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In-Charge Process Description

Secures MRF from the Purchasing Office, fills up the

Requesting Party MRF item description and specification of the items being
requested then submit to Procurement Office.

Obtain budget
Procurement Office Sends MRF to Accounting Office for budget clearance
from Accounting Office – Budget Section.

Accounting Office Budget Clearance Verifies if the item requested is listed in the approved
budget of the department.

*Procurement Office Request for Technical Sends MRF for approval and request technical
(Applicable only to Common Specification specification from ITS or PFO or IMS or STRATCOM
items & Hot Items) (which ever is appropriate to the item being

Technical approval
*Technical Consultant Attached the required detailed specification needed in
(Applicable only to Common the canvassing to the MRF then return it to
items & Hot Items) Procurement Office.

Canvass Report Prepares Request for Quotation (RFQ) and sends it to

Procurement Office various suppliers. Thereafter, summarizes quotations
and prepares a Canvass Report, which will be returned
to the requesting party for post-canvass approval.

Evaluate the winning quote, post canvass approve the

Requesting Party PRS MRF then prepares the PRS. Submits the PRS together
with the MRF, Canvass Report, and the quotations to
the Accounting Office for budget-certification.

Assistant Controller for Budget verifies the availability

Budget certification
Accounting Office of funds for such request, initializes the MRF and
returns all documents to the Purchasing Office.

Confirms delivery schedule with the supplier and then

Purchasing Office prepares Purchase Order (PO) and sends these
PO documents to its intended recipients.

Deliver goods to the Warehouse Inventory and

Deliver Goods
Supplier Monitoring Office (for materials and supplies), to the
IT Center (for computers), or to the Requesting Party.

Receiving Unit Inspects items and quantity and compares details

(Warehouse or IT Center) Prepares RR between the Supplier’s Invoice and the Receiving
Report as reflected in the Oracle System. Prepares
Receiving Report (RR) if everything is in order.
Secures acknowledgement of end user in the RR, then
forwards one copy of the Receiving Report together
with the Supplier’s Invoice to the Purchasing Office.

Consolidates all documents and submits the same to

Purchasing Office Consolidates all the Accounting Office for the processing of payment.

Matches invoices against PO and RR and verifies

Accounting Office Prepares Check payment authenticity and accuracy of the supplier’s invoice and
other supporting documents. Prepares and issues
check payment to suppliers.