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Selah Smith & Luke Hall

 Situational Description
 Target Audience
 Theme
 Purpose
 Goals/Objectives
 Expected Outcomes
 Event Staff
 Save the dates
 Invitations
 RSVPs & Thank You cards
 Ceremony Program
 Social Media
 Timeline
 Wedding Formulary
 Budget
 Vendors
 Venue
 Floor Plans
 Food
 Music
 Flowers
 Décor
 Photographer & Videographer
 Apparel
 Hair & Makeup
 Gifts
 Wedding Planner Education
Situational Analysis:
Two artists, Luke and Selah, met during their junior year at Messiah College in Intro to
Watercolor class. They became instant friends and began dating as senior year rolled around.
Now, two years later, a wedding will take place to celebrate the unity of these lovebirds on June
8, 2019, at The Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The wedding ceremony
will take place outside, weather permitting. The reception will take place at the same site, in the
venue’s reception hall.

Target Audience:

The target audience is the bride and groom, as well as their family and friends. The estimated
number of attendees is 150 individuals.

The bride and groom only requested two things for their day: the wedding incorporate the
first place they met, Intro to Watercolor class, and their current careers as artists. I decided, as
the Wedding Coordinator, that the theme will be a “Watercolor Wonderland.” Luke and Selah
want a beautiful and elegant wedding, highlighting the best features of the outdoor ceremony
venue, and indoor reception. They wish to remember the two things that brought them together:
art and watercolor. “Watercolor Wonderland” achieves this with a color scheme including
various pastel colors, such as sky blue, periwinkle purple-blue, lilac purple, and dusty pink.
There will also be watercolor accent pieces (decorations, shoes, etc.).


The purpose of the wedding is to celebrate the love and union of Selah and Luke with an
effortlessly executed ceremony and reception.

 Find the best possible deals and stay within the allotted budget of $20,000
 60 people complement bride and groom on the cohesive theme and decorations of event
 Invite 175 people
 150 people RSVP “yes”
 Create a fun and memorable day, and run a smooth event that receives a “5” in all
categories on the evaluation survey

Expected Outcomes:
 The bride, groom, and respective guests have an enjoyable time
 Remain within, or below (if possible), the pre-set event budget
 Attendance of all who RSVP’d
 Effortlessly run a successful event without any outstanding issues
Each staff member will be responsible for tasks before, during, and after the wedding.
The team consists of the bride and groom’s close friends who are working on a volunteer basis.
The Maid of Honor, Amber Clemens, is the wedding coordinator and will work with the bride
and groom to make decisions and keep everything organized.

Wedding Coordinator:
Amber Clemens
 Assist bride and groom in all wedding decisions regarding venue, date, guests, etc.
 Establish timeline and diligently follow it
 Develop budget outline
 Create wedding day formulary
 Oversee all teams and liaisons
 Troubleshoot any and all problems

The Liaisons:
Cuisine Connoisseur (Food & Beverage Liaison)
 Book and attend food tasting with bride and groom
 Reserve caterer after bride and groom choose
 Book a restaurant for rehearsal dinner
 Answer caterer’s questions regarding venue, meal time, floor plan, etc.
 Keep consistent contact with Caterer, Wait Staff and Set-Up/Teardown Crew
o Assist these groups before, during, and after event
 Report any major issues to Wedding Coordinator

Décor Dazzler (Décor Liaison)

 Purchase Decorations
 Make any desired DIY Decorations
 Decorate ceremony and reception areas
o Utilize set-up/teardown crew to accomplish decorations before and after event
o In addition to venue decorations, set up guest favors table
 Report any major issues to Wedding Coordinator

Ceremony Specialist (Ceremony Specifics Liaison)

 Keep in contact with pastor (wedding officiant)
 Purchase marriage license and give it to pastor
 Receive RSVPs and report headcount to Wedding Coordinator and caterer
 Pick up bride and groom’s rings after they are sized
 Purchase favors for guests, groomsmen and bridesmaids and give to respective
individuals (i.e. bridesmaid gifts to bride)
 Report any major issues to Wedding Coordinator
Vender Virtuoso (Vendor Liaison)
 Assist vendors before, during, and after the wedding ceremony and reception
 Communicate between vendors and bride and groom
 Communicate among all vendors
o Photographer
o Videographer
o DJ
o Florist
o Caterer
 Report any major issues to Wedding Coordinator

Promotions Powerhouse (Promotions Liaison)

 Design print promotional materials
o Save the dates
o Invitations
 Send materials to a print retailer
o Keep in contact with print retailer
o Ensure materials are received on time
 Follow timeline and send each item out on their pre-determined date
 Update social media platforms
o Facebook: event countdown as wedding date approaches
o Pinterest: Record wedding ideas and visuals
o Twitter: Allow guests to stay up to date on wedding plans via
 Report any major issues to Wedding Coordinator

Attire Artiste (Attire Liaison)

 Keep in contact with dress and tuxedo vendors
 Coordinate fittings for bride, bridesmaids, and groomsmen
 Organize hair and makeup sessions for the morning of event
 Gather shoe sizes from bridesmaids and groomsmen
o Purchase watercolor heels for bridesmaids and sneakers for groomsmen
 Report any major issues to Wedding Coordinator

Expert Evaluator (Evaluation Liaison)

 Personal sit-down interview with Bride and Groom
 Create survey and interview questions for bridal party, and parents of newlyweds
o Use survey to determine overall success and ease of event
 Debrief with full event staff following the event

Cool Crew (Set-up/Tear down Crew provided by venue)

 Set-up/tear down rehearsal dinner
 Set-up/tear down wedding ceremony
 Set-up/tear down reception
Print Media
 Save the Date
o Allows guests to plan ahead by marking the date on their calendars
o Helps guests remember the date of the wedding
 Invitation
o Provides guests with wedding details
o Allows caterer to plan accordingly for cocktail hour (hors d’oeuvres) and main
course (reception)
 Ceremony Program
o Guests can follow along during the wedding ceremony
 Thank You Card
o Show appreciation for each guest’s attendance and gifts

*The Invitations, RSVPs, Programs, and Thank You cards will be printed on copies of chosen
watercolor pieces created by Luke and Selah during their Intro to Watercolor class*

Social Media
 Facebook
o Event countdown as event approaches
 Twitter
o Allow guests to stay up to date on wedding plans via #HallYouNeedIsLove
 Pinterest
o Record wedding ideas and visuals

In order to create anticipation for the wedding, the couple will launch

#HallYouNeedIsLove so they can track photos that have to do with the wedding. The hashtag

can be used on Facebook and Twitter before, during, and after the wedding. Benefits of a hashtag

reach far beyond promotions, as it will greatly help Luke and Selah collect photos that their

family and friends take.

Invitation to follow
The RSVP will include an
envelope and stamp for guests to
easily mail back.

The inside of the Thank You

cards will read:
“Dear ______,
Thank you so much for joining
us to celebrate our special day!
We absolutely love and
appreciate your gift of _______.
Thank you again for your
generosity and support. You
helped make our day even more
With Love and Gratitude,
Luke & Selah Hall”
Front Back
Facebook will house a series of countdown posts starting June 1st and going until the

wedding day, June 8th, 2019. The hope is this will help generate excitement among guests


Twitter will provide updates on what is happening in the wedding planning process.

The hope is guests will enjoy following along, and again it will generate excitement surrounding

the day.

Pinterest will be used to post wedding ideas, inspiration, and details for everything

including hair, makeup, center pieces, and decorations.

Time What Who
June 3 , 2018 Brainstorm ideas Bride and Groom
June 10th, 2018 Hirer wedding planner Bride and Groom
Select Wedding Date
June 17th, 2018 Establish Budget for Wedding Bride and Groom
June 19th, 2018 Choose and order wedding bands Bride and Groom
June 24th, 2018 Develop timeline Wedding Coordinator
June 24th, 2018 Choose bridal party members Wedding Coordinator, Bride
and Groom
July 1st, 2018 Ask bridal party members to be Bride and Groom
in wedding
July 15th, 2018 Create guest list draft Wedding Coordinator, Bride
and Groom
July 29th, 2018 Choose and book venue Wedding Coordinator, Bride
and Groom
August 12th, 2018 Ask pastor to officiate wedding Ceremony Specifics Liaison
August 20th, 2018 Book food tasting Food & Beverage Liaison
August 27th, 2018 Attend food tasting and reserve Food & Beverage Liaison,
caterer Bride and Groom
September 9th, 2018 Hire photographer and Vendor Liaison
September 23rd, 2018 Hire DJ Vendor Liaison
October 7th, 2018 Shop and purchase bridesmaid Attire Liaison and Bride
October 21st, 2018 Shop and purchase groomsmen Attire Liaison and Groom
November 5th, 2018 Design saved the dates, Promotions Liaison
invitations, and RSVP cards
November 5th, 2018 Continually update Twitter and Promotions Liaison
November 11th, 2018 Plan honeymoon Bride and Groom
December 4th, 2018 Send out save the date cards Promotions Liaison
December 9th, 2018 Book florist Vendor Liaison
January 6th, 2019 Reserve rehearsal dinner Food & Beverage Liaison
January 20th, 2019 Discuss cake with Bride and Food & Beverage Liaison,
Groom Bride and Groom
February 4th, 2019 Choose and order cake Food & Beverage Liason
February 4th, 2019 Gather shoe sizes of bridesmaids Attire Liaison
and groomsmen
February 11th, 2019 Order shoes for bridesmaids and Attire Liason
February 18th, 2019 Schedule hair and makeup Attire Liaison
sessions for morning of wedding
February 22nd, 2019 First fitting for bridal party Attire Liaison and Bridal
(dresses and tuxes) Party
March 2nd, 2019 Choose music/songs for DJ: Vendor Liaison, Bride and
• Song for Bride to walk Groom
down the aisle
• Song for newlyweds and
bridal party to walk back
up the aisle following
• First dance song
• Mother and Groom dance
• Bride and Father dance
• Reception song
suggestions for DJ to
March 9th, 2019 Finalize menu options Food & Beverage Liaison
March 12th, 2019 Order guest favors Ceremony Specifics Liaison
March 18th, 2019 Finalize order of ceremony and Wedding Coordinator
March 25th, 2019 Make and print programs Promotions Liaison
April 2nd, 2019 Assign guest seating Bride and Groom
April 8th, 2019 Pick up wedding bands Ceremony Specifics Liaison
April 12th, 2019 Purchase Decorations/Make any Décor Liasion
April 27th, 2019 Send out invitations and RSVP Promotions Liaison
May 8th, 2019 RSVPs due Guests
May 13th, 2019 Meet with florist Vendor Liaison
May 13th, 2019 Count RSVPs and report to Ceremony Specialist
Wedding Coordinator
May 14th, 2019 Meet with caterer to finalize Ceremony Specialist and
menu, headcount, etc. Vendor Liaison
May 15th, 2019 Meet with DJ Vendor Liaison
May 15th, 2019 Write evaluations Evaluation Liasion
May 16th, 2019 Meet with photographer Vendor Liaison
May 20th, 2019 Get marriage license Ceremony Specifics Liaison
May 20th, 2019 Final fitting for bridal party Attire Liaison and Bridal
dresses and tuxedos Party
May 27th, 2019 Write vows Bride and Groom
May 27th, 2019 Check in with vendors Vendor Liaison
June 1st, 2019 Begin wedding countdown on Promotions Liaison
Facebook every day until the
June 3rd, 2019 Pick up dresses and tuxedos Attire Liaison and Bridal
June 7th, 2019 Enjoy rehearsal dinner Bridal Party, Bride and
June 8th, 2019 Everyone

Wedding brunch Bridal Party, Bride & Groom

June 9th, 2019 and their families
Debrief with all teams All Event Staff
Honeymoon Bride and Groom
June 15th, 2019 Bridal shower and immediate Evaluation Liaison
family survey
June 23rd, 2019 Couple interview Evaluation Liaison
Wedding Ceremony start: 3:00 p.m.
Event Location: The Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm in New Hope, PA

June 8th, 2019

10:30 a.m. Bride and bridal party arrive at Mary Ng Salon for hair and makeup
10:45 a.m. Photographer arrives at Mary Ng Salon (Mike Landis Photographer)
11:00 a.m. Set up tables and chairs provided by venue (Set-up crew)
11:30 a.m. Decorate ceremony space and reception hall (Décor Liaison & set-up crew)
12:00 p.m. Wedding party gets dressed and ready (Bride, groom, and bridal party)
12:30 p.m. Vendors begin to arrive and set-up
• Vendor Liaison shows vendors where to go and helps them set up
1:00 p.m. Caterer and their staff set up (La Stalla Catering)
1:30 p.m. DJ sets up (Pat and Sean Kelly)
Sound check (Pat and Sean Kelly)
Wedding party and family photos start (Mike Landis Photography, bridal party
and families)
1:45 p.m. Wedding officiant arrives (Pastor Josh Meyer)
2:15 p.m. Doors open and guests begin to arrive, pre-ceremony music plays (Wedding
coordinator, Pat and Sean Kelly)
3:00 p.m. Ceremony begins (Pastor Josh Meyer)
3:45 p.m. Ceremony ends (Pastor Josh Meyer)
3:55 p.m. Guests move to cocktail hour
Couple, bridal party, and family photos (Mike Landis Photography)
5:00 p.m. Guests move to dinner
5:15 p.m. Grand entrance (Bridal party, parents of groom, parents of bride, then finally the
5:30 p.m. First dance (The newlyweds)
5:35 p.m. Mother-son dance (Mother of the Groom and Groom)
5:40 p.m. Father-daughter dance (Father of the Bride and Bride)
5:45 p.m. Dinner served (La Stalla Catering)
6:45 p.m. Cake cutting (Bride and Groom)
7:00 p.m. Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches
7:30 p.m. Open dance floor
8:00 p.m. Bride and Groom sunset photos (Mike Landis Photography)
9:00 p.m. Sparkler send-off (Guests, Bride and Groom)
9:15 p.m. Guests depart. (Parents initiate this)
9:30-10:30 Break down and clean up (Set up/tear down crew)

June 9th, 2019

8:30 a.m. Farewell brunch set up (parents of Bride and Groom)
10 a.m. Farewell brunch (Bridal party, Bride & Groom, and family)
12 p.m. Farewell brunch tear down (parents of Bride)
12:15 p.m. Drive Bride and Groom to airport for honeymoon flight (parents of Groom)
1:30 p.m. Bride and Groom depart for honeymoon!
Soon after the engagement, the bride and groom should discuss the preliminary budget.
Luke and Selah decided on a budget of $20,000. Knowing the budget before planning allows the
couple to brainstorm realistic ideas for the venue as well as vendors.

Subcategory Product Price

Food and Beverages Rehearsal dinner at Porterhouse $500.00
Restaurant & Pub
Caterer: La Stalla Catering $3,000.00
• Cocktail hour (Hors d’oeuvres)
• Buffet dinner
• Dessert
• Wedding cake
• Serving staff
Ceremony Specifics Marriage license $95.00
Guest favor (individual watercolor sets) $175.00
Groomsmen favor (6) $85.50
Bridesmaids favor (6) $82.50
Other vendors Venue: The Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm
• Tables and chairs
• Bridal party changing room
• Lighting $5,000.00
• Reception ballroom
• Dance floor
Staging for DJ
Photographer/Videographer: Mike $1,325.00
DJ: Pat and Sean Kelly $475.00
• Sound equipment
Florist: The Bouqs Co. $299.00
• Boutonnieres (groom and
• Bouquets (bride and bridesmaids)
• Alter decorations
• Aisle decorations
Pastor: Josh Meyer $250.00
Décor Guestbook $50.00
Wedding ceremony and reception $350.00
Promotions Envelopes (650) $625.00
Save the dates (175) $750.00
Thank you (150) $150.00
Wedding invitations (175) $300.00
Wedding programs (150) $195.00
Stamps (200) $100.00
Attire Hair/makeup (7) $294.00
Wedding dress $1,000.00
Footwear $450.00
• Men’s shoes (6)
• Women’s heels (6)
Total: $15,551.00
Venue: The Inn at Barley Sheaf
 Phone number: (215) 794-5104
 Email: info@barleysheaf.com
Photographer/Videographer: Mike Landis Photography
 Phone number: (267) 328-7457
 Email: mike@mikelandisphotographer.com
DJ: Pat and Sean Kelly
 Phone number: (215) 206-4734
 Email: patandseankelly@gmail.com
Caterer: La Stalla Catering
 Phone number: (215) 579-8301
 Email: lastallacatering@gmail.com
Florist: The Bouqs Co.
 Phone number: (888) 320-2687
 Email: info@thebouqss.com
Officiant: Pastor Josh Meyer
 Phone number: (555) 555-5555
 Email: jmeyer@franconiamennonite.org
Beauty (hair and makeup): Mary Ng Salon
 Phone number: (215) 794-2864
 Email: N/A
The wedding ceremony and reception will take place at The Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm in

New Hope, PA. The mailing address guests will use if they need GPS to locate it is: 5281 Old

York Rd, Holicong, PA 18928. The outdoor ceremony will take place outside in the beautiful

venue’s backyard greenery area. The reception will be held inside the big rustic ballroom.

The venue provides many amenities for weddings. This event will utilize the provided

tables, chairs, and lighting with no extra charge. The total price to have the wedding at The Inn at

Barley Sheaf Farm is $3,000.


The couple with be married outside under a wrought iron gazebo surrounding by lush

greenery. The beautiful outdoor sanctuary provides natural background that will be hard to

forget. In the event that it rains, the ceremony will be moved inside into the reception area.

Outdoor ceremony set-up Reception set-up

Cocktail Hour

Before the reception begins, guests will participate in a cocktail hour with light appetizers

and refreshments while the bridal party takes pictures. The cocktail hour will take place outside

around the lovely stone water fountain, pictured below. In the event of rain, The Inn at Barley

Sheaf Farm will provide a tent for guests to gather under.

After the cocktail hour, guests will be ushered into the big rustic ballroom to start the

reception. Guests will then have prayer, dinner, time to mingle, speeches from the Maid of

Honor and Best Man, and get to talk to the newlyweds. The will also be a dance floor available

for dancing after dinner.

Dance floor
Outdoor Ceremony


• Blue Hexagon-Wrought Iron Gazebo where pastor, bride, and groom will stand

• Red rectangles-Spot where bridal party will stand (bridesmaids on the right, groomsmen

on the left)

• Green rectangles-Areas where chairs will be lined up for quests to sit in

• Purple circle-DJ area for live ceremony music

Reception in Big Rustic Ballroom


• Red rectangles-Entrances

• Purple square-Restrooms

• Blue rectangles-Food Stations

• White circles-Guest tables

• White rectangle-Head table (Bride & Groom, and bridal party)

• Light blue circle-Cake table

• Green rectangle-DJ area

• Peach area-Dance floor

La Stalla Catering will provide all catering needs including cocktail hour (hors

d’oeuvres), buffet dinner, and dessert for all guests and a serving staff. La Stalla will also be

making the wedding cake for an additional $50. The catering will cost $3,000 in total.

Cocktail Hour
During cocktail hour, guests are able to roam around and mingle with others while

enjoying hors d’oeuvres and light refreshments (water, tea, soda, coffee.) Hors d’oeuvres will

include an array of artsy appetizers with rainbow fruit skewers, bruschetta, bacon-wrapped

shrimp, and tomato soup glasses with grilled cheese.

There will be two buffet stations for dinner. The first station will include caesar salad,

carved roast beef, and variety of breads. The second station will be a Tour of Italy. The station

will feature La Stalla’s famous Rigatoni Carbonaro. This station will also include a cheese

gnocchi, ravioli and penne pasta with choices of alfredo, vodka and fresh tomato sauces.

La Stalla also provides a dessert bar. The dessert bar will include a variety of mini

desserts such as traditional homemade cannoli’s and seasonal desserts to compliment the

wedding cake. Seasonal desserts include strawberry shortcake, raspberry and chocolate mousse,

and lemon meringue cups.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake will be a three-tiered vanilla and chocolate marble cake with vanilla

buttercream frosting. The top tier will remain white, with the middle and lower tier painted with

edible watercolors including blues, pinks, and purples. The cake continues to fit the Watercolor

Wonderland theme as well as color scheme. The cake will feed 150 guests.
All the music for the ceremony and reception will be performed live by an amazing

brother duo, Pat and Sean Kelly. In order to maintain the proper atmosphere, the bride and

groom will provide a list of what music to play throughout the events. The brother duo may

suggest songs to the bride and groom as well, but they must be approved prior to the event.

Pat and Sean Kelly will be responsible to bring and set up all required equipment

including microphones and speakers. They will report to the Wedding Coordinator upon arrival

at the venue on the day of the vent. The DJ costs a total of $475 for the entire event.

Special Moment Songs

Ceremony Processional song: A Thousand Years

By The Piano Guys

Ceremony Recessional song: On Top of The World

By Imagine Dragons

First Dance: Hey Pretty Girl

By Kip Moore

Father Daughter Dance: The Girl You Think I Am

By Carrie Underwood

Mother Son Dance: My Wish

By Rascal Flatts
All center pieces, bouquets and boutonnieres will be provided by The Bouq Co. The color

scheme is a sky blue, periwinkle purple-blue, lilac purple, and dusty pink. The Bouq Co. offers a

“Dream” package that fits the needs of the wedding. The flowers included in the arraignments

are Roses, Carnations, Stock, Mums, Limonium, Eucalyptus Baby Blue. The total cost for seven

bouquets and seven boutonnieres is $299.

In order to transform the space, the right décor is critical. Although the rustic ballroom

does not create a “Watercolor Wonderland” atmosphere, this is fixable through specific décor.

Watercolor pieces, such as the examples pictured below, created by Luke and Selah in college

will hang on the walls of the room. Additionally, the watercolor napkins and table runners

illustrated below will stand out on top of the white table cloths and will be a nice touch of the

theme. The table center pieces will be lit candles in floating colored water, such as the example

pictured to the right below. The colored water will continue the Watercolor Wonderland theme

as well, along with romantic touches of twinkly lights.

Table runner examples

Mike Landis, a local photographer, will be responsible for documenting the event all day

long. He will bring along a second photographer and a videographer he regularly works with. For

$1,325, Mike Landis will capture every detail of the day, from bridal preparation to the couple’s

sparkler send-off. The package includes a large album for the bride and groom, a medium-sized

album for both sets of parents, bridal portraits, and a USB with high quality digital copies of all

photos. The bride and groom will provide the photographer with a list of photos that they wish to

have included in the album. The videographer will capture various moments throughout the

wedding day and edit footage to create a wedding video. After the wedding, the couple will

receive the finish product.

The bride’s dress will maintain the theme as she will wear a strapless off-white dress

with pastel watercolor accents. The dress costs $1,000. She will wear neutral, off-white

strappy heels to compliment her fun dress. The bridesmaids will wear a simple, strapless

purple chiffon floor length dress to compliment the bride’s gown. The dress is on sale at

David’s Bridal for $79.96. The bridesmaid’s will also wear multicolored watercolor shoes.
The groom as well as groomsmen will wear grey tuxes with a purple tie to match the

bridesmaids. The color scheme will be carried out through the apparel with a lavender purple.

The tuxes can be rented for $199.99 at Men’s Warehouse. The groomsmen will also wear

multicolored watercolor sneakers to continue the watercolor wedding theme.

Mary Ng Salon, located right down the road from The Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm (venue),

will provide hair styling and makeup services to the bride as well as the bridesmaids. It is

required for the bridesmaids to have their hair styled by the salon. The cost for bridal hair and

makeup for the bride and six bridesmaids is $294.

Bride’s Hair Inspiration Bridesmaids Hair Inspiration

Makeup Inspiration for all: The Natural Look

The couple needs to thank all those involved in their special day. The couple must
purchase gifts for the wedding guests and bridal party.
Wedding Favors
Every wedding guest will receive a mini watercolor painting kit when they leave the
event. This favor continues the overall wedding theme and total cost is $175.

Bridesmaid Gifts Groomsmen Gifts

The bridesmaids will each receive a The groomsmen will each receive a
pair of silver knot earrings to wear on pair of socks to wear on the wedding
the wedding day. Six pairs of earrings day. Six pairs of Bomba brand socks
cost $82.50. cost $85.50.
As the wedding coordinator, I will need feedback on how effective my planning was and

how successful the event went. I will sit down and talk with the newlyweds to get their feedback

following the wedding. I will survey the bride and groom’s parents as well as the bridal party. I

will also survey the event vendors and staff during a “lessons learned” debrief session following

the event.

Couple Interview Questions:

1. How do you feel the event went overall? Was there anything you felt was unnecessary?
Anything missing? Is there anything you would change about the event if you could go back?
2. Were your needs met before, during and after the wedding?
3. Do you feel the cost (money) of the wedding was worth the experience? Why or why not?
4. Did I deliver what was promised as the wedding coordinator? Why or why not?
5. Did you experience any problems during the event that were not promptly taken care of?
6. Overall how pleased were you with the various promotions for the event? (I.e. print and social
7. Do you feel the vendors delivered what was paid for and promised? Were there any issues I
did not properly resolve?
8. Did the decorations uphold the desired theme and produce the overall atmosphere you wanted
for the event?
9. Any final thoughts are questions?

Parents and Bridal Party Survey:

1. Select your role:
a. Bridesmaid
b. Groomsmen
c. Parent of Bride
d. Parent of Groom
Please rate on a scale from 1 to 5 by circling a number (5 being the best, 1 being the worst):
2. How well did the wedding coordinator execute the event?

3. How effective were the promotions? Did you feel well-informed about the event and
important information such as dates, times, and locations?

4. How was the quality of the food?


5. To what extent did you enjoy the music?


6. How well did the décor convey the theme of Watercolor Wonderland?

7. How much did you enjoy your wedding favor?


8. How smooth were the transitions between the ceremony and cocktail hour, and cocktail hour
and the reception?

9. How appropriate was the venue for the event?


10. Additional comments:

Vendor & Staff Survey:
The event vendors and staff will complete a short, open-ended question survey to do a “lessons
learned” debrief following the wedding. The event coordinator will meet with the vendors and
staff during this time to discuss the answers and receive appropriate feedback.

Survey Questions:
1. How do you feel the event went overall?
2. What, if anything, would you change to make the event even better?
3. Did the event coordinator provide all necessary information in a timely fashion?
4. Do you feel as though you were prepared and understood your responsibilities and tasks
to complete before, during, and after the event?
5. What, if anything, could I have done to make your experience more pleasurable?

6. Any additional comments?