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Professor Resid Hafizovic, Ph.D.

Faculty of Islamic studies, Sarajevo University

54 Cemerlina Street, Sarajevo


RESID HAFIZOVIC was born in 1956 in Srebrenica. There

attended elementary school, in Sarajevo he attended Gazi Husrefbeg high
school, and in 1981 he graduated from the Faculty of Islamic studies
(B.A.) in Sarajevo. In the same year he started to work at this Faculty as
teaching assistant for the subjects: Islamic Dogmatics (al-‘aqîda al-
islâmîya) and Comparative study of Religions (muqârana al-adyân). He
attended a post-graduate course at the Chatolic Theological Faculty in
Zagreb, and, finely, he earned Ph. D. from the Faculty of Humanities in
Sarajevo in 1993, with thesis on the work of the famous Andalusian
mystical philosopher Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi. In the meantime he
undertook several study trips to Paris (Institu Catholique, 1990/91),
Oxford (Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, 1995), Cambridge (Fitz
Wiliam College, 1997), Tokyo, Kyoto University, 1998), Teheran (many
times) New York, New York State University, 1999, where he has
followed Fullbright’s Program in the field of the History of America and
American Religions.
In 2005. Resid Hafizovic has became a member of Iranian
Academy of Philosophy.
24. 10. 2009. Resid Hafizovic has gained major Award of The
Thirth International Al-Farabi's Award by the Ministery of Science,
culture and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran in cooperation with
UNESCO and ISESCO. The Award has gained in the field of Humain
and Islamic Studies for his book 'The Humain Image in the mirror of
Sufism', edited by 'Ibn Sina' Institute in Sarajevo, 2005.
RESID HAFIZOVIC today lives and works in Sarajevo at Faculty
of Islamic Studies of Sarajevo University as the full time professor in the
fields of the above mentioned disciplines, and simultaneously he is the
member and a half time cooperator of the Faculty of Humanities of
Sarajevo University, departmen of pure philosophy, within the
postgraduated studies, and as a member of Ibn Sina Institut in Sarajevo.
He published both authored and translated texts in the fields of
philosophy, theology, comparative religions and comparative mystical
philosophy (theosophy). He is a translator of many books, essays and
articles from Arabic, English, French and Italian into Bosnian language.

I. Books by author:

1. Commentary on Fusus al-Hikam (by M. Ibn ‘Arabi),

by R. Hafizovic,Bemust, Zagreb 1995. (392 pages)
2. Philosophical-theological doctrine of Logos in Ibn
Arabi's Thought, by R. Hafizovic, Bemust, Zagreb 1995. (219
3. Theological Treatises I – on the principles of Islamic
faith, Bemust, Sarajevo 1996. (266 pages)
4. The signes of Shî’a spirituality, Bosnian Book,
Sarajevo 1997. (200 pages)
5. The Major trends of the Sufi Literature, Bemust,
Sarajevo. (473 pages)
6. The Muslims in dialogue with others and with
themselfes, al-Qalam, Sarajevo 2002. (351 pages) .The Author
has been rewarded for this book as “the best author in 2002 year
in Bosnia.
7. The Human image in the mirror of Sufi Litterature,
This book has been pubblished in English-Bosnian languages
by «Ibn Sina» Institute in Sarajevo.
8. Lexicon of Islamic spirituality (Islamic philosophy,
Theology and Theosophy), (fortcaming very soon) This is a sort
of Encyclopaedia which will be published in 2007. year by Ibn
Sina Institut in Sarajevo, (about 2000 pages)
9. Islam within European Identity, by Rešid Hafizović,
it's going to be published during current year in Bosnian
language, then will be published English version of it too.

1) Articles by author:

- Resid Hafizovic, The phenomenon of celestial revelation, Herald

of Islamic community in B&H, V, Sarajevo, 1984.
- Resid Hafizovic, On unity of divine Revelation and on theological
plurality, Herald of Isl. community in B&H, I, Sarajevo, 1987.
- Resid Hafizovic, The Spirit and Nature of qur’anic idea of
History, The Herald of Isl. community in B&H, II, Sarajevo 1987.
- Resid Hafizovic, The principles of islamic religious
morality, miscellany of the Faculty of Islamic studies, II,
Sarajevo 1987. pp. 137-153.
- Resid Hafizovic, Creatio ex nihilo in the light of
classical muslim theology, Miscellany of the Faculty of Islamic
studies, III, Sarajevo 1990., pp.59-76.
- Resid Hafizovic, Some essential emphasises within
muslim contemporary Thought, The Herald of Isl. community in
B&H, IV, Sarajevo 1990.
- Resid Hafizovic, Kitâb – eternal sign of divine
Revelation, The Herald . . ., VI, Sarajevo 1990.
- Resid Hafizovic, Theological epistemology of Frithjof
Schuon, Islamic thought, july-august, Sarajevo 1991.
- Resid Hafizovic, Some anthropological emphasises in
theology of Ivan Golub, Festchrift: Homo Imago et Amicus Dei,
dedicated to the 40th scientific anniversary of Ivan Golub,
Roma, 1991.
- Resid Hafizovic, Ibn ‘Arabi’s theory of knoweledge,
POF – Contributions for Oriental philology 42-43/1992-93,
Oriental Institut, Sarajevo pp. 103-118.
- Resid Hafizovic, Fundamental metaphysical
symbolism within the Thought of Frithjof Schuon (‘Isa
Nuruddin), my Afterword to Frithjof Schuon’s book
Dimensions of Islam, Aman-Sarajevo 1986.
- Resid Hafizovic, Microcosmical dimension of Tawhid
in shi’a spirituality, Miscellany of the Faculty of Islamic
studies, Sarajevo, 5, 1996, pp. 39-49.
- Resid Hafizovic, God’s Spirit and His hijerohistorical
rhythms, my Afterword to Frithjof Schuon’s book Transcendent
Unity of Religions, Zenica 1997.
- Resid Hafizovic, Between tradition and modernity,
Signs of the time, “Ibn Sina Institut”, Sarajevo 1, 1, 1997, pp.
- Resid Hafizovic, Mutual recognition of Islam and
Christianity (First step of overcoming of Eurocentrism), The
signs of time, Ibn Sina Institut, Sarajevo, 1,4, 1998, pp. 86-92.
- Resid Hafizovic, Hierohistorical standards for
dialogue within abrahamic religious traditions, Dialogue, No 4,
Sarajevo, 1998.
- Resid Hafizovic, Outlooks for intermuslim dialogue at
the end of 20th sencury, Signs of the time, Ibn Sina Institut,
Sarajevo, Signs of the time, vol 1, no 2/1997, pp. 80-89.
- Resid Hafizovic, Ibn ‘Arabi – a Thinker of the East
and of the West, Signs of the time, vol. 1, no 5/1999, pp. 43-57.
- Resid Hafizovic, Al-Ghazali’s esoterical exegesis,
Signs of the time, vol. 3, no 9-10, 2000, pp. 35-45.
- Resid Hafizovic, Molla Sadra and fundamental ideas
of his philosophical Thought, my Afterword to Fazlur Rahman’s
book The philosophy of Mullâ Sadrâ Shirâzî, “Ibn Sina
Institut”, Sarajevo 2001.
- Resid Hafizovic, Today reading of Ibn Khaldun’s
philosophy of History, Signs of the Time, vol. 4, No 11/2001,
pp. 64-74.
- Resid Hafizovic, ‘Ârif – the Man of Light as tekke and
civitas Dei within us, Miscellany of the Faculty of Islamic
studies, no 7, Sarajevo. 2001.
- Resid Hafizovic, To be shi’a – to be Muslim in
different way ?!, Magazine 'Signs of the time', Ibn Sina Institut,
Sarajevo, 4, 12, 2001, pp. 135-146.
- Resid Hafizovic, Tolerance and theculture of dialogue
within perspectives of Islam, Signs of the time, vol. 3, no 9-10,
2000, pp. 187-206.
- Resid Hafizovic, Henry Corbin’s Anti/philosophy of
anti/history, my Afterword to Henry Corbin’s book En islam
iranien, I-IV, Sarajevo 2000.
- Resid Hafizovic, Philosophy of exile, my Afterword to
Henry Corbin’s book La philosophie iranienne islamique –
XVIIè et XVIIIè siècle, “Ibn Sina Institut”, Sarajevo 2002.
- Resid Hafizovic, Sophia perennis – eternal wisdom of
eternal religion, my Afterword to Nevad Kahteran’s book
Perennial philosophy (Sophia perennis) within the Thought of
Rene Guenon, Frithjof Schuon and Seyyrd Hossein Nasr, “El-
Qalem”, Sarajevo 2002.
- Resid Hafizovic, On the occasion of the September
11 ,my Afterword to Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s book The Heart
of Islam, “El-Qalem”, Sarajevo 2002.
- Resid Hafizovic, Sohravardi and ishrâqî school of
sufism, Signs of the time,, vol. 5, no 17. Ibn Sina Institut,
Sarajevo 2002.

2) translated books:

1. Fusûs al-Hikam, by Ibn ‘Arabi, translated from arabic

original text, Bemust, Zagreb 1995.
2. Dimensions of Islam, by Frithjof Schuon (‘Isa
Nuruddin), translated from English, al-Kalam, Sarajevo-Aman,
3. De l’Unité transcendante des religions, by F. Schuon,
from French, Bemust, Sarajevo 1996.
4. Sufism and Taoism, by Toshihico Izutzu, translated
from English, in cooperation with E. Karic, Logos, Sarajevo,
5. La sexualité en Islam, by ‘Abd al-Wahhab Boudhiba,
transkated from French, in cooperation with E. Karic, Ljiljan,
Ljubljana 1994.
6. En Islam iranien, volums I-IV, by Henry Corbin,
translated from French, Bemust, Sarajevo 2001.
7. The Philosophy of Molla Sadra Shirazi, by Fazlur
Rahman, translated from English, Ibn Sina, Sarajevo 2001.
8. Orientalism – western concepts of Orient, by Eduard
W. Said, translated from English, Svjetlost, Sarajevo 1999.
9. La philosophie iranienne islamique – XVIIè et XVIIIè
siècle, by Henry Corbin, transčated from French original text
into Bosnian language, Ibn Sina, Sarajevo 2002.
10. L’Homme de lumiere dans le soufisme iranien, by
Henry Corbin, from French original text into Bosnian language,
Sarajevo (2003), Ibn Sina Institut in Sarajevo.
11. America – Religions and Religion, By Katherine
Albaneez, translated from English original text into Bosnian
language, in cooperation with E. Karic, Sarajevo, «Šahinpašić»,
12. The Sufi Path of Love- Spiritual Teachings of Rumi,

by William C. Chittick, translated from English original text

into Bosnian language, «Ibn Sina», Sarajevo, 2005.

13. The Heart of Islam, By Seyyed Hossein Nasr, translated from

English into Bosnian By Resid Hafizovic and Enes Karic, al-Qalam,

Sarajevo, 2002.
14. Orientations – Islamic Thought in a World

Civilisation, Ba James Winston Morris, translated into Bosnian

by Resid Hafizovic, Adnan Silajdjic and Nevad Kahteran.

15. Two Faces of Islam, by Stephen Schwartz, translated

into Bosnian Resid Hafizovic and Enes Karic, Tugra, Sarajevo,


16. Muhammad – Man of God, by Seyyed Hossein Nasr,

translated from English into Bosnian, Ibn Sina Iknstitute in

Sarajevo, Sarajevo, 2007.

17. Kitab al-hikma al-mashriqiyya (Oriental Philosophy),

by Suhrawardi, translated from Arabic original text into

Bosnian and commented by Rešid Hafizovic, it has to be

published in Sarajevo during 2009/10 year.

18. Commentary on Fusus Al-Hikam, by Abdullah efendi

Al-Bosnawy, in four volums, (about 2000 pages), my

transtalition form Arabic Manuscript into Bosnian. The first two

volums have already published in 'Ibn Sina' Institute in

Sarajevo. The last two volumes will be published, in shaAllah,

in next two years.

19. Avicenne et le rècit visionnaire,by Henry Corbin, from

Franch into Bosnian, 'Ibn Sina Institute', Sarajevo, 2009.

20. The Other Islam, by Stephen Schwartz, from English

into Bosnian, Sarajevo, 2009.