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DECEMBER 21, 2018

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Drive for tougher

compost legislation
Times Contributor

Residents of Wheatland County have been

A Christmas Carol pushing for tougher laws regarding compost
facilities, but the province only has best prac-
tises guidelines on the books when it comes to
Page 23 On Dec. 4, Wheatland County administration
asked council to support a request to the prov-
ince to make changes in their legislation.
“The jurisdiction to regulate compost facili-
ties lies with Alberta Environment and Parks
under the authority of the Environmental Pro-
tection and Enhancement Act, Waste Control
Regulation and Code of Practice for Compost
Facilities Code,” stated Alyssa Robb, environ-
mental coordinator with Wheatland County.
Hawks soar to gold “The provincial government also has a docu-
ment titled Standards for Composting Facilities
in Alberta which is not legally enforceable as it
is not tied to the Waste Control Regulation or
Act. In recent conversations with Alberta En-
vironment and Parks, it was determined that
the standards published in 2007 were originally
written with the intent of replacing the current
code. According to staff, the project lost pri-
ority at the time and was not pushed along to
RE/MAX FIRST the final steps necessary for the content of the
587-316-2000 standards to become the new and enforceable
code of practice.”
See our ad on Page 5
Wheatland County has encountered resist-
ance in addressing resident concerns with
the Green for Life (GFL) compost facility near
Namaka. Alberta Environment responded to
Offering IV Sedation Strathmore Times inquiries with the following
Dr. Ashkan Hamzehi DDS
DMD Dr. Sharif Faizi “Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) con-
DMD Dr. Arzy Kafrouny DDS tinue to monitor the Green For Life (GFL) facil-
General Practice Family Dentistry
ity, which operates under a provincial code of
100 Ranch Market, Unit 105F practice for compost facilities. As a registered
Strathmore, AB 403.934.5292 facility, the department ensures that groundwa-
ter and surface water are protected, and that
nuisance issues are properly managed by the
Look on Page 4 for facility. This is done by reviewing annual re-
Town of Strathmore ports, conducting site inspections and inves-
Municipal Notices tigating complaints. The department’s compli-
Contact Us Today! ance assurance programs use education and
prevention as a means to ensure compliance
Shine like a Diamond!
403.934.5589 with the province’s environmental regulations. Canadian Neil Diamond performer, Jason Scott, performed some of Diamond’s classics dur-
info@strathmoretimes.com Enforcement is used when parties are wilfully ing his Diamond Forever: A Celebration of Neil Diamond show at Strathmore’s Royal Cana-
non-compliant with the regulations. dian Legion No. 10 on Dec. 15. For more coverage see Page 8.
Continued on Page 2
Miriam Ostermann Photo


$499,900 $418,500 $579,900 $239,900 $167,500 $314,900

403-934-0420 IDEALLY LOCATED
Page 2 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Strathmore RCMP is
investigating the Theft of a
Travel Trailer that took place on
December 2, 2018.
The Trailer is described as a
White Travelaire Rustler with
license plate Y91180 Alberta and
the decals on it appear faded.

If you have any information that

could help locate this Trailer, Silent auction at library
please contact The Strathmore Municipal Library held a silent auction Dec. 3-14 to raise Music for a Cause
Strathmore RCMP. funds for the continuation of library programs and services in the new year. Frances MacDonald (l-r) Laura Gillespie, Esther Koepnick and Chris Friesen
A total of $1,465 was raised from the sale of 51 donated items in an online gave a concert in Rosebud’s Thorny Rose Café on Dec. 9. The event was a
File: 20181794883 and on-location silent auction. It is the largest amount the library has raised fundraiser for Final Projects that Koepnick and MacDonald, both students
through a single fundraiser. Crystal Willis bid on a couple items on the last of Rosebud School of the Arts, are producing in January and February 2019.
day of the auction.
Adelle Ellis Photo Photo Courtesy Anja Giesbrecht
(1-800-222-8477) Pushing for tougher compost laws
Continued from Page 1 The stocked sulphur that was found on proval.
site has been moved to other GFL facil- “Through this resolution, Wheatland
Overall, AEP has received fewer odour ities or blended onsite and sold off. The County wishes to highlight the impor-
complaints in the past year, which cor- company is managing and reducing the tance of the work that was done to up-
respond with the facility’s activities at small amount of residual sulphur that date the code of practice and return
403-934-5552 their legacy compost pile. The company remains on site. The blending of sul- priority to the project so that it may be
120 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore is taking steps to manage nuisance is- phur and finished compost no longer completed,” said Robb.
sues related to this pile. Regional com- occurs at this site.” Staff asked councillors to put forward
pliance assurance staff continues to In response to resident concerns, an updated code of practice at the Feb-
YOUR WEEKLY proactively work with the county and Wheatland County administration said ruary sitting of the rural municipality
HEALTH ADVICE the GFL facility regarding public con- Alberta Environment and Parks staff association meeting. If accepted and
cerns. The department has directed the hands were tied as no binding legisla- implemented by the province, the code
facility to conduct semi-annual ground- tion exists, so they developed suggest- would deliver enforceable standards
water monitoring and submit reports. ed material for provincial legislative ap- and deal with some of the issues these
facilities can pose when placed near
Gord Morck
residential areas.

The recommendations state that with
Capsule Comments more environmentally conscious initi-
The “FAST” acronym for stroke symptoms: Face:
drooping; Arm: can’t raise both; Speech impaired
and Time, call 911 right away. This is a good one
AUTOCARE atives, more municipalities are imple-
menting an organic collection program
and staff expects this will increase the
for all to remember. There’s not an easy one for need for composting facilities placed
heart attack signs because symptoms vary greatly in close proximity to residences. They
but include: chest pain/discomfort; lightheadedness,
nausea; jaw, neck or back pain; discomfort/pain in Ryanco Autocare has been a family owned WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT are hoping the suggested criteria will
arm or shoulder; shortness of breath. The letter “D” company since 1994. We employ a staff of Call for Quote! curtail some of the problems associat-
for denial could be included in a heart attack acronym FULLmechanics
licensed automotive DOMESTIC including a AND IMPORT ed with that and eliminate problems
because many deny the symptoms at first. Don’t! Get
help right away.
ten year SAIT automotive instructor We have a variety of like the ones Wheatland County and the
specializing SERVICE UP TO 5500 SERIES
in diagnostics and troubleshooting. Town of Strathmore have recently expe-
The new shingles vaccine Shingrix is much more
effective that the previous one. It requires two shots.
Vehicles for sale with rienced regarding smell, garbage, bird
We offer all make repairs, from cars to heavy and insect attractions and concerns over
Side effects of fever, headache and fatigue are more
common with this new vaccine and can occur in
• Full
duty diesel trucks. diservice
We also eseland ser vice Full
repair andMechanical
r e pairs and ground, water and air safety hazards.
• Full diagnostic on all vehicles
trailers and motorhomes.
about 10% of patients. However, these side effects
are fleeting and minor compared to the suffering • Insp ections - Out of province ,
Safety completed! The proposal will include new clas-
sifications for compost facilities; more
caused by shingles. We stand by our work and offer a complete detailed operation plans; a list of ac-
CVI.P., insurance, trailer, auto/truck
Part of pharmacists’ jobs is to look critically at warranty on all workmanship, and can also We offer Shuttle ceptable feedstock for use; water quali-
claims made about drugs, vitamins and herbal take over and extend your dealer warranty. ty and ground water analysis; reporting
preparations. It enables them to help you make good
healthcare choices. There is so much information out
Napa Autopro has over 650 warranty-approved Service in the Town and monitoring better liner require-
locations across Canada to better serve you.
there about health and medications. How do you
separate the real from the fake? Pharmacists can help.
of Strathmore! ments similar to manure storage re-
quirements that is designed by quali-
Some of the services we offer at Ryanco (For repairing vehicle only) fied professionals, engineered designs,
Do you ever pass people on the street and they
have a big smile on their faces? You don’t know why Autocare include: maps and plans; stiffer requirements
they are smiling but it’s infectious and you may find Out of Province Inspections We sell all Types of TIRES! to address and maintain odour control
yourself smiling back at them. When someone smiles Commercial Vehicle Inspections and nuisances, and a process for re-
at you, it gives you a real boost. It’s inexpensive and Insurance Inspections
easy to give and it is packed with a lot of power. Give
sponding to complaints; specific guide-
Bus and Motorhome repairs lines for disposal of process water and
one of your smiles away today.
Diesel repairs
Hours: Trailer rewiring and service Merry Christmas retention pond sediments; mandatory
operating and monitoring of records,
M-F: 9 - 7 pm • Sat: 9 - 6 pm Brakes, suspension, alignments to all of our Customers! and annual reporting and compulsory
Sun & Holidays: 11 - 5 pm Drivetrain and engine repairs
Thanks You for all reporting and mediation or penalty for
Transmission repair and service contraventions.
Strathmore 132 - 2nd Ave.
Diagnostics Your Support! Alan Parkin, chief administrative of-
Competitive pricing on all makes of tires ficer with Wheatland County, said staff
And everything in between discussed the proposal with Alberta
Ph: 403-934-3122
Fx: 403-934-6474 Environment, and there are indications
of support for the initiative. He indi-

Get the latest new products, special
savings, contests and more sent directly cated he’d also discussed the proposal
to your email. Sign up today for the with staff from the Town of Strathmore,
Value Drug Mart E-letter.
110 CANAL GARDENS• STRATHMORE Green for Life and Waste Management
December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 3


For Movie Listings call 403-934-3057
or go to www.joylandtheatre.com

Joy to
the world 123 2nd Ave,
Strathmore | Drumheller
Holy Cross Collegiate held their 10th Strathmore, AB Airdrie | Calgary
Annual Christmas Fine Arts night with a
Commercial | Farms Industrial | Investment
variety of performances by the Grade 7,
8 and 9 band, World Drumming, Drum-
line, drama students and the senior high Bob Sheddy Commercial Broker
school band on Dec. 13. BobSheddy.ca 403-324-2222
Manny Everett Photos bob.sheddy@century21.ca

Challenges of leaving the nest

ADELLE ELLIS but we do the best we can,” said Harris. “A lot of it falls on
Times Reporter the parents though.” Strathmore
Denture Clinic
Although the survey stated 91 per cent of Alberta students
In a survey of 800 first-time post-secondary students, two felt confident in their abilities to take care of themselves
out of three, or 65 per cent, of Alberta students wished they when moving away from home, once they moved out, 65
had been better prepared with basic life skills before mov- per cent of students wished they had been better prepared
Terry Grant Denturist
ing away from home. in life skills such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and 403.934.3877
The study was commissioned by Whirlpool Canada be- budgeting. Just over half of students surveyed contacted
tween Sept. 5 and 11. their family for advice about chores and how to accomplish • Complete / Partial Dentures
Every year, young adults move away from home, whether specific tasks.
attending a post-secondary school or to live on their own. At home, parents can help teach their children life skills • Same Day Relines & Repair
Once on their own, 81 per cent of Alberta students feel by getting them to do their own laundry, help meal plan • Custom Mouthguards
more appreciative of the acts and care their parents pro- and create shopping lists along with cooking dinner, and by
vided to them, such as cooking, cleaning and grocery shop- getting them involved in helping with household budgeting • Custom Night Guards
ping. so they can see first-hand why those skills are necessary.
• Natural Teeth Whitening
In the Alberta high school curriculum, it is mandatory Tips from the survey also included parents in teaching
for students to take a career and life management (CALM) their children five basic healthy recipes they can practice
course before they graduate. The Strathmore High School cooking, how to snack smart by pairing produce with a
(SHS) uses the 10-week course to teach students job skills protein for a healthy snack and to load up on greens by
such as resumé building, interview skills, job applications having at least two fruits or vegetables at every meal.
and job-seeking skills; moving-out skills such as finding ac- Other important lessons include basic mending and sew-
commodations, renters’ insurance, cost of bills, purchasing ing skills such as sewing on a button, how to sort and wash
or renting a vehicle, buying food and budgeting; career in- laundry, and how to prioritize.
vestigation and career planning, and sexual education. “Nearly half of the students who said they wished they
“But I’ve got to tell you, for years and years of teaching had been better prepared with life skills before moving 413 - 3rd St. Strathmore
CALM, the kids don’t buy into it because it’s not real to away reached out to a family member for advice about
them,” said Karen Harris, guidance counsellor and CALM chores,” said Sue Mah, registered dietitian and nutrition
teacher at SHS. She added there is a lot to go through in the expert. “My advice to parents is to listen and guide them GET YOUR CLASSIFIED
10-week program and that a lot of subjects fall on parents’ through the challenges. They might ask you about laundry ADS IN THE TIMES!
shoulders to teach their kids.
“We are very limited in time and scope of what we can do
or cooking or grocery shopping. Give them easy tips to
build their skills and help them thrive.”
Call 403-934-5589

403.934.3334 www.strathmoremotors.com

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

Happy Holidays
THANK YOU FOR for those hard to shop
YOUR BUSINESS! for people!
Page 4 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

The Town of Strathmore Mayor and Council Invite you to our

Next Regular 2nd 2018 COUNCIL OPEN HOUSE
Council Meeting: Join us December 21st, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Strathmore Town Hall (680 Westchester Road), Council Chambers
January 9th, 2019 Come out for your opportunity to speak with Council Members on Town Initiatives, including the Community
Vitalization Projects. Open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Next Committee
of the
The Strathmore Handi-Bus office will be closed from
Whole Meeting: Dec 24 – Jan 1 and operating on a modified schedule
with restrictions.
January 16th, Please call dispatch before Dec 21 at 403-934-3418 for
details and to book. Bookings after Dec 21 may not be
2019 accepted.


Oh Christmas Tree! Don’t be the last to know. Emergencies happen.
~ A message from the Strathmore Fire Department ~
Get reliable information on what is happening in
Strathmore and what to do. This is the only alert tool
Be fire smart with these tips: that provides information specific to Strathmore.
•Place the tree away from heat sources
and exits. To Register Visit:
•Use only decorations that will not catch www.strathmore.ca
fire. >Quicklinks
•Inspect lights for worn wires or other >Emergency Management
defects before use. >Strathmore Alerts
•Always keep an eye on tree lights. Turn off

lights at night.
•Keep natural tree stands filled with water
at all times. Do not let your tree dry out.
• If the tree becomes dry, remove it.

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) for 2019

Town of Strathmore Holiday Closure
December 24th - January 1st If you wish to enroll in the Tax Installment Payment Plan
(TIPP) for 2019 and are not currently on the payment
- Strathmore Administration Offices plan the Town requires your application by December
- Family and Community Support 21st, 2018. January 2019 payment will be withdrawn
Services (FCSS) on January 7th, 2019 and the first business day of each
- Strathmore Child, Youth and month thereafter.
Family Hub (The Hub)

In accordance with the Town Bylaw 11-23 all taxes

remaining unpaid after January 6th a 9% penalty will be
applied to the total outstanding tax balance on January
7th, 2019.
**If you are currently enrolled in the TIPP please note
that any remaining amount outstanding on your taxes will
be withdrawn on December 1st.
Closure begins Dec. 24
re-opening Jan. 2 **This includes any transfers from utilities to taxes and
any outstanding NSF payments from previous months.

680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 • 403-934-3133 • Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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Some Of Our SOLDs For 2018

To our community & our clients - past, present & future. THANK-YOU for your business, your trust
& your referrals! And THANK-YOU for allowing us to do WHAT we WHERE we to live.


Langdon Strathmore Chestermere Chestermere


Langdon Calgary Calgary Chestermere


Chestermere Calgary Strathmore Strathmore


The Town of Strathmore added another company to the corporate sponsor- Rockyford Strathmore Chestermere Rockyford
ship list for the Strathmore Motor Products Sports Centre. Magnum Ce-
menting Services was introduced as the centre’s named sponsor for the
public gymnasium in a short ceremony on Dec. 12. On hand at the cer-
emony was Wayne Funk, principal of George Freeman School (l- r), Bob
Sobol, Town of Strathmore Councillor, Lorraine Bauer, Town of Strathmore
Councillor, Pat Fule, Mayor of Town of Strathmore, Rob Spiller, Magnum Ce-
menting, Amber Link, Wheatland County Reeve, Jason Wilson, Wheatland Strathmore Strathmore Rockyford Chestermere
County Councillor, Rob Pirie, Golden Hills School Division Board Trustee,
Mark Pretzlaff, Recreation Manager Town of Strathmore.
Doug Taylor Photo

Kulture aims to Strathmore

cultivate talent
and reach goals Chestermere Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore

MIRIAM OSTERMANN are passionate about things,

Times Associate Editor so once they put their head
to it, they’re going to work SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
Nineteen-year-old former for it. I’ve seen a few of my
Cochrane Strathmore Lakes Of Muirfield Strathmore
Strathmore resident Rachael friends who are into singing
Mutesi recently started a but don’t have the means to
movement to raise funds in get them to where they want
supporting the development to go. That pushes me to
of talents and assist those in want to help those who need
need of help to reach their Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore
goals. Together with a few friends
Six months ago, Mutesi and supports, Kulture recent-
launched her initiative, Kul- ly held a fundraising event to

help an individual attending
ture, to financially support
those in need. The concept Mount Royal University next SOLD SOLD
stemmed from her upbring- year. As the initiative was
Rural Wheatland Strathmore Strathmore Chestermere
ing in Rwanda, Africa where just launched, Mutesi said
she often noticed talents most of the events and fun-
diminishing among young draisers will take place next
year and support one person
adults who had no means to
develop their abilities. annually. Furthermore, she’s SOLD SOLD SOLD
Mutesi attended Strath- also working on gaining Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore Strathmore
more High School and is non-profit status within the
planning on attending the next two months.
broadcasting program at “I never really knew what

I wanted to do in university,
Mount Royal University next
year. Until then, Mutesi is but I saw something I was SOLD SOLD
pouring all her energy into passionate about, which was Strathmore Rural Rockyview Strathmore Strathmore
Kulture to gain momentum Kulture, so I started doing it.
and support locally before We’re capable of more than
launching it in Africa in the we think and if we work on L o v e W h e r e Yo u L i v e
future. it, it’ll always work out as
“I grew up seeing a lot of long as you put your energy
young adults upon complet- into it,” she said. “I can re-
ing high school … they sit late to those kids in Africa,
home with their talents. And I know exactly what they’re
so I thought if I could give going through; it’s very per- 587-316-2000
someone a little bit of a lift
with their talents, if you can
sonal to me. I think it’s go-
ing to be big once we go to www.the-reps.ca
sew clothes, sing or play in- Africa, to those who actually
struments, we’ll raise money do need help and are doing
and we’ll help you in that amazing things. I don’t nec-
Michelle Hayley Christa Carey
kind of way,” Mutesi said. essarily think it’s a career,
Eldjarnson Poirier Aleman Rose
“Young talents are talent- but it’s something I want to Each Office Independently Owned & Operated
ed, they have new ideas and put my time into.”
Page 6 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Jason Scott brings Neil Diamond songs to life

MIRIAM OSTERMANN American singer-songwriter Neil Dia- performs upwards of 30 shows a year. in 2010, won second place at the “Second
Times Associate Editor mond, took his show – Diamond For- While he’s often intrigued by other mu- Annual Vegas Tribute Artist” in Las Vegas
ever A Celebration of Neil Diamond – sic he comes across, it’s Neil Diamond’s in 2011, and took home a Reel Award. His
Jason Scott put on his sparkly shirt, to Strathmore’s Royal Canadian Legion songs that keep him performing. Las Vegas Show in 2012 also broke an at-
slicked back his hair and shook the Branch No. 10 on Saturday. “I’ll hear an artist on the air and I say, tendance record.
hands of 80 audience members before Since impersonating Neil Diamond boy it would be great to do a bunch of In 2015, Scott became the only Cana-
colourful lights lit up the stage, he for the first time in 1999, Scott has per- their songs. Or there’s times when I’d like dian Neil Diamond performance artist to
grabbed the microphone and belted formed in front of huge crowds all over to put together a suit-and-tie show and be cast in a feature length motion picture,
out iconic Neil Diamond songs to a America including Walt Disney World go out and do some of the standards that Diamond Mountain, alongside 14 other
nostalgic crowd. and Las Vegas. The Toronto-born art- my mom and dad used to like; sing some multinational artists.
Scott, who shares a remarkable ist, who said he flies with Air Canada Tony Bennett, Dean Martin and Sinatra,” Scott’s been performing since 1979.
physical resemblance to the famous so many times he’s gained elite status, Scott said. “You feel like a time-traveller;
“But Neil is the way that I make sometimes you go back and you
my living and the songs that he’s stand in the same places, and
written over almost six de- here you are years later and
cades are just so iconic. By people that I’ve played
the time I get to 35 or 40 with have long passed
shows a year, you start on and here I am still
saying, ‘that’s a lot of standing and still
shows, how many playing,” Scott
times can I do said.
Neil songs?’ “If you
And then w e r e
you’re part
o n o f

stage those
– and it memo-
even hap- ries or that
pened last history and
night halfway you go back
through the (Strath- years later, it’s a re-
more) show – a little ally wild sensation.”
voice pops into my head Although his show
right in the middle of a is in high demand, Scott
song and says, ‘so you having supports the Royal Canadian
fun?’ And I go yeah, I really love Legions across the country and
doing this.” tries to perform at as many as pos-
Old family photos reveal Scott was sible yearly. His grandfather, Cpl.
already holding instruments at age three. George Prichard, was involved in four
Then at age five his mother heard his plea wars, including both world wars and the
to learn the piano by bringing home an Korean War, before dying of old age on
accordion. While it wasn’t as glamorous his porch in Toronto years later. While
as he had envisioned, his days were spent Scott had the option of fighting in the
practicing the instrument daily with les- Vietnam War he chose music instead.
sons on Saturday. He made ripples when The legion’s Ways and Means and En-
joining the Conservatory of Music in tertainment Chair for 2018 Allan Auger
Toronto at the age of five, and graduat- booked Scott for the event following suc-
ing with first-degree honours at age 15. cessful feedback at Scott’s performance
However, his eureka moment hit with last year. Auger confirmed that the legion
the debut of the Beatles. He spent his is thinking about bringing Scott back
20s touring extensively with nightclubs next year.
and concert bands, and became a record Even though Scott is friends with five
label-signed recording artist, songwriter of Neil Diamond’s friends, including his
and performer in his 30s. His accolades music director, he has yet to meet the leg-
include the first-ever Canadian interna- end in person.
tional performer to receive the “Be a Leg- The Canadian artist hasn’t written any
end” at the Celebrity Tribute Artist Com- songs of production value since the late
petition as Neil Diamond in 2005, the ’80s but continues to write his own songs.
Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Tribute He lives in Cranbrook, B.C. with his wife
Artists, “Best Platinum Showcase Award” and dogs.


9,000 $
* ^




TOWING ON THE 2018 F-150


Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible raincheckable Ford retail customer promotional incentives/offers
available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. Retail offers not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). *Valid between December 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019, receive $9,000/$10,000/$11,000 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2018 F-150 Regular Cab (excluding XL 4x2)
with gas engine, SuperCab or SuperCrew XL or XLT gas engines, SuperCab or SuperCrew 500A series packages with gas engines (excluding 501A with 2.7L and 502A with 2.7L) / F-150 SuperCab or SuperCrew 501A with 2.7L gas engine / F-150 SuperCab or SuperCrew 502A with 2.7L gas engine. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. ^Offer only valid from December 1, 2018 to January 2, 2019 (the “Offer Period”), to Canadian Available in most
residents with an eligible Costco membership on or before November 30, 2018. Receive $1,000 towards the purchase or lease of a new 2018/2019 Ford model (excluding 2018 C-MAX, 2019: Ranger, Fusion with gas engine, 2018/2019: Focus, Fiesta, F-150 Raptor, Shelby ® GT350/GT350R Mustang, Ford GT, all cutaway/chassis cab and F-650/F-750) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). Limit one (1) offer per each Eligible Vehicle purchase or lease per Costco membership new Ford vehicles
with 6-month pre-paid
number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. Customer may use the $1,000 offer as a down payment or choose to receive a rebate cheque from Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited but not both. Applicable taxes calculated before the offer amount is deducted. ‡When properly configured. Maximum towing of 13,200 lbs on 2018 F-150 XL SuperCrew 4x2, 6.5´ box with available 3.5L EcoBoost engine and Max Trailer Tow subscription.
Package. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs. GVWR based on Ford segmentation. ©2018 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ®Registered trademark of Price Costco International, Inc. used under license. ©2018 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.
December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 7

Merry Christmas JOHN GODSMAN Fall Fair com-
Times Contributor mittee and
To the Editor the Gleichen-
How sad that the Town of Strathmore Bruce McArthur’s great-great grandparents were born Cluny United
signage states Happy Holidays instead of Fund.
around 1827 in Glasgow, Scotland and his great-grandpar-
Merry Christmas, along with many other The big-
ents moved to Iowa, where his grandmother was born in
businesses. gest changes
In today’s world, the greeting of Merry
1889 and his grandfather in 1891. From Iowa, they moved
to California, then Gleichen, to homestead in 1907. Bruce’s in this com-
Christmas at this time of the year is a non-
parents, Don and Margie, farmed until 1974, then moved to munity, they
denominational expression of greeting
Strathmore. They are featured in Volume 1 of Remembering say, have
for everyone.
Christmas is the bringing of joy, peace, Our Roots on page 166. been the
good will to others but also it is the get- Bruce was born in Calgary in 1948 and has two sisters, closing of the
ting together with family, friends, com- Sandra and Marilyn. They attended the school at Cluny local grain
munity and the traditions and symbols through Grade 12. Bruce then attended Olds College and elevators and
related to it on individual choices and farmed with his parents. the central-
faiths. June McArthur (nee Manning) was born in Saskatchewan ization of the
Christmas as we know it today was in 1953. She has one brother, Gary. Her family lived at Aner- schools.
started by Christians, but so were hospi- oid, Sask. before moving to Bassano. Her parents, Gordon
tals, shelters, food banks and many more and Loie Manning, owned the Bassano Times newspaper.
organizations that provide services to all. She attended school in Bassano through Grade 12, went
Even if the words Happy Holidays or to business college in Calgary, and returned to Bassano to
any other words are used, it was Chris- work with her parents at the newspaper.
tians that started this day with the cel- Bruce and June were married in Bassano in 1974. They
ebrating of the birth of Christ. have three children, Amy, Brad and John, and six grand-
It is too bad the Scrooges and Grinch’s children (sixth generation on the family farm). In 2007,
can’t be “merry” at Christmas and enjoy the McArthur farm was acknowledged by the province of
it, in the good and bad celebration it has
Alberta for having been in operation for 100 years.
become today.
Both Bruce and June have been very active in the Cluny
Merry Christmas!
Vivian MacCallum
and Gleichen communities. Bruce coached and managed
Strathmore minor hockey, and was a volunteer with the Cluny Fire De-
partment, Cluny Lions Club, Gleichen and District Agricul-
tural Society, and the arena and recreational boards. June
has been involved in the figure skating club, arena board,


FOR BYLAW NO. 2018-003

PURPOSE: The purpose of Bylaw 2018-003 is to consider an application

to amend the text of Land Use Bylaw 2014-002. This text amendment will
bring the Land Use Bylaw into accordance with the recent revisions to
the Municipal Government Act which require the following changes to
be made:
1. The Development Authority shall issue a notice on “Complete”
or Incomplete” application, within 20 days of the submission in
accordance with the requirements of the Act.
2. The mandated timeframe to appeal a development permit has
been extended from 14 days to 21 days.

PRESENTATION: A Public Hearing will be held in the Council Chamber,

Unto Us a Son is Born at Rockyford Village Office at 110 Main Street, Rockyford, AB, on Janu-
Chestermere Christian Fellowship hosted an out- ary 9, 2019 commending at 7:00 p.m. Council will hear from any person
door nativity play, directed by Shayleigh Sihlis, on claiming to be affected by the proposed bylaw. The time limit of oral
the chilly evenings of Dec. 14 and 15. The pro- presentations is subject to the direction of the Chairperson.
duction retold the biblical Christmas story, per-
formed by well-bundled people and live sheep Persons wishing to submit a letter, petition or other communication
and donkeys. For the Dec.15 performance, the concerning these matters in advance of the Public Hearing, may do
church provided shuttle transportation for people so provided they are legibly written. Submissions will be received up
from Calgary’s inner city to partake in a Christ-
to January 2, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. Submissions should be addressed to:
mas banquet and then enjoy the play.
Box 294, Rockyford, AB T0J 2R0. Please be advised that the personal
Laureen F. Guenther Photo information in submissions made, is collected under the authority of the
Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section
33(c) and subsequent versions of the Act. All submissions provided to
the Town Council will be publicly available, in accordance with Section
40(1) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

DOCUMENTATION: A copy of the proposed bylaw may be inspected

by the public during regular office hours, from 8:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.,
Monday to Friday at 110 Main Street, Rockyford, AB.

This notice is given pursuant to Sections 606 and 692 of the Municipal
Government Act.

First Publication: December 21, 2018

Second Publication: December 28, 2018

Mario Prusina Publisher / Editor

Miriam Ostermann Associate Editor
Kristina Bezic Financial Manager
Brady Grove Reporter
Adelle Ellis Reporter / Office Manager
May God bless you during this holiday season and
you have Health, Love and Friendship for always.
Rose Hamrlik Advertising Jody Schneider Production Manager
My Christmas wish
Contributors: Doug Taylor, Sharon McLeay, John Godsman, Steve Greene, Laureen F. Guenther, Manny Everett, Tyler Lowey
for you!
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Page 8 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

County residents voice dismay over road priority

SHARON MCLEAY ger,” said Myrna Lee Johnson who appeared at lieve what conditions they had to go through ev-
Times Contributor the council meeting. ery day to get to their homes.”
Residents have asked for improvement to the She said the efforts residents have to go to get
Wheatland County residents are voicing concern about an road for over 23 years, and they say to date noth- out of their properties in the winter should make
easement and road improvements beside NE-17-23-24-W4 ing has been done. Residents said they’ve talked it a priority.
along RR 244 near Namaka. with various county councillors over the years, Ziehr said that to go ahead with development
Some residents attended Wheatland County council’s meet- and last summer were notified that a surveyor required a wetland assessment that would cost
ing Dec. 6, asking why improvements had been cancelled. might be accessing their land to measure for im- $50,000 to $80,000 and developing the road itself
“When we talked to Mike Ziehr (county transportation and provements. would be $500,000 to $600,000.
infrastructure manager), he said the road is no longer up Two letters complaining about the cancellation There are seven landowners affected by the
for development and is not even on the tenure list any lon- indicated snow removal and access to their prop- cancellation. Wheatland County council from 20
erties are problematic. Another said the delay is years ago allowed the purchase of the acreages,
holding up estate planning and building plans. with inadequate easements and roads to today’s

The letters indicated concerns that emergency standards.
Strathmore Legion Branch #10 crews could not obtain easy access if needed. Councillor Jason Wilson said assessing adequate
Reeve Amber Link said the road was on the road access is something landowners should con-
By Irene Knappe
• The current pot for Chase the Ace, played every Friday from 6 to 8 pm, is now sitting at
short road construction program for approval that sider on purchasing a property.
$790.50!! There’s only one Friday left this year! Hopefully, it’s a profitable one for one of you!! Join us came before council in January and council ap- Deputy Reeve Glenn Koester and Ziehr stated
this Friday! proved it. county policies indicate there is no liability, or re-
• The long-awaited Neil Diamond show was a good time for everyone who came. Chef Pat’s
dinner was great, as usual. And the night went by all too quickly! “Part of my challenge, with this decision by sponsibility for road development by the county
• Friday, December 21st is Karaoke night! Wear your favourite ugly Christmas sweater and council that we inadvertently made, is the pro- for the affected parties. There are many properties
join in the fun!!! Come to the Legion for Chase the Ace and meat draws and stay for dinner and
Karaoke!! Guaranteed to be a great evening to relax before Santa comes to your house, followed by cess. So, we have ratepayers in this area who in the county with undeveloped road accesses,
pure mayhem, if your house is anything like mine! were presented these road plans, seen these road and some residents have worked with the county
• On Monday, December 31st, come to the Legion for our New Year’s Eve celebration! Chef
Pat’s dinner will be awesome, as always, followed by dancing the night away to the music of Pat plans, been called about surveyors coming on to construct roads connecting to their properties
Secord! Tickets are $50 per person for a terrific evening, which includes dinner. It promises to be a their land. They knew this was in the works … and paid to have them put in.
terrific night because we will ultimately be saying goodbye to 2018 and bringing in 2019 with a huge
HELLO!!! It simply HAS to be better!
they were informed this was being built,” said No decision was made, but Link promised to
• Another reminder for Bingo players. The last Bingo of 2018 will be held on December 19th, Link. “We made a decision that is impacting these bring the matter forward again.
and the first Bingo of 2019 will be held on January 9th. That means, despite that it looks like a ratepayers. I am sympathetic to our ratepayers in
3-week hiatus, you will only be missing two bingo nights. There’s no bingo on Boxing Day or January
2nd!! See you on the 9th!! the changes we make in our decisions. Unless we
• Joint installations for Legion and LA Officers and Executive will take place on Friday, January have a really, really strong rationale for cancelling
4th, at 7 pm. It’s a special evening for those being installed, and family and friends are welcome to
join the ceremony. that … that is where my issue is, because it was
• The first Legion Executive Meeting of 2019 is scheduled for January 8th at 7 pm. presented and there was that expectation it was
• The first Legion General Meeting of 2019 is scheduled for January 22nd at 7 pm.
• Please note that although there are no changes to the monthly Executive Meetings, there
going to be built.”
ARE changes to the dates of General Meetings, as now dictated by our By-Laws. These changes are Ziehr said the 10-year-long term road planning
as follows: Meetings WILL be held in January, March, June, September and November elections. is reviewed every year and staff rate the work
They WILL NOT be held in February, April, May, July, August, October and December. Please mark your
2019 calendars accordingly. I will, however, be reminding you as time goes by. based on priority.
• Also, this is my final Events article for 2018. Pretty much everything is covered until January “We did look at a full review of the road pro-
8th, 2019. I will once again pick up with Events in the January 11th issue of The Strathmore Times.
ARTICLES AND TELLING ME HOW MUCH THEY ARE ENJOYED. dropped a couple roads that probably were not
ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BRANCH #10, STRATHMORE, AB high on the priority list, as far as we were con-
cerned … for daily trip traffic, heavy loads and
For further information, please call the Legion at 403.934.5119 get priority, basically,” said Ziehr.
Link said she failed to notice that the road in
question was dropped from the short road pro-
gram in the spring and felt that changes should
Thought for
be highlighted, so the process with council could
the Week
be improved. She said she tried drive to some of Lions scholarship
the acreages, but found many were not accessible. Paeton Melcher is the recipient of the Rockyford Lions Club
LOVE “I understand that heavier travelled roads are $1,000 scholarship. Melcher, who is currently attending Uni-
has its more of a priority, but I also think this is danger- versity of Lethbridge, is taking bachelor of arts and science,
ous for these residents,” said Johnson. “When I while majoring in kinesiology and psychology.
boundaries started rallying my neighbours, I could not be- Photo Courtesy of the Rockyford Lion Club
and was

meant to
be cheap

Are you tired of cleaning your home just to

meet with clients? Rent a modern, fully furnished
per day
office in downtown Strathmore, offering daily rates!
Special weekly and monthly rates also available.
Move your home business into an elegant office in downtown
All utilities and internet included.
Comes with the use of an elegant board room, kitchen and extra
Call 403-934-5589 to view.
Strathmore Business Centre, 129, Second Ave.
December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 9

Ensuring best practices for emergencies

SHARON MCLEAY zations in 2018 and came up with some ing for elected officials and employees. plan as to how public alerts will be de-
Times Contributor changes and now are introducing added An advisory committee will be appoint- livered and outline services provided in
features for municipalities and emergen- ed through bylaw, setting out the pur- the event of an emergency.
The Alberta government is updating cy services. pose of the committee and their scope AEMA is assisting with the process by
emergency management policies follow- Cities, towns, counties, villages, sum- in and outside of emergency situations. offering a field officer program, online
ing an in-depth review. mer villages, special and improvement The emergency management plan will and in-class training, online applications
“When disaster strikes, Albertans need districts, areas and Metis settlements are also be set by bylaw, setting out respon- and templates, support and guidance as
to have confidence that there is an effec- required to meet the new regulations sibilities, and appointment of a director a resource and will offer grants for pro-
tive program to help them recover. There and must have an emergency advisory for emergency management, giving lo- grams.
can be great challenges when trying to committee. A management agency, man- cal authority for the emergency manage- Alan Parkin, chief administrative of-
overcome the financial loss as a result agement plan and regional collaboration ment program. It will include a hazards ficer with Wheatland County, said the
of disasters, and we are committed to plans must be in place by Jan. 1, 2020. assessment risk and outline a training county will be addressing the new re-
supporting Albertans and municipalities All areas will be required to have an program for those involved in the plan. quirements and will be dealing with
through these challenging times,” said emergency plan, and mandatory train- The plan must include a communication drafting the bylaw in 2019.
Shaye Anderson, Alberta Minister of Mu-
nicipal Affairs, at an October press con-
ference outlining updates for emergency Strathmore Lions
The Alberta Emergency Management
Agency (AEMA) reviewed indepen-
dent reports on response efforts in the
province involving major disasters over North Pole News
the last 10 years, and they recognized
Enjoy this week at the Celebration of Lights Park
Dubai Vinyl Plank
a need for updated legislation to help
keep Albertans safe. They consulted Sponsored by:
with 92 municipalities and five organi-
RE/MAX - 2 colors (Palm Beach & Harbour Island)
vinyl plank - $2.75/sq.ft
Saturday Evening(s) cash & carry (full cartons only).
Visits from Santa & Mrs. Claus There are 6 more exciting colors for $2.95/sq.ft.
Wagon Rides • Carolling
5.5mm (0.5mm) x 5.83 “x 48” Synchrone Finish
Warm up around the Fire Pits
Hot Chocolate, Cookies Composite Stone (SPC) Flooring
with Integrated 1.5mm EVA Membrane
at Santa's Cottage. Tolerates conditions from + 60 ° C to -60 ° C and up to
60 ft. li. without transition molding. High resistance to
Park is Open 7 days a week from 6 to 9 pm. direct sunlight. 30-year residential guarantee.
Dec 24th Park open 5 - 9pm Visit from Santa & Mrs Claus 6-8pm
NEW YEARS TICKETS Phone: 403-934-4954
Available for purchase at Santa’s Cottage.
Tickets $5/Family
Proudly sponsored by
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240 - 3rd Avenue, Strathmore • 403-901-0664 2018Tree of Hope

For the 24th consecutive year,
you have the opportunity to
remember loved ones and support
Spurs give back the Strathmore Hospital and
The Strathmore Rusty Spurs 4-H Club spent
Suffering needlessly with pain? Home Care With A Donation to the
time at Walmart on Dec. 4 shopping for Adopt-
a-Family and then had pizza and Secret Santa Hospital Foundation.
after. Members also took home their equine first Cold Laser Therapy Names of those remembered
aid kits and would like to send out a huge thank
Effective Pain Relief: and the Donor will be put on a
you to the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore,
K&K Livestock and Horse Bitz for donating items ✓ Shoulder
for them. The next meeting will be in January. (rotator cuff and bursitis) Decorative Ornament and be placed
Photo Courtesy of Jessica Wolfs ✓ Lowback and neck pain on the Christmas Tree in the
(including disc injuries) Hospital Lobby.
✓ Knee pain, Hip pain Donations of $10 or more receive
✓ Plantar Faciitis and an income tax receipt.
CORRECTION NOTICE Achillies’ Tendonitis Clip & Mail this ad or list names on a separate sheet of paper
In the circular beginning Friday, December ✓ Carpal Tunnel and Submit donations to: Strathmore District Health Services
14, 2018, we intended to signify that the Tennis Elbow 200 Brent Blvd., Strathmore, AB T1P 1J9
following items are part of our Everyday
Value program and did not: ✓ Sprains and Strains
18123BM1 Donors Name & Address: ____________________________________________________
• $6 100 pc. Art Set by Creatology® ✓ and much more!
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Artist’s Loft®
Your Family Health Care Team Christmas Greeting to: ______________________________________________________

We apologize for any inconvenience this may Drs. Jason Hollingsworth and Heather Russell Donation Amount:__________________________________________________________
have caused. Chiropractors Please make cheques payable to SDHS Foundation Tree of Hope


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32+17+2 yrs of Award Winning Experience Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
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December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 11

December 2018
A Special Supplement to Strathmore TIMES

As we turn the page to another holiday season,
we’d like to take a moment to thank you, our loyal
readers, for your trust and support.
We hope this Christmas delivers all the good news
you’ve been hoping for and more.
Happy Holidays!
Page 12 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

A Christmas Carol
Brady Grove ting those lines down and
~Times Reporter then just playing around with
different voice and tones and
The Strathmore High slowly it comes together,”
School (SHS) Drama 20/30 said Schramm. “Stepping
class performed the clas- into such a character that’s
sic Charles Dickens story different than myself … it
A Christmas Carol on Dec. was difficult and challenging
17, as the Grade 11 and 12 but it was really fun and re-
students took the audience warding to see what I can do
through Ebenezer Scrooge’s on the stage.”
The Strathmore High School (SHS) 20/30
harrowing night in which he “Even when I cast him I
drama class performed A Christmas Carol on
transforms from a selfish, knew he’d be good but I Dec. 17 at the SHS theatre to a full house.
bitter old man into a com- didn’t know he would be that Luke Schramm played the leading role of

THE CARPET COP passionate gentleman filled

with Christmas spirit.
amazing,” said director and
teacher Deanne Bertsch.
Ebenezer Scrooge and has just realized he
can be a better person at Christmas.

403.991.6192 Scrooge was played by

Luke Schramm, who had
Schramm led the way and
was supplemented by a
Brady Grove Photo

gray suit of the underpaid Bob Cratchit

an incredible performance strong supporting cast. One
portraying the cruelty of of the big challenges for the played by Ryerson Rushford. Some ac-
mocking and insulting those actors was the language. tors played multiple characters and at
around him for wishing his “The language itself is certain parts had to switch costumes in
character a “Merry Christ- very old-fashioned,” said 30 seconds before rushing back onto
mas” and then transformed Bertsch. “We worked re- the stage.
into the trembling, bumbling ally hard to find the clarity in “It’s a team effort, no one person de-
beggar as the spirits began the speech and for them to serves credit for that (set/costumes),”
haunting him. He capped find understanding because said Stage Manager Jayden Kotylak.
it off with explosive joy and some of those phrases are According to Bertsch, time is major
happiness upon the revela- difficult to understand even theme of the show, so the crew de-
tion of a better Christmas though they’re in English.” cided to paint the face of London’s Big
and did all this while facing The costume design and Ben onto the stage floor. Each spirit
the challenge of being on set choices were excellent walked around the edge of the clock
stage for nearly every sec- and drew the audience into to symbolize the passage of time; for

A Wish Wrapped ond of the performance. the time period. Depending example, the Christmas Past walked
“It just comes from prac- on the character it could be counter-clock wise while Christmas Fu-

in Gratitude tice and repetition and get- a bright green dress or the ture walked clockwise.
According to Bertsch, the students
had a choice in the play they would per-
Goodhearted folks like you make every day special, and Wishing You and Your Furry Four Legged form but it had to be Christmas themed
we’d like to thank you for making 2018 everything we Companions a Happy & Healthy because of their time slot. It came
wished it would be and more. The gift of your friendship down to two choices: The Chronicles
is a blessing we value beyond measure. Holiday Season. of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the
Thanks for another wonderful year! Wardrobe or A Christmas Carol, which
Best wishes from won but only slightly.
our home to yours! REALTY HORIZON
A Christmas Carol was performed
four more times on Dec. 18 and 19.
The class was large enough to warrant
having two actors play certain charac-
ters such as Scrooge or one of the spir-
its. George Crawford is the other actor
playing the lead character of Scrooge
and also played the role of Scrooge’s
nephew when not in the leading role,
Nancy Stairs Steve Farran Alisa Wurz and Bertsch had nothing but praise for
(403) 934-1625 (403) 901-9335 (403) 934-7903 him and said he brought more of Scot-
tish flavour to the performance.
The next show for Bertsch will be the
Grade 11 and 12 Dance 25/35 perfor-
Tailwaggers - Melissa • 403.901.5469 mance titled “Can We Autocorrect Hu-
Guiness World Record™ holder by Tailwaggers Dog Walking manity?” taking place on Jan. 8-10 at
the SHS theatre.

The Magnum Cementing

Services and Magnum
Infrastructure families would
like to take the opportunity
to wish you and our family Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3
a wonderful holiday season In the last 7 1/2 years, starting May 2010,
and a happy New Year! John has interviewed and written around
180 Historic Stories on Seniors living
We thank you for your valued
in Strathmore and Wheatland County.
business, and wish you and your
Thank-you to everyone for your
loved ones a bounty of glad
participation and assistance.
tidings this holiday season.
We Wish you All A Very Merry
Target Christmas and A Happy,
Welding Ltd. Healthy New Year

403-934-4558 John and Anne Godsman

December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 13

Celebrate the
We DO believe inChristmas
– and in the goodness
of people like you!

We wish we could send each and every

one of you a gift, but nothing could
compare to the gifts of friendship,
loyalty and support we’ve received
from you! Many thanks and best wishes
for a beautiful and joyous holiday
season from all of us. Every member of
our team would like to thank all of
those who have pulled so hard for us
this year. It’s been a privilege and a
pleasure serving you.
We look forward to seeing you
Merry Christmas,
Silent Night
Sacred Heart Academy (SHA) Division 2 held their Holy Night concert on Dec. 11.
again in the New Year.
Manny Everett Photos

“...the Lord is come.” Our faith in Him is

ever-strengthened at Christmas, when we
Warmest Wishes
Here’s hoping your holiday is a perfect 10!
recall anew His message of love and peace. It
We really appreciate your generous support all year, and
is in this spirit that we draw closer to friends
and family, and express appreciation to you we wish you all the best during the holidays and in the New
for the many kindnesses you’ve shown us. As Year. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
you’ve touched our lives, may yours be
enriched during this special holiday season.

Francis & Lynn Van Bussel & Family

Glen & BrookeFuneral
Van Bussel &Home Family Ltd. 403-983-1803 403-934-9447
Sarah Van Bussel
Francis & Lynn Van Bussel & Family
Glen & Brooke Van Bussel & Family
Ailsa Forbes - Bowen & Reflexology • Krystene Pickett - RMT
Dean Haubrich

Paul Aitken Strathmore Country Lane Mall

Funeral Home Ltd.

Page 14 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

With a Chorus of Thanks

May this Holy season show you
Enjoy a Blessed and Merry Christmas
Happy New Year 2019!
Sincere wishes and thank you to all for your
friendship, patronage, and sharing music!
the way to peace, happiness and
God Bless and Peace on Earth!
Blessings and thanks to you,
our customers and friends.
Kathie L. Zakresky
Piano Tuner / Technician (1981)
Catering By LaRue 403.934.5477 kathiezak@gmail.com
Peace be with you!
403-934-5668 • 403-901-5514

May the wonder
and beauty of the
At the holidays and Our Thanks Christmas celebration
for Your Business
always, we thank you
season surround for your trust in us,
Proud parents and grandparents packed
you and fill your and we wish you
heart with joy. all the best. the gymnasium as Westmount School
The nicest thing about Christmas is Elementary held its annual Christmas concert
sharing it with wonderful friends like on Dec. 13 at the school. Grades 1 and 2
led back to back performances with their
you. Thank you for making our year
rendition of A Party in a Pear Tree followed
special in so many ways. by Grades 3 and 4 with A Place in the
We wouldn’t be here without the Christmas Choir.
support of kind folks like you. Doug Taylor Photos

We wish you and yours a gifted holiday season!

Juli Moon 403.485.1257
Joanne Drysdale 403.901.5522 Millennium Hair Salon
Darlene Biletsky
Bri-Lene Interior Painting
Brian Biletsky

Santa Claus is here

Kimberley Sharkey-Thompson (l) and Jeff
Thompson as Mr. and Mrs. Claus entertained
seniors and residents at the Strathmore
Lions Club Seniors Christmas Party at
the Civic Centre on Dec. 9. Canadian
band Cabot’s Crossing also performed for
guests and provided many classic takes
on Christmas songs such as Frosty the
Snowman and added in some Canadian
jokes for the approximately 120 people at the
Brady Grove Photo

Mayor Pat Fule, Council and

Town of Strathmore
Adminstration Staff
December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 15

How do we know Kubota tractors are tough?
Because they were built to take on winter
jobs in Canada. The BX Series comes with 18

We Wish
to 25.5 horsepower so you’ll have more than
enough power to load and dump snow when
temperatures drop. You’ll also have plenty

You a Safe of muscle to plow, sweep and blow through

mountains of snow all season long. Suddenly,
winter doesn’t seem so intimidating, does it?
& Happy

Night to
Sacred Heart Academy’s
Kindergarten to Grade 3
students performed Silent
Night on Dec. 12.
Manny Everett Photos

kubota.ca |
*See your dealer for details.

Calgary Tractorland (BALZAC) 291250 High River Tractorland

Wagon Wheel Road 587.619.6000 610 24 Street SE 403.652.5540


The Christmas spirit

The kids at Sacred Heart Academy came dressed in their pyjamas on Dec. 13 for the SHA
PJ, Stuffies and Slippers Day. Besides various classes the students also enjoyed watching
Christmas movies. Manny Everett Photos

May your Holiday Season be filled with every little

thing that brings you joy.
Thank you for visiting us this year.
We look forward to continuing to
see you in 2019!
Peace From everyone at
Love the Strathmore
Laughter & District
Cheer Agricultural
Christmas Hope your holiday is trimmed
formal with every happiness.
Holy Cross Collegiate Thanks for hanging with us
had a large turnout
their Christmas
all year!
formal for their junior Trimmed
and senior high It’s Time to Say “Thanks!”
school students on
Dec. 6. Those who
With A Wish
Here’s hoping your holiday is ...And to wish all our comrades & friends
didn’t want to dance a cut above the rest! We loved
had the opportunity every minute of serving you
a season of joy & peace.
to play mini golf on a this year, thanks!
course that was set
up throughout the Stylz Salon and Spa Royal Canadian 122 Brent Bld.,
school. 119 -2nd Ave. Legion Branch #10, Strathmore, Alberta
Manny Everett
Strathmore 403-934-5811
Page 16 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

We would like to thank all our

loyal customers for their patronage,
and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas and a The Strathmore Children’s Choir held their Christmas concert, We Need a Little Christmas, at the Strathmore Alliance
Church on Dec. 14.
Happy New Year. Photo Courtesy to Corine Kruse

From Yvonne,Rochelle
andDonalie at Sweeneytodds

227 3 Ave, Strathmore

(403) 983-3342
Hamper Packing
Dec. 15 was packing day at the
Ag Livestock Pavilion in Strath-
more. More than 65 Strathmore
and Wheatland County Christmas
Hamper Society volunteers pulled
together to pack 245 hampers with
food and other goods to be distrib-
uted to qualifying local families on
Dec. 19-20.
Doug Taylor Photo

As a special gift, over $14 Million in
dividends are now being shared with
our member-owners.

It’s what sets us apart from banks.

Merry Christmas Talk To Us Today!

from all your pals at

Bumper to Bumper

December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 17

“Snow angels” needed The joy of love,

The joy of peace,

in Stathmore
Adelle Ellis ents in need of help with snow remov-
The joy of health,
The joy of prosperity.
May they all come
~Times Reporter al. Some folks are helping by shovelling to you this
snow when they can, and one church Christmas time!
Strathmore Family and Community group in town volunteers regularly.
Support Services (FCSS) is encourag- “There are many people in our com- From everyone at
ing people to earn their halos by volun- munity who, due to age, illness or STELLA-JONES
teering with the Snow Angels program. injuries, cannot remove snow. This INC.
The program started last winter when program allows people to keep their
Strathmore was struck with more snow sidewalks clear and avoid fines, as well
than usual. The program’s volunteer as provide a sense of independence by
“snow angels” assist Strathmore’s ag- being able to stay in their homes,” said
ing, ill and injured population by shov- Sieben.
elling snow from their sidewalks. Those who require help with clearing Canines meet Chris Kringle
“We recognized the need in our their sidewalks can call FCSS at 403- Pet Planet Strathmore offered customers and
community for this service, and after 934-9090 to request a sign. Those their pets “Photos with Chris Kringle” on Dec.
15. Participants had their furry or feathered
researching what other communities looking to volunteer can look for Snow
friends take a photo with Santa in exchange
are doing, we adopted the Snow An- Angels program signs or call FCSS to for making a donation to Kali’s Wish Cancer
gels program,” said Tammi Sieben, receive a list of addresses in need. Foundation or by making a Christmas wish
FCSS programmer and Handi-Bus su- “We still have some work to do to purchase for a dog from either Northern Sky
pervisor. bring awareness to the Greyhound Adoption Association or the Al-
People in town who require as- community and this will berta Herding Dog Rescue. Kim Burton and
sistance can obtain a yard sign from take some time, but we her dog Aurora had their picture taken.

Season’s Greetings
Adelle Ellis Photo
FCSS to display in their window indi- are confident that this
cating they need snow removed. Snow will become a success-
angel volunteers do not have to regis- ful community-driven In this season so merry and bright,
ter; however, if they would like a list of
houses in need they simply provide
program,” said Sieben.
“It brings us together
Merry Christmas & It fills us all with much delight
To extend warm wishes and gratitude,
FCSS with their contact information. as a community; when a Happy New Year to All To each and every one of you!
“FCSS brings awareness to the com- people know there is
munity, provides signs to clients and a need out there it’s Jesus is the Reason for the Season Rosebud Gas
keeps a list of clients in need. Since amazing how many
the program is new, we are still in the step up. We live
Bill & Bonnie Co-oP Ltd.
Josephison Phone: 403-533-3882
learning stages and it is our hope that in a very giving
Snow Angels becomes a program that commu-
everyone has heard of and all clients in nity.” Office 403-934-5601
need have an angel,” said Sieben.
Currently, there are close to 40 cli- www.bigskybill.com

Merry Christmas
Join Us for our All the Best
10th Year to You and
Your Family in
Anniversary 2019!

Friday, January 4, 2019

11:30 AM to 2:30 pm
Enjoy Refreshments & Snacks!
123 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore
At the End of the Day, This is Your Paper
Page 18 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com



Prices effective December 21.18 to January 4.19
602 Westmount Road, Strathmore (beside Petro Canada) | 403-934-5551


$ 99 39 A 40”
$ 99 FREE
$ 99 25
$ 99


$ 99
$ 99 $ 99
25 26
$ 99 26
$ 99
$ 99 FREE
$ 99
$ 99 21
$ 99


12 CANS 12 CANS 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml

$ 99 $ 99
22 22
$ 99 19
$ 99 21
$ 99
$ 99
$ 99
18 19
$ 99 $ 99
$ 99


750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml

$ 99 39
$ 99 17
$ 99 18 25
$ 99 $ 99
$ 99 28
$ 99
$ 99 14
$ 99
$ 99

750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml

$ 99 7
$ 99 7
$ 99 8
$ 99 $ 999 $ 99 9 9
$ 99
13 13
$ 99 $ 99 9
$ 99 11
$ 99

750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml 750 ml

15 29
$ 99 $ 99 7
$ 99 7
$ 99 $ 99 6 8
$ 99 9
$ 99 9
$ 99 $ 9915 16
$ 99 9
$ 99
While quantities last. We reserve the right to limit quantities, prices exclude GST & deposit. Pictures might not be exactly as shown.
December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 19

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Page 20 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Well Water Testing

Wheatland County is partnering with Alberta Health Services
(AHS) to encourage well-owners to get their water tested.
Protect your family’s health,
have your well water tested today!
Testing only takes four easy steps:
1. Pick-up a sampling bottle—from AHS or our office
2. Collect a sample—follow all instructions
3. Return the bottle to an approved drop off location—as
indicated on the requisition forms
4. Wait for your results

Sampling bottles will be available for pick-up at the Wheatland County office
starting in 2019. You can also pick-up a bottle from the Strathmore Health
Centre at 650 Westchester Road.
Testing is free and will identify bacteria, chemicals, and trace metals.
For more information about water sampling or results, contact:

 Alberta Health Services—Environmental Health at 403-943-2288

 Wheatland County’s Environmental Coordinator with any questions

at 403-361-2007 or Alyssa.Robb@wheatlandcounty.ca.

Building, electrical, gas, private sewage, and plumbing
Wheatland County Flood Assistance
permit fees will be increasing effective January 1, 2019. If you live in Wheatland County, and your home, business or property was
damaged by overland flooding in spring 2018, you may be eligible to receive
All applications filed on or after this date are Disaster Recovery Program funding from the Government of Alberta. The
Disaster Recovery Program provides funding for uninsurable property dam-
subject to the new fee schedule. age, loss and other expenses incurred as the result of a natural disaster.

You can submit your application online by going to

Please visit the safety codes page on our website or aema.alberta.ca/disaster-recovery-programs.

Deadline to apply is January 2, 2019.

contact us to obtain a copy of the new fees.

Community Enhancement Funding

Applications and Reports Now Available!

What is the Community Enhance-

ment Fund?
The Community Enhancement Fund pro-
vides grant funding from Wheatland County
to enhance, promote, and support groups
and organizations that bring a broad range
of enjoyment, benefit, beautification, recrea-
tion, entertainment, participation, and en-
hancement projects to Wheatland County.
There are three categories for
Project-Based Grants
Operating Grants
Library Base Grants
Grant applications and reporting forms are
available on the website under the boards
and committees page.

Applications are due by January 31, 2019

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 21

Library introduces pilot project

“Once our items have finished filling holds, they still hit our
new book display when they come home so that they are no-
ticed and picked up by our patrons. Patrons have commented
MIRIAM OSTERMANN back-and-forth and dealing with 24,624 items less per year.
Times Associate Editor that new things seem to be coming through quickly, so they
While the pilot project seems like a simple adjustment, Price
are happy too.”
said a lack of software and oversight in the past made it dif-
In an attempt to provide more effi- So far, the project has already improved participation in
ficult to introduce the project earlier.
cient services and reduce cost, wear and resource sharing, reduced staff time, reduced unnecessary
“In the past, to meet our auditing requirements, we had to
tear and wait times, the Marigold Library volume, reduce distance in item travels, improved optics for
physically send the items out,” Price said. “It was our only way
System recently introduced the Holds patrons and increased accessibility of items. Marigold hopes
of tracking statistics and it was our only way to prove to the
Pilot Project, with a growing number of more of their member libraries will join the initiative.
library that we had provided what we promised to provide in
member libraries jumping on board. our collection policy. We now have functionality that allows
This year, Alberta Municipal Affairs’
Public Library Services Branch con-
ducted a delivery review focusing on
us to draw those reports out of our library software and that
now meets the needs of our auditors.”
Yet not every member library decided to participate. At the
Pass the Salt
the current delivery model across the beginning of the project, some libraries were concerned about PEACE ON EARTH peace accompanying the coming
province, considering ways to make the the volume of holds and that they wouldn’t receive any new The sentiment, “Peace on earth, of a great king, announced by an
process more cost efficient and how to materials. However, statistics show only 38 per cent of the good will toward men” gets echoed army even more formidable than
deliver services in a valuable way. items purchased by Marigold are on hold, leaving 62 per cent every December. Of course, we Caesar’s is highly suggestive. But,
Aligning with their views, Marigold in- recognize it as part of the message unlike Caesar or any other strong
at the assigned library for their local patrons. Price also said
troduced the Holds Pilot Project in July delivered by the angels to the man seeking to take on the form of
the project has a holds queue, where an item will automati- shepherds on that hillside outside a god, this King refuses to impose
with a goal of better serving its patrons cally be delivered to an assigned library first if a hold was Bethlehem some 2,000 years ago, his peace through overwhelming
and the community by delivering books, placed by a local patron to that library – no matter where they as recorded in the second chapter force, even though it’s at his
DVDs and video games in less time. were located in the queue. of the Gospel of Luke. Today, we disposable. Instead, he adopts an
In the past, a patron had to wait any- Strathmore Municipal Library was one of the first libraries tend to think of that announcement approach entirely incomprehensible
where from one to 20 days for an item to jump on board when Marigold approached its member li- as delivered by a large choir, to the worldly powers of his time,
to make it to the Marigold headquarters; decked out in their finest robes, or indeed of any time. Although
braries about the Holds Pilot Project. Since then, the members with friendly welcoming faces – like he has all the power of divinity,
then it would travel to the assigned li- participating in the initiative has increased to 27 from 20. a high-school girls’ choir, but with he doesn’t cling to it, but pours
brary where it would get repackaged “It is lovely to see the holds queue move along a little bit wings – or maybe by cute, chubby himself out, taking on human flesh,
and sent back to Marigold if a hold was more quickly as items head straight for the person who wants flying babies. embracing vulnerability, weakness,
on the item from another member li- them,” said Rachel Dick Hughes, director of library services In Luke’s day, however, the and ignominious death. In doing
brary. Once back at Marigold it would with Strathmore Municipal Library. expression “multitude of the so, he wields an entirely different
get packaged up again and sent to the heavenly host” would have been kind of power, destroying death
library where the hold was placed. In understood as a great army of from the inside out, and ultimately
the most formidable warriors bringing a peace that passes human
the instance where the two libraries only
imaginable, even if beautiful in understanding.
get one delivery a week, a patron could appearance – think the elven army Strong men like Caesar still attempt
be left waiting for over two weeks. arrayed at Helm’s Deep in the to control the world on their terms,
Since July, the patrons of those librar- Bow River Alliance Church, Carsland Dec. 24 4 p.m. Christmas Eve Candlelight second Lord of the Rings movie, oppressing and exploiting those
ies who opted into the non-mandatory 403-934-9337 Worship with Holy Communion only more impressive still. they can, while calling it peace.
Dec. 24 6:30 p.m. Christmas Eve Carols Luke places this event during the But the Savior announced to the
pilot project now receive their items RCCG Peculiar People Assembly
Harvest Healing Centre Church reign of Caesar Augustus, a man shepherds gives a different peace,
anywhere from one to seven days, be- Services 403-714-2283
403-934-2377 credited in his own time as the lord a peace not of this world. To those
cause once the item arrives at Marigold Dec. 24 6 p.m. Carols Service & Free
Dec. 24 6 p.m. Christmas Eve Service and savior of the Roman world, who follow him he still says, “I have
Dinner including Free Christmas Gifts
it is sent off directly to the library with Hope Community Covenant Church having brought peace on earth told you these things so that in me
Sacred Heart Parish 403-934-2641
the hold. 403-934-2424
Dec. 24 8 p.m. after a period of great turmoil. you may have peace. In this world
“A few things have kind of dovetailed Dec. 24 5:30 p.m. & 7 p.m. Christmas Eve Augustus had accomplished this by you will have trouble. But take
Dec. 25 10 a.m. Christmas Mass Service
Services a combination of brute military force heart! I have overcome the world.”
this year and first of all I will say that St. Michael and all Angels Anglican
Lord of All Lutheran Church and cunning political manipulation. Rev. Malcolm Kern, Priest
at a fundamental level, we were always 403-934-2374
Church 403-934-3017
looking at ways to make things more Dec. 23 10 a.m. Regular Worship In that context, the glad tidings of St. Michael & All Angels Anglican
Dec. 18 7:30 p.m. Candles and Carols,
Dec. 24 7 p.m. Christmas Eve Service
cost efficient, to make work flows run Wheatland Lodge.
Advent Studies each Wednesday
more smoothly and to improve custom- Dec. 20 6:30 p.m. Candles and Carols,
evening at 7 p.m.
er service,” said Lynne Price, director of Sagewood.
Dec. 23 10:30 a.m. Regular Worship
service delivery with Marigold Library Dec. 16 10 a.m. Children’s Christmas 105 Main St. Carseland Holy Cross Collegiate School Gym
Dec. 24 3 p.m. Family Candles and
System. Carols Service
Musical during worship service 403-934-9337 709B - 2nd Street, Strathmore
“Resource sharing is really the heart Dec. 23 10 a.m. Regular Worship Pastor: Kevin Enns 403-934-2641
Dec. 24 7 p.m. Traditional Candles
Dec. 24 6 p.m. Christmas Eve Service office@bowriveralliance.com Pastor: Fr. Wojciech Jarzecki
of what Marigold and our member li- and Carols Service
Sunday Worship: 10 am Masses: Saturday 5 pm • Sunday 10 am
Dec. 25 10:30 a.m. Christmas Strathmore Full Gospel Church
braries do. We are always looking at 403-934-2225 www.bowriveralliance.com
things and challenging what we’re do- Communion Service ST. MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS ANGLICAN
Dec. 25 4:30 p.m. Community Christmas Dec. 24 5 p.m. Candlelight Service
ing and why. (We’re) not just moving Dinner. RSVP if able: 403-934-8452 Strathmore United Church
(1 PET. 2:9) 587-727-0649
forward with the status quo. We defi- Dec. 30 10:30 a.m. Regular worship 403-934-3025 strathmoreanglican@gmail.com
322 A 2nd Avenue, Strathmore
nitely recognize the need to provide fast Nazareth Lutheran Church, Standard Dec. 16 Youth-led Service Rev. Malcolm Kern
and relevant service.” 403-644-3848 Dec. 24 7:30 p.m. Christmas Eve Service Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
Pastor: Sunday Adeola
Over 3.3 million items are available Dec. 23 10:30 a.m. Children’s Sunday Worship: 10:30 am “Becoming fully alive in Jesus Christ”
through the online library catalogue Christmas Program Wednesday Bible Study: 7 pm
www.rccgstrathmore.com HOPE COMMUNITY
TRAC, from which nearly two million COVENANT CHURCH
items are loaned to Marigold cardhold- STRATHMORE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 245 Brent Blvd, Strathmore • 403-934-2424
ers annually. Out of that, one million 50 Maplewood Drive • 403-934-2225 Worship Service Sundays 10 am
Your BBB* Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay presents:
Senior Pastor: Rev. Les Fischer www.hope-community.ca
items are loaned and borrowed between
the member libraries. That number has BBB Tip of the Week: Youth Pastor: Rev. Kyle Lomenda
New Office Hours:
325 1 Ave • 403-934-3543
increased from 2010 where 660,000 in-
terlibrary loans were recorded. Covering Overnight Scams 9 am - 4 pm • Tues - Wed - Thur
Worship Service: 10:30 am
Corner of 1 Ave & Wheatland Trail
Lead Pastor: Mike Wiebe
a distance from the B.C. border to the Children’s Church & Nursery in Service Associate Pastor: John Duerksen
Saskatchewan border and from Trochu Extending Grace - igniting hope Youth/Worthip Inter: Connor Hyde
If you’re a last minute shopper, there’s a www.strathmorefullgospel.com
in the north to Longview in the south, chance that the rush of getting your gifts
10:00 am Worship Service
Marigold also had to increase their LORD OF ALL (NALC) LUTHERAN www.strathmorealliance.com
bought and delivered on time can make
fleet to three vans delivering five days 112 Lakeside Blvd. • 403-934-2374 STRATHMORE UNITED
it easy to overlook the scams that come Pastor: Dawn Nelson
a week, recording a travel distance of Wheatland Trail & 3rd Avenue
with overnight deliveries. Worship Schedule 403-934-3025
199,000 kilometres (km) per year. Thursday Evening 7:00 pm
BBB urges shoppers to beware of Rev. Pamela Scott
Statistics at the Cochrane Library, Sunday Family 10:30 am Sunday Worship 10:30 am
which is similar to Strathmore, showed these swift, swindling scammers: Christian Education Sunday School 10:30 am
that since the start of the project, an av- For All - Ages 3-103 Nursery Care Provided
• Box Burglars: To prevent theft, require a signature upon Sunday at 9:30 am
erage of 660 items per year were holds delivery, or arrange to have it picked up at your local post Wheel Chair Accessible
Join us in Praising our Lord, Jesus Christ! Loop system for the hearing impaired
and needed to be sent to other libraries. office.
hours of staff time dedicated to inter- • Crafty couriers: Contact the courier directly to ensure ADVENTIST CHURCH 102 Canal Gardens
library loans, and more wear and tear you’re dealing with an official courier. Meeting in the Lutheran Church 403-901-0893 / 403-880-3171
112 Lakeside Blvd. 587-227-6956 Pastor: Elizabeth Karp
on the items as they were being repack- • Phony pay pals: Always use a credit card for online Pastor: Donald Pierre
aged and sent out two to three times. Pastor: Dave Mackie
purchases as you will have some recourse through your Services held every Saturday Worship Sundays 10:30 am
Marigold also noticed less distance credit card issuer should problems arise. Sabbath School: 10 AM Youth Tuesdays 7 pm
travelled, thus resulting in greater pres- Worship Service: 11 AM Come Join us for a spirit-filled time
ervation of their vehicles. In the past, • Phishy emailers: Official couriers will not ask for personal www.strathmoreadventist.ca of worship
an item whose assigned library was in information via email. donald816@hotmail.com

Longview, with a hold in Airdrie, would • Deadlines and fees: Always check with the retailer and
travel 315 km. Now the distance is only the shipping/postal company for this information.
75 km directly to Airdrie from Marigold. The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
In return, shipping and receiving staff 60 Maplewood Drive | Bishop Justin Hansen | jbhansen2@gmail.com
at Marigold are spending less time on Learn more at bbb.org 403-983-2746 | LDS.org | Worship Service Sundays 10 a.m.
Page 22 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018


Hosted by the
i g
N Outh
February 2, 2019
Strathmore Civic Centre
Cocktails 5:30 pm • Dinner 6:30 pm
Concert 9:00 pm

Purchase tickets at the gate during

Wheatland King Games or $50 per
www. wheatlandkings.com 18 yrs+



Seventh-day Adventist Church on www.5forlifeforever.com or call 403-983-0076. information about forthcoming productions. <jetteb@telus.
Meeting in the Lord of All Lutheran Church at 112 Lakeside Strathmore Ladies Curling League net> 403-734-3013
Blvd, Strathmore. Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. Pastor is every Tuesday evening starting October 16. Sign up as a Strathmore United Church
Donald Pierre, phone 587-227-6956. team or an individual. Email sccladiesleague@gmail.com for Sunday school for ages 3 and up every Sunday morning at
Sewing/Quilting Workshops more information. 10:30. Please call 403-934-3025 or visit www.smoreuc.com
The 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. We meet Strathmore Lions Club Strathmore Writer’s Group
at the Strathmore Ag Grounds, Red Quonset. New Members Meets the first and third Thursdays at the Strathmore Civic Meets once a month at the library. For adult writers who
welcome. Contact Wendy 901-3756. Centre at 6:45 p.m. would like to share writing for feedback and support, and
Standard Municipal Library Strathmore Language Group spark creativity through writing exercises, prompts, and group
Teen Zone 3:30 - 5:30 p.m., Mondays. Marvel Mondays 3:30 We are a group of people who are learning a second writing projects. Contact Katie at katkenig@gmail.com, see
p.m., on Monday a month. Movie Matinee every Tuesday 3:30 language, who want to improve conversation skills. We offer our website at http://lonesomecow.ca/category/strathmore-
p.m. Minute 2 Win It, Tween Time; Just Cook It; Pictionary English(ESL), French, German, Spanish and Korean, but are writers-group/ or find us on Facebook under Strathmore
with Prizes on Wednesdays. Wii & Board Games Days; Story open to other languages. This is a free group and we have Writer’s Group.
& Craftivity Saturdays. different themes every week. We meet every Tuesday at St. Michaels & All Angels Anglican
Strathmore Country Gardens Club 7:30pm in the Strathmore Library Now worshipping at our new location: 103-227 Third Avenue,
Meetings at least once per month. For more information visit Strathmore Lions Club Strathmore. Sunday worship at 10 a.m. 587-727-0649.
www.strathmorecountrygardensclub.webs.com or phone Meets the first and third Thursdays at the Strathmore Civic Sunday School for All Ages
Linda Pekrul 403-901-0017. Centre at 6:45 p.m. Lord of All Lutheran Church offers Christian Education
Strathmore & District Agricultural Society Strathmore Masonic Lodge #53 opportunities for ages 3 years to adult on Sunday mornings.
www.Strathmorestampede.com, sags@telus.net, 403-934- Meets the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Call Glen at For more information please call Margo Sevick 403-901-2044
5811, Facebook: Strathmore Stampede Twitter: Strathmore 403-901-6038. Website: www.strathmore53.com or call the Church Office at 403-934-2374.
Rodeo Strathmore Musical Arts Society Town of Strathmore Child, Youth ad Family Programs
Strathmore & District Chamber of Commerce Love music and musicians and have a special soft spot for the Serving children and youth ages 6-17 years in Strathmore and
All members welcome. www.strathmoredistrictchamber.com Blues? Be a part of this group. Call 403-680-7721 to get on surrounding communities within the county of Wheatland. Our
for meeting location. For more information call 403-901-3175. our phone or email list, and notifications about meetings and mission is to provide children and youth with opportunities
Strathmore District Health Services Auxiliary upcoming events. which build positive relationships, strengthen self-esteem
Meetings are held the 4th Monday of the month at 1:30 p.m. Strathmore Parent & Tot Playgroup and promote personal like skills while connecting to the
(excluding July & August). Lower level conference room at the Meets every Monday at 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. in the Strathmore community. Programs offered include afterschool clubs, youth
Strathmore Hospital. New members welcome. For more info United Church Basement. nights, Mad Science and Jr. Chefs. Like us on Facebook to
please call 403-934-4436 Strathmore Parent Link receive up-to-date information about programs or call 403-
Strathmore Elks Lodge #491 FREE fun programs, supports, information sessions & 934-4918.
Meets 3rd Tuesday at the Strathmore Curling Club at 6:30 resources to anyone from Strathmore and the surrounding Wheatland County Food Bank Society
p.m. Steak Supper at 7 p.m. New members welcome. Call areas with children 0-6 years old (siblings welcome). Drop-in Food applications accepted at 403-324-4335 Monday through
Greg 403-888-6155. to our playroom to see what is available! Program calendar Thursday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. or through the website at: www.
Strathmore Full Gospel Church online atstrathmorelibrary.ca/parentlink or call 403.983.0076. wheatlandfoodbank.com.
We’re a Pentecostal bible-based family church that has Strathmore Regional Victim Services Society (SRVSS) Wheatland Rural Crime Watch
something for all ages. Call 934-2225 or visit www. SRVSS is looking for men and women interested in becoming Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month. Featuring guest
strathmorefullgospel.com front line victim advocates to provide support, information and speakers. For more information call 403-934-4055.
Strathmore Fun Runners Car Club referrals to victims of crime or tragedy. If you are interested Wheatland Society of Arts
Meets the 1st Wednesday of the month. New members in volunteering please contact the Program Coordinator at the ART FOR ALL – Youth, Adult, Seniors, Disabled – Open
welcome! Please call Todd at 403-934-0558 or Shawn at 403- Strathmore RCMP Detachment at 403-934-6552. Website: Studio Times – Moms and Tots Mornings – After School and
901-9303 for info. www.strathmoreregionalvictimservices.com Homeschool Curriculum - Evening Art Classes – Weekend
Strathmore FASD Parent Support Group Strathmore Square Dance Art Workshops – Art Camps – Birthday Parties – Membership
At Strathmore United Church. For more info call Pam 403- No experience needed - we teach you the steps to the Modern Benefits – Display in Art Gallery. for all information visit
652-4776. Western Square Dance program. Join us ANY Wednesday, www.wheatlandarts.ca , call 403-901-1500 or drop by 115 3rd
Strathmore Homeschool Families 7pm, Westmount School gym for an evening of great music Avenue.
Any Strathmore and area familes that are homeschooling are (not hoedown but every other kind), easy dance steps, and Youth Club of Strathmore
invited to join our Yahoo Group. www.groups.yahoo.com/ friendly people. Singles and couples welcome. Dance for fun! Provides youth (6-17yrs) with affordable, barrier-free
group/strathmorehsfams Call 403-620-5131 or visit strathmoresquaredance.com. programs that build positive relationships, develop self-esteem
Strathmore Hand in Hand Parent Link Strathmore Theatre Players’ Guild and promote personal skills. Includes a homework program
Did you know – Strathmore Parent Link has free programming If you are interested in acting, singing, costume, property offered Monday to Friday from 3-6 p.m. Call the Youth Club for
for kids 0-6 and their caregivers in Strathmore, Wheatland & set design & construction, stage management, lighting & further info 403-934-4918 or www.youthclubofstrathmore.ca.
County & Area? Also, we have information and resources, sound, we are the company for you. Experience not essential
education and assistance related to parenting. Find information but enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Contact Jette for
If you are a non-profit group and have a special event you would like to promote contact us!
Space restrictions mean keep info to a minimum.

Want to add or update your community group or event information?

Please call 403-934-5589 or email your changes to classifieds@strathmoretimes.com.
Saturday, January 12 StratThimorePLAYER OF realestatereps
8:00 pm vs High River mes THE GAME
Friday, January 18 Saturday, Dec 15
8:00 pm vs Blackfalds Ethan Rycroft
Michelle Hayley Christa Carey 587-316-2000
Strathmore Family Centre - Gold Arena Eldjarnson Poirier Aleman Rose www.the-reps.ca

DECEMBER 21, 2018


The bantam AA Wheatland Warriors extended their winning streak to 12 games on Dec 16 at the The Holy Cross Collegiate Hawks Senior boys basketball team won gold at their home tournament on
Strathmore Family Centre with a 2-1 win against the Medicine Hat Hounds. Warriors forward Philip Dec 15 against the Calgary Christian High School Cougars 90-73. The Hawks were a perfect 3-0 in the
Raycroft (14) danced his way through the Hounds defence and wired a shot on net in the second tournament and outscored the opposition by 47 points to finish off 2018.
Manny Everett Photo
Brady Grove Photo

Red hot Warriors beat Hawks soar to the top

Hounds in back-to-back at home tournament
BRADY GROVE were making big stops on defense and
BRADY GROVE Times Reporter it became one of our most complete
Times Reporter man but he mishandled it. Warriors for-
games of the year.”
ward Dustin Holm was on it – he stole The Holy Cross Collegiate Hawks se- The road to the finals wasn’t easy for
the puck and hammered it past the nior boys’ basketball team fended off all
The bantam AA Wheatland Warriors the Hawks. The first game of the tourna-
unprepared Hounds goalie. This lucky competition and captured gold at their
won two games in a row against the ment was crucial as the Hawks needed
break tied the game with just under two home tournament on Dec. 14 and 15.
Medicine Hat Hounds on the weekend, to win to be in the winners bracket.
minutes remaining in the second. The Hawks had to climb out of a big
3-0 in Hussar on Dec. 15 and 2-1 in They were successful in beating Bas-
According to Brown, the Warriors hole to beat the Calgary Christian High
Strathmore on Dec. 16. sano School 64-48, but struggled to hold
thrive when they are forechecking. In School Cougars in the final game, which
With the victories the Warriors have onto the ball and made the game harder
the third period the Warriors attacked, ended with a score of 90-73.
extended their winning streak to 12 on themselves.
wave after wave, and the Hounds fend- “Our last two games were probably
games and haven’t lost since Oct. 19. “We played pretty poorly in that game,”
ed them off until another lucky bounce. two of our better games of the year, it
“They gave us our money’s worth said Jalbert. “We had 35 turnovers in the
The Hounds tried to clear the puck out was lots of fun,” said Hawks head coach
that’s for sure; tonight (it was) obviously game which was way too many.”
of their end on a Warriors power play, Joshua Jalbert.
a close game and we had to work for it,” The Hawks faced off against the Rose-
but Warriors defenceman Jacob Galandy The Hawks didn’t come out guns blaz-
said Warriors head coach Cody Brown. mary School Rockets in the semifinals
tapped into his soccer skills and blocked ing in the finals and found themselves
“It was kind of up in the balance for the and won 92-78. Hawks shooting guard
the clearing attempt with his right foot. down 35-15 in the second quarter. Ac-
entire 60 (minutes), (and) it was good to Ralph Valencia led the charge for his
Galandy chopped the puck quickly and cording to Jalbert, it was at this point the
see the boys lock it out there.” team, going 14-for-15 from the floor and
it arced right over the pad the Hounds momentum shifted; the Hawks started
When the two clubs faced off in 5-for-5 on the three pointers.
goalie and that would be all the War- to find their game and break the press
Strathmore, the Hounds drew first blood “He was extremely efficient with his
riors needed to win. being put on by the Cougars.
on an end-to-end rush that chopped shots,” said Jalbert. “He played one of
“Strathmore is a well-coached team, “We started scoring points in transi-
through the Warriors defence and into the best games I’ve ever seen him play.”
they come with a lot of speed,” said tion, we had layups, we made some
the net. The Hounds kept pushing going The Hawks will be back on the court
Hounds head coach Brayden Desjar- three pointers and kind of had every-
into the second, and Warriors goalten- Jan. 11-12 at a tournament in Drumhell-
dins. “We are little bit younger and new; thing going for us,” said Jalbert. “We
der Matthew Dovichak made a big save er.
we had seven first-years in the lineup
with his helmet from in close and then and it’s tough when you get pushed
got lucky when a wild slapshot from the physically.” south conference with a 15-2-1 record body.”
point hit the crossbar. The game had aggressiveness to it and have one final game on the road
Despite doubling up their opponents with every check being finished, and no against the Taber Golden Suns on Dec. BRAVES STRUGGLE
in shots, it took until late in the second easy ice was given. 22 before the Christmas break. IN FINAL WEEKEND
period for the Warriors to get on the
score board. A casual dump on the pen-
“When you play back to back against
the same team there’s definitely some
“The year is going pretty well so far,
but we don’t want to get too big for our
The peewee AA Wheatland Braves
picked up one out of four possible
alty kill landed behind the Hounds net
and was scooped up by their defence-
bad blood,” said Desjardins.
The Warriors remain in first in the
breeches,” said Brown. “Any team in this
league on any given day can beat any-
points on the weekend.
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December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 24

The Wheatland Kings hosted the Cochrane Generals (top photo) Three Kings players - Cole Busslinger (l-r), Isaac Benoit and
on Dec. 11 and the Lomond Lakers (middle) on Dec. 15 at the Brenden Moore - have been selected to play in the 2018-19
Strathmore Family Centre. The Kings split the homestand, losing Heritage Junior Hockey League All-Star game. The game
6-3 to the Generals before pounding the Lakers 9-1. will be held in Airdrie on Jan. 6 at 1:30 p.m.
Doug Taylor Photos Doug Taylor Photo

Kings end 2018 on winning note

getting beat bad, the scoreboard starts 6-3 at home against the third-place Co- tion. If he keeps it up he will put up 60
Times Reporter
to matter less and laying a good hit or chrane Generals on Dec. 11. The Kings points this year,” said Robinson. “He’s
winning a fight begins to matter more. struggled to get their offense going been that guy. When we need a goal
The Strathmore Wheatland Kings This is exactly what happened in the and didn’t manage to find the net until he’ll go out and score.”
wanted to finish the year off with a third period. Kings defence A.J. Kusu the third period. The Generals outshot Busslinger plays with more grit than
good game, which they achieved with was the first to drop his gloves in front the Kings 40-29 and are now firmly six Benoit and gets into the tough areas
a 9-1 crushing of the Lomond Lakers on of the Kings goalie and both combat- points ahead of the Kings in the stand- but finds a way to score consistently.
Dec. 15 at the Strathmore Family Cen- ants got a couple of good punches in ings with two games in hand. The captain leads by example and is
tre. but the fight didn’t last long. A few The Kings are off until the new year fourth on the team in scoring with nine
The Kings finish 2018 with a record minutes later in almost the same spot, when they will start things on the road goals and 15 assists in 26 games.
of 13-12-2 and sit fourth in the southern Hebert entered the bare-knuckle box- against the Generals on Jan. 4. “He’s a hardworking player, I think
division. ing ring against big Laker Kyle Fry and “Being a young team, we’ve got to he had a couple of points tonight; at
“I think tonight we really jelled as a the two exchanged multiple lightning- be competitive every night,” said Rob- 21 years old, I think it’s a good way for
team. Everyone was putting points up, fast jabs before Hebert was sent to the inson. “Over the last couple months, him to finish off the year,” said Robin-
it wasn’t just one line,” said Kings as- ice. Eric Sandum was the last King to we’ve made some big strides, becoming son.
sistant captain Brenden Moore. “All the fight, again in the same spot, and he more consistent and playing a full 60.” Moore is one of the most physical
boys were going and having fun.” won his decisively as he overpowered players on the Kings and regularly
Throughout the game the Kings his opponent quickly and kept him on ALL-STARS CHOSEN hammers opposition players into the
made a habit of scoring early. Kings the defence. The Heritage Junior Hockey League boards. He uses his size and strength to
centre and second leading scorer Lucas Despite all the fighting, the Kings still announced its all-star teams on Dec. protect his teammates but is also smart
Muenchrath got things going when he scored four goals in the period and out- 11 on its website. The coaches of each with the puck which has given him one
received a pass from teammate Zach shot the Lakers 42-17 in the game. team pick their all-stars and this year goal and 10 assists in 24 games.
Suntjens at the Kings blue line. Muen- “We’re a big team and we got some Joel Robinson decided to send lead- “It’s pretty exciting; it’s an honour to
chrath bolted up ice and made a slight slower guys, and the big ice takes some ing scorer Isaac Benoit, captain Cole be chosen by a good group of people
deke past one Laker before splitting the adjusting but that’s something we need Busslinger and the veteran defenceman and I hope I can represent my team
two remaining defencemen and sneak- to work on,” said Lakers assistant coach Brenden Moore. and the Town of Strathmore well,” said
ing the backhand past Lakers goalie Josh Bishop. “End of the day it comes Rookie Benoit has had a strong year Moore. “We have a very tight group
Theo Paskuski. Kings veteran forward down to hard work and we just didn’t so far with 24 goals and 18 assists in and I think this is the year we will push
Kody Hammond would snipe one top have what it took.” 26 games which places him eighth in for the championship.”
corner a minute later from the middle Depth was key for the Kings against league scoring. The all-star game will take place in
of the circle to give the Kings the lead. the Lakers as 16 different Kings had at “Benny is that electric player that Airdrie on Jan. 6 at 1:30 p.m.
The Lakers trailed 2-1 after the first pe- least one point. The Kings wanted to we’ve been looking for in the organiza-
riod and were doubled up in shots. give a younger goalie a chance to play
The home team scored two minutes and they went with local Ethan Rycroft,
and 20 seconds into the second peri- who plays for the AA North Stars in Cal-
od when Rylee Hebert deflected a big gary. Rycroft wasn’t afraid to get in and
point shot from the hard-hitting Moore. pass the puck.
The Kings strong breakout was helping
“Sixty per cent of that roster has
them to control the flow of the game
and they continued to suppress any
played in front of Ethan before and they
know what to expect from him,” said Start the new year
Lakers scoring opportunities. The Kings
would add two more goals and take a
Kings head coach Joel Robinson. “It’s
not easy to step into a junior B game with faster Internet
5-1 lead into the final period.
Sometimes in hockey when a team is
and instantly make an impact.”
The Kings lost an important matchup and more data!
Braves look forward to New Year
Continued from Page 23 won’t step on the ice for league action


again until Jan. 11 against the Foothills
The Okotoks Oilers Green downed Bisons and Jan. 12 against the Leth-
the Braves 8-5 in Strathmore on Dec.
14. The Braves went on the road the
next day and tied the Taber Golden
bridge Hurricanes Red.

$ month
$49 installation fee on a 1-year term.2

Suns 3-3. TO EARN POINTS 18123AX0

The game against the Oilers started The midget AA Wheatland Chiefs
off well for the Braves as they had a 1-0 beat the Okotoks Oilers 4-2 in Okotoks
lead going into the second period, but on Dec. 15 which marked their third
then it all went bad for the hometown win in the last four games. Call 1-877-739-0684
team. The Oilers were leading 1-0 heading xplornet.com
The Oilers scored all eight of their into the second period when the Chiefs
goals in the second period and snuffed found their offense. Kyle Malmberg lit
out any chance of a comeback despite the lamp first on the power play and
the Braves outplaying them in the third then Braden Tanner and Mitch Desserre
period. added goals before the period ended.
The Golden Suns outplayed the Chiefs forward Tyren Grimsdale scored Mobiltec Jolee Electronics Megasat
Braves the next day, outshooting their his seventh of the year late in the third (403) 237-9393 1-877-565-3372 (403) 936-5600
opposition 37-19, but Braves goalie and Landen Brassard made 26 stops on
Connor White had other plans and route to victory.
made 34 saves to keep his team in it. The midget AA squad has an 8-10- 1
$49.99 pricing refers to the package with speeds up to 5 Mbps. Monthly service fee includes rental cost of equipment,
Tate Hanson, Kyle McDonough and 2 record and sits in fifth place in the except Xplornet Wi-Fi router. Taxes apply. Offer valid until January 13, 2019 for new customers and is subject to change
at any time. 2Service must be installed by February 28, 2019. If installation requirements go beyond the scope of a basic
Conner Radke all had goals for the south conference. installation, additional fees apply. Subject to site check, site check fee may apply. See dealer for details. Actual speed online
Braves in the tied game. The Chiefs have one final game may vary with your technical configuration, Internet traffic, server and other factors. Traffic Management policy applies,
see xplornet.com/legal. These packages are intended for single households and typical residential usage. Packages subject
The Braves sit in fifth place in a tight against the Foothills Bisons on Dec. 21 to availability. A router is required for multiple users. Xplornet® is a trademark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © 2018
south conference with a 10-6-3 record. in Hussar and then they are off for the Xplornet Communications Inc.
The Braves are off for Christmas and Christmas break.
December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 25
Obituary Western IrrIgatIon DIstrIct
Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore, aB t1P 1K3

BYE, Marshall Perl

Merry Christmas &
Irrigation Districts Act
July 24, 1928 (Section 85/86)
- December 10, 2018
Happy New Year
Marshall Bye was a dedicated family THE AREA OF AN IRRIGATION DISTRICT
man, educator and author. He grew Vera Moore Jason Moore TAKE NOTE that applications have been received by
the Western Irrigation District to change the area of the District.
up in the Peace River area during the depression July 14, 1958 – August 1, 1985 -
Stick spiel winners which left an indelible mark on him... live the day. December 24, 2014 November 14, 2008 During the holidays
Applications to remove parcels consist of:

Rufus Redgun and Jordan Redgun won the an- After a year at the University of Alberta, he taught in Always loved. Always Remembered.
nual stick spiel at Carseland Curling Rink, which the Peace River country where he met and became We know you both are having Christmas our office will be
took place Nov. 29-Dec. 1. enamoured by Evelyn and her three precious chil- with the Angels this year.
Photo Courtesy of Sharon Alce dren, Joanne, Gerald and Carole. Marshall and Evelyn Love Gary, Andrew and Kyle CLOSED
married in 1953 and they lead a full and exciting life

Spartans senior
until her death on May 17, 2014. He is survived by
his daughter Carole [John] Elias; three grandchildren,
Memory of
Jolayne [Grant] Christensen, Scott [Sonya] Elias, all 24, 25, & 26, 2018
basketball teams of Standard, and Justin Kohls of Calgary; two great
John J. Van Verdegem
grandchildren, Rosina Grace Christensen and Mateo March 2, 1927
to December 26, 2011
& JANUARY 1, 2019
Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written complaint to the
Western Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta,

off to quick start

Marshall Elias; and his brother, Dale [Gladys] Bye of T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this notice.
Red Deer. Marshall was predeceased by his daugh- No longer in our
Jim Webber, P. Eng.
ter Joanne Kohls, her husband Harvey Kohls, and his lives to share General Manager
Western Irrigation District
BRADY GROVE son Gerald Banks. He was also predeceased by his But in our hearts
Times Reporter parents Wallace and Lilly Bye; and two older broth- you’re always there. ‘Remembering Our Roots’
ers, LeRoy and Francis. Marshall and Evelyn taught
in various rural schools. Marshall relished the time
Love & miss you always by John Godsman
The Strathmore High School (SHS) Michael, Taylor,
Spartans basketball season has begun with his family, especially enjoying tenting and hik- Get Yours
ing in the mountains, and teaching Gerald the fine Hunter & Megan Volume 1
and so far the senior Boys team has Today While
points of hunting pheasants, ducks and geese. He They Last!
played strongly and the senior Girls also renewed his interest in Scouting by becom- LEGAL NOTICES
team has been very effective as both
clubs prepared for a tournament in Co-
ing a Scout Leader. While Marshall was principal in $50
Standard, he was granted a summer scholarship at NOTICE TO
chrane on Dec. 14-15. Stanford University to investigate the new math and
each or
science programs of the 1960’s. Later the couple
“We will have a bit of a test this week-
end to see where we are at,” said Spar- joined the Calgary School Board where he became Estate of $135 for
tans Senior Boys Head Coach Matthew an administrator-supervisor of mathematics. He also
received a scholarship to pursue his Masters Degree
Laslo. who died on Volume 3 Final Reprint
in mathematics at Wayne University in Detroit. Mar-
The senior Boys are sitting with a 7-1 July 17, 2018
shall was invited to join a publishing company to co-
and shooting strong early in the sea- author mathematics textbooks, a job he thoroughly If you have a claim against this estate, Contact John Godsman
son. Laslo has been very happy with his enjoyed. Marshall took a sabbatical at the University you must file your claim by January 20, 2019 403-827-7991
team’s success and effort so far this sea- of London. He and Evelyn spent the year in England with RANDAL JARVIS Available at Rocky’s Bakery
son and feels as if the club could have a and on the continent. The University of London In-
perfect record. stitute of Education awarded the title “Associate of at Randal Jarvis Law Office
“We were up by three with 30 seconds the Institute”. Upon his return to the CBE he became #110, 304 - 3rd Avenue
involved with Dr. B. Harrison and Dr. T. Schroeder to Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1Z1
left and this kid hit back-to-back threes
research how students learn. Upon retirement from and provide details of your claim
to win it, one of them time was expiring the CBE, he taught at the University of Calgary and
so it was a buzzer beater,” said Laslo of continued writing textbooks. He and Evelyn traveled If you do not file by the date above, the estate
his team’s single loss this year. most of Western Canada and Northwestern USA in property can lawfully be distributed without
The senior Boys are a veteran crew their motorhome. Camping, including winter camp- regard to any claim you may have.
ripe and hungry for championship runs ing with their grandchildren, which gave them many
with only one Grade 10 player out of hours of sheer pleasure and lasting memories. Inter- Weekly Classes
national travel took them to all the continents, except Tuesday Afternoons at 3:30pm
the thirteen total players. According to
the Antarctica. His publishing obligation took them
NOTICE TO Strathmore Library
Laslo, the boys are very skilled and have
lots of depth throughout their lineup
all over the USA and England. Marshall became an CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS • Zero impact with Powerful Health Benefits
avid Naturalist, meeting new and interesting people
which allows them to wear down their Estate of • Drop-ins always welcome
while spending many wonderful hours volunteering
opponents. for Trout Unlimited and publishing their local newslet- WAYNE SEYMOUR BETTS • $15 drop-in session (Save! with 10 Class Pass)
“We got a strong team. We’ve had a lot ter. To use his words, “I’m blessed with a wonderful (also known as • No experience is necessary
of kids playing basketball since junior family and entertaining friends”. He enjoyed many, Wayne S. Betts and Wayne Betts) • All levels of fitness very welcome
high and (they’ve) put in lots of time and many hours enhancing Evelyn’s last years at the
Bow View Manor where he developed strong bonds who died on March 10, 2018 • Students range from 18 to 80+ yrs of age
they’ve all played together,” said Laslo. “I
think if we are going to do something with the marvelous staff there. Marshall later met Sonja Gosteli, Qigong Instructor
his current wife Anne Bye at the lodge where they
this year and next are kind of our years.” both resided. They were married and had 4 wonder-
If you have a claim against this estate, 403.809.6848
Laslo would like to see more consis- ful years of companionship together. He was a car- you must file your claim by January 28, 2019, FaceBook.com/QigongHealingFitness
tency from his team and wants to see ing and loving husband, and true gentlemen. Anne’s and provide details of your claim Website: HealingFitness.ca
their A-game more often but expects it daughters, Tracey and Lou-Anne, and their fami-
to get better the season goes on. lies, enjoyed Marshall’s positive outlook on life and
While the senior Boys team is going fun-loving nature. He will be greatly missed by all. Attention: Michael J. Strilchuk
to be challenging this year with their A Memorial Service has been held. Photos, memo-
veteran-laden roster, the senior Girls are ries and condolences may be shared with Marshall’s at 505 - 21st Avenue SW
family through www.evanjstrong.com. If friends so Calgary, Alberta T2S 0G9
a much younger team with only three desire, and in lieu of flowers, memorial tributes may
players not being in Grade 10. The Girls be made directly to The Alzheimer Society of Calgary
have compiled a 3-1 record so far and (800-7015 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary AB T2H 2K6; If you do not file by the date above, the estate
have surprised head coach Kyle Larson. (403) 290-0110; https://www.alzheimercalgary.ca. property can lawfully be distributed without
“I felt like this was going to be a learn- Arrangements in care of EVAN J. STRONG FUNERAL regard to any claim you may have.
ing season to see what high school bas- SERVICES. (403) 265-1199
ketball was all about,” said Larson. “But
you know what? They are a competitive
group, they work super hard and that ef- THANK YOU
fort puts us in a lot of basketball.” The family of the late James (Jim) Kay, wish to extend
Like the boys’ team, Larson believes our heartfelt thanks to family, friends
part of the team’s early victories can be and neighbours.
attributed to depth across all positions For all who gave so generously of their time, visits, acts
and he likes the speed, heart and tenac- of kindness, sympathy, food, flowers, donations, and the
kind words spoken to our family regarding the recent
ity the girls have shown. passing of a wonderful husband, father, Grandad.
Larson was concerned about his We also like to send our gratitude and appreciation to
young team’s ability to handle the physi- the Dr. Ward Fanning for going above and beyond with
cal play that comes at the high school the wonderful care, honesty and friendship.
level but believes the club can build on Minister Linda Hunter for her many words of comfort,
personal touches made to the service and to the
its foundation as the year progresses Wheatland Funeral Home for their professional
and improve in areas such as rebound- arrangements and caring service.
ing and physical play.
“We’ve got what we need to grow

across the season and be quite competi-

tive come playoff time,” said Larson.
For more information visit strathmore-
Page 26 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018
WANTED: A bi-weekly clean- SEEKING A CAREER in the
ing lady to come and clean CONTACT Community Newspaper Cattle Herdsperson
my farmhouse. To set up an business? Post your resume 1442578 Alberta Ltd.
interview call or text 403-
710-3669. Only people who
JEFF WALLACE for FREE right where the
publishers are looking. Visit:
Duties: Monitor the health and welfare of our
cattle, administer treatment, sort and load cattle,
are fluent in speaking and
writing English need to re-
ACCOUNTING AND awna.com/for-job-seekers.
wean calves and assist with general farm duties,
In-demand career! Employ-
Operate and maintain farm machinery and
equipment. Horse riding is a must.


ers have work-at-home po-
sitions available. Get online
2 to 3 years of experience and education
Location: is 20 minutes south of Strathmore
We invite all to come and have a good time training you need from an Wage range: $15.00 - $17.50 / Hour
US. Business planning, train- With a dedicated, highly trained, professional team with Darcy. employer-trusted program. Hours: 36 to 55/week
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available. Flexible and af- take care of our clients through sound balancing SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2018 1-855-768-3362 to start Shared accommodations
ROCKYFORD COMMUNITY HALL training for your work-at- May be available
fordable loans. Call CF Wild of their books. Offering full bookkeeping, payroll,
home career today!
Rose or www.cfwildrose.ca personal and corporate tax preparation for various 7:00 P.M. Please send resume to:
for more information. types of corporations and small businesses. 1442578 Alberta Ltd.
Rockyford Lions Club hosting cash bar GET YOUR
Lunch will be provided CLASSIFIED ADS IN THE Box 2325 Strathmore, AB T1P 1K3
“Keeping your numbers in order so you We appreciate all that you can celebrate STRATHMORE TIMES! Call: 403-934-4331 • Fax: 403-934-6668
can relax, that’s our job” with us, but please no gifts employment@strangmuir.com

Volunteer Needed
Box 2372 105-900 Pine Rd, Strathmore, AB T1P 1K3
After 4:30 pm
December 31, 2018 North Pole News
Your WID Assessment Come and see Member at Large
and Billing Notice Santa & CRPCN Governance Board
increases by a Mrs. Claus The term will be 2-3 years
9% Penalty Charge on Christmas Eve
6-8 pm
Meetings will be held in Okotoks
once per month.
Avoid the extra charge Park Hours: 5-9 pm
by mailing or dropping off a Bring your cameras
Currently seeking applications from

Proudly sponsored by
post-dated cheque today. individuals interested in serving for a two
or three-year term as members at large on
PETS PETS our Governance Board.
This is a volunteer position.
PUPPIES. 1 Girl 5 Boys.
Eating and drinking.
Ready to go. Both
parents are working dogs
on our farm. High energy,
very smart, loyal, always Looking for somewhere to
wanting to please.AWNA 3 A.pdf 1 2018-10-10 4:40 PM celebrate New Years this year!
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with my puppies dispo-
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friends and family.
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Royal Canadian Legion main hall
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* Totum Research. Adults 18+ in Alberta. Aug 2018
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e www.StrathmoreTimes.com
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Email: patrick@awna.com Please fax resume to 403-901-2387 or e-mail to to realize your dream of being an independent contractor while avoiding the
3.75” wide version
* Totum Research. Adults 18+ in Alberta. Aug 2018 jobs@nvind.ca. challenges of starting from scratch. You instantly benefit from the years of
expertise that PropertyGuys.com has gained.

q u e e z e MOST out of your advertising dollars TREE TO TREE NURSERIES LTD. PropertyGuys.com is the only national private sale franchise network in the

S the

Place your ad here Duties include heavy lifting, planting nursery We have made the process simple for you! Do you have the financing or access
AND province wide
with a combined circulation
of over 800,000 for only...
995plus GST/HST
stock, equipment operation, weed control.
No qualifications required
as training is provided.
to funding (training & marketing initial investment apx $5000)? Is your requested
area available or are you willing to relocate? Are you willing to chat with our local
Franchise Owner? If you answer YES to all the above... congratulations, you’re
on the right track; Now all you need to do is take the first step and inquire today.
Value Ad Network 40 hrs/week based on a 6 day work week.
Contact Email: abcareers@propertyguys.com
April 2 - November 15, 2019.
Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association
780-434-8746 x228 (toll free 1-800-282-6903) $15/hour. 5 PropertyGuys.com Area Manager Opportunities Currently Available
email classifieds@awna.com Send cover letter and resume to in the following Communities: Chestermere, Strathmore, Drumheller,
or stop by this community newspaper ted@treetotreenurseries.ca Didsbury, Sundre
PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY December 21, 2018 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 27

Handy Kinda Guy

Green, Heated or Spring- knee replacement, or condi-

thrashed Canola. Buying: tions causing restrictions

oats, barley, wheat & peas in daily activities? $2,500
for feed. Buying damaged tax credit. $40,000 refund
We  offer  Business  Development  Loans  and  Business  Plan   • Painting • Plumbing

Assistance  to  Entrepreneurs  within  our  region!   • Small Renovations
or offgrade grain. “On Farm cheque/rebates. Disability
Pickup” Westcan Feed & Tax Credit. 1-844-453-5372. 403-­‐934-­‐8888  or     • Decks & Fences
Grain, 1-877-250-5252. 1-­‐888-­‐881-­‐9675   • Bathrooms

  • APPLIANCE Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.
AUCTIONS MISC Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.
For  more  information  
on  what  we  do…  

HUGE NEW YEARS DAY GET UP TO $50,000 from the www.wildrose.albertacf.com   Get the job done right the FIRST time!
Call BOB 403-861-7822
Get the job done right the FIRST time!
ANTIQUE COLLECTOR AUC- Government of Canada. Do   Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.
TION! Unreserved 10 AM, you or someone you know   Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Metal Roofing
Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 have any of these condi-
Wainwright, Alberta, Hwy 14. tions? ADHD, Anxiety, Arthri- ELECTRICAL GENERAL CONTRACTORS Get the job done
Metal Roofing FIRST time!
Fascia •• Eavestrough
Scribner Auction 780-842- tis, Asthma, Cancer, COPD,
5666. www.scribnernet. Depression, Diabetes, Diffi- Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Calgary• 403-796-5381
com; Live Onsite & Online! culty walking, Fibromyalgia, All Decked Out AB Calgary
Metal Roofing
Soffit & Fascia
Irritable Bowels, Overweight, • Eavestrough
Strathmore 403-901-7484
UIDATION Timed Online Auc-
Trouble Dressing...and hun-
dreds more. All ages and General Contracting info@prairiehomeroofing.com
Calgary 403-796-5381
tion. Huge pipe and fitting medical conditions qualify. Strathmore 403-901-7484
facility & construction com- Call The Benefits Program
Kitchens, Bathroom Renos FREE ESTIMATES
pany. Bidding starts January
1; Bidding begins Closing 9
1-800-211-3550 or send
a text message with your Basement Developments FREE ESTIMATES
AM Thursday, January 17. 2 name and mailing address to
previews - Thursday, Janu- 403-980-3605 for your FREE Residential - Commercial - Industrial
Additions, Roofing FREE ESTIMATES
ary 3, 9-5, Tuesday, January benefits package.
Farm & Yard - Bucket Truck Service Fences & Decks
15, 10-5. 2575 Aurum Road,
Strathcona County, Alberta. CRIMINAL RECORD? Why Master Electricians Aluminum Rail
Over $8 Million Carbon and suffer employment/licensing Vinyl & Composite Decking
S.S. Pipe, Fittings, Studs & loss? Travel/business oppor-
Nuts, Gaskets, Telehandlers, tunities? Be embarrassed? Phone:
Bill Evans 403-901-8875 bill@alldeckedoutab.ca
Skidsteers, Manlift, Scissor Think: Criminal Pardon. US Email: jpjesco@efirehose.net Wes Breault 403-999-7097 wes@alldeckedoutab.ca
Lifts, CNC Pipe Profiler, Ber- entry waiver. Record purge.
www.jescoelectrical.ca SEPTIC SERVICES
ingher 37-1/2” Saw, Weld-
ers, Break & Shear, Hand
File destruction. Free con-
sultation 1-800-347-2540;
Serving Southern Alberta Since 1999
& Power Tools. 2014 Ford www.accesslegalmjf.com.
F-150 Limited Crew Cab
4X4. www.foothillsauctions.
com. 780-922-6090. 403-934-5589 ELECTRICAL
Cover Up Painting
McNeill’s Inc.
KM East of Strathmore. 3 1,000SQ/FT HOME for rent FREE ESTIMATES
BDRM bungalow on 8 acres.
$1,500/mo + $1,500 S/D +
Utilities. Avail. Now. Call Sea-
cared for. Must have refer- COMMERIAL & RESIDENTIAL Email: fbbp@efirehose.net
ences. N/S/ + N/P. $1,200/ “Everything you need to turn raw land into your home”
mus 403-560-6265. mo + utilities. Call 403-443- Mason Walstra
CHINOOK III. 1 bdrm or 2
masonwalstra1@hotmail.com TUTORING
bdrm. ½ month rent free
with a six month lease. Heat
& water included. No pets.
YFORD. 1,300 sq/ft house
RESIDENTIAL 403-934-3212 | 306-320-7372
renovated 8 years ago.
Please call for availability.
$850/mo + SD + utilities. PLUMBING & HEATING
Call Keli 403-324-2944.
Avail. November 1. Call 403- Dennis McNeill - Master Electrician
934-1626 for info.
2 BDRM Modular Home
in country setting. Quiet 403-934-7249
responsible N/S single oc- EMERALD dennismcneill@shaw.ca
cupant preferred. 4 appl. MANAGEMENT
$1,100/mo + SD Incl. elec. & REALTY LTD. Strathmore, Alberta 1-877-216-1647
& gas. Pets negotiable. Avail.
WESTMOUNT DR. • Private one on one tutoring for your children in
immediately or as required. the comfort of your own home for $35 per hour.
Call 403-934-5678.
1 & 2 bedroom GENERAL CONTRACTORS • Pay as you go, no commitments, no contracts.
bungalow, bi-lvl • Better than any learning centre.
& 2 stry units with
APARTMENTS parking, some
FOR RENT fully renovated FB Boersema & Partners Ltd. Follow us!        AquaductAB  to see our latest specials
3 Bedroom Condos & include W/D. Designers and Builders of Energy Efficient Homes Ace Custom Sewing.com
for Rent Family Friendly. PLUMBING & HEATING
- “Let us put YOUR thoughts on paper Repair, Build & Upholstery
No Pets.

2 Storey, 3 Bedroom and build it to your satisfaction.” Strathmore AB
Units downtown From $845.
- + Utilities. Certified I.C.F. Installers • Furniture
• R.V. Interiors
1&2 Bedroom Units Please contact our 403-934-1888 fbbp@efirehose.net PLUMBING
in adult only building www.fbboersema.com • Golf Cart, Bike, ATV,
Leasing Team: • Hotwater Tanks • Furnaces
- Snowmobile Seats & Boat Tarps
Tenants pay all utilities 403-237-8811 Serving the Foothills since ‘78. • Renovations • Hydronic Heating
• Equipment and Vehicle Fronts
• Service Work • Gas Fitting
For more information REAL ESTATE • New Construction
• Commercial
• Sewer Cleaning/
Sewer Camera
For more information
please call
GENERAL CONTRACTORS Call Debi 403-901-0342
with a classified ad. Only LICENSED JOURNEYMAN Like us on Facebook or Text 403-324-7710
HOMES LTD $269 (based on 25 words or OWNER/OPERATOR
less). Reach over 105 weekly
newspapers. Call NOW for Home Sweet Decks OFFICE 403-983-7671

details 1-800-282-6903 ext
228; www.awna.com. & More Ltd. For All Your Water Needs

Vinyl & Composite Decking

Aluminum & Glass Railing IOP ROW LTD.
“The Missing Piece to complete Your Big Picture.” Specializing in Insurance Claims 3rd Generation of Quality Service
Windwalls/Privacy Walls Your Complete Exterior Finishing Company
Experts in Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia
Peters 403-619-7561 Continuous Eavestroughing • Windows & Reroofs
Aluminum and Smart Board Batons
Real Estate Associate homesweetdecksandmore.com Cell: 403-968-9211 • Work: 403-934-4334
403-870-4446 Over 25 Years Experience • Free Quotes Fax: 403-934-4422 • Email: toprowtom@telus.net Box 1 Site 22 RR 2, Strathmore AB, T1P 1K5
jonathan@OrangeJigsaw.com Have a ‘Home Sweet Deck’ kind of day!! For a FREE QUOTE Call Tom Email: mmdrill@mmdrilling.ca
Page 28 • Strathmore TIMES • December 21, 2018 www.StrathmoreTimes.com


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