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Young Marriage

In many different countries and parts of the world, the marriage of young women before
the age of 18 is a reality that must be lived. Statistics show 20-25% of women marry at the age of
18, and 40-70% of women marry at the age of twenty. However, young marriages are considered
a form of human rights violations because they cause several problems. However, there are some
who agree on the existence of a young marriage. There are four factors that cause young marriage:
economic problems, lack of education, social media and society.
Economic problem become the first reason why the people do young marriage. The
phenomenon was related to the high poverty. Consequently, it was common that parents would
encourage their daughters to hope that marriage would enhance both their financial and social
Then, lack of education or knownledge about affect of marriage young from their parents
also influence for children to do young marriage. Many girls are not in education because schools
are inaccessible or expensive. Parents do not see the value of education, either because it is of poor
quality or not seen as relevant to their lives. With few alternatives, parents often see marriage as
the best option for their daughter.
Furthermore, a factor in the media and internet also influence in this era. The children is
very easy to access everything. So their parents must accompany his daughter when she access
internet. Next, the biological factor. This factor appeared because of media and internet above,
simply access the information, children know things are not supposed to they know at the age.
The other factors is about the society. Usually, in the village the parents marrying her son
at age a dozen. This occurs because of education in the village was not too important. So, after
graduating from the school they immediately married. And they considered deserve to get married.
Sometimes, young marriage also occur by the factors of parents. Their parents do not want the
children do zinah with her beloved, so the parents do young marriage to protect his son from the
sinful. But, it also can not be justified.
Therefore, there are five effects that occur due to young marriage are unpreparedness
mental to face the small problems that often be big problems because both of them have not been
able to control their emotions, young marriages lock women's great potential in a career, lack of
maturity, financial matters and divorce.
Before decided to marry both of them need to have the same understand the purpose of
married and already preparing to good mentally and material. In my opinion, I believe that the most
suitable married gap age is between 20 to 25 years old because at that age people can get more
advantages and more mature to solve the problem.