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1] I am the Red Ribbon of AIDS.

I am supposed to be worn to demonstrate Care,

Concern and Support to the HIV afflicted. You might have seen me in a lot of AIDS
campaigns. I want you to tell me who created me……

Ans: An Organization called Visual Aids through its Visual Aids Artists Caucus.

Interesting Answers:
1] Frank Moore [Accepted it, because he belonged to Visual Aids and was part of the
2] Paul Jabara [Accepted it. Checked the net. The song writer according to a few sites
was Co-founder of the Red Ribbon Project]
3] Diana

Quizmaster’s Comments:
Visual Aids was formed with the idea of promoting the work of artists afflicted
with the disease. Its Ribbon Project created the Red Ribbon which symbolizes Aids
Awareness. But in the quiz master’s opinion over a period of time, the whole concept of
the Red Ribbon has become so trivialized that it is now worn just for the effect mostly on
World Aids Day.

2] “We are normal. We are human beings. We have needs just like everyone else.
We are all the same”, so I spoke at the International AIDS Conference in Durban. I died
at age 12 of the disease but survive as an icon in the minds of people fighting it. I
was…….and will always remain………….

Ans: Nkosi Johnson

3] I along with Robert Gallo discovered this new virus. I am………….

Ans: Luc Montangier

4] I founded an Organization for Paediatric AIDS when I contracted the disease from
a blood transfusion and passed it on to my children. My Organization is now the leading
NGO in Paediatric AIDS and strives to collaborate, reach out and link people who are
working against the disease. I am……….

Ans: Elizabeth Glaser

Interesting Answers:
1] Magic Johnson
2] Arthur Ashe

5] Some say I am the most gifted male ballet dancer ever to have performed the
ballet. A temperamental, impulsive person, my promiscuous love life with my male
lovers made me a victim of this disease. I am a genius called……….

Ans: Rudolph Nureyev

Interesting Answer:
1] Rock Hudson

6] In 1994, I announced that I was gay. In 1995 I announced I had HIV. But I knew
I had it from 1988, when I won both the Spring board and Platform events at the Seoul
Olympics. At the time I sustained an accident and injured my head while diving in the
Springboard event. I am…………

Ans: Greg Louganis

7] One positive spin-off from all this concerted action by the NGOs against
HIV/AIDS is that we are slowly being recognized as the third gender and have formed
self-help groups to protect our interests. We are the Hijras in the North. We went by the
derogatory name of Aligal in the South. After some concerted efforts we are now called
Aravanis. Now the name Aravani springs from Aravan, who as the story goes was a son
of Arjuna sacrificed to achieve success for the Pandavas in the Mahabaratha. Before his
sacrifice, he wanted to experience marital bliss. As no one would marry a person about to
die the next day, Lord Krishna, took the form of Mohini and married him. We follow a
similar tradition of marrying Aravan, only to symbolically remove our bangles and
assume widowhood the next day at a temple in a village in Tamilnadu where our deity
Koothandavar resides. Name this village.

Ans: The Village of Koovagam.

Interesting Answer:
1] Villupuram [Have accepted it though it is not a village. It is the district where
Koovagam is located]

8] I consider myself a whistleblower on the whole AIDS brouhaha. I am a Professor

of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. My point is that
there is no virological or epidemiological evidence to back the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. I
believe the virus is biochemically inactive and harmless and that anti-HIV drugs cause
AIDS. This canard of the AIDS pandemic caused by HIV is being spread by drug
companies to promote their sales. I am…………

Ans: Dr. Peter Duesberg

Interesting Answer:
1] Dr. David Baltimore [QM: Don’t think he is an AIDS dissident]

Interesting Comment:
1] Aravind Natarajan wishes Dr. Peter Duesberg’s views come true.
Quizmaster: People have always had and are definitely entitled to differing opinions.
That alone spurs new thought. Arguments against conventional wisdom though can range
from downright foolishness to one of great intelligence depending on the intelligence
quotient of people espousing the argument. Dr. Peter Duesberg is not a fool. But then,
there still exists a group of very intelligent people who consider Earth as flat [Google for
the Flat Earth Society. Their arguments make for good reading :)]

9] AIDS is a complex social disease. But it is not the only disease which is of
importance and I have always resented the views of AIDS lobbyists to push their
nefarious agenda on Black people. AIDS and complex retroviral drugs are not the only
health concerns of Black people. Diseases of poverty are more important and deadlier
than AIDS. And as President of South Africa, even while acknowledging AIDS I have
been pushing my views………I am………..

Ans: Thabo Mbeki

Interesting Answer:
1] Nelson Mandela

Interesting Comment:
1] Srikanth Madani objects to the South African President calling his people Black and
queries, “Why not simply "people"? Or African, or sub-saharan African, or
Negroid population etc., for there are people of African descent living in
Europe/US/Brazil etc. which I guess are not the focus of this President's views. I
personally believe that words like
White/Black/Desi/Kook/Chink/Ghati/Bong/Punju/Guleti/Darkie etc. are distasteful and
derogatory. (I am aware that there are those who are comfortable at being so addressed;
even if they are in the majority, I stand by my views.)
Quizmaster: You have made a very good point, Srikanth. I absolutely agree with your
point and feelings. Addressing fellow human beings belonging to different races or
communities by derogatory terminology is to be very strongly condemned. Now I have
to explain myself as regards the question. Black is not a derogatory term because the
Black people chose it themselves and very proudly too. Infact I was quoting the
President of South Africa’s words. They were not mine. At a point of time in history,
they were called negroes or niggers. They fought against such usage and proudly called
themselves Blacks. And now they are universally referred to as such. And when did
White become distasteful and derogatory? :). No, don’t answer that. I grasped the gist of
your very laudable comment :).

Quizmaster’s Comment:
South African President, Thabo Mbeki invited Dr. Peter Duesberg and Dr. David Rasnick
known dissidents of the AIDS hypothesis and asked them to explain the AIDS epidemic
in 2002. Think they were included in a task force to prevent it in South Africa. Do not
know what came out of it though.

10] I made a movie called “Phir Milenge”. It was not a documentary but was a
sensitive mainstream movie which highlighted the problems faced by HIV patients, it
unfortunately did not enjoy a good run at the box office. I am……….

Ans: Revathy Menon

Interesting Answer:
1] Pritish Nandi

Interesting Comment:
1] As Samrat Sengupta pointed it, the movie featured Shilpa Shetty. It also featured
Salman Khan