pages; Microsoft Word

Job Specifications:


The following knowledge are required by a Business Analyst to perform their day to day tasks:

Computers— Knowledge of computer hardware and software, including applications, programming and handling databases.

Customer Service —Customer’s needs assessment, meeting quality standards for the services and evaluation of customer satisfaction are part of it.

Management — Knowledge of management principles for strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modelling, leadership technique etc.

Engineering and Technology — Applying principles and procedures to the design and production of various goods and services is part of it.

Education and Training — Knowledge of curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups

Design — Knowledge of various design techniques, tools, and principals involved in precision technical plans


The following skills are required by a Business Analyst to perform their day to day tasks:

Critical Thinking — using logics and reasons to identify the SWOT of the solutions, recommendations or approaches to the issues.

Active Learning —Forecasting of new solution for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making

Time Management — Managing One's own time as well as the time of others.

Coordination — Maintaining coordination between various business units and different level of hierarchies

Writing — Effective written communication


The following abilities are required by a Business Analyst to perform their day to day tasks:

Inductive Reasoning & Deductive Reasoning — The ability to apply general rules to specific problems to produce answers that make sense


The ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions

Oral Comprehension & Written Comprehension — The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.


The ability to read and understand information and ideas presented in writing


Experience and Qualification Required

Two years of experience in IT sector


IT experience in similar domain is preferable


Level of





















  • 1 1







  • 2 2







  • 3 3







  • 4 4







  • 5 5





I have rated Business Analyst profile, on the scale 5 to 1 where 5 is the Highest and 1 be the lowest.

The red coloured boxes display level of proficiency needed for the job.


Q1. What is your role as Senior Business Analyst in Fiserv?

Answer1: As you know, Fiserv is an organisation which makes software products for financial organisations. I am working as BA for multiple products of Fiserv. I am basically involved in the T-Shirt Estimation, Features grooming, Client weekly calls and others. BA is the point of contact for any business requirement and BA is the one acting as a bridge between the clients and software development teams.

Q2. Can you tell the basic tools knowledge that are required for BA?

Answer2: Fundamental knowledge about different technical and functional domains of the software products. Also apart from it involved in handling DB schemas of clients (eg. Oracle, SQL Server). Report writing, PPT, Excel skills and Documents creation are the additional basic tools for BA.

Q3. What Qualifications are preferred for the role Business consultant?

Answer3: There is no as such qualifications barrier. But it is preferred mostly that an MBA graduate should be a BA. But still B.Tech. or B.E. people can also apply depending upon their domain knowledge.

Q4. What are the key competencies needed for this job and the key proficiency level needed for each competency?

Answer4: It has been already discussed in Skill Matrix

Q5. What are the (KSA’s) that are needed for the role of BA?

Answer5: A BA analyst needs to have the basic knowledge of the domain, how client is using the product. There is sometimes problem of cultural barrier, which needs to be resolved. Creativity is required for the future grooming meetings. Common sense, IQ and ‘Call of Duty’ are the utmost important qualities.

Q6. With whom the BA interacts the most and who are the other people in the list?

Answer6: All the customers, On-Site and Off-Site team, Customer support group and the development team. Mostly I have to interact with the customers.

Q7. Does the role of BA involves a lot of Analytical problems or it is mostly predictable?

Answer7: It really depends. If you are in future grooming team, then you have to be more analytical, more logical and more supportive. It becomes

non predictable at all. But if you are the Third-tier team then it’s even more complex for developers but lesser for BA.

Q8. How do you come across the need for the new product or software?

Answer8: Mostly client needs are taken in to consideration while taking decisions related to new product of feature. If the demand is visible then an estimation is done to find out the profitability of the product and hence this ides is rejected or accepted

Q9. What are your views about the growth opportunities for Business Analyst?

Answer9: Well, you can say that the growth here is very much visible. You will soon see yourself on-site if you are working really well. Also it depends upon the project you get. All the Best!!!