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​APIS End of Unit Reflection

Student’s name: Imm

Grade: 10
Subject: Thai Language and Literature
Teacher’s name: Ms. Meaw
Achievement Level

Teacher’s Student’s
Assessment Assessment
Criterion A
Criterion B
Criterion C
Criterion D

1. What were your ATL targets for the unit? How were you assessed?

Achievement Level

Teacher’s Student’s
Assessment Assessment
ATL Skill
Research skill
Thinking skill
2. Describe something you feel you have done well with in this subject so far this
year. Give a specific example (formative/summative assessment tasks) as evidence

I feel like I can produce text for research project well because I just had to research
on the topic and take that information and put it in the paper. Then I can infer the
information and produce the texts accordingly.

3. State an area in which you need to improve over the second semester. Explain
how you will do this.

An area the I have to improve is my using language skills because I write as I speak
and it is not formal writing so that I want to improve. Writing formally is very
important for the future.