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Kannan, Mahendra, Lakdawala, Patnala

Annotated Bibliography

Primary Sources

“Explore the Partition of India through Our Library Resources.” ​Towards Dolly​, 17 July 2018,



This is an image (primary source) from when India and Pakistan got its independence,

describing the tasks the leaders were facing as their countries had become independent.

National Archives. “Jinnah on Partition.” The National Archives, The National Archives, 21

May 2014,


This is a primary source that shows a picture of Jinnah’s speech.

News, BBC. “India's Partition 70 Years on: 'I Killed a Man'- BBC News.” YouTube, YouTube,

15 Aug. 2017, www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FJdEXTazoQ.

Kannan, Mahendra, Lakdawala, Patnala

This is an interview (primary source) showing someone who had killed someone in the

Partition of India and how he felt during the time.

The New York Times, The New York Times, This site has a newspaper from the Partition of

India, this nemovies2.nytimes.com/learning/general/onthisday/big/0815.html#article.

This site has a primary source being the newspaper from when India gained its

independence, the newspaper describing the independence gained by each country.

Secondary Sources

“A History of the Conflict between India and Pakistan with Intervention from the United

Nations.” HOPES Huntington's Disease Information, HOPES Huntington's Disease Information,


This site is a secondary source and talks about what the problems were between India and


Doshi, Vidhi, and Nisar Mehdi. “70 Years Later, Survivors Recall the Horrors of India-Pakistan

Partition.” ​The Washington Post​, WP Company, 14 Aug. 2017,

Kannan, Mahendra, Lakdawala, Patnala




This website complies experiences of those who have witnessed the Partition of India,

giving a first hand account of what happened during the partition of India.

Henderson, Barney. “Indian Independence Day: Everything You Need to Know about Partition

between India and Pakistan 70 Years On.” The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 15 Aug.




This is a secondary source that talks about what happened and how the independence

between India and Pakistan came to be.

“Independence Day: Why Partition Was a Good Thing for India.” The Economic Times,

Economic Times, 15 Aug. 2012,


Kannan, Mahendra, Lakdawala, Patnala

This article is a secondary source that talks about why the Partition of India was a good


“Indo-Pakistani Wars.” Ohio River - New World Encyclopedia, New World Encyclopedia,


This site is a secondary source and it talks about the first indo-pakistan war and how and

why it occurred.

U.S. Department of State​, U.S. Department of State,


This site gives us an idea and information of how and why the wars between India and

Pakistan took place.

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