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Du Pont Model

Statutory seat: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Visiting address: Bucharest, 75 Dr. N. Staicovici, Forum 2000 Building,

Phase I, 4th floor, 5th District, Romania

Phone/Fax number: +4031.400.65.05/ +4031.400.65.06

Registration number with The Registration number with The Netherlands Chamber of
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Commerce Business Register: 34132532/29.03.2000
Business Register and Dutch Legal
RSIN: 808800322
Entities and Partnerships
Identification Number (RSIN):

Romanian Tax Registration Code: RO 37449310

Share Capital: EUR 6,918,042.52

Number of shares in issue: 100,000,000 (out of which (i) 65,756,028 class A shares
with a nominal value of ten eurocents (€ 0.10) each and
(ii) 34,243,972 class B shares, with a nominal value of one
eurocent (€ 0.01) each)

Number of listed shares: 34,243,972 class B shares

Regulated market on which the issued Bucharest Stock Exchange, Main Segment, Category Int’l
securities are traded: (Shares)

We are a leading provider of telecommunication services in Romania and Hungary. Our
offerings in both countries include cable and DTH television services, fixed internet and data
and fixed-line telephony. Our fixed telecommunication and entertainment services are offered
through our technologically advanced fiber optic network, currently covering approximately
62% and 24% of households in Romania and Hungary, respectively, and both countries are
entirely within the footprint of our DTH signal. Our cable and satellite (“direct-to-home”)
television subscribers enjoy access to custom-made channels and pay TV services, which
carry premium movies and sports content. We also operate one of the most technologically
advanced mobile networks in Romania, also having the fastest growing, in terms of
customers’ number.

Additionally, to be closer to the large Romanian communities from Spain and Italy, we have
provided mobile telecommunications services in such countries.


Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality telecommunications services at

competitive prices. Specific components of our strategy include the following:

 Continue to leverage our advanced fixed fiber network, offering high-quality service while
maintaining competitive prices.
 Expand our mobile telecommunications network in our core geographic segments and grow our
mobile communication services business line.

 Focus on core Romanian and Hungarian markets and expand market share.
 Grow the number of customers through product cross-selling and increased penetration of our
services, while managing customer churn. We may also seek to grow through opportunistic


We consider our key strengths to include the following:

 Attractive local markets with stable structural growth.

 Market leadership in core business lines and robust growth of customers’ number.
 Advanced infrastructure, including nationwide fiber networks in Romania and Hungary and the fastest
growing, in terms of customers, mobile network in Romania.
 Leading commercial proposition for customers.
 Robust financial performance.
 Highly experienced management team.