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02/2017 mendelson opensource AS2 1.

1 b51

*The key generator could generate EC keys now
*Support for RFC 5753 (Use of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Algorithms in
Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS))
*Support for signature generation and validation using EC keys and certificates
*The certificate manager displays the trust chain of every certificate now
*The "Toggle refresh" button now disables the log output, too

*The Algorithm Protection Attribute could be disabled per partner as there are
several older AS2 programs out that could not deal with it

*On receipt of multiple payloads there were generated n tabs in the client but the
content was always the one of the first payload
*The manual send process of data did not transfer the right original filename
*EC keys were not displayed in a proper way in the certificate manager
*The original filename is kept now on (manual) transaction resend
*The JKS export of private keys failed
*The p7b import of certificates did not work with more than 2 certificates in the
*The p7b export of the certificate manager did not export the whole trust chain
*The passwords had not been set for JKS key import - this resulted in a "cannot
recover key" message

Updates (3rd party libs):

*Update to BC 1.54 (crypto API, see https://www.bouncycastle.org/)
*Update to HSQLDB 2.3.4 (Database)
*Update to javamail 1.5.6
*Update to Apache MINA 2.0.16

02/2016 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b49

*Certificate import: If your partner sent you a zip archive with a certificate the
import function will import the certificate by first extracting it.
*System maintenance: You could setup the process to delete messages not only after
n days but also after n hours or n minutes
*Columns could be added and hidden in the transaction overview - persistent
*Partner management: Partners are marked in the partner tree now if there is a
problem during the setup (e.g. 2 times the same AS2 id)

*MD5 is no longer allowed in TLS (RFC7465) - this has been set up in the jetty.xml
*Several log messages have been modified
*Icons of the client have been reworked

*The HTTP request log has been added again - it wasn't included in b47 because of
the jetty update
*The sync MDN date was in wrong format for the french version - the date has to be
always in US locale to prevent language specific special characters in the date
*If empty HTTP headers have been received by the mendelson AS2 it answered with
HTTP 500. It's not clear if this is a problem of the mendelson AS2 as empty HTTP
headers are not allowed. Anyway it will work with these headers now.
*It was possible to import two certificates with the same alias which leaded to
some weird situations that e.g. the software displayed that a certificate has been
expired and the users can't find it
*The directory poll waited a full period before taking over changes. Means if you
set this value to once a day it could have least a day before the new values has
been taken
*A directory poll of 0s was possible - but the result of this setting was 100% CPU
and high file IO. Now the min value is 1s even if you enter 0s. We recommend 30s as
min value!
*An AS2 id with slashes (that exists!) prevented the system from writing the
transaction status files
*The outbound sync MDN was always signed in error case

Updates (3rd party libs):

*Update to BC 1.53 (crypto API, see https://www.bouncycastle.org/)
*Update HTTP components to 4.5 (see http://hc.apache.org/)
*Update to HSQLDB 2.3.3 (Database)
*Update to javamail 1.5.4
*Update to commons Pool 2.2.3 and commons dbcp 2.1.1: DB Pool libs
*Update to Commons Codec lib 1.9

01/2015 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b47

*It's possible to clone an existing partner in the partner management now
*You could create a communication data sheet (editable PDF) now in the user
interface. The PDF contains all settings of your selected local station and
requests the settings of your partners system. The PDF contains the required
certificates as attachment. Just send it to your partner to ask him for his
communication parameters and deliver yours. Please remember that the standard MAC
OS PDF reader does not support PDF attachments. Please install an other PDF reader
if you are using this OS.
*The partner panel contains additional fields for the partner address and partner
contact now, this is written to the communication data sheet if created
*You could manually resend more than a single transaction now (this will create new
transactions). Please select multiple transactions in the transaction overview.
Right mouse on it opens the related context menu.
*The private key generator found in the certificate manager supports SHA256WITHRSA
now. This allows to sign your certificates using SHA-2 as some providers are moving
away from SHA-1. Please remember that there might be AS2 programs out that cannot
work with these certificates - please clarify this first before signing your
certificates with SHA-2.

*Removed all RMI code (which was slow) - the communication between the receipt
servlet and the AS2 processing unit is based on apache MINA now. This results in
higher processing message throughput and port 1099 is no longer used by the AS2
*The directory "_rawincoming" is managed by the system maintenance process new - it
will delete old messages there. If you setup the system maintenance process (which
is recommended) it will care for the old files in this directory.
*The underlaying HTTP server (jetty v6) has been replaced by jetty v9. The reason
is that it is possible now to disable transport layer security protocols (e.g.
SSLv3) and weak ciphers/hash algorithms. If you are updating from a mendelson AS2
with underlaying jetty v6 there are some manual changes required - please refer to
update_howto.txt which is part of the package. SSLv3 and some weak ciphers are
disabled now by default. Please edit the file jetty9/etc/jetty.xml to change these
defaults or to add other weak ciphers which should be no longer supported by your
AS2 instance. The new jetty instance will be found in the directory "jetty9" after
an update/clean install. But as always: Please do not rely on the transport
security only, always encrypt and sign your data!
To disable ciphers please add them to the "ExcludeCipherSuites" section in
<Set name="ExcludeCipherSuites">
<Array type="String">
To disable SSL protocols add them to the "excludeProtocols" section
<Set name="excludeProtocols">
<Array type="java.lang.String">

*The JAVA VMs DNS caching has been set to 60s (Windows installer only). This is a
setting done in the file jre/lib/security/java.security. Please set it manually if
required and you are on a non windows system, add the line
In older versions this was set in the program code but it turned out that this
was useless as these settings are read once on JVM start and setting them later in
the program code has no effect at all.

*If a certificate had been exported to p7b format it contained the end certificate
only - without the trust chain certificates
*There were problems if the certificate was not in PEM but additional BASE64
encoded if you tried to import it. This is very uncommon - we encountered this only
*Importing certificates in p7b format now imports the full trust chain and the end
certificate. In older versions just the end certificate was imported.
*If the send partner was unknown the system always sent a sync MDN with the error
message "unknown partner" - even if the sender requested an async MDN
*The certificates have not been sorted proper by their date in the display of the
certificate manager.
*The sent MDN was always signed - even if the partner requested an unsigned MDN
*A SQL injection was possible in the message delete procedure - that was also the
reason that some transactions could not be deleted by the system.

*Update to BC 1.51 (crypto API, see https://www.bouncycastle.org/)
*Update HTTP components to 4.3.5 (see http://hc.apache.org/)
*Update servlet API to 3.1 (comes with the new jetty v9 webserver)
*Updated jetty to v9 (unterlaying HTTP server, see
*Update to Apache MINA 2.09 (client-server interface, see https://mina.apache.org/)
02/2014 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b45
*mendelson opensource AS2 contains certificate manager for SSL/encryption/signature
now - it is no longer needed to edit the underlaying keystores using a third party
tool like portecle
*Impoved the community versions documentation
*The user interface (security tab) contains a hint now that the mendelson AS2 will
never change a keystore password - these settings are just to work with keystores
that have been edited using thried party tools

*Update to BC 1.50 (crypto API)
*Update to HSQLDB 2.3.2 (Database)

09/2013 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b43

*Support of the AS2 profile SHA-2, this supports the hash functions SHA-256, SHA-
384 and SHA-512

*Update to BC 1.49 (crypto API)

08/2013 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b41

*A resend is also initiated now if the server response was HTTP 502, 503 or 504 -
not even only if the connection attempt failed
*The test mail for the mail connection setup contains the mail server settings now
*Mail server connections for the notifications support startSSL/SSL now

*All timestamps in the db are changed to UTC - this allows to use one database
instance in different timezones

*MDNs are signed using SMIME 3.2 instead of SMIME 3.1 - this leads to
incompatibility with some AS2 products
*The directory poll always took a single file even if the file poll number was set
to 0
*It was impossible to send a mail under linx if the host has not been defined in
*The filenames in _rawincoming have not been unique under some circumstances

Update HTTP components to 4.2.5
Update to BC 1.48 (crypto API)
Upgrade to HSQLDB 2.2.9 (database engine)

04/2012 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b39

*A retry of the connection attempt has been implemented if it fails the first time
*MDN Auto recovery on server start has been added: If the server has been shut down
and there are pending outbound MDN they are send after the server is up again and
the MDN wait time has not been expired
*If a transaction has been manually resend the original name is kept now and the
transaction is marked as "resend"
*A new temporary directory for files is used, this is below the installation
directory now and no longer the systems temp directory
*A new web interface is included. The password file for the web access access is
"passwd" (found in the installation directory). The default web interface URL is
http://yourhost:8080/webas2/ now.
*The underlaying database engine has been upgraded and the structure is
incompatible, it is HSQLDB 2.x.x now. That means that an additional update script
has to be started once if you upgrade from an earlier version of mendelson
opensource AS2. The AS2 server will inform you if such an external update is
required and how to perform it.
*The database has been splitted, there is a configuration database and a runtime
database now. The split will be performed on the first server start if the software
is updated from an older version of the mendelson AS2

*The JMS interface has been removed

*There has been a wrong format for december in the HHTP header if the locale is FR
*The MDN wait time starts at the message send time now, was at message creation

Update to commons IO 2.1
Update to VAADIN 6.7.3
Update to HSQLDB 2.2.7

The mendelson opensource AS2 will run fine with Java 64 bit VMs. If you have
problems with the memory consumption please install a 64 bit java VM (not
included), patch the VM with the "jurisdiction policy strength files" (Oracle
download) and set the main memory of the JVM to 4 GB

09/2011 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b37

This is a maintenance release - it just fixes one configuration problem - it does

not contain any change in the processing unit

*A progress bar has been added for some operations in the client
*Added the AS2 message subject to the event replacements

*The default value for the SSL keystore password was wrong, this leaded to the
error message "Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect" if you try to
send messages
*Fixed a unmarshalling problem at config import
*No notification mail has been send on send error
*Error in the french versions localization at the partners event screen
*The user was unable to enter the HTTP Basic Authentication in the partner
Update to JORAM 5.6.0 (JMS provider)
Update to HttpClient 4.1.2

08/2011 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b35

*A status file for outbound transactions has been added again, this was removed in
the prior version
*New logdata structure: There is a logfile per day now in a single sub directory,
the format is log/CCYYMMDD/as2n.log
*To prevent flooting your partners AS2 server with messages the max number of
messages to send per poll attempt could be defined in the partner settings now. All
existing polls are set to the default value of 100 outbound transactions per poll.
Please modify these settings if it does not fit your needs after an update.
*User interface: a progress bar has been added for some operations (e.g. storing
the partner settings)
*The delivered keystore contains now the mendelson CA root certificate as trusted
*If a certificate/key has been deleted outside of the application (e.g. by using
portecle) this is displayed
in the related combobox now by a special icon

*The private key of an entry has not been found if there are two similar entries
in the keystore (one key pair and one public key)
*Problems sending XML data have been fixed. The problem occured if the data has
been transmitted uncompressed, unsigned and unencrypted (which is very uncommon)
*The partner/user specific events have not been processed for outbound connection
*If the signature of an MDN could not be verified the transaction was disregarding
this fact set to green
*The linux start script ignored the command line parameters
*There was a problem in setting up the HTTP authentication for data upload/MDN in
the partner panel
*If an MDN had a content transfer encoding set there occured a processing error on
the MDN. The error
message was "The MDN references a AS2Message with the message id "null" that does
not exist."

Update to MINA 2.0.4
Update to JORAM 5.5.0 (JMS provider)
Update to commons-pool-1.5.6 (pool core)
Update to Bouncycastle 1.46 (crypto API)
Update to javamail 1.4.4 (MIME API/mail API)
Update to HTTP components 4.1 (HTTP/HTTPS sender)

09/16/2010 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b33

*SMTP Server authentication could set for outbound notification mail
*Info panel per partner: Displays information about the trading partners AS2
system. If the trading partner uses an AS2 > 1.2 the profiles are displayed, too
*New notification event: An email could be send on system errors
*Encryption of messages uses less memory now, max file size improved
*It's possible to setup the HTTP protocol version, either 1.0 or 1.1 (default:
1.1). This is required for some older proxies that don't understand HTTP 1.1.
*File size of files that could be displayed in the file panel has been enhanced
*Added context menu to the transaction overview, this allows manual resend of
transactions (in a new transaction), detail info and delete actions

*Outbound HTTP date header was in wrong format
*HTTP send (basic) authentication did not work
*The content transfer encoding for inbound MDN was not processed

Update to JORAM 5.3.1 (JMS provider)
Update to commons-dbcp-1.4 (DB connection pool)
Update to commons-pool-1.5.4 (pool core)

01/26/2010 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b31

*Max file size for transfered files has been improved
*Export/import of configuration
*Providing server state page at http://yourserver:yourport/as2/ServerState
*New HTTP header: ediint-feature

*MIC calculation for inbound messages was wrong for some combinations
*Signature verfication problem

Update to jetty 6.1.22 (webserver)
Update to Bouncycastle 1.45 (crypto API)
Update to JORAM 5.2.6 (JMS provider)
Update to HTTP components 4.01 (HTTP sender)

10/07/2009 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b29

*Max file size for transfered files has been inproved
*Changes of partner names now rename the underlaying directories instead of
creating new ones. (This is not done without asking the user)
*MIC header value may contain blanks now
*Number of internal database connections and JMS connections reduced for lower
resource requirements
*AS2 id may contain blanks now
*MIC check is performed for signed messages only now
*Content transfer encoding could setup for each partner now (base64 or binary)
*New replaceable variables available for the command execution after receipt or
send are available now. These are ${sender} and ${receiver}
*New filters for the local station in the web client
*All HTTP 2xx answers are accepted as OK now (even if the RFC allows HTTP 200 only)
*The server state could be requested now (beneath the web client) using the URL

*Command after receipt (async MDN) has not been executed
*Fixed an error in the MIC calculation if the message was signed and compressed

Update to Bouncycastle 1.44 (crypto API)
Update to JORAM 5.2.5 (JMS provider)

03/12/2009 mendelson opensource AS2 1.1 b27

*Content MIC is checked now on message receipt
*Execute command after message send, depending on the message state
*Add jurisdiction unlimited strength policy test on server startup
*Support of rsa-md5 and rsa-sha1im micalg parameter
*New web interface

*Unsigned encrypted transfer leaded to HTTP headers in the payload
*Error on unknown partners
*Error on async transfer if the receiver doesnt know sender and receiver id
*Poll interval was not visible in the client under linux
*Error in sorting the transaction for german localization

Update to Bouncycastle 1.41 (crypto API)

01/28/2008 mendelson opensource AS2 1.0 b21

*It's possible to keep the original filename now if mendelson opensource AS2 is the
receiver (and the sender sent the necessary information), could be defined per
*Added content length header for sync MDN to improve compatibility to other as2
*2 different keys for encryption/signature possible
*SQL connection pool implemented
*Related software update: updated Bouncycastle to 1.38, Joram to 5.0.7, implemented
MINA framework
*As always there are a lot of smaller improvements and fixes as discussed in the
mendelson community forum.

09/24/2007 mendelson opensource AS2 1.0 b19

*Execute a user defined command after receipt of as2 messages per partner
*mendelson opensource AS2 could send files with blanks in its filenames now
*Compatibility issue: HTTP 202 is accepted beneath HTTP 200
*HTTP auth supported
*Usability: Its impossible to assign a cert instead of a key to the local station
*Transaction overview: The model-view problems for column sorting have been fixed
05/10/2007 mendelson opensource AS2 1.0 b17

*Data compression is supported (AS2 1.1 feature). It could be set up per partner.
Please remember that your TP has to support AS2 1.1 or higher for this feature
*MDN options have been ignored so far (disposition-notification-options). Now it is
possible to ask mendelson opensource AS2 for unsigned MDN or single signature
algorithm only. mendelson opensource AS2 will still ask for signed MDN and allow
SHA-1 and MD5 in answers.
*If the inbound message contains attachments (AS2 1.2 feature) mendelson opensource
AS2 now returns a processing error MDN with the message that attachments are not

03/13/2007 mendelson opensource AS2 1.0 b15

*Fixed a problem that occured if sender or receiver alias were names that lead to
invalid filenames, the related files are stored to the filesystem
*Web interface to monitor the server. The default URL is
http://localhost:8080/mec_as2/monitoring.jsp, user: guest, password: guest
*Fixed a bug in the proxy support
*File storage system has been rewritten
*Better overview on in- and outbound messages: raw file decrypted, message header,
payload data in separate tabs
*Inbound parsing of original filename implemented

01/19/2007 mendelson opensource AS2 1.0 b13

*The server has a persistent message queue now as processing queue, based on JMS.
The server integration could now be realized not only by sending files to an outbox
dir of a specified partner but also by sending data to the JMS server.
*It's possible to define a directory poll interval per partner
*Its possible to define a file pattern ignore list per partner for the directory
polls. This allows to copy file to the partners outbox directory and enable the
poll on the file by renaming it
*The GUI "send message to partner" operation no longer copies the file into the
polled outbox dir but sends it directly to the as2 server message queue
*Related software update: updated HSQLDB to v1.8.0_7, Bouncycastle to 1.35.
*Enhanced server log to create links between processed filenames and the AS2
message ID for external log processing