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MTrading, which was established back in 2013, is a global forex

and CFD online broker that allows trading of currency pairs,
precious metals, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies and fossil
fuels. The company is committed to ensuring that you the trader
get the best trading experience in every type of financial market.
MTrading have a presence in Asia Pacific, the Middle East,
Africa and South America. They operates in key cities around
the globe and has an established and growing client base in
Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Russia, Indonesia and South
Africa. MTrading gives its clients simple, easy access to every
type of financial market through state-of-the-art software,
supporting them with valuable information, competitive terms,
numerous payment systems, a lively community and responsive

What is Forex?

“Forex” is an acronym for Foreign Exchange. It is a market where

people exchange one country’s currency for another’s currency.
It is called the cash market or spot market. The spot market
means trading right on the spot at whatever the price is at the
moment the transaction occurs. Payments for import and export
purchases and the selling of goods or services between
countries all flow through the forex market. This part of the forex
market is called the consumer forex market and this is where
the majority of the daily volume takes place. Nearly $5 trillion is
traded on the forex market each day making it the largest market
in the world. Forex traders however do not physical take hold of
foreign currency, they simply trade the rate of exchange
between two currencies.

The Advantages Of
Trading The Forex
Accessibility – The forex market is open 24/5. All you need to
have access to the forex market is a pc or smartphone and a
reliable internet connection.

Leverage – Brokers will lend you money to trade the markets.

Margin accounts come with leverage of 100:1 right up to
1000:1. This means that for a small deposit on a trade, you can
control 100 – 1000 times more money. This significantly
increases your profit potential and this is why leveraged
accounts are very popular with forex traders. However in the
same way leverage can increase your profit potential, it also
can increase your loss.

Liquidity – Traders can never be stuck in a trade, unlike trading

on the stock market. There is always a buyer and a seller. And
you can make money when the market goes in either direction.
Execution – Though slippage is an occurrence with most
online brokers, MTrading does not give you re-quotes.
When you click buy or sell based on the live market price,
your order is filled at that very price.
Costs – The spread is your cost to trade. It is the
difference between the buy and sell price. With
MTrading, the spread costs are reduced by 80 %
when trading a M Premium account.

Online Trading
How Money Is Made!

So everyone wants to trade online, but how do you make

money trading the financial markets?

The straight forward answer is you capture pips!

A pip is the smallest change in price that an instrument or

exchange rate can make.

Each pip has a monetary value, which is determined by your

trade size. Forex traders trade micro, mini and standard lots.
You can make 0.10c a pip when trading micro lots, $1 a pip
trading mini lots and as much as $10 per pip trading standard


Trading With

A beginner’s mistake is to start your trading career without

education and expert guidance. You may get lucky with a few
trades but with a solid foundation, you are more likely to
succeed as a trader. MTrading offers valuable, insightful expert
education in the form of webinars, eBooks, trading tools and
ongoing support from experienced analysts and market

Analyse The
Markets Like
An Expert

Technical Analysis

In simple terms, technical analysis is a study of your charts.

It is a method used to forecast the future price of an
instrument based on how it performed in the past. MTrading
offers Metatrader4 Supreme Edition as a trading platform. It is
loaded with great features such as advanced technical
indicators, additional trading tools, an alarm manager and
many more features to help you trade
from your charts

Fundamental Analysis

If you trade based on fundamental analysis, you are trading

the news. This method is based on a study of economic and
political reports, market sentiment or anything that could
affect the supply and demand of an instrument you want to

The Forex
Market Is
There are three main trends - An uptrend, a downtrend and a
sideways trend. Be sure to educate yourself on these and as
the saying goes ‘’trade with the trend until it bends’’

4 Trading
This is an integral part of making a profit from online trading.
A trading strategy that works is like a good recipe. If the
formula is implemented according to its blueprint, then that
strategy will always deliver similar results. So instead of
trading many different strategies, learn a few and master it.
And remember to test it out on your demo account first.
We have a bonus for you at the end of this E-book

Protect Your
The biggest pitfall for traders is that they allow their emotions
to get the better of them as they make a profit or a loss from
trading. Fear and greed affect most traders.

6 Manage
Your Risk
Each trade requires risk; you cannot trade without risking
money on a trade. Learn to manage your risk per trade, know
your boundaries and do not risk more than you can afford to
This is arguably the biggest advantage of trading online with a
retail broker such as MTrading. All you need is a minimum
investment to access an opportunity to make a profit in a
short space of time.
Lot size
This is your trade size. Forex traders trade in micro lots, mini
lots and standard lots. 1 micro lot is equal to approximately
$1000 of currency. 1 mini lot is equal to approximately $10000
worth of currency, and 1 standard lot is equal to
approximately $100000 worth of currency.
This is the amount of money you need
to have to place a trade. It is only a
portion of your account balance.
Why MTrading?

MTrading gives its clients simple, easy access

to every type of financial market through state-
of-the-art software, supporting them with
valuable information, competitive terms,
numerous payment systems, a lively
community and responsive service.

Some Great Features Offered
By Mtrading
Market Leading Trading Platform – MetaTrader 4
You will be always equipped with the most advanced trading
tools. Powerful and highly intuitive, the MT4 guarantees top-
notch trading efficiency. Try out MT4 Supreme Edition, it’s fast,
reliable & free.

Safety of Funds
MTrading is an active member of the Financial Commission
(Finacom PLC). They are the first neutral, third-party Dispute
Resolution Organization that is dedicated specifically to
Forex, and it operates in a way where transparency, swiftness,
and education are the paramount values.

Great Trading Conditions

No trading restrictions on trading strategies
Spread from 0 pips
106+ trading instruments

Some Great Features Offered
By MTrading
Expert support
A personal account manager is dedicated to assist you in all
your technical and administrative concerns. We also provide
24/5 customer support via phone and live chat.

Education and Analytics

With the aim of empowering you to make thoughtful and
intelligent trading decisions, we give you access to our
educational trading resources. We conduct seminars and
webinars, hold live trading sessions, and provide the most
timely market analytics, delivered by industry experts offered
completely free to our customers.

No dealing desk’ Execution

M.Pro accounts come with a ‘no dealing desk’ execution that
puts you in direct contact with our Electronic Communications
Networks (ECN). This guarantees that you enjoy the best
prices, minimal slippage, and lightning-speed execution for
your trades. By completely removing any conflict of interest
from our end, you have absolute control of your trading.


As a thank you for opening up a trading

account with MTrading, we have three trading
strategies that you can use to profit from the
markets today!

Range-trading strategy

Price is ‘’trapped within boundaries, or levels. The lower level

is known as support and the upper level is known as

When price had ‘’tested’’ either levels (upper and lower) on

two separate occasions, only then can these levels be
regarded as support and resistance.

The strategy uses this information to make a trading decision

based on probabilities. What that means is that when price
reaches either the support or resistance level the third time,
as traders; we are going to look to place a trade.

Fibonacci AB =CD Strategy

Fibonacci is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. AB will always equal


This strategy is based on a sequence of mathematical


For traders the most important feature of this trading system

is pairing fibonacci retracement levels to its extension levels.

These numbers are in percentage form and retracement

levels tell us how much price has reversed from ‘’B’,’ and
extension levels tell us how much price has moved beyond

Each Fibonacci retracement level has its own designated

extension level.

This is a very powerful trading strategy used by bank traders

all over the world.

Head & Shoulders
Reversal Pattern Strategy

This is a reversal pattern – Meaning that if the market was

bullish, this pattern would signal a change in direction from
bullish to bearish.

The opposite of the head and shoulders pattern is the inverse

head and shoulders pattern.

This strategy is simple but extremely powerful in finding

reversals in the market

Price will create a high price, higher than the previous high

Then price would create a high price lower than the previous
high price.

Once price breaks the neckline, a retest will occur. Trade in

the direction of the ‘’neckline’’ break.


Thank you for downloading this e-book. MTrading looks forward

towards a long term mutually beneficial partnership with our

MTrading is a registered trademark of ServiceCom Ltd, a

brokerage company incorporated under registered number
24275 IBC 2017 by the Registrar of International Business
Companies, registered by the Financial Services Authority of
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.