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Headquartered in Dubai, Future Pipe Industries (FPI)

“Fiberglass - the material of the future” Group’s operations include 9 factories and a global
network of sales offices.

FPI’s factories are located in the UAE, the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon,
The Netherlands and the United States of America.

Sales Offices
Located in each of the countries in which it operates,
as well as in the United Kingdom, France, Spain,
Italy, Pakistan and Singapore. Representative offices
in China and Greece.

Market Segments
Oil & Gas, Water Distribution, Industrial, Petrochemical,
Desalination & Power, Municipal & Infrastructure
and Marine.

INNOVATION The Future Pipe Industries (FPI) Group is the
global leader in the large diameter fiberglass
As the leading provider of composite thermosetting
pipe systems and technologies, FPI services the
pipe industry and a global player in the non- needs of its clients in the Middle East, Africa,
THAT IS LEADING metallic pipe manufacturing industry. It provides Europe, Asia and the Americas. FPI has set the
THE INDUSTRY a wide range of high performance, anti-corrosive industry standard by providing the largest portfolio
fiberglass and thermoplastic pipe system solutions of products ranging from 12mm up to 4000mm in
for various applications including Oil & Gas, diameter and with pressures up to 5000 PSI using
Water Distribution, Industrial, Petrochemical, a variety of glass fiber reinforcement as well as the
Desalination & Power, Municipal & Infrastructure latest technology in carbon fibers normally used in
and Marine. high technology industries such as aerospace.

Since the establishment of the Group in 1984, The Group has achieved prominence in its field
FPI has grown to 9 factories around the world, by strict adherence to the highest levels of quality
with sales offices and affiliated networks that in manufacturing, as well as by its commitment to
span the globe. meeting client needs with the services necessary to
ensure the success of their pipe systems. Through
its global network of manufacturing plants,
sales offices, engineering consultancies and
representative offices, FPI provides engineering,
installation and logistics support as well as
commissioning services as part of its Single
Point Responsibility. As a result, through its vast
experience, the Group has built a reputation for
reliability and integrity, two qualities that embody
FPI’s commitment to excellence.

FUTURE VISION “To deliver water and energy to the world,
in the most efficient way.”
Technical Dedication
FPI’s real achievements are not only reflected in its
size and global presence, but also in its dedication
Responsible Corporate Citizen to quality and its sizeable knowledge pool. By
We believe that our accountability extends continuously updating its technical knowledge/
beyond providing reliable pipe systems since our expertise through investing in research and
products are used to transmit vital resources and development and building alliances with leading
potentially hazardous materials. As responsible fiberglass-composite research institutes, FPI has
corporate citizens, all members of the FPI Group developed world class pipe systems. Its leading
are accountable for a wide range of activities in technical concepts and innovations in the areas
the communities that they serve. These include of pipe system design and engineering have
environmental awareness campaigns, health enabled FPI to become a unique reference point
and safety practices in the workplace, education and a preferred supplier for its customers.
and training of local human resources, as well
as philanthropic activities. Consequently, FPI has Client Focus – Single Point Responsibility
earned the appreciation of the governments and FPI’s integrated approach has made it possible
people of the countries in which it operates. to offer its customers the concept of Single Point
Responsibility. Since the Group offers complete
pipe system solutions as a single turnkey package,
it is able to assume full responsibility of projects.
This includes system design, manufacturing,
prefabrication, testing, installation, commissioning
and maintenance. As a result of this approach, FPI
is in a unique position to propose cost reduction
programs to its customers, offering improved
technical support, enhanced system reliability and
superior value.

STRATEGIC Machinery & Production lines
Future Plastrex LLC (Dubai)
Enoia Engineering Group comprises of two
specialist companies with a combined experience
of over 50 years with offices in the Middle East
PARTNERSHIPS Future Plastrex, with worldwide assembly locations,
is the machinery and equipment arm of FPI.
and Greece.

SUPPORTING THE INDUSTRY Future Plastrex started its activities in the early
Enoia Greece has provided engineering, process
design, consultancy and project management
1960s in Europe, designing and manufacturing
services to the oil & gas and petrochemical
helical winding production lines for GRE and
industries since 1987. Its services include both
GRP pipes and tanks. The company consequently
downstream and upstream starting with flow lines.
expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include
Typical projects include GOSP, loading terminals,
continuous filament winding machinery as well
cooling water systems, fuel tank farms, crude units,
as equipment for manufacturing high pressure
steam and boiler systems, fire-fighting, natural gas
pipe systems. Future Plastrex continually invests in
and crude pipelines, upgrading power plants and
upgrading and enhancing its products.
refinery automation.
Engineering Services www.enoia.eu
FPI can provide engineering services to support
critical supply projects related to dynamic and Dynaflow International Inc. is specialized
static behavior of its pipe systems. This includes in the design and engineering of pipe systems and
stress and surge analysis. These services its services include complete pipe design, stress
are provided to FPI by Enoia, an integrated & flexibility analysis, surge analysis & hydraulic
engineering services company, providing world- calculations, support design for above ground
class environmental studies, engineering and systems, finite element analysis (FEA), dynamic and
project management services across a broad static analysis and vibration prediction & control.
spectrum of civil, infrastructure, oil & gas and www.dynaflowinternational.com
industrial sectors.

FPI PRODUCTS Seawater, chemicals, soil and various atmospheric
conditions typically cause severe corrosion within
FPI currently owns the following trademarks that
are world renowned and trusted in their respective
a short period of time on traditional pipe systems. markets.
AND THEIR APPLICATIONS As an inert material, fiberglass composite pipes
have excellent anti-corrosive properties. Therefore,
when facing high temperatures and pressures, WAVISTRONG FIBERFLOAT FIBERMAR
fiberglass pipes have proven to be the material of
choice due to their anti-corrosive properties and a RED
design life of approximately 50 years. Glass-fiber
Reinforced Polyester and Vinylester (GRP/GRV) PYTHON
pipe systems offer excellent performance in terms
of corrosion resistance and resistance to loads with Type Diameter Range (mm) Pressure Range (bar)
high pressures and temperatures. Epoxy based GRP Pipes 80 – 4000 Up to 25 bar
fiberglass reinforced composites (GRE) also offer GRV Pipes 80 – 4000 Up to 25 bar
superior performance in relation to pressure and GRE Pipes 25 – 1600 Up to 50 bar
temperature, but due to the specialized services
GRE Pipes – High Pressure 50 – 450 Up to 241 bar
and rigorous standards applied to the use of GRE,
Wavistrong H2O Water Series Up to 4000 Up to 25 bar
FPI is one of the few companies globally which is
SRC Pipes 25 – 100 Up to 150 bar
qualified to produce such systems.
Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride
12 – 315 Up to 16 bar
(uPVC) Pipes
FPI has also been involved with tank systems Polyethylene (PE) Pipes 16 – 630 Up to 20 bar
that are offered as a corrosion free alternative Glass Reinforced Tanks Up to 4000 Up to 68000 L
to outdated metal ones, as evidenced by their Concrete Pipes 300 – 2400
increased use in petrol filling stations. Fiber Cement Pipes 50 – 1800

Rubber Gaskets Up to 4000

COMMITMENT FPI’s unrelenting dedication to product quality
and customer service is the reason the Group has
become the preferred supplier of its composite
TO QUALITY range of products amongst many customers
worldwide, ranging from governmental agencies
INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION and contractors to major engineering firms.
AND CERTIFICATIONS Not only does FPI have the largest product
portfolio in the industry, it also has an impressive
list of accreditations and certifications from major
independent international bodies in the fields
of safety, quality and environmental protection.
This stands as a testament to FPI’s commitment to
excellence on the world stage.

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