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Sarah Banholzer

Period 4

Saying “Aloha” to the New School Year

The 2017 Aloha Rally took place on the football field last Friday, as the students of
Amador said “hello” to the start of another school year.

With the controversies over if the turf would be ready in time for the Aloha Rally on
Friday, the location of the rally was unknown until early Friday morning. Luckily, the stars
aligned, and with the new turf being put in on time, the rally kept its tradition and took place on
the field as planned.

“I like the Aloha rally on the field because there is more space for everyone and it’s not
as crowded and there can be one rally,” said Samantha Krier (20’).

The festivities of Aloha Day began Friday at school. Students wore their best Hawaiian
apparel and enjoyed the Aloha Rally on the field.

The sophomore class president explained the importance of dressing up for Aloha Day.

“I think it is really important because … it shows your spirit as a school and it gets
everyone really excited for the rally and the dance,” said Conner Copenhagen (20’)

This year’s rally consisted of laughable sibling banter from the MC’s, Alyssa and Trevor
Bergmann. As well as performances from the Cheer team, Dance team, and Bhangra Club.

“The performances were really good, like the cheerleaders and dancers,” said Emily
Cassetti (21’).

With Aloha Day now over, we can all officially say “goodbye” to summer and “hello” to
the 2017-2018 school year.