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HOME WORKSHOP NS OReeee | seis Pistol Resistance ~ HOME WORKSHOP NS Velume f The omm Machine for Defense Pistol and . __Resistance Bill moines PALADIN PRI BOULDER, COLORADO Also by Bill Holmes: Workshop Osis for Deftsioe aint Resintaneay Mul ITs Subnet Gua Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance, Vol. I: The Handgun Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance, Vol. I: The 22 Machine Pistol Home Worksnop Guns for Detense and Kesistance, Vol. V:"The AK-13/M16 Home Workshop Prototype Firearms: How to Design, Build, and Sell Your Own Small Arms "The Home Workshop 50-Caliber Sniper Rifle (video) Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance, Vol. IV: The 9mm Machine Pisiol by Bill Holmes Copyright © 1996 by Bill Holmes ISBN 0-87364.869-2 Printed in the United States of America Published by Paladin Pres, a division of Paladin Enterprises, Inc. Gunbarrel Tech Center| 7077 Winchester Circle Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA 4#1,303.443,7250 Direct inquiries and/or orders to the above addtess. PALADIN, PALADIN PRESS, and the “horse head” design are trademarks Belonging to Paladin Enterprises and registered in United States Patent and Trademark Office. Al righs reserved. Exoeot for use ina review. n0 portion a this book may be reproduced in any form ‘without the express writen permission of the publisher. eit te ato, 1 dhe pulses asus any responsibilty forthe use or misuse of information contained in this book. Visit our weo site at www pataain-press.com