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Module 6 Plan 2:

Increasing Children’s Physical Activity in General Education Classrooms

during Content Instruction

Directions: Use this planning template to design a plan that you will use to
implement an active classroom lesson in a subject area you plan to teach during
Module 6 (week 6) of the course. You should plan to implement the active lesson in
a classroom you have already observed. Take as much space as you need to fully
address each part of the plan. Submit the completed plan to Blackboard using
SafeAssign by Sunday, November 25th at 11pm. On Blackboard, go to
“Assignments” and then to “Assignment Submissions” to submit the form. After
implementing the plan, submit the completed plan again, this time with a school
professional’s signature (see evaluation form below), to Blackboard using
SafeAssign by Friday, November 30th at 11pm.


Identify the math content you will target for integrating physical activity (this
should be based on a discussion with the cooperating teacher): The students are
currently learning division.


Describe how physical activity will be integrated throughout the lesson: Before
the lesson begins, students will partipate in a brain break with GoNoodle, linked in
the references section. It is a game that encourages movement while also answering
division problems. During the lesson students are encouraged to stretch and move if
they need to. After the lesson, we will play the herding game. Directions will be in
the references section. Essentially the students will be a herd of animals. A
“predator” will come up and break up the herd. I will give the students a division
problem and they will break the heard using that. Remainders will go in a
designated section. For example, if there’s 20 students and a predator come and
breaks up the heard into 5 groups, there will be 4 “animals” (students) in each


Describe what you will do to get and keep the children’s attention (e.g.,
establish start and stop signals, use the signals consistently): I will have established
signals. Like “if you can hear me clap once.” This will be established before the
lesson begins and will be used throughout the lesson.
Describe your expectations for student behavior during the lesson (e.g.,
following directions, keeping noise level appropriate to classroom context), what
you will do to communicate these expectations (e.g., state the expectations
before starting the activity, demonstrating examples/non-examples of what you
expect), and what you will do if a student does not meet the expectations (e.g.,
warning, removal from the group): I expect students to be listening to me during the
game and participate. I will go over the rules before the game. I will give examples of
what not to do. If a student does not met expectations, they will be given one more
chance to correct the behavior. If the act out again, they will sit out for two rounds of
the game. If they act out a third time, they will sit out for the remainder of the game.
Students are expected to be at an inside voice level. Dr. Amaker has a scale for voice
levels that is very interesting. I expect students to be at the level that they would use
if they were doing group work.

Describe how you will help the children to calm down and transition back to
seatwork following the lesson:
After the math lesson we will take a bathroom break. This will allow the students a
chance to get in the mindset for their science lesson.


Describe how you will ensure that your instruction is clear (e.g., explain the
academic content and the learning activities one step at a time, demonstrate the
activities, intermittently ask students to repeat the steps/directions to make sure
they understand what to do/not to do): I will explain the activity one step at a time.
We will have a few rounds where I will help them with the answers. If we have to,
we will work out the problem. I will have a small group of students (2-4)
demonstrate the game with me to the rest of the class.


List at least 3 references you used to learn about the academic content, teach
the academic content, and/or integrate physical activity with the academic

The Herding Game:


GoNoodle “Freeze It”:


25 ways to obtain Children’s Attention in a School Setting:



Please have a teacher at the school sign below to verify that you have implemented
the above plan.

Teacher/Supervisor Verification

My signature below can be used to verify that _______________________ (USC

student’s name) implemented the above plan to integrate physical activity during a math
lesson at my school.

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