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To find out,

The idea of Patient Centricity is becoming a IMSCG conducted

significant strategic focus across all healthcare an extensive survey of
life science executives
stakeholders. But what does this term really in the US and EU.
mean? What does success look like? And are
life science companies succeeding? See what they
had to say…

Advocates Pharma

All healthcare stakeholders

Patient are converging on the idea
Payers Centricity Providers of Patient Centricity


Our survey confirmed the Despite the buzz, it was clear that there is
considerable buzz about no consistently agreed upon definition for
the subject in the industry Patient Centricity

93% 50%* Nearly 60%* said

had heard of the term selected there is not a consistent
Patient Centricity multiple definition of Patient Centricity
definitions in their organization

*Here we presented respondents with 5 distinct

80% definitions of Patient Centricity and asked them
had encountered the term to select the definitions which most closely
in internal meetings aligned with the view of their organization

Furthermore, a majority of Outside of increased awareness, few

companies have attempted organizations have achieved tangible
patient-centric initiatives but only a impact on performance as a result of
third have reported any success their patient-centric efforts

68% 63%
41% $
32% 27% 25%

Successful Not Enhanced Reduced Improved Increased None

successful awareness drop off customer sales

Nearly 70% reported that their organization Respondents were asked to select
has not been adequately successful with among multiple options.
patient-centric initiatives, and only 4%
reported a high degree of success.

Companies face four major barriers to success with their Patient Centricity initiatives

Inability to Fear of violating Lack of Lack of clear 73%

uncover real privacy and other patient-centric measures of
patient insights regulations organizational success and ROI
have experienced
25% 65% structure and
71% more than one barrier
in their organization

Furthermore, 58% believed that their companies did

P not adequately resource their Patient Centricity efforts

To learn more about how to overcome these barriers and how to make your
organization more patient centric, please contact:

Maneesh Gupta Rohit Kumar Neel Odedara

mgupta@imscg.com rkumar@imscg.com nodedara@imscg.com
+1-973-738-2626 + 1-973-944-8933 +1-917-542-5879

SOURCE: IMSCG global industry-wide survey with 70 respondents drawn from large, medium, and small pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers in the US and EU. Respondents represented senior marketing, research, and access related roles

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