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CURRENT    To  utilize the teachings of my degrees in a manner that both employs and challenges my acuity as an advocate for 

OBJECTIVES    sociopolitical change. Furthermore, to master my artistic abilities and initiate entrepreneurial endeavours as such. 
  To  conjoin  my  professional  and  personal  strengths  as  a  means  to  champion  my  purview  with  the  population  en 
CAREER  masse.  Of  particular  interest  are photojournalism and pictonarration, their ideal merger manifesting coterminous 
ASPIRATIONS    careers  in  both  global  politics  and  sociotherapy.  Syzy   of  this  macro/micro  approach  aside,  my  ultimate  and 
most ardent aim is to encapsulate the breadth and depth of my own experience as a conduit to promote empathy.  
University of Southern California  University of Exeter 
Master of Social Work  Bachelor of Arts (hon) in Sociolinguistics 
Los Angeles, California - May 2018  Exeter, England - July 2013 

e YMCA of MEWSA  e Anchor’s Bend and Beach Bar 

Program Coordinator of Enrichment    Waitress 
Edison, New Jersey - 2018-present  Asbury Park, New Jersey - 2016-present 

• supervise and coordinate daily operations of Enrichment program  • provide and promote customer service/relations 
• train and provide leadership to department s aff  • epitomize diligent work ethic and efficient time/ ask management 
• act as liaison between director, team members, and program  • mediate customers’ ad hoc medical and gus atory preferences 
participants  • uphold financial accoun ability and integrity 
• ensure department compliance with YMCA s andards and mission    • respect both personal and proprie ary information 
• implement and lead department events and functions   • ensure business compliance with corporate expec ations 
• work with director to ensure budget is properly executed/main ained  • contribute jocular and good humoured vibe in typically dull 
• complete administrative functions in timely and accurate manner  situations 
• consistently uphold core YMCA values  • artistic design (chalkboards) 


e Center for erapy and Counseling Services  provide clinical psychotherapy and case management for diverse clientele 
East Brunswick, New Jersey - 2017    main ain client confidentiality while engaging in ethically appropriate level of care 
MSW Intern  uphold s ate and national protocols of social work 

Children’s Crisis Treatment Center  provide 1:1 behavioral support and crisis counseling for children in grades K-12 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 2015-2016    collaborate with clinical team to develop appropriate treatment plan  
School erapeutic Worker  navigate conflicting goals of students, parents, educators, and program coordinators 

American Medical Response  provide first-aid and psychiatric monitoring to transport and urgent care patients 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- 2015-2016    submit client records and event notes in timely and accurate ashion 
Emergency Medical Technician  amiliarize self with changes and updates to s ate and national s andards of care 

African Prisons Project (Uganda Prison System)   promote prisoner advocacy via liaising with various s akeholders 
Kampala, Uganda - 2013-2014    provide medical and men al health training for rural police and prison officers 
Access To Justice Intern  compose reports on qualities of care, and develop solutions to inadequacies 

CA Reentry Program (San uentin State Prison)  provide pre-parole counseling and incarceration mentorship to 25-life inmates 
San uentin, California - 2014-2015    develop therapeutic coping skills for clients to utilize whilst in prison 
Corrections Counselor  conceive unique licit avenues for clients to access social services whilst incarcerated 

Voice Helpline ( e University of Exeter)  provide unbiased men al health support to university students and s aff 
Exeter, England - 2010-2013    assist in upkeep and restocking of off-site premises 
Men al Health Peer Advocate  assure client confidentiality while reporting applicable cases to administration/police 

additional extensive background in the res aurant/service industry and customer relations, including both front of house and supervisory positions 

Art:  As  eclectic  as  my  past  ventures,  my  artistic  endeavours  span  paper,  pen,  piano,  and  print  (to  name  a  select  alliterative  few). 
Having  been  on  the  receiving  end  of  social  and  mental  health  services  myself,  I  have become a whimsically macabre artist. Employers 
in  the  creative  arts  are  humbly  invited  to  visit  becousican.weebly.com  both  for  samples  of  my  work  and  to  assess  my  aptitude  for  web 
design.  at  its  candid  nature  not  detract  from  my  application,  I  would  kindly  re uest  that my website serve as a lens through which 
to witness my transformation from patient to professional.  
Language:  Having  always  considered  it  an  easy  and  enjoyable  task  to learn languages, the breadth of my polyglotism is a labile medley 
temporally  contingent  upon  my  location.  In  California,  I  spoke  Spanish;  in  Malta,  Maltese;  Turkey,  Turkish.  As  an  undergraduate,  I 
studied  Arabic,  Farsi,  Japanese,  Kurdish,  and  Mandarin.  When  cooped  within  the  con nes  of  a  public  commute,  I  peruse  German. 
Withal, I speak French to near uency.  
Travel:  An  avid  social  butter y,  my  insatiable  (read:  reckless)  wanderlust  has  led  me to over forty of the United states and nearly  y 

Eric Swa er  Jane James  Agnes Nakirya 
manager  senior lecturer  programme director 
e Anchor’s Bend and Beach Bar  University of Southern California  African Prisons Project 
732.455.8500  213.740.8311  + 
erswa er@gmail.com  janejame@usc.edu  agnesnakirya@gmail.com 
ank you.  
Please bar no candor in reaching out.