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All ballet dancers have this desire to appear

weightless and sylph-like on stage. This is called
pointe technique. Although both men and
women are capable of pointe work, it is most
often performed by women. Therefore:

FINAL COACHING 1. Male ballet dancers do not perform

pointe work on stage.

DRILLS 2. Male ballet dancers seldom appear on

stage weightless and sylph-like.
ANALOGY/ LOGIC 3. Only female ballet dancers appear
CIVIL SERVICE EXAM (March 2018) weightless and sylph-like when
performing on stage.
Warning: This material is protected by Copyright Laws. 4. It is hard for male ballet dancer to learn
Unauthorized use shall be prosecuted in the full extent of the pointe work.
Philippine Laws. For exclusive use of CBRC reviewees only.

I. Logic II. Assumption and Conclusion

1. The advertisement in the school bulletin board is

very explicit about audition to be held that 6. In Feng Shui, clutter is a big No-No. Clutter is
afternoon. Only girls below 15 years old and can consists of old toys, clothes, old magazines and
sing high notes will be accepted to participate in everything old which are no longer used. It
the upcoming school musical. Pia, who is 14 hinders the free circulation of the fresh energy
years old, was easily accepted when she inside the house stale and inactive, making the
auditioned. residents of the house sickly and less aggressive.
To avoid more unlucky situations in the homes,
That means that __________. clutter should be cleared once it starts to pile up.
This is good Feng Shui.
1. Pia is a good singer.
2. Pia has a good singing voice. What conclusion can we make?
3. Pia can sing high notes
4. Aside from the fact that she can sing 1. Clutter should be stored in one room of
high notes, Pia is a former choir the house for good Feng Shui.
member in their local church 2. Old books and old magazines should be
arranged in one place.
2. A billboard that says NO JAYWALKING stands 3. Old toys should be recycled.
conspicuously near the post where 3 policemen 4. Clutter is inauspicious in the homes.
manning the street were standing. A man who
was far from the pedestrian lane suddenly 7. As the popularity of tattoos continues to grow, so
crossed the street and was quickly apprehended does the concern about potential risks. Some
by the police. Which of the following sentences risks, such as the spread of infections through the
is true? use of unsterilized needles, have long been
1. The man was in a hurry. known. But what isn’t clear is the safety of tattoo
2. The man did not use the pedestrian lane. inks. Getting inked may have long-term
3. The man was blind he did not see the consequences beyond just having to live with
NO JAYWALKING SIGN. your ex-girlfriend’s name on your bicep for
4. The policemen waved at the man but decades.
the man ignored him.
What conclusion can we draw from the passage?
3. All mathematic teachers are very intelligent.
People who are not intelligent are not good in 1. Having tattoos is definitely dangerous
Mathematics. Roselyn is not intelligent. to one’s health.
Therefore: 2. Parents are advised to disallow their
children to have tattoos on their bodies.
1. Roselyn is not a teacher. 3. Tattoo inks are not safe.
2. Roselyn does not like Mathematics. 4. Having tattoos may pose danger to
3. Roselyn is not good in Mathematics. one’s health.
4. Roselyn is good in English.
8. The games we used to play when we were young
4. Politicians are very good in telling lies and are have been sidelined by modern gadgets.
very persuasive. They can easily convince people Nowadays, we no longer see children and teens
with their lies. They seldom tell the truth. Which playing piko, tumbang preso, luksong baka,
of the following sentences is true? patintero, and other enjoyable games our parents
used to play. The young generation of today is so
1. Politicians always tell lies. hooked on gadgets that they can even have no
2. Politicians never tell the truth. time to talk to each other during their free time.
3. People easily believe politicians. This is very unhealthy according to some social
4. People believe only what the politicians scientists.
tell them.

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From the passage we can conclude that: 13. Eavesdrop : conversation : : trespass : ________

1. Modern gadgets should be totally 1. property

banned to protect our children. 2. house
2. Children and teens will not enjoy 3. land
playing piko, patintero, luksong baka 4. assets
and tumbang preso.
3. Children and teens who use modern 14. census : population : : inventory : _________
gadgets are sickly.
4. The young generation of today prefers 1. accounting
modern gadgets over piko, patintero, 2. merchandise
and the likes. 3. cost
4. list
9. Aloe is an excellent treatment for skin conditions
such as burns and eczema. It is often reported 15. Oath : promise : : contract : ________
that burns can be healed remarkably quickly and
the pain reduced very quickly with topical 1. license
application of Aloe Vera to the burn area. As 2. contact
well as applying topically, Aloe can also be 3. agreement
taken internally so it is just as useful for internal 4. paper
epithelial tissue as it is for the skin.
16. Glimmer : flicker : : murmur : _______
What can be said about Aloe Vera?
1. whisper
1. All skin problems can be treated by 2. shout
Aloe Vera. 3. rumor
2. It is best to take Aloe Vera internally 4. speak
for quick relief from pain.
3. Aloe Vera is useful not only for the 17. bouquet : flowers : : flock : _______
4. Aloe Vera is better than doctor’s 1. dogs
prescribed medicine for skin problems. 2. sheep
3. ship
10. Boracay is one of the most popular beach resorts 4. cats
in the country. Because of its popularity, it is
visited by almost millions of local and foreign 18. Rescind : law : : withdraw : _______
tourists every year. Its popularity has reached
even the countries in Europe that is why more 1. bank
and more Europeans are coming to the 2. candidacy
Philippines. 3. deposit
4. resume
What does the passage say about Boracay?
19. Hoax : deceive : : filibuster : ______
1. Boracay is the most popular beach
resort in the country. 1. delay
2. Boracay is more popular in European 2. refuse
countries than in the Philippines. 3. stop
3. Boracay is the favorite beach resort of 4. none
4. Boracay is also popular in European 20. Syllabus : course : : agenda : _______
1. subject
III. Analogy 2. platform
3. meeting
4. lesson
11. Molecule: atoms : : tissue : __________

1. organ
2. cells
3. body
4. neutrons

12. Call : telephone : : type : _________

“Let us make our future
1. cellphone
now, and let us make our
dreams tomorrow’s reality.”
4. piano
—Malala Yousafzai

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