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Living Way ---! will give them one heart, and | will ‘put a new spirit within yor the: ; and I will take stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh: That they may walk in my statures and keep mine ordi- nance and do them; and they shall be my poo- ple; and Iwill be their God; and I will give them one heart, and one way, that they may fear me forever; forthe ‘good of them, and of their children after them: and | will make an everlast- ing cove- nant with them, that will not tum away from them, to do them good; but Twill put my fear in their hearts, that they shall not depart from me. Ezekiel 11:19820, Jeremiah 32:38-40 Soo also Hebrew 10:14-25 emg S22 leacing, we need your help De Mano a Mano Ayudandonos Unos A Otros Root Intemational picked up in January where it left off in Decem- ber, crossing food, clothes and household items to the local pas- tors and supporting 5 dining facili- ties. In 2009 over 600 food items and over 1,000 household good items were crossed in to Juarez, Mexico. Itis becoming more difficult to cross because of the internal problems Mexico is presently ex- eriencing. Soldiers are every- Where and check points are set up through out the city. We have been protected by God and have not been caught up in any dangerous situations. Please continue in prayer and supplication for us. In February an urgent call came from Torreon, Mexico dealing with the property where the dining faci!- ity is located. The city needed to speak to the president of De Mano ‘a Mano to make sure the require- ment was being met that the facility was being used more than once a week. At that time the children were being feed only on Saturdays be- ‘cause the kitchen was not com= pleted and they needed money to buy the eating utensils. ROOT In- ‘ternational provided the money to buy 100 plastic plates, cups and ‘commercial size pots, a blender and other needed supplies. Money ‘was also provided to build a cinder block wall around the dining facility ‘A second trip was made in March to see the finished work. A gate stil needs to be added but this will cost ‘around $400.We need your help to keep the dining facility open 4 times. ‘a week, $80 a month will doit. Con- tinue in prayer and supplication for Cee In March Art & Becky put together ‘some Bible lessons and activity sheets to be used at the dining fa- cilities with the children. Becky held two days of teacher training and she was able to provide the teach- ers with some supplies and a large ‘writing tablet. Each teacher also received enough supplies for each student. 205 zip look bags filled with school supplies were collected and prepared in PA. Your financial support made this possible. ‘April seemed to arrive quickly and we began preparing for the day of the child. This day is celebrated all over Mexico and in some European countries. Every year ROOT Inter- national supports the pastors of De Mano a Mano and the dining facili- ties by providing a Pinata, food, drink, and a cake. When possible De Mano a Mano solicits help from the local businesses and receives yogurt and candies. In March we Could see that things looked bleak as fat as being able to provide the usual things, but as always God stepped in, and through the help of Charles and Judy Dillon and their Poe ministry we were able to make it a special time for the children. Thanks to Albertsons, a local super Market in El Paso, (you will get ‘more details when you read about our trip to Louisiana), ROOT Inter- national was given enough candy to fill over 500 plastic Easter eggs. Through the help of my husband, ‘Art Vogan, my mother, Ruth Endlich, my friend, Virgina Omelas, and myself, Becky Vogan, we pre- pared 8 boxes for the dining facili- ties and the pastors of De Mano @ Mano. Each box contained packets of candy, toys paint sets, beads and other small trinkets. Also each Pastor was given a pifiata. Again, much thanks to all who made this possible, We would also like to thank Donny and Barbra Halbge- wack, who have their own ministry, The Least of These, in Juarez and who have become members of De Mano a Mano, providing cookies, chips, and the sound system for ‘one of the dining facilities in Kilo- ‘metro 30. They live in that area and need your prayers for protection as they work daily among the people. Virginia Ornelas and Ruth Endlich inthe process of filling over 500 plastic eggs for the children. Louisiana In March God made it possible tractor load of furniture and two and supplication that God will for Art and Becky to share part trailer loads of assorted appli- provide the finances and the of a trailer load of much needed ances, sofas mattresses, linens, people who will help make this household items with Charles fumiture etc. They are always a reality. We need the ware- ‘and Judy Dillon, who are the happy to receive what we bring house up and running now. founders of Faith Baptist minis- and have told us they wish we Judy and Charles returned the try in New Orleans. They have could come every month. One _ blessing to ROOT International been faithfully working with the _of the visions God has given __by donating crayons, beads, Katrina survivors from the be- ROOT Intemational is to build a_paint sets, backpacks, Spanish inning, and area beacon of | —_warehouse and office facility in tracts, plastic Easter eggs, as hope to those stil trying to put Mercer where we can,ona well as many other items we their lives in order after the more regular basis, send out__ needed in Mexico. Isn't God Katrina disaster. Part of their tractor trailers loaded with furnl- awesome! We would like to ministry deals with bringing _ ture and other itemsto the continue helping them as often {groups to the ninth ward, one of areas that are in need of our as we can. Your support will the worst hit areas in New Or- support. Please bein prayer make this possible. ee leans, to help rebuild homes. rots ROOT International helps by ees providing household items that oo are given to these families. In the past five years we have been able to send one semi Just some of the house- hold items etc. delivered to the Faith Baptist minis- try at the 9th Ward in New Orleans Louisiana. Amen to El Paso, Texas We are excited to be ableto Wear, and may God continue to burry, whose ministry, (his min- network with other ministries, richly bless you. istry), gives us organic flour churches, and businesses in mixes, chips, drinks and other the El Paso area. Through our One of the ministries we have assorted items. With your finan- contacts we were put in touch been involved with for many _cial support, Root International with Rocks School Wear, a years is Youth With a Mission. _buys rice, beans, paper plates, local business in El Paso. They They are located world wide forks, spoons, drink mixes, tor- donated over 10 large boxes of and have a base in El Paso. __tllas, paper cups and whatever all brand new sport apparel, Through this organization we _we can to continue feeding the Jackets, t-shirts, polo shirts etc. have been blessed with a pick children and the elderly. With- God is 50 good! All the boxes up truck load of food every _outt your partnership through were crossed into Mexico and three months which we give to prayer and supplication, as well some of the clothing even made De Mano a Mano in Mexico. We as your generous financial help, its far as Torreon, Mexico. are so grateful to them. We also all this would not be possible. Much thanks to Rocks School receive food from Don New- 0 ti eee a eaten Spreading Roots THAT YE ALSO MAY HAVE ROOT OUT OF DRY GROUND FELLOWSHIP WITH US INFORMATION ISAIAH 53:2 TJOHN 1:3&7 “I AM THE ROOT AND OFFSPRING OF DAVID” REVELATION 22:16 AS Gob DIRECTS CHRIST THE KING AND LORD 1 TIMOTHY 6:15 Root’s list of ongoing needs: Folding tables Blankets Folding chairs Dressers Sewing machines Toiletries ‘Small appliances Linens Household items Toys ‘Non-perishable foods Bicycles Bicycle parts ROOT Statement Like a root we give support to other entities because we are rooted in Christ and in love by faith. Computers Laptops Bookshelves Notebook binders ‘School supplies Office supplies 19:7 SNVISSO109 LHOAVL Naga GAVEL JX SV HLIVd Nd Ld GNV aLOOU ‘WH NIA XIV. Col 2:6-7 KJV As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: (7) Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. Eph 3:17819 KJV That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, (19) And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God. ROOT Contacts Web address: www-rootintemational.org or www-becomeroot-ed.org NOILVONGa Art Vogan — Local, Mercer, PA Donation Coordinator- Verizon # 724-699-2067 [Becky Vogan — Mexico Donation Coordinator ~ rrootinternational@yahoo.com or voganb@email.eom ‘Verizon # 724-699-1182 ATT # 915-540-8737 Karen Bennington — Navajo Nation Donation Coordinator — Jbenn@live.com or benningtonkaren@gmail.com Verizon # 724-301-1139 Vicki Narlee — Prayer and Supplication Director ~ anarlee@verizon.net or narleev@gmail.com ‘Verizon # 724-662-4288 Verizon # 724-301-1677 Jessica Taylor -Public Relations Coordinator ‘moosejr] @gmail.com cell # 724-866-8037 Kevin Taylor- Treasurer- kst5141@gmail.com cell # 724-651-3318 TELE HVIVST ivan Lind avaa OND IOAUNAD NV GUVMNMOG LOOU GAVI ou sNVISaHaa G09 dO SSANTINA GAL TIV HLIM GaT1d 39 LHD JA LVHL ‘LSRIHD JO FAOT AHL MONX OL F's SNVISAHAT Lestor aT AOI NI XTVA\ ‘GOOD 04 0D