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Lesson Plan #4 Title: Mentally adding 10 and 100

Performance Objective: Given a two or three-digit number, second grade students will be able
to mentally add or subtract 10 or 100 to a number 8 out of 10 times.
Resources or Materials Needed: craft stick bundles, white boards, markers, hundreds chart,
Time: 65-minute lesson and practice
Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities:
Presentation: (25-30 minutes)
 Teacher presents students with a hundred chart on the white board. The teacher asks
students to giver observations about the hundreds chart. Students should be guided to
notice that the numbers increase by one in rows and by tens in columns.
 The teacher will then give the students the equation 26+10 and ask them to solve using
the hundreds chart. Desired answer is that the student moved down on row on the
hundreds chart to get to 36. The teacher will continue this with the equations
o 45+10
o 89+10
o 20+10
o 22+10
*essential questions the teacher should ask during this discussion are:
What digit stays the same? Which digit is changing? Why?
 The teacher will then ask the students what will happen if they deiced to change the first
equation to 26+100.
 Can we use the 100 chart? ( no because it does not move past 100)
 The teacher will then draw an open number line on the board. (The students have prior
experience with number lines)
How can we use the number line to find the answer to our new equation? ( we can write the
number 26 and make 10 jumps of 10 to equal 126. Teacher asks Which digit is the same? Which
is different? How is this different from when we were adding 10?

 The teacher will continue to work with students to add 100 to the following numbers on
their white boards.
o 375
o 243
o 581
o Challenge 910
Step 3: Learner Participation: (20 minutes)
Students will practice jumping 10 and 100 on the number line on their board for the following
100 +10= 341+100 542+200 675+20 601+40
The teacher will circulate the room to address any misconceptions. Students may use craft stick
bundles when needed.
Step 4: Assessment: (15-20 minutes)
Students will play demolition addition with a partner. Please see references for link.
Step 5: Follow-Through Activities:
Students who do not understand adding and subtracting on the number line may be given a chart
that goes up to 1,000 to add 10 and 100.
Students who grasp the concept will be asked to mentally add the numbers with no visuals.
Lesson Plan Summary:
The main concept for this lesson is for students to understand that only one digit changes when
you are adding and subtracting by tens and ones. The students are familiar with a hundred chart
and a number line so they will be using those tools to add 10 and 100. The teacher will show a
video to introduce the number line and will allow students to play a game in pairs for the
assessment. The students will not be adding mentally in the beginning of the lesson, but will be
expected to for the assessment and from here on out.