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Screen/Report Name: DLMS (For Staff)

Window Code:

SNO Description
1 Support of different platforms and configurations: -
1.1 Test on Windows XP Service Pack 3
1.2 Test on Windows 2008 Server Edition
1.3 Test on Windows 7 x86 processor
1.4 Test on Windows 7 x64 processor
1.5 Test on a desktop config (2 GB RAM C2D)
1.6 Test on a Laptop config (4GB RAM C2D)

2 During installation the necessary disk space calculation

Amount of space taken after installation (Depending on the estimate
3 above)
How much disk space is taken up by the temp file if the installation is
4 cut midway.
Does the installation recover if there is any error during the installation
5 of DLMS
6 Can the installer repair a corrupt installation

7 Can a user able to register from outside the NIIT network

If there are books downloaded and then the DLMS is uninstalled then
again after re-installation can the DLMS then read the same book
8 information again.
Does running the installer then testing and after that uninstalling bring
9 the machine to the base state.
After downloading some books and unistalling the software, then
again re-installing the software this time with a download location of
the books different from what we have previously given. Can the user
10 then retreieve the books he downloaded previously.
Does uninstallation of the system leave any registry entries or data
11 files on the system

If there is a existing instance of the software already existing on the

12 machine, does the installer recognise that.
Does the installer recognise that a component required for the
application (.Net framework 4.0) is already installed on the system or
13 not.
Does running a second instance of the setup warn the user that he is
14 running 2 instances
How does the setup behave when the rights to a user over a machine
15 does not give access to install any software
A General Checks

1a Malicious text check

2a Length Check

3a SQL Injection Check

4a Blank Check

5a Auto populated and non-editable

6a Auto populated and editable

7a Search Windows

B Standard UI as per checklist

Created By: Vikram Pathak
Created On: 12/10/2010

Valid Out Put Status Test date

No provision of the same FAIL

The same should not happen as per the current

The same should be possible. The book
information along with the annotations and
highlights should be kept at all costs.
All registry entries with respect to the same
should be removed.

If so the user should be intimated of the same

The same should be recognised and depending

upon the state of the application the user should
be able to "REPAIR" or "UNINSTALL"
Sample Checks
This check as to be check for fields Candidate ID,
Transaction ID, Email ID, mobile number and number
of vouchers completely
The length check need to checked for fields
Candidate ID, Transaction ID, email id, mobile
number and no. of vouchers
The SQL injection check need to be checked for fields
Email Id
If the following fields left blank system will through an
error message. These are Candidate ID, Transaction
ID, email id, mobile no., Vendor ID, Item Code and
number of voucher

These fields are auto populated on the basis of

Candidate ID and these are non-editable by the user
of this screen. This is to be checked for fields -
Candidate Name, Date of Birth, Candidate Type,
Organisation Name and Organisation Phone Number
These fields gets populated automatically on the
basis of Candidate ID and these are editable
Please test the working and functionality for the
Search Windows for Candidate ID, Transaction ID
and Exam Code (from evoucher details)

There should be a provision to introduce the calculation of

disk space required for installation