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Literature list

Updated Jan. 2018

Inflammation, from cell biology and physiology to pharmacological therapeutic

Jacqueline Lai. Generating memory T cell responses

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Xiaoyang Wang. Gamma delta T

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Aura Zelco. Innate lymphoid cells

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Eridan Rocha Ferreira. Inflammation in neonatal brain injury

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Syam Nair. Design and application of novel drugs for neonatal brain injuries
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Joakim Ek. Blood-brain barrier

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Maria Johansson. Neuro-hormonal regulation of inflammation

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expressed in human atherosclerosis and inhibits disease in mice--brief report.
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2014 Dec;34(12):2632-6.
Literature list
Updated Jan. 2018

Amin Mottahedin. Inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases

1. Chitnis T and Weiner HL. CNS inflammation and neurodegeneration. J Clin Invest.

Karolina Skibicka. Neuroanatomy of infection-induced anorexia

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Ingrid Wernstedt Asterholm. Inflammation in fat

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Agneta Ekman. Inflammation and psychiatric disorders

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Marie Kalm. Cancer irradiation and inflammation

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Peter Thoren. Cardiovascular aspects of inflammation

Book chapters
1. Cardiovascular Physiology, The Mosby physiology monograph series, 9th Edition.,
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Literature list
Updated Jan. 2018

Xiaoyang Wang. Anti-Inflammatory drugs to treat perinatal brain injury

1. Which neuroprotective agents are ready for bench to bedside translation in the
newborn infant? Robertson NJ, Tan S, Groenendaal F, van Bel F, Juul SE, Bennet L,
Derrick M, Back SA, Valdez RC, Northington F, Gunn AJ, Mallard C. J Pediatr. 2012

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