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1. Safety precaution is necessary for retrofitting works Dust Suppression, Noise Control, Access control
1. Precaution measures are to be established.
2. Equipment, Accessories & Machine 2. All accessories using for retrofitting works to be checked and verified, must be safe and fault free.
1. Preparatory work 3. Preventive Measures 3. Only competent person are to be are to be operated grinder, cutter, injector, dust blower etc. First Aid Box
4. Ergonomic and mandatory PPE to be used.
5. PPE 4. All work to be done applying ergonomically fit method.
5. Make available necessary PPE (Dust Mask, Helmet, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles, Gloves, and Coverall etc.)
1. Slip/Trips 1. Never put probes and wires, crossing the access ensure good housekeeping all the times.
2. Work Place Access Policy 2. Unauthorized person and children are not allowed also avoid unnecessary person to the working area.
2. Compliance to 3. Noise 3. Use mandatory PPE to avoid the noise exposure during the grinding operation.
Health and Safety 4. Sparks 4. Use protective equipment, to avoid from produced gaseous, heat of slags and sparks.
Plan 5. Eye injuries 5. Chances is foreign particles into eyes, Safety Goggles to be worn to prevent eye injury.
6. Cuts/scrapes/abrasions/burn 6. Cut, prink, abrasion is possible during retrofitting work, follow safe method of work and use mandatory PPE.
7. Fall 7. Necessary fall protection to be done if work is at height more than 1.8 meter from ground.

1. Nailing & Hammering 1. Be focused on work, use safe holder during the nailing and hammering work, nobody allow to working area.
2. Ladder 2. While using ladder it need to inspect first, then fix it top and bottom with 1:4 inclination ratio.
3. Electrocution 3. Ensure on grounding, appropriate voltage, and proper probes while using electrical tools during the work.
4. Cutting and grinding work to be carried out carefully, Cutting/grinding wheel must test before use.
3. Retrofitting Work 4. Fire/Burns
5. Mend all pipelines cables, cutting, welding and grinding object in safe place to avoid any injury.
5. Trip/Fall
6. Mandatory PPE to be used to save from cut and prick injury.
6. Cut 7. Avoid unnecessary persons at workplace, to protect any workers, staffs and visitor visiting to the work place
7. Workers & Visitors are to be careful with sparks or slag and welding fumes. Advised not to enter affecting area, use proper PPE.

1. Cement, Sand and Aggregates 1. Be careful while handling construction material to avoid body contact, especially proper handling is must for
cement; (Use full body protection, mask, safety goggles, helmet, gumboot etc.)
2. Mixture Machine 2. Cement mixing machine itself is a hazard, only competent person to be handled it, nobody to be near the
3. Mixed Material machine while is in motion.
3. Mixed material to be handle carefully, do not rush and do not throw fetching pan, use mandatory PPE.
4. Concrete Work 4. Vibratory work 4. Be careful and handle with care the vibrator, avoid from body contact especially with face. Use mandatory
5. Slip, Trip & Fall PPE
5. Remove obstacles from accessing road, don’t let access road slippery.
6. Foreign Particles 6. Use safety goggles while handling cement bags and sand to avoid cement & sand particles into eyes.
7. Noise 7. Use applicable hearing protection while operating pumps, vibrators and other noise producing machine and
Health and Safety Plan, Emergency Response Plan,
Protocol Orientation
Safety Induction PPE (Helmet, Safety Shoes, Mask, Safety Goggles, Leather Gloves, Body Harness, Coverall etc.
Toolbox Talk Barricade Tape, Safety Sings
First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher