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Objective Questions for Executive

1. Maximum heat distribution as per location arrangement

a) Combustor b) FBHE c) Backpass d) APH
2 FBHE 2 comprises:-
a) SH 2A b) SH 2B c) SH 1 d) SH3
3 CFBC combustor is supported
a) top b) bottom c) both d) none
4 In volute type centrifugal pump, fluid thrown out ward
a)Radially b)Axially.
c)Both Radially & Axially.
5 Cavitation occur in a pump when
a)Pump discharge flow is very high
b)When pump inlet pressure equal to vapour pressure of
the liquid.
c)When pump inlet pressure greater then vapour
pressure of the liquid.
6 NPSH of a pump shows
b)Power output
c)Point of cavitation
7 In Air and Flue Gas duct, the flow measurement is done
by using
a)Orifice plate
b)Ventury Tube
8 Condition monitoring mainly helps in assessing the
condition of
a) Rotary equipment (b) Stationary equipment (c) both
(d) none

9 In vibration measurement following parameter is

generally recorded for knowing the level of vibration.

a) acceleration & velocity (b) acceleration and

(c) displacement and velocity (d) none.

10 Vibration measurement helps in doing

a) Predictive maintenance (b) preventive maintenance

(c) shutdown maintenance (d) break down

11 The horizontal component of vibration measurement

a)misalignment b) bearing looseness
c) unbalance d) bolt looseness

12 The phase angle helps in locating the reference during

vibration measurement for

a) magnitude b) direction c) both d) none

13 The Axial component of vibration measurement indicates

a) misalignment b) bearing looseness

c) unbalanced d) bolt looseness
14. Use of insulating refractory material in combustor is
a)to withstand erosion b)to withstand high temperatures
c)to insulate the parent material d)Both a & b
15. Relative expansion movements is maximum between:
a)cyclone and backpass b)between combustor and
c)between cyclone and sealpot d)between combustor and
16 Anchors are provided on fins for
a)more heat transfer b)to support refractories
c)to give more strength to fin portion d)None of the
17 Stress relieving is required after welding of
a)T91 material b) T22 material c)Both a & b d)None of the
18 Argon purging is required while welding following grade
of material
a)SA106 grade C b)T-22 grade c)T-11 grade d)T-91 grade

19 With how many constant load hangers, Combustor is

supported from top
a) 38 b) 28 c) 18 d) 48

20 Material of water wall panel of combustor

a) SA106 Grade C b) SA209 T1 c) SA210 Grade A1
d)None of the above

21 Latest trend in maintenance periodicity is based on

a) Condition b) Economics c) Fixed Time
d) Operating time
22 Coal / Lignite thermal power plant operates on the
concept of :–
a) Carnot Cycle b) Jules – Brayton cycle c) Rankine
d) Dual cycle
23 Reheat cycle improves cycle
a) Efficiency b) Work done c) Both (d) None

24 The cycle efficiency with the increase of number of feed

water heater
a) Increases (b) decreases c) depends on cycle
d) Neither increase nor decreases

25 In super critical boiler, latent heat in Kcal / kg.

a) 54 deg. (b) 100 (c) 0 (d) 860.

26 The COC maintained in CW water system at SLPP

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

27 Reheater coils are placed in

a)FBHE 1 b) FBHE - 2 c) FBHE - 3 d)FBHE - 4

28 Heat rate of Unit at SLPP is between

a) 2500 – 2600 b) 2700 – 2800 c) 2900 – 3000
d) 2300 – 2400

29 Specific lignite consumption unit is

a) kCal / kg hr (b) kg/kWhr c) kWh/kg d) kg hr /

30 Specific lignite consumption at SLPP is

a) 0.9 - 1 b) 1-2 c) 1.5 - 2 d) more than

31 Sulphur capture in the combustor is generally

a) More than 80% b) more than 85% c) more than
90% d) 100%

32 The maximum losses in the boiler due to

a) Dry flue gas b) moisture c) unburnt
d) Radiation & unaccounted losses

33 Average daily station lignite consumption at 100% MCR is

a)3000 tonnes b)4000 tons c) 5000 tons d) 6000
34 How many lignite stacking areas are available at both in-
plant and mines end
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 2

35 At SLPP, TPS mobile truck is used as

a) dust extractor b) dust suppressor
c) both extractor & suppressor d) none

36 At SLPP, how many raw water pumps are there

a) 5 b) 4 c) 3 d) 2

37 At SLPP, how many Circulating Pumps (CW) are there

a) 5 b) 4 c) 3 d) 2

38 How many cells are there in each cooling tower of

circulating water system
a) 9 b) 8 c) 7 d) 5

39 What is the extent of ash utilisation at SLPP these days

a) 80% b) 50% c) 100% d) 70%

40 Following parameter enhances ESP performance

a) High moisture in flue gas b) High sulphur flue gas

c) High conductivity of ash d) All of the above

41 Following measures are being attempted to improve ESP

a) Na dozing along with fuel b) NH3 dosing in FG duct

c) Water spray in FG duct d) all of the above

42 Use of lime along with lignite at SLPP is resulting in

a) Increased boiler efficiency b) decreased boiler
c) No effect on efficiency d) reduced lignite

43 CFBC boiler efficiency at SLPP is low compared to

designed value because of
a) High moisture in lignite b) low ash content of
lignite c) high sulphur in lignite d) High VM in

44 Rated steam parameters at turbine inlet

a)142 ata. and 535 o C b) 132 ata and 535 oC
c) 126 ata and 575 o C d) 126 ata and 535 o C

45 HP –LP bypass capacity at SLPP is

a) 75 % b) 30% c) 45% d)
60 %

46. Which type of control is used in PA & SA Fan at SLPP?

a) Damper b) IGV c) Blade pitch d) Speed

47. What is the medium handle by ID Fan?

a) Atmospheric air b) Hot & clean air

c) Hot clean gas d) Hot dusty gas

48. What is the speed of the PA fan?

a) 1490 rpm b) 740 rpm c) 2980 rpm d) 1980


49. What type of fan is used at SLPP?

a) Radial b) Axial
c) Axial & Radial both d) Axial – impulse

50. ID Fan type at SLPP is ……..

a) Single suction radial flow b) Double suction radial

c) Axial –Impulse d) Axial – Reaction

51. Which information not requires for selection of Fan?

a) Air or flow gas b) Density of medium

c) Resistance losses d) Furnace size

52. Which impeller design is best efficient?

a)Backward curve b) Forward curve c) Straight curve d)


53. Which of the following is not a part of Blower system?

a) NRV b) relief valve

c) Intake filter d) Lub oil unit

54. What type of blower used at SLPP?

a) Single lobe b) Three Lobe c) Two Lobe d) None

55. Total how many blowers are provided in both Boilers?

a) 17 b) 34 c) 19 d) 22

56. Which is not false?

a)Fans & Blowers transfer energy to fluid.

b) Turbine transfer energy to fluid.
c) Fluid transfer energy to Fans & Blowers.

57. Which Fan power consumption is higher at SLPP?

a) PA Fan b) SA Fan c) ID Fan

58. soaking of turbine during cold rolling is done at

a) 1100 rpm b)790 rpm c)690 rpm d)56 rpm.

59. Upper limit of silica in super heat steam to turbine

a)2 ppm b)0.2 ppm c)0.002ppm d)0.02 ppm

60. For which category national award for ash utilization was
awarded to GIPCL.
a) < 500 MW capacity
b) >500 MW capacity
c) >1000 MW capacity

61. Mentioned at least three reasons for vibration in Fans?

62. What do you understand by LRSB & HRSB?

63. What is the function of soot blower?

64. What type of motion is provided to Lance tube of Soot


65. How many soot blowers are provided in convective pass?

66. State the type of APH used at SLPP?

67. What is cold end corrosion?

68. Which three T are important for complete combustion?

69. Generally which fan supplied the Excess air for

70. Which type of Fan control used in ID Fan?

71. SA Fan is supplied by M/s. -----------

72. FBHE Blower motors support are -----------
73. What is the tube material for economiser ?
1 - A 16 - B 31 - C 46 - B
2 - B 17 - C 32 - A 47 - D
3 - C 18 - D 33 - C 48 - C
4 - A 19 - B 34 - C 49 - A
5 - B 20 - B 35 - A 50 - B
6 - C 21 - A 36 - C 51 - D
7 - C 22 - C 37 - A 52 - A
8 - A 23 - A 38 - A 53 - D
9 - C 24 - A 39 - C 54 - B
10 - A 25 - C 40 - D 55 - B
11 - B 26 - D 41 - D 56 - A
12 - B 27 - A 42 - B 57 - B
13 - A 28 - B 43 - A 58 - C
14 - C 29 - B 44 - D 59 - D
15 - B 30 - A 45 - D 60 - A

61. - 1) Misalignment 2) Unbalance

3) Damage bearing 4) Looseness in foundation bolts.
62. LRSB : Long retractable soot blower
HRSB: Half retractable soot blower
63. To remove the ash from pressure parts
64 Transverse & Rotary
65. 16 NOS.
66. Tubular (Recuperative)
67. When Flue gas temp. falls below acid dew point, creates
the corrosion in the down stream equipment of Boilers.
68. Time, Temp., & Turbulence
69. FD Fan / SA Fan
70. IGV & Speed control through Hydraulic coupling.
71. M/s. Andrew Yule & Co, Kolkata
72. Hinged support
73. SA 210 GrA1