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veal ‘OF MYSORE std 1916 ohana Ser aloe 70508 No Acasy361/201838 ate 204 038 NOTIFICATION sa Ao Oceson ofthe Fee committe Mesting held on 19012018 &25.01 2018. Pursuant te the approval of the Vee Chanesllor and pending ratification of te vive Sydieat, the "Fee Structure" with regard wo Admsion, Aiton Examination, ARegisvaton and iss of other creates et, for varius oures nthe Univers ding ‘he Aenceric Yer 201819 hereby nied 0 sructrefor rious cores forthe eam Yen 2018-1, “Tha deals ofthe “Fae Structure, maybe notified on the Notce Board of all the Post-Graduate Departmantfinsttutos/clleges forthe information of stents and the ‘oncered, The copy ofthe detaled "ee Sure i uploaded nthe univer webste anmunimsoreacin, “The concerned can dovnload the nceesar parton ser DEPUTY REGISTRAR (ACADEMIC) te “Te rnp of the lato Consttvnt/Autonomous Colleges of Univers of Mysoe, “The Charpeson falls Gradunte Departments, Manassgangot, Mysore ‘The Registra), Ueriy fore, Mysore. “Tha nance Offexr, Univesity of Mysore, Mysore ‘The Diet, ling Monitoring and valuation Boor, UOM, Mysore ‘he Decoy, PG Centre, Mandya/tassan and Chamarjanagar TheDiretr, lege Developrent Counc, VOM, Mysore The Coordineor, Dredorae of Outreach Orne Prograns, MEMS for ned, The Adminitrative Offer, Manaragengthl, Mysore 10. The Director, KRS/DS}CIST/AmbadarsuclesfNemen studies, MOM 11 The Honorary Decor, Gandhi shaven Manasgaracta More 12 Alltha Heads of Ot-each centers, recognize by te Unhersty of Mysore, Mysore. 13, Althe lead of Specie Mops reognieed by the Univers f Mysore, Mysore {16 The Deans of allraclty, Univesity of Mysore, Mysore. 15. The brain, Univers Urry, Manasagangtr Mysore. 16. The Director, Dep. of Physical Edueatio, Soot Pavon,UOM, Mysore, 17, The o-rdatar NSS Ofc, Centenary Hal, UON, Mysore 18, The Dect, of Sens Welfare, EMRC Bullng, Manasazangot, Nyse. 13. The Dect, neratnal Conte FAC Bung, Manasagangot Myre 20, The Deputy hata, ST Cal Centenary Hal UOM, Myre. 21, The Diet, Oriental assrch institut, Univers of Mysor, Mysore, 22 The Dieta, Univers Schoo of Dein, Senate Bhavan, MGM. 22.The Addons Decor, Kartataka State Audt and Accounts Dept, Regional Office, Jayanaga, Mysore Dion, Mysre 24, The eto, CFTR, ASH, CSTL, RIE, Mysore 25 Pro. Hlementh Kuma’ DOS in Computer Scene, MGM - witha request w upload this otieation inthe Uniesty West for Information forthe tues and the cancomed 26.All the, Deputy Repstrars/feitant Regstrers) Superintendents, Ainisatve/ “Examination Finance ranch, Unversity of Mysore, Mysore 27,The Ato the Vee Chonealor/RepsvarRepsraEvluation (Finance fer, YOM. Mysore 28, Al the cze workers, Bene Section/GIO Caseworker, RB, UOM, Mya". 28 offs copy. ‘ont th spinnin eth si period 4. caer Orne aa spnsred by US: Fresh sso Panews ‘ao Genet 7 Sicandnapation be oa corer and rancher en ogthor 2 2. Feeforappraving sang of Namelce af th alee station | 27950 4. Latefeeforbmison af appieatontesheneatanaravedste | 7050 4th Usury ir pal cerstanes ie permision to a1 oe: eng ST