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1. Thông tin tuyển dụng

Số lượng tuyển dụng: 1 Mechanical Engineer

Kinh nghiệm: 5+ năm kinh nghiệm
Trình độ: Đại học
Ngành nghề: Hàng hải/ Tàu biển,Cơ khí/ Kỹ thuật ứng dụng/ Tự
động,Dầu khí/ Địa chất/ Khoáng sản
Cấp bậc mong muốn: Chuyên viên / Kỹ sư
Giới tính: Không yêu cầu
Loại công việc: Chính thức

2. Mô tả công việc

2.1. Job Summary:

This role requires good organizational/ coordination skills. Direct contact with the client
and vendors will be necessary. The principal role of the Mechanical Engineer is to:

1. Review of Contractor’s and Vendor’s technical deliverables, technical queries and

deviation requests and work for an optimized solution in the Company’s interest.
2. Ensure that our Contractors and Vendors meet the contractual and technical
requirements related to mechanical engineering discipline (which include Material
3. Assist in development and consolidation of mechanical‐discipline engineering lists.

2.2. Key Duties & Responsibilities:

 Identifying and communicating the mechanical engineering requirements in

accordance with the legal obligations, contract terms, scope of work, technical
requirements and company’s policies.
 Working closely with others in the engineering team, managing and reviewing
technical deliverables from engineering contractors and package vendors’
deliverables with regards to technical requirements.
 Achieving resolution of multi‐discipline equipment problems by coordinating with
other discipline engineers and project engineering management team.
 Updates job knowledge by tracking and understanding emerging methodology
improvements; and absorbing new practices from clients and partners.
 Engineering problem solving and troubleshooting, even when not directly in own
discipline (taking a holistic approach to the project).
 Coordinate discipline issues between client, contractors, vendors and any other
relevant parties. Review and comment on contractors/vendors’ specifications,
datasheets and drawings.
 Inter‐discipline review of documents and drawings.
 Conduct inspections and attend Factory Acceptance Tests.
 Follow documented work instructions and procedures.
 Preparation of discipline documentation including specifications, requisitions,
datasheets, philosophies and equipment list.
 Undertake technical bid evaluation of bids for technical compliance including
recommendation relating to the selection of bidders.
 Other tasks as requested by the Project Engineering Team.

3. Yêu cầu công việc

3.1. Key Competencies:

Engineers and package managers

 Must be focused on achieving timely and cost‐effective results for the project and
 Shall be able to converse with client and respond to their Shall be able to converse
with client and respond to their
 Shall be able to converse with and respond to Contractor/Vendor queries while
protecting the interests of the Company.
 Shall be able to identify and react to changes in Company’s contractual scope of
 Maintain close working relationship with other discipline engineers and package
3.2. Functional Know‐How:

 Shall have a good technical knowledge on discipline‐specific codes and standards,

Classification Society Rules and be able to converse effectively with experts of all
 Good working knowledge of topsides mechanical equipment (both static and

3.3. Interpersonal Effectiveness:

Able to work effectively with the project teams, achieve a good working relationship and
act in the interests of the company at all times.

3.4. Communication & Influence:

Shall have excellent verbal and written language skills. Able to effectively communicate,
coordinate and interface with other disciplines, client and contractors and ensure that
all communications are as per project procedures

3.5. Analysis & Problem Solving:

Shall be able to quickly identify problems and coordinate solutions

3.6. Accountability for Results:

 Shall be self‐motivated, proactive and able to take responsibility for own actions.
 Make good technical decisions and ensure that solutions are properly implemented.

3.7. Personal Development:

Shall be committed to developing own skill base but also providing support to other
people within the company’s project team.

3.8. Qualifications:

Degree qualified in a technical subject

3.9. Skills & Experience:

 Experience of mechanical engineering on offshore oil & gas projects (Experience

of FPSO projects )
 8 ‐ 10 years’ experience in relevant discipline
 Good use of Outlook, Word and Excel
 User of Navisworks
 Able to review & comment on deliverables from contractors & vendors

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 Thưởng: Thưởng lễ Tết

 Đào tạo: Đào tạo kỹ năng liên quan đến công việc

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Công ty TNHH Minh Việt


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