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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Work-Integrated Learning Programmes Division

First Semester 2018- 2019

Mid-Semester Test
(EC-2 Regular)

Course No. : SEWIZC214

Nature of Exam : Closed Book
Weightage : 30% No. of Pages =1
Duration : 90 minutes No. of Questions = 6
Date of Exam : 18-Nov-2018 FN
1. Please follow all the Instructions to Candidates given on the cover page of the answer book.
2. All parts of a question should be answered consecutively. Each answer should start from a fresh page.
3. Assumptions made if any, should be stated clearly at the beginning of your answer.

Q1. (a). What is the difference between being “Efficient” and being “Effective”? Give
appropriate examples? [2 marks]
(b). What are the three categories based on the Mintzberg model, in which roles played
by a manager can be grouped? [2 marks]

Q2. (a). What are the four principal managerial functions? [2 marks]
(b) State and explain any three principles of management proposed by Henri Fayol that
you feel are still relevant? [3 marks]

Q3. (a). Define parochialism? [2 marks]

(b). Contrast ethnocentric, polycentric and geocentric attitudes towards global business?
[3 marks]
Q4. (a). Explain how external environmental factors affect the organizations performance?
[2 marks]
(b). What are some of the ways in which WIPRO addresses social responsibility? [2 marks]
(c) If you were to head a company, what are some of the steps you would take to make
your company address green management principles? [2 marks]

Q5. (a). Define MBO? Steps in Typical MBO program? What are the Potential problems with
MBO Program? [3 marks]
(b). Explain Hofstede’s framework for assessing culture? [2 marks]
Q6. (a). Define decision making process and the steps involved in it? [2 marks]
(b). Define Group Decision Making (GDM) and different techniques of GDM, explain any
one technique? [3 marks]