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Professional Development Plan

School Year: Fall 2018 Year: SophomoreX Junior☐ Senior☐

Name: Bryce McCulley Program Area/Major: Middle Grades Language Arts and Social Studies
Advisor: Amanda Beller

A. Certification of Teaching Capacity Standard/Elements(s) to be addressed:

1. Professionalism 1. Professionalism
2. Classroom Climate/Culture 2. Classroom Climate/Culture
3. Instruction
4. Evaluation/Assessment
5. Impact of Student Learning
B. Teacher’s Strategies
Expected Outcomes and
Goals for Elements Activities/Actions Resources Needed Timeline
Evidence of Completion

Goal 1: I will uphold the code of ethics Dress appropriately, be punctual, I completed my field placement Code of ethics for NC September-
for the state of North Carolina communicate, appropriate language and experience successfully handbook
relationship with students. December
Cooperating teacher 2018

Class Content

Goal 2: Be an encourager to student by I completed my field placement Cooperating teacher, September-

investing in them and help those who successfully and see students
I will provide an environment in which are struggling. Providing a fun encouraged and able to learn in the Classroom evidence December
each child has a positive, nurturing environment. Encourage students and classroom. 2018
relationships with caring adults. show them that I believe in them and
their ability to learn.
Professional Development Plan – End-Semester Review
Teacher: Bryce McCulley Academic Year: Fall 2018
C. Evidence of Progress Toward Specific Standards or Elements to be Addressed/Enhanced

I believe that I met my goal in dressing appropriately, being punctual, communicating with my cooperating teacher, and using appropriate language and relationship with
students. I also believe I achieved my second goal of creating a caring and nurturing environment in the classroom with students. Being able to work one-on-one with
students helped me to show true care for students and knowing how to speak to students in a respectful and caring manner.

D. Goal 1 was successfully completed ​ ​YES ☐ NO​ ☐

Goal 2 was successfully completed ​ ​YES ☐ NO​ ☐
E. Future Plans (identify what your goals for the next semester of your teacher preparation program will be)