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Form 10R


Directions for questions1-25. You will hear questions on the test tape.
Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

1. a. a plant 9. a. leave it
b. a car b. get on it
c. a horse c. inspect it
d. a building d. buy it

2. a. Yes, he won't. 10. a. movement

b. No, she won't. b. motor
c. No, he won't. c. station
d. Yes, she wonr t. d. moment

3. a. a box 11. a.fix them

b. a beverage b. supply them
c. a liquid c. forward them
d. a container d. further them

4. a. a doctor 12. a. to move around

b. a trader b. to move in
c. a swimmer c. to move over
d. a laborer d. to move forward

5. a. an engine 13. a. Can you put oil on it?

b. an automobile b. Can you take it apart?
c. an airplane c. Can you put it together?
d. a train d. Can you make it work?

6. a. a book cover 14. a. What is the thinking of the

b. a table cover people?
c. a window cover b. What is the advice for the
d. a fan cover pilots?
c. What is the price of onions?
7. a. give d. What is the private reaction?
b. demand
c. borrow 15. a. Are you getting sick of it?
d. bend b. Are you getting tired of it?
c. Are you getting accustomed
8. a. strange music to it?
b. a knock on the doord. D. Are you getting some use
c. bright lights of it?
d. a low-flying jet
ALCPT Form 10R
16. When did you turn over? 21. a. He has a perfect score,
a When did you return? b., He has a medal.
. When did you fall back? c. He behaves well.
b When did you catch up? d. He has been a bad boy.
c Which shirt did she lift? 22. a. He carries a bag.
. Which shirt did she have? b. He carries a sack.
d Which shirt did she c. He has a light load.
. choose? d. He has many responsibilities,
Which shirt did she
17. a, reject? 23. a. He was considered a person
b with skill.
. Do you want to wear it to b. He was considered an average
c see how it fits? fellow.
, Do you want to buy it on c. He was considered a person
trial? with no skill.
Do you want to sell it? d. He was considered a man
Do you want to put it without any experience.
18. a. 24. a. a story
Have you been insulted? b. a rock
b Have you been selected? c. a storm
Have you been served? Have d. a ball
. you been placed?
25. a. break the door by hitting it
c Can you go from the right? b. make a noise by hitting the
Can you go later? door
. Can you go to the right? c. throw a stone at the door
d Can you go immediately? d. lean on the door

20. a
Directions for questions 26-50. You will now hear statements on the test
cape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer
sheet. .
26. a. The condition sp
a. b. c. H
is good. 28. d.
or e
b. The ts s
cir .a. b. c. d. i
cum g
sta a. n
nce b. e
s d
are t
exc h
ell e
ent r
. e
c. The
sta .
nce H
s e
are c
poo h
r. a
d. The solution n
is not very g
29. e
good. d
27. h
a. They teach e
sports. r
b. They study e
sports. p
c. They take o
part in sports. r
30. t
d. .
T e
h c
e o
w d
a t
t h
c e
h r
m p
o o
v r
i t
e .
s He

o ty
ALCPT Form 10R

31. a. She said, "Is it too 37. a. It should be wasted.

expensive?" b. It should be expanded.
b. She said, MIs it c. It should be limited.
satisfactory?11 d. It should be dropped.
c. She said, "Do you dislike
it?" a. John forgot the key to the
38. b. John resisted the lock on
d. She said, "Is this your the door.
suit?" c. John locked the door quickly
d. John closed the lock on the
32. a. He will read it. door.
b. He will say it again.
c. He will reason with you. a. He must repeat very fast.
d. He will appeal it. b. He must talk very fast.
39. c. He must respond very fast.
33. a. He thought that the city d. He must relieve very fast.
was on the map.
b. He surrounded the city a. He joined them.
on the map. b. He weighed them.
c. He colored the city on 40. c. He corrected them.
the map. d. He separated them.
d. He found the city on the
map. a. He knows how to inspect it.
b. He knows how to fix it.
34. a. She thought about getting 41.
c. He knows how to open it.
a raise in pay. d. He knows how to run it.
b. She got a raise in pay.
c. She asked for a raise a. He has discussed that part.
in pay. b. He has closed that part.
d. She considered a raise 42. c. He has overlooked that part.
in pay. d. He has omitted that part.
35. a. They do not mix. a. It was not properly operated
b. They do not boil. b. It was not properly finished
c. They do not absorb. 43. c. It was not considered in goo
d. They do not melt. flying condition.
d. It was not kept in good flyi:
36. a. She labeled the sheets of condition.
b. She cut the sheets of a. She is small.
paper. b. She is large.
c. She joined the sheets of 44. c. She has big feet.
paper. d. She talks a lot.
d. She stamped the sheets
of paper.
ALCPT Form 10R
45. a. They were not clear. 48. a. It was not worth much.
b. They were hard. 1
b. It was not very expensive.
c. They were not correct. c. It cost more than it was
d. They were easy. worth.
d. It cost a lot.
46. a. He was strong.
b. He was sick, 49. a. The pay was more than usual,
c. He was lazy. b. The pay was less than usual.
d. He was weak. c. There was little pay.
d. There was some pay.
47. a. It had no lig hts.
b. It was a grass runway. 50. a. It does not change.
c. There was water on it. b. It changes.
d. There were birds on it. c. It is inconsistent.
d. It is variable.
Directions for questions 51-60. You will now hear dialogs on the test tape.
Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

51. a. He spoke poorly. 55. a. Frequently, it was a bomber.

b. He spoke slowly. b. Finally, it was a bomber.
c. He spoke carefully. c. Formerly, it was a bomber.
d. He spoke fast. d. Now, it is a bomber.
52. a. His English is poor. 56. a. He finally arrived.
b. He is not understood. b. His arrival was satisfactory.
c. His English structure c. He arrived immediately.
is very complex. d. He would arrive later.
d. His writing is easily
unders tandable. 57. a. They would have worked if
53. a. He seldom goes. b. The work was too difficult.
b. He goes often. c. They did not want to work.
c. He never goes. d. They had finished the work.
d. He goes frequently.
58. a. Yes, I should.
54. a. It has been running now b. Yes, I will.
and then. c. Yes, I would.
b. It has been running on d. Yes, I do.
and off.
c. It has been running 59. a. The order was expensive.
without stopping. b. The instrument was expensive,
d. It has been running c. The small vise was expensive.
slowly. d. The little job was expensive.
ALCPT Form 10R

60. a. There were many traffic

policemen on the streets.
b. There were many pedestrians.
c. There were many cars on the
d. The streets seemed" empty.



Directions for questions 61-100. Choose the one correct answer a, b,

or d and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

61. Now and then we have school parties.

a. We have them regularly.
b. We have them occasionally.
c. We have them often.
d. We have them frequently.

62. The conversation was cut off twice.

a. It began twice.
b. It was interrupted twice.
c. It was changed twice.
d. It decreased twice.

63. He left the country for good.

a. He was coming back.
b. He would visit a good country.
c. He was not happy with his trip.
d. He was not going to return.

64. The nurse looked at the wound very carefully.

a. She examined it.
b. She put something over it.
c. She admired it.
d. She washed it carefully.

65. He wanted to slip out before the end of the meeting.

a. He wanted to omit part of • the meeting.
b. He wanted to deliver something before the meeting.
c. He wanted to discover a new element.
d. He wanted to leave.

66. He was competely worn out after giving the talk.

a. He was full of energy.
b. He was warned.
c. He was bored.
d. He was exhausted.
ALCPT Form 10R

67. Betty had to figure out the answer to the problem.

a. She had to deceive it.
b. She had to solve it.
c. She had to test it.
d. She had to forget it.

68. In spite of the bad weather, the pilots kept on flying last night.
a. They refused to fly.
b. They stopped flying.
c. They continued flying.
d. They avoided flying.

69. The radio is too loud. Please turn it down.

a. Decrease the volume.
b. Put the radio down.
c. Increase the volume.
d. Stop the radio.
70. We had plenty of food for everybody in the group.
a. We had little food.
b. We had enough food.
c. We had scarcely any food.
d. We had hardly enough food.

71. He said to her, M I want to become a famous person. "

a. She wants to become a famous person.
b. She wants him to become a famous person.
c. He told her about a famous person.
d. He wants to become a famous person.

72. Having completed the assignment, Virginia went home.

a. The assignment was hard, so Virginia went home.
b. The assignment was not for Virginia, so she forgot about it.
c. She remembered the assignment after she got home.
d. She went home after she completed the assignment.

73. After finishing the examination, we went to the swimming pool and
had a good time.
a. We finished our examination after the swim.
b. We had a good time during our examination.
c. We went swimming after we finished the examination.
d. We swam and then took the examination.

74. Everybody _______ be able to dance.

a. have
b. ought to
c. could had
d. ought
ALCPT Form 10R
75. The target ______ bv the arrow.
a. hit
b. hits
c. was hit
d. was hitting
76. He spoke him about flying.
a. about
b. by
c. at
d. to
77. She has been shopping a long time,
a. for
b. during
c. since
d. from
78, It rained a great deal the summer
a. by season,
b. during
c. while
d. on
79, There is no one us who could tell the
a. among difference.
b. upward
c. for
d. from
80. You need to study your mission may carry you to any part
the world. of
a. unless
b. where
c. till
d. because
81. He didn't check this page as the last
a. thorough page.
b. as thoroughly
c. more thorough
d. thoroughly
82. A here.







ALCPT Form 10R

83. We __________ a picnic tomorrow,

a. have had
b. wi ll h av e
c. had
d. did have

84. The pilot __________ the instruments now.

a. is checking
b. have checked
c. was che ckin g
d. checked

85. I __________ a test when he came in.

a. was taking
b. will take
c. take
d. am taking

86. If I ......__ the questions, I will answer

a. understood
b. understand
c. have understood
d. had understood

87. Will you __________ me a favor?

a. state
b. say
c. tell
d. do

88. We are........_ a good time.

a. had
b. will have
c. having
d. have

89. We ......._
_ a good time last night.
a. had
b. has
c. have
d. having

90. Please ......._ all the windows.

a. opening
b. opens
c. open
d. opened
ALCPT Form 10R

91. He ........_ a long time ago.

a. left
b. leave
c. leaving
d. has left

92. Did he....... _ the invitation?

a. accepting
b. accept
c. accepted
d. accepts

93. My roommate is........ a jet now.

a. flew
b. fly
c. flown
d. flying

94. He ........_a walk in the country.

a. take
b. did
c. made
d. took

95. They....... _ the dishes off the table.

a. have taken
b. has taken
c. been taken
d. taken

96. Why donrt you wait until she...... .

a. come
b. comes
c. came
d. coming

97. I am going ......._ some shaving lotion.

a. buying
b. bought
c. to buy
d. buys

98. We....... _ from Tom that the repair work was excellent,
a. to hear
b. hears
c. heard
d. hearing
ALCPT Form 10R

99. He _________ interesting stories.

a. tells
b. tell
c. says
d. telling

100. He hit the knob so hard it ......._ his little finger open.
a. had split
b. split
c. splits
d. will split


1 D
51 D
2 C
3 D 52 D
4 B 53 A
5 A 54 C
6 C 55 C
7 C 56 A
8 D 57 A
9 B 58 C
10 A 59 B
11 B 60 C
12 D 61 B
13 D 62 B
14 A 63 D
15 C 64 A
16 B 65 D
17 C 66 D
18 A 67 B
19 C 68 C
20 D 69 A
21 C 70 B
22 D 71 D
23 A 72 D
24 B 73 C
25 B 74 B
26 C 75 C
27 C 76 D
28 B 77 A
29 B 78 B
30 C 79 A
31 B 80 D
32 B 81 B
33 D 82 D
34 C 83 B
35 A 84 A
36 C 85 A
37 B 86 B
38 D 87 D
39 C 88 C
40 A 89 A
41 D 90 C
42 A 91 A
43 D 92 B
44 A 93 D
45 B 94 D
46 A 95 A
47 C 96 B
48 D 97 C
49 A 98 C
50 A 99 A
100 B