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Ethical Hacking Foundation Certi f ication Training - Brochure Discover vulnerabilities legally and protect your

Ethical Hacking Foundation Certification Training - Brochure

Hacking Foundation Certi f ication Training - Brochure Discover vulnerabilities legally and protect your systems

Discover vulnerabilities legally and protect your systems from being hacked

Course Name : Ethical Hacking Foundation


: INVL_Ethical Hacking F_BR_1.0

Course ID

: ITSG-155


Importance of Ethical Hacking

The main purpose of ethical hacking is to evaluate the security of a computer system or network by discovering and exploiting the detected vulnerabilities legally. Ethical Hacking is increasingly required as a preemptive measure to make sure that malicious hackers are unsuccessful in their efforts to access the systems in your organization. By simulating such attacks, organizations can analyze or identify weak spots and determine how they need to improve their security measures.

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EXIN accredited Ethical Hacking Foundation certification exam training

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• Classes across 108+ locations worldwide

• Exam fee included in the training course

16 PDUs certificate provided

• Instructor-led training that is always on schedule

• Global approval and accreditation

Key Benefits of Ethical Hacking for Businesses

• Evaluate the security and vulnerabilities of computer systems and networks

• Know the legal implications, types and phases of ethical hacking

Implement effectively the different types of tools used and the functions involved

• Find the required information in a computer, online or in a network of computers

About EXIN Ethical Hacking Foundation Training Course

The EXIN Ethical Hacking Foundation certification provides IT professionals with a complete understanding and technical knowledge of the principles behind Ethical Hacking. The different methods used to test and determine the security of the IT infrastructure within an organization are covered in the Ethical Hacking Foundation Course.

Target Audience for Ethical Hacking Foundation Certification

Job roles that can benefit from Ethical Hacking Foundation Certification include, but are not limited to:

Security officers

• Network administrators

• Network architects

• Security auditors

• Professionals who wish to improve IT security

About Invensis Learning

Invensis Learning is a leading certification training provider for individuals and enterprises globally. Our expertise in providing globally-recognized IT & Technical certification courses has enabled us to be one of the trusted certification training partners for many Fortune 500 organizations and Government institutions worldwide. Invensis Learning has trained and certified thousands of professionals across a wide range of categories such as IT Service Management, Project Management, Quality Management, IT Security and Governance, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Agile Project Management, and Digital Courses. Invensis Learning’s certification training programs adhere to global standards such as PMI, TUV SUD, AXELOS, ISACA, DevOps Institute, EXIN, and PEOPLECERT.

Ethical Hacking Foundation Course Overview

1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

1.1 Hacking Ethics

The candidate will learn

• The legal implications of hacking

The different types of hackers

The difference between the white and black box test

The different phases in the hacking process.

2. Network Sniffing

2.1 Tools

The candidate will learn

The different kind of tools for Network Sniffing

How to use the most common tools for Network Sniffing

2.2 Extracting information The candidate will learn

• The function of HTTP headers.

• To extract information from HTTP headers

3. Hacking Wireless Networks

3.1 Preparation The candidate will learn

To find information of his own network adapter.

3.2 Aircrack-NG The candidate will learn

To explain Airodump-NG

The different kind of functions of tools within Aircrack

What ESSID&BSSID means

4. System Penetration

4.1 Intel Gathering

The candidate will learn

How to find information on a target online

How to find information on a target within a network

4.2 Software tools (Nmap, Metasploit) The candidate will learn

• To scan a target

• To combine tools

4.3 Fingerprinting and vulnerabilities

The candidate will learn

How to find vulnerabilities based on scanning results

How to perform manual fingerprinting

4.4 Exploitation and post exploitation The candidate will learn

How to exploit vulnerability with Metasploit

• How to extract system information after exploitation

5. Web based Hacking

5.1 Database attacks

The candidate will learn

The steps to test for SQLi vulnerabilities.

How to extract data with SQLi.

The following functions: CONCAT, LOAD_FILE, UNION, SELECT, @@version, ORDER BY, LIMIT

5.2 Client side attacks The candidate will learn

• How to create an XSS PoC (Proof of Concept)

The basics of session hijacking i/c/w XSS

How to bypass basic XSS filters

5.3 Server side attacks The candidate will learn

• How RFI is performed

• The basic functionalities of php shells such as r57 and c99

The difference between Bind & Back connect shells and what they do

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