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I. Fill In The Blanks:

1. No. of females per 1000 males is least in HARYANA.

2. KERALA is the only state where no. of females are more
than males.
3. The latest census of India was carried in 2011 year.
4. Literacy rate of Kerala is 93.91%.
5. 1921 year is known as a year of great divide

II. State weather True or False:

1. The least populated state is Kerala
(The least populated state is Sikkim)
2. Average life expectancy at birth is 67.95%.

3. In India, urban population is more than rural population.

(In India, rural population is more than rural
population, rural population accounts for 68.8% and
urban population accounts for 31.2%)
4. Youth population is maximum in India.
5. % of people living in rural is 68.84%.
6. Average annual growth rate is 2%.
(Average annual growth rate is 1.64%)

 Name the following :

1. Non-working age group comprises of which age group?
 0-14 ; 60 and above

2. Name the state having least density of population.

 Arunachal Pradesh 17 per sq.km.
3. Name the union territory having highest sex ratio.
 Pondicherry

4. Name any 4 urban cities.

5. In how many years is the official enumeration of

population carried out?
 10 years

 Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Which is the world’s fastest growing country in terms of
a. India b. China
c. U.S d. Russia

2. Which is the most densely populated state/UT in India?

a. Delhi b. Bihar
c. Kerala d. Uttar Pradesh

3. What is the population of the world?

a. 7.6 Million b. 7.6 Billion
c. 760 Billion c. 76 Billion
4. Working population includes which age group?
a. 0-14 year’s b. 21-60 years
c. 15-59 years d. 60 and above

5. Name the state having lowest FEMALE literacy rate

a. Haryana b. Patna
c. Rajasthan d. Arunachal Pradesh

6. Which of the following statement defines the density of

a. No. of person living per sq. km.
b. No. of person living per sq.mt.
c. No. of person living per sq. acres
d. No. of person living per sq. hectares

7. Average gender ratio of India is ____?

a. 943 males per 1000 females
b. 943 females per 1000 males
c. 953 males per 1000 females
d. 954 females per 1000 males
8. Most populated state in India is _____?
a. Madhya Pradesh b. Bihar
c. Maharashtra d. Uttar Pradesh

9. India accounts for _____ of the world’s population.

a. 1/5
b. 1/3
c. 2/5
d. ¼

10. Gender ratio of Haryana is ____?

a. 879 females per 1000 males
b. 618 females per 1000 males
c. 879 males per 1000 females
d. 618 males per 1000 females.
Harsh karia 526 ,
Jash shah 554