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Volume 11, Issue 615 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018

Kuta Townhouses
Restaurant & Sport Bar

Real Estate 590,050,000 IDR $55,000 Au $41,000 US
Bargain buy House-HakMilik
Feature property of the week We present a unique investment opportunity to acquire a brand new house of 126sq/m in a
great location. Located among quality private villas, restaurants and cafes, this site is a key
part of this residential Hub, and close to the popular upscale resort area "Nusa Dua". The
site is within 1km of the New Kuta Golf course and Dreamland Surf.
The house is stratergic, at the moment it has 2 bedrooms only and plenty of empty space
left. However it can be rebuild as detailed below:
This is a rare opportunity to acquire a prime house with exceptional attributes and potential.
Contact for inspection: denny@eldersbali.com / +62 819-3718-0007
Email: info@eldersbali.com or phone 0361 475 2046 | www.eldersbali.com | Jl. Patih Jelantik No.203X-A Legian
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner
Parents Should Not Give Children Under 6 Medication
Doctors are warning steam, Echinacea,
MARLEE parents not to give probiotics and eucalyptus
LAMB children less than 6 oil.
y e a r s o l d Since manufacturers and
decongestants to treat various health groups,
such as the American
coughs and colds as

“ the most popular time

for such symptoms is
right around the
Academy of Paediatrics'
and the Food and Drug
Administration, have taken
steps to prevent parents

“ corner.
New research published
last month in the BMJ
shows there isn't enough
evidence that over-the-counter
Paediatricians recommend
from giving such
medication to their kids,
there has been a decline in
related ER visits among
skipping medicines with children.
medications with antihistamines In the past, these medications
antihistamine altogether for
actually relieve a stuffy or runny have been connected to
children younger than 6 and using
nose, and when the patient is hallucination, cardiac arrhythmias,
them with great caution for kids
young enough, it can actually be depressed levels of
between 6 and 12 years old.
harmful. In addition, The New York consciousness and more.
Other, safer treatments for cough
Times reports cough The Times advises parents to be
and cold symptoms include
suppressants don't actually help able to tell the difference between
acetaminophen (children's
kids cough less. the common cold and symptoms
Tylenol) or ibuprofen (children's
What's more, according to that might indicate something
Motrin) for fever, aches and pains,
Consumer Affairs, these more serious, such as breathing
as well as a cool-mist humidifier
medications can result in difficulty, shaking and chills, which
and saline drops for congestion.
insomnia, drowsiness, headache all can be signs of the flu.
Staying hydrated is also crucial.
and upset stomach for adults. In In general, though, a child's
Consumer Affairs warns against
kids, hypertension and immune system can take care of a
other treatments the study found
convulsions are also possibilities. cold in a week to 10 days.
unhelpful: heated air, humidified
Youngest UK lottery millionaire wants a boyfriend
and will pay him 60k a year
Britain's youngest ever open. Jane has a tendency to
lottery millionaire wants be insecure sometimes and
to find a boyfriend - and worries about people's
is offering a lot of cash to motives. She is willing to pay
her future beau. the right price for someone
She's decided to pay
Jane dated X Factor finalist
someone £60,000 a year to
Sam Callahan in 2016 but
take her out on dates.
they split over reports of him
Jane Park hopes that money
cheating. And her
can buy her love and is
relationship with teenage
launching a website
footie ace Jordan Piggott
dedicated to finding Mr Right,
on holidays, cars and plastic ended in heartbreak.
after suffering a string of failed
surgery with her winnings. Before her win she had an £8-an-
A source said: “Jane is amazing hour job as an admin temp and
Potential boyfriends will be able to
and has so much to give but she shared a two-bed Edinburgh
apply for the position, and her
has found herself alone again as council flat with her mum.
quest will be aired as a TV
PT ELDERS INDONESIA documentary next year, according
to the Mirror.
since she won, she's had terrible
But she says life was easier back
Phone : +6221 78840708 “She's never sure whether she is The source added: “Loyalty is the
Jakarta Head Office Bali Branch Office Jane, now 23, was just 17 when
Mobile : +62 812 9719 7414 being loved for herself or for her most important thing to her – the
Wisma Raharja 8th Floor Jl. Teuku Umar No. 341c she won £1 million on her first ever
Email : vanda.patricia@elders.co.id bank balance. So she would rather money is a small price to pay.”
Jl.TB Simatupang Kav.1 Denpasar - Bali - Indonesia lottery ticket and has splashed out
beef.sales@elders.co.id have the arrangement out in the
Cilandak Timur Pasar Minggu sales.admin@eldes.co.id Tel. +62 8283 610 708
Jakarta Selatan yuni.sagita@elders.co.id +62 821-4705-4266 3
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018

Wayang Listrik Meets Gedebong Goyang
A N i g h t o f Wiki, the main event of
the evening will be a
rare appearance of
Wayang Listrik
B a l i n e s e (Electric Shadows)
Entertainment at created by one of Jalan Sahadewa no. 13A LEGIAN - BALI | Ph. +62 877 5417 8579 | Sonnyside Bali | @sonnysidebali
ARMA Museum on B a l i ' s m o s t
accomplished puppet
S a t u r d a y ,
December 1, 2018
masters, I Made Sidia.
Wayang Listrik, also
Open Daily 7am - until late
Join a fun evening known as Wayang Breakfast | Lunch | DInner
dedicated to preserving Skateboard because
Balinese culture in the
digital age at the Agung
the puppeteers uses
skateboards to
Indonesian & Australian Meals (REAL Australian meat and bacon)
Rai Museum on
Saturday, December 1,
achieve locomotion
across the stage, is a
Free WI-FI Vegan options available
2018, sponsored by fusion between a
BASAbali - Wiki – a traditional wayang
community-based (shadow puppet)
organization working to performance and
promote the use of modern technology,
Balinese in daily life. language and other local
languages as means of again underscoring the
On that evening the people of adaptability of local Balinese
Bali and BASAbali -Wiki will supporting traditional Balinese
culture. traditions in the modern age of
receive the 2018 International technology. Not to be missed!
Linguapax Award - the world's The evening promises to be
The evening is free-of charge to Hatten’s Wine
entertaining, eclectic, and
top award for language
electric beginning with the well- local identity card (KTP) holders Rp. 50K/glass Rp. 50K/glass
revitalization projects. The award and US$10 to others. Mojito
known Grup Gedebong Goyang
will recognize BasaBALI's Wiki's
– a comedy group of Balinese- The show begins at 7:00 on Bintang Bucket 4 Bloody Mary
innovative free online Balinese- Espresso Martini
English-Indonesian Wiki speaking Western Women who Saturday, December 1, 2018 at
ARMA Agung Rai Museum of Art
@ 100K Smirnoff Ice Bucket 4 Vodka Sunrise....and many more
shed a hilarious light on cultural
dictionary and virtual library
and linguistic stereotypes in Bali. on Jalan Raya Pengosekan in @ 120K
("BASAbali Wiki"). The Wiki acts Ubud.
as a dynamic and ever-evolving Also appearing will be ARMA's
public cultural resource that Children Gamelan and Dance
engages the support of scholars Group - Sanggar Kumarasari. www.balidiscovery.com
and community members in Following the presentation of the
strengthening the Balinese Linguapax Award to BASABali

For Reservation :
+62 361 761 / +62 877 603 679 32
Jl. Legian, La’ Walon Centre, Kuta - Bali
Photos & Info : www.bali-mamas.com

RESERVE FOR GROUP BOOKINGS Ph. +62 877 5417 8579
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner
The Very Bare Necessities of Life 'Exceptional' white truffle sold for 85,000 euros
Bali Provincial paid an unmarried A rare 850 gram white to 600 to 700 Euros for
employee who has truffle was auctioned 100 gram. This year we
Minimum Wage went to 250 Euros and
been employed for less for 85,000 Euros
for 2019 Set at Rp. than one year. Wage ($96,000) in the Italian now it is around 350
2,297,968 . levels paid to region of Alba, with the Euros," for nuggets
The Province of Bali employees with more weighing an average of
anonymous Hong 20 grams, said Antonio
published a decree on than one year's Kong buyer paying
November 1, 2018, seniority should be Degiacomi, head of Italy's
nearly 30 times this National Centre for Truffle
announcing that the negotiated on a year's market price for Studies.
minimum wage on the bilateral basis between smaller nuggets. Degiacomi said rains and
Island will increase by the employer and The annual auction held in storms in July and August
Rp. 170,811.70 or and economic growth, and employee. the region near Turin saw this year had provided
8.03% in 2018. considering basic living Companies that are unable to the unusually large white ample water, which is
The current 2018 Bali minimum requirements, the Provincial pay the minimum wage set forth truffle sold at a price that region are highly sought after and perfect for the truffles.
wage is Rp. 2,127,157 raises to Government of Bali has a in the Governor's Regulation can would value it at 100 Euros per are unearthed between "It is characterised by an intense
Rp. 2,297,968.70 on January 1, minimum wage rate (UMP) for apply for special consideration or gram. September 21 and January 31. perfume, which conjures romantic
2019. 2019 as set forth in Gubernatorial an exception from the Provincial "The price of this exceptional This year's harvest was excellent, encounters, the forests, nature. It
NusaBali reported a press Regulations Number 87 of 2018 Manpower Office. truffle does not correspond to the both in terms of quantity and is very evocative," said
statement by the head of Public on Provincial Minimum Wages. It is expected that the regencies market price, which this year is quality, after a difficult season last Degiacomi.
Relations and Protocol for the This regulation becomes and Denpasar metropolitan around 350 Euros for 100 grams. year. Alba has hosted truffle auctions for
Provincial Secretary, I Dewa effective January 1, 2019. governments within the province "What explains this high bid is the The bumper harvest has brought 88 years as part of its annual truffle
Gede Mahendra, released on Businesses and companies can will soon announce their UMP for fact that the sale is for charity and the regular market price down to fair, which goes on for around two
Tuesday, November 11, 2018. 2019. also the rarity of a 850 gram truffle, the applause of restaurateurs and months.
now budget their wages.”
Mahendra, in announcing the because the bigger the truffle the gourmets. This year's event was held in
Dewa Mahendra elaborated
minimum wage increase, said: more valuable it is." "Last year, because of the drought conjunction with Hong Kong,
explaining that the new minimum www.balidiscovery.com The white truffles of the Alba
“Taking note of the productivity that drove a weak harvest, we got where the buyer was located.
wage is based on what should be


Jl. Poppies I, Pasar Agung, Kuta- Bali Å 0821 444 500 99, Website: www.kutatownhouses.com
*Phone bookings, for free pickups of large groups

Rp. 8.600.000

6 7
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner
Fit to Fly Garuda Can Fix Your Plane
The emergency review issued by the regulators”. Thailand and Bangladesh.
was ordered by the Garuda Indonesia operates one GMF – Garuda
GMF Aero Asia is busy
Indonesian Air Authorities B737-Max8. The airline is Indonesia's Repair serving aircraft from the
following the Crash of the coordinating closely with Boeing and Maintenance Philippines, India and South
Lion Air Boeing 737-Max 8 Aircraft Corporation in S u b s i d i a r y Korean. Iwan added: “We
on Monday, October 29, implementing mitigations and are also opening a service
2018. updates in the Flight Crew Contributes US$27
facility in South Korea,
Garuda Indonesia Confirms Following the audit, the Operating Manual Bulleting Million in Profits Australia, and the UAE. In
Airworthiness of its Sole DKPPU said that their routine (FCOM) issued by Boeing. The Through Q3 2018. this way, we plan to expand
inspection found no problems, FCOM was recently updated at the PT Garuda Maintenance our 30% share of the
Boeing 737-Max 8 Aircraft
found no outdated components instruction of the U.S. Federal Facility Aero Asia – also international market.
Garuda Indonesia has issued a
installed on the plane, and Aviation Administration (FAA) and known as the Garuda Meanwhile for the domestic
statement assuring that its Boeing
determined the engines of the Boeing Corporation with Maintenance Facility (GMF) market, much of GMF's work
737-Max 8 Aircraft is 100%
plane were suffering no technical instructions on how to handle has secured a reputation as a comes from its affiliates:
malfunction. possible malfunctions of the major player in the regional Garuda Indonesia and
As reported by Balipost.com,
The Technical Director of Garuda B737's angle of attack sensors. aircraft maintenance, repair, market. This year, 30% of our Citilink. By next year GMF
Garuda issued its assurance after
Indonesia, I Wayan Susena, said In a related development, Garuda and overhaul (MRO) sector. GMF business will be for international targets that 50% of its business will
a special inspection of the Garuda
that in its role as a national flag Indonesia underwent an audit has established a market base airlines and 70% for domestic come from non-affiliated airlines.
B737 was performed by the
carrier Garuda Indonesia always done once every two years in April that includes both domestic and aircraft.” Through Q3 of 2018, GMF noted
Directorate of Airworthiness and
places it commitment to safety at of 2018 in order to renew for the international airlines. Iwan said that GMF is working to an income increase of 7.8%
Aircraft operations (DKPPU) at the
the forefront of its operations. He sixth time its IATA Operational Quoted by Balipost.com, the CEO secure a larger share of the Asia- totaling US$334.7 million this
Ministry of Transportation.
continued, saying that safety is at Safety Audit Certificate (IOSA). of GMF, Iwan Joeniarto, speaking Pacific aircraft repair and resulted in a net profit of US$27
The special review on the B737
the core of the Company's In 2008, Garuda Indonesia at a general shareholders meeting maintenance market. After million dollar through the end of Q3
included repetitive problems and
operations and corporate culture. became the first Indonesian Airline in Jakarta, on Tuesday, November successfully securing contracts 2018.
established practices for
Adding: “In undertaking our to obtain IOSA Certification. 6, 2018, said: “Last year only 16% from the Philippines, India, and
troubleshooting any problems on
operations, Garuda Indonesia of our jobs were from the South Korea, he said GMF is now www.balidiscovery.com
the B737. www.balidiscovery.com
continues to follow all instructions international aircraft maintenance receiving orders from Greece,

London Calling
Garuda to He also admitted that
the earlier use of a
R e s u m e Boeing 777 aircraft had
Immigration & Business Consultants London to Bali a high operating cost,
Australian & New Zealand Tourist Visa Agent F l i g h t s particularly as the
November 15, runway at Jakarta's
Specializes in Indonesian Visas and Australian Tourist Visas.
Soekarno-Hatta Airport
Our service include: 2018 was inadequate to allow
Indonesian Tourist Visa (Visa On Arrival) The State News
* Single Agency Antara
the aircraft to operate
* MultipleEntry Business Visas
Entry Business Visa reports that the
while fully loaded.
* Social Cultural Visa Retirement Visa Indonesian National
The National Statistic
* Working Permit Visa - KITAS * New Zealand Visas Flag Carrier Garuda
Agency (BPS) in Bali
* Spouse Visa/Kitas for foreign woman * Indonesian Passport Indonesia will
reports that UK
* married in Indonesia
* Multiple Exit / Re-Entry Permit recommence it Danadiputra, announced on
travelers coming to Bali
* Exit Permit Only (EPO) Jakarta-London flights with an Saturday, November 10, 2019,
occupies a fourth ranking after
* Specialising Australian intermediate stop in Singapore. “We have revived (the flight)
China, Australia, and India. The
* Australian Business VisaTourist Visa Once landed in London, the because I see the market has
BPS also records that for the
* Fiance / Spouse / same aircraft will fly from developed, but it's the cost
period January-September
* De Facto Migration Visa London to Bali (Denpasar), structure which we are
2018 a total of 210,262 UK
travelers came to Bali,
Indonesia. reviewing.”
* Australian Declaratory Visa
Resident Return Visa The service will commence He said the cost structure being
representing an increase of
* on November 15, 2018. reviewed is a comparative
9.3% when compared to the
same period in 2017.
Address: Jl. Mertanadi No. 24 C (Close to Bali Bakery) Kuta, Bali - 80361 The CEO of Garuda Indonesia, advantage of using Boeing 777
Phone / Fax : (0361) 894 7520 | +62 89 650 323 020 I Gusti Ngurah Askhara or Airbus 330-300 on the flight. www.balidiscovery.com
Email: info@easysolutionsbali.com or ozvisasbali@gmail.com
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Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner
Historic Harvest of The grapes picked on
First Crop of Shiraz November 2nd will result
Grapes at Hatten in a limited bottling of
perhaps 2,000 bottles
Vineyard in North Bali available starting in late
On Friday, November 2,
2019. The pickings in
2018, Hatten Wines held a
Bali was promising and
fun-filled harvest party at
all look forward to tasting
their vineyard in Seririt,
to see how the adaptive
Gerokgak, North Bali.
Syrah grape embraces
Live music and a BBQ set the
Bali's tropical terroir.
stage for a tasting “among
Wherever it is grown,
the vines” of some of
Syrah grapes render full-
Hatten's most cherished past
bodied wine with soft
vintages and the chance to
tannin. Look for a fruit-
be on hand for the first-ever
filled experience with
harvest of Syrah Grapes
hints of dry leather,
anywhere in Indonesia.
licorice and anise.
Several year in the growing
Hopefully, someone will
and nurturing in the seaside
have the discipline and
vineyard facing the Bali Sea,
restraint to lay aside a
the transplanted cuttings
few bottles of this new
came from Australia.
wine in order to explore
The Syrah or Shiraz grape is
its aging potential.
a lush, dark-skinned grape the varietals grown in
Syrah is the world's 7th most
that is, in fact, a hybrid of two Indonesia, the harvest part
grown wine grape planted in
lesser-known grapes marks an important
Europe, South America,
originating in southeastern benchmark in the 25 year
South Africa, Australia, New
France: Dureza and history of Hatten Wines.
Zealand, and the USA. Part
Mondeuse Blanche.
of a bold initiative to expand


Email : reservation@brazilianaussiebbq.com

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Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner
What research says about bitter food & personality
If you have a taste for out that"psychopathy
bitter foods and drinks, is...conceptualized as a
one study suggests you personality trait that falls
could be more likely to along a continuum,"
exhibit psychopathic meaning that those who
and sadistic personality exhibit the trait aren't
traits but, as always, necessarily "the most
there's a catch. calculating of criminals."
In 2015, researchers She also took issue with
working with the University media reports labeling those
of Innsbruck in Austria who drink black coffee and
surveyed nearly 1,000 gin and tonic as
Americans about their food psychopaths.
tastes. In two different
studies, they asked about
individual bitter foods like black
coffee, radishes and tonic water.
"The only thing this study
found was a weak positive
We supply High Premium Quality Beef
subjects' taste for sweet, sour,
salty and bitter food and drinks.
"The results suggest that how
much people like bitter tasting
relationship between
psychopathy and a general for Hotels, Restaurants and villas
They then cross-referenced foods and drinks is stably tied to penchant for bitter things," Willis
taste preferences with self- how dark their personality is," opined. "In my view, this link is
reported data from four different researchers Christina negligible compared with other,
more well-established predictors Jl. Raya Cileungsi, Jonggol Km 6 no.4 Gandoang. - Kec. Cileungsi Kab. Bogor 16020
personality surveys designed to S a g i o g l o u a a n d To b i a s
of psychopathy, such as a Tlp. (021) 290 996 86, Faximile: (021) 290 996 87
gauge antisocial personality Greitemeyerb wrote. They
person's genes or sex." Phone: 0812 8565 285(wa) | Hp. 081808985323 ( Yani )
traits like psychopathy, sadism, warned, though, that research
narcissism and aggression. linking taste preferences to In a more recent interview with
Health magazine, Roosevelt
While researchers did ask those
surveyed how much they liked
personality traits is "still in its
early stages" and "evidence is University Professor Steven Proudly Sponsored
Myers echoed Willis' sentiments:
individual bitter foods and drinks,
they found that those who
still scarce" in general.
Writing for The Conversation in "The findings need to be “ Recipe of the week “
broadly said they enjoyed bitter 2015, Australian Catholic interpreted with caution, and the
foods were more likely to exhibit University senior lecturer Megan results would need to be
antisocial personality traits, not
those who said they liked
Willis, who was not associated
with the Innsbruck study, pointed
replicated by others before they
deserve widespread attention." Chicken Massaman Curry
SpaceX's Starman Roadster has ventured past Mars Ingredients Directions:
Starman and its years from now on 1 tablespoon vegetable oil Step 1
Tesla Roadster are November 4th, 8 chicken lovely legs Heat oil in a large, deep frying pan over medium-
2020, and even 1 brown onion, sliced high heat. Add chicken. Cook, turning, for 5 to 6
officially a long, minutes or until browned all over. Transfer to a
long way from then it'll be 0.35AU 1/2 cup massaman curry paste
(32 million miles) 1 star anise
home. 400ml can coconut milk
Step 2
SpaceX has confirmed away. It'll be much Add onion to pan. Cook, stirring, for 4 minutes or
closer to Mars, 1 chicken stock cube, crumbled until starting to brown. Add curry paste and star
that Falcon Heavy's 1 tablespoon brown sugar anise. Cook for 1 minute or until fragrant. Reserve 2
test payload has getting within
0.05AU (4.6 million 2 large carrots, thickly sliced diagonally tablespoons coconut milk. Add remaining coconut
passed Mars' orbit, 500g baby white potatoes, halved milk, stock cube, sugar and 1/2 cup water to pan.
putting it at one of its miles) on October 2 tablespoons roasted peanuts, chopped Bring to a simmer.
greatest distances 6th of that year. You 1 long red chilli, sliced Step 3
away from the Sun (it may not see a truly 1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander leaves Return chicken to pan with carrot and potato.
moment it's going to be a long close Earth visit 2 tablespoons fried shallots Return to a simmer. Reduce heat to low. Cook,
should reach its far point on covered, for 45 minutes. Uncover. Cook for a
November 8th at 1.66AU, or time before Starman is close to until 2091. Short of a purposeful 4 cups steamed jasmine rice further 15 minutes or until sauce thickens and
155 million miles). While it isn't Earth. encounter or an unexpected Lime wedges, to serve chicken is tender.
about to rendezvous with Mars, According to models by Ben collision, Starman could be Step 4
this is no mean feat for an EV- Pearson, the space borne quite lonely for thousands or Combine peanuts, chilli and coriander in a small
dummy won't make a close even millions of years. bowl. Drizzle curry with reserved coconut milk.
toting mannequin. And you Sprinkle with nut mixture and fried shallots. Serve
might want to remember this approach to Earth until two with rice and lime wedges.
12 13
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 Sports Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 Sports Corner
Mad Max's Ocon clash is just tip of the iceberg Aussie icon calls for end to Handscomb's Test exile
which caused Hamilton to and lose time. The subsequent Ryan Harris backs and scoring two centuries
Peter Handscomb to and two fifties. Earlier this
question 21-year-old penalty led to an angry outburst
month he told reporters he
Verstappen's maturity. Hamilton from the Red Bull driver who called flourish if given Test has reverted back to the
apologised later for calling it “bulls***” over the radio. recall against India method that brought him
Verstappen a “d***head”. In addition to the five-second Ryan Harris has backed that success.
Ve r s t a p p e n v R i c c i a r d o , penalty, two points were also Victoria captain Peter “It's a bit of a mindset
Hungarian Grand Prix 2018 added to Verstappen's licence Handscomb to flourish if thing, going back to
On the first lap of the race in after the stewards had reviewed he is recalled to the Test believing my technique is
Hungary, Verstappen crashed into the video evidence from the team this summer. g o o d e n o u g h , ”
From Daniel Ricciardo to Handscomb was left out of
teammate Daniel Ricciardo, collision. Handscomb said after his
Lewis Hamilton: A long the squad that toured the century against South
history of the Max sending the Australian into a spin Verstappen v Ricciardo – Part II, United Arab Emirates in Australia.
Verstappen's F1 feuds after which forced him out of the race. In Mexican Grand Prix 2018 October and has only “I had this technique for
a Sky Sports interview after the On what should have been a good played one Test since
Esteban Ocon shove who is coaching the Cricket Australia three or four years before
race, Ricciardo called his fellow weekend for the Red Bull team being dropped two games into last XI outfit that will face South Africa on playing for Australia, then I made runs
Max Verstappen is no stranger to
Red Bull driver “amateur” and after Ricciardo took pole position summer's Ashes campaign. Wednesday, told SEN on Monday. with this technique as soon as I played
confrontation and shoving match The right-hander has been in good
added he made a “very poor in qualifying and Verstappen “He's done a lot of work on his for Australia. Then I tinkered with it,
between he and Esteban Ocon is touch on the domestic scene,
mistake”. second, the latter was unhappy technique, he's done a lot of work on and more form started to drop.
just the most recent in a string of averaging 51.57 in the one-day cup
Verstappen later apologised for with his teammate's celebrations. his game and he's gone away and “I've gone back to doing what I do
bust-ups with fellow Formula One and scoring a century in the most really well, backing in my strengths.
the incident and was given a 10- According to the Dutchman's made quite a few runs.
drivers. recent round of the Sheffield Shield. “He made a hundred in Shield cricket I'm feeling really good. I feel
second penalty by the race father Jos Verstappen, his son got Harris believes the 27-year-old has
Ve r s t a p p e n v R a i k k o n e n , and four or five fifties in a row in JLT, so comfortable and good with my game.”
stewards. three hours sleep because he was ironed out the flaws in his game that
Belgian Grand Prix 2016 he's probably one who could Handscomb will get his next
Verstappen v Bottas, Italian angry and only wanted to win the England exposed last summer, and is
The pair clashed twice during the potentially come in.” opportunity to push for Test selection
Grand Prix 2018 race. primed to make the most of his next in a Sheffield Shield clash against
race, on the opening and second Handscomb took to Test cricket like a
Verstappen was given a five- Ricciardo has decided to leave opportunity at the highest level. duck to water back in 2016, averaging Tasmania, starting on Saturday.
laps, which prompted an angry
second penalty after his collision Red Bull for Renault next season “I think he (Handscomb) would be one 99.75 across his first four matches
outburst from Kimi Raikkonen. I would like to see in there,” Harris,
with Valtteri Bottas' Mercedes and has insisted he was “done”
In the second incident, Raikkonen
was forced to lift to avoid going into
which forced Bottas to miss a turn with the team.
Confident India wary of Australia
the back of Verstappen, 18, Rohit Sharma: India they are to take their home
after he moved across the consistency to Australia.
confident but Australia
circuit, and the Finn said on “Australia will be a different ball
the radio: “Clearly his only
will be a different ball game I completely understand.
interest is pushing me off game But I think the things that we
BATSMAN Rohit Sharma said have been doing as a team and
the circuit completely.”
India were brimming with as a player, we keep repeating
Verstappen v Hamilton, confidence after their crushing
Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 it,” he said.
home victories over the West “The best teams in the world
The Dutch driver and Lewis Indies — but warned that keep repeating those
Hamilton came together at winning their first Test series in performances. It will be
the Bahrain Grand Prix, with Australia was a challenge of a important for us that we start
the Red Bull driver forced to different order. “I think we have got to be at our best fresh. Not think about what we have
retire after receiving a India completed a 3-0 Twenty20 and when you win a series like this done in the past.”
puncture from a collision series sweep over the West Indies on (West Indies) and when you play like Sharma, the only batsman to hit four
Sunday, to add to their 2-0 Test that in the tournament you are high on T20 centuries, is part of India's squad
whitewash and 3-1 victory in the ODIs, confidence. It's all about taking that for the Tests which start in Adelaide on
extending their dominating home confidence to Australia and doing December 6 after being overlooked
form. what we did as a team.” for the five-day games in England.
But Sharma said an away series India barely have time to catch their “I am someone who doesn't think too
Jl. Padma No.17, Legian, Bali Phone: 0811 388 037 against old rivals Australia, even breath before heading on Friday to far ahead. So I am focusing on the T20
www.moomoos-bali.com | moo_moos@rocketmail.com without their batsmen Steve Smith, Australia, where the first of three T20 series first,” said Sharma.
David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, matches is in Brisbane on November “Of course the Test match is
who are banned for ball-tampering, 21. They will also play four Tests and something that I was looking forward
would be a much sterner test. three ODIs. for a long time and it will be nice to go
“Australia is always challenging when The world's number one Test side are out there and represent India in Tests,
it comes to going out there and only too aware that away from home, but we want to win the T20s first.” He
performing. Every time you go there, their form is fragile. They went down added: “The last time (2015-16) we
you are tested as a player, as an 2-1 in South Africa and then 4-1 in played a T20 format in Australia we
individual and as a team as well,” the England this year. won 3-0.”
veteran opener said after Sunday's Sharma said India must “start fresh”
win. and forget about their recent wins if

14 15
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 Sports Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 Sports Corner
Embarrassing blooper reel exposes Vettel truth Serena image sparks furious fan reaction
How Sebastian Vettel threw Bottas caused this error in France, devastating. Hamilton took his place Fans are losing their minds at this
away the 2018 title to Lewis although, the consequences were far and eventually the win, while Vettel, who
worse. The Ferrari driver was a span out, recovered to fourth. Serena Williams front page
Hamilton Serena Williams has once again found herself in the
passenger as he ran into the left-rear of J A PA N – C O N TA C T W I T H
How Sebastian Vettel would like the Mercedes at Turn 1 and lost several VERSTAPPEN middle of another social media storm after appearing on
to have his time in 2018 again. places. Bottas was worse off and Running fourth, finished sixth (four the front cover of GQ magazine.
The German lost the world finished seventh. But Vettel didn't fare points) The internationally-acclaimed men's publication,
championship to a Mercedes for a fifth- much better in his recovery, ending the The pressure was immense on Vettel by
consecutive year on Monday morning,
understandably trying its best to appease a wider range of
race in a distant fifth. His teammate Kimi this stage as the championship drifted readers, picked the 37-year-old tennis champ as its
but this time wasn't so palatable. Raikkonen – who started the race in away, just as Ferrari introduced failed
In the years since his last title in 2013, sixth - finished comfortably in third. upgrades which they have since
Woman of the Year for 2018.
neither Vettel nor anyone else held even AUSTRIA – THREE-PLACE PENALTY reverted back from. Vettel had suffered The honour — last won by actor Gal Gadot in 2017 — didn't
a remote chance of matching the might Qualified third, started sixth, finished his worst qualifying result of the season sit well with a number of ardent Serena fans, who took to
of the Mercedes. third (10 points) (ninth) after botching his only attempt at social media to tear into GQ for placing quotation marks
That goal was not only plausible this A dawdling Vettel blocked the racing line a dry lap before the rain fell. Desperate around the word “woman”.
year for Vettel and his improved Ferrari - at Turn 1 for Carlos Sainz during to climb his way through the field on race Some critics claimed the use of the inverted commas were
it was wholly attainable. qualifying, earning himself a three-place day, he made it to fourth before linked to ugly accusations surrounding the 23-time grand
History books will show Vettel's 2018 grid penalty for the race. That forced him attempting an all-or-nothing move on slam champion's gender.
was just another season that fell victim to start from sixth, before gaining three Verstappen at Spoon Curve. He made
to Mercedes' dominance of the hybrid “Someone I follow pointed out that @GQMagazine
places to finish third. He finished only contact and span out, losing several
era. The truth is far more unflattering to decided to put woman in quotes on Serena's cover and I
three seconds behind race-winner Max positions just like he did at Monza.
the man once considered the next Verstappen, which begged the question UNITED STATES – THREE-PLACE too am offended and disgusted knowing the gender slights
Michael Schumacher. of; what could have been if not for the P E N A LT Y A N D R I C C I A R D O and digs people still throw at @serenawilliams,” one
There was only a three-race spell after penalty? CONTACT furious Twitter user posted.
the Italian Grand Prix in which Qualified second, started A quick Google search of designer Virgil Abloh — who is
he could convincingly argue fifth, finished fourth (13 credited as the handwriter on the front page under
the Mercedes package was points) Williams' name — suggests the critics may have misfired in
faster. This was a train wreck from their social media storm. The world famous designer's use
Ve t t e l w a s n o t o n l y start to finish. It's not often
outclassed by the superior
of quotation marks has become a trademark of his work. It
someone earns themselves a has even been suggested he copyright his “unique” style.
pace and race craft of Lewis race penalty on the Friday,
Hamilton. He was beaten by but Vettel did exactly that It's not the first time Williams has been the topic of
himself. when he was deemed to have heated public debate this year.
Whether it was gaining
careless penalties, making
ignored red flag conditions in EXPERIENCED SUCCESSFUL TELESALES A blow-up at the chair umpire during her US Open
practice. He was beaten by
unnecessary contact with Hamilton in qualifying by EXECUTIVES REQUIRED final with Naomi Osaka split opinions around the
championship also-rans or 0.061 seconds, but started world over whether she saw treated unfairly because
crashing under no pressure, the race in fifth due to his Do you have a successful record of accomplishment in of her gender.
Vettel was his own worst penalty. Vettel didn't make it The controversy rose to melting point when Herald
enemy at every turn. professional telephone sales?
GERMANY – CRASH WITHOUT through the first lap cleanly, making Sun cartoonist published a caricature of the US star
It's not too far of a stretch to say the 31- PRESSURE contact for the fourth time this season. If so my clients would be very interested to speak to you.
having a tantrum while jumping on her racket.
year-old threw away five podiums and Running first, DNF (25 points) Once again it was Vettel who span, This is not a temporary posi on or an hourly job, they are
The debate stems from ongoing attacks against the
69 points through errors this season, Arguably his worst mistake and the while Daniel Ricciardo was clear to looking for money hungry, driven and mo vated sales
while handing Hamilton handy bonuses
nine-figure star over her muscular physique. In early
season's defining moment. Vettel was continue. execu ves that can meet and exceed targets.
along the way. He trails the world leading his home Grand Prix on Lap 51
2018, Williams looked back on a career of constant
Like in Japan and Italy, Vettel wasn't
champion by 64 after the title-decider in before light drizzle began to fall in penalised for the incident. But Sky F1's
jabs from offensive fans.
Ÿ Fully qualified leads “People would say I was born a guy, all because of
Mexico. Hockenheim. The rain made the track Martin Brundle said his spin outs are no
AZERBAIJAN - BIG LOCK-UP slightly greasy for the then- Ÿ An excellent working environment my arms, or because I'm strong,” she told Business
Running second, finished fourth (six championship leader, who lost control of “He might be doing something on a Ÿ Excep onal bonus scheme and incen ve Insider in June. “I was different to Venus: She was
points) his Ferrari and put it into the wall in the reducing throttle and panic braking as Ÿ Full training provided thin and tall and beautiful, and I am strong and
The first cracks began to appear in arena section. He was devastated, he recognises contact is imminent, Ÿ Free accommoda on for one month muscular – and beautiful, but, you know, it was just
Azerbaijan in April when Vettel made a slamming his fists on the steering wheel causing the front axle to load up and the Ÿ Business visa provided totally different.”
desperate lunge for the lead following a and saying on team radio: “F*** sake … rear to unload. She also wrote a heartfelt letter to her mother last
safety car period. Vettel was in second sorry guys, s***.” “Or simply the Ferrari's brake and
when the safety car returned to the pits Why Telesales? year after becoming a mother, briefly touching on
ITALY – CONTACT WITH HAMILTON engine braking/harvesting parameters
four laps from the end. He risked it all Running second, finished fourth (six accusations over drug use.
c o m b i n e t o e ff e c t i v e l y p u l l t h e
with a late dive up the inside of then- points) 'handbrake' on. We haven't seen Telephone sales offers you an opportunity to take control of “I've been called man because I appeared outwardly
leading Valtteri Bottas, but only Ferrari held a front-row lockout at its Raikkonen do that though,” he wrote for your future and shape your career in sales. The skills you will strong,” she wrote. “It has been said that that I use
succeeded in performing a giant lock- home Grand Prix and continued to run in Sky Sports. acquire alongside your personal a ributes of self- drugs (No, I have always had far too much integrity to
up. With his tyres severely flat-spotted, one and two approaching Turn 4 on Lap Raikkonen claimed the win for Ferrari mo va on, intelligence and a strong desire to succeed will behave dishonestly in order to gain an advantage). It
Vettel nursed the car home in fourth 1. Hamilton out braked Vettel and took while Hamilton was forced into two- has been said I don't belong in Women's sports -- that
guarantee your future sales success.
while Hamilton claimed the win courtesy the inside for the second turn of the left- stopping and later conceded that Ferrari I belong in Men's -- because I look stronger than
of a late Bottas puncture. r i g h t c h i c a n e . Ve t t e l s l i g h t l y was faster on the day. Given Ferrari's many other women do. (No, I just work hard and I was
FRANCE – FIVE-SECOND PENALTY understeered and couldn't avoid contact willingness to implement team orders, Please send your cv and covering le er to :
Running third, finished fifth (five points) globalplacements@tutanota.com born with this badass body and proud of it).”
which was for Hamilton no one would have competed with Vettel
Another lock-up while trying to pass inconsequential, but for the German, for the race win here.

16 17
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 Sports Corner

24 25
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 Sports Corner

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Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner
Playboy Model Under Fire After Nude Photo shoot 27 Countries That Accept U.S. Dollars as Currency
???? Go Figure...... One of the biggest
hassles of travelling
change and small items.
Balboa banknotes were
Playboy model Marisa amount of security cameras mosque. internationally is briefly printed in 1941 by
Papen made headlines there. They literally have every Despite being interrogated by having to exchange President Arnulfo Arias but
square centimetre covered. We local police and followed by were recalled and burned
when she was arrested money. But the U.S.
several days later by the
decided to wait for a guided armed guards during the dollar (USD) is widely
for posing naked at the group and while the guide was duration of their stay, the pair new regime, giving them
Karnak Temple Complex accepted in many the name "The Seven Day
telling his story and everyone reported that the experience countries, both
near the Egyptian city of was paying attention, it was was worth the risk and they Dollar.”
officially and A f t e r b e c o m i n g
Luxor. Now, she's under game-time.” were able to leave the country u n o f f i c i a l l y. S o m e independent, Palau, the
fire again for posing in a “It was all done very safely. nations have adopted Marshall Islands and the
spontaneously. Inside the Marisa compared the photo
burka inside the Hagia our currency as their other former members of
mosque, we were hidden in shoot to a James Bond movie. own while others use the U.S.-administered
Sophia mosque in Turkey plain sight. There is also a “Jesse and I like to think of the U.S. dollar as their official
Trust Territory of the Pacific
and lifting up the burka to dollars in addition to their tender. But so do two British
serene calmness inside which ourselves as a modern day own accepted legal tender. Islands chose not to issue their
reveal that she had Overseas Territories Turks and
helped everything unfold the Bonnie and Clyde on a James Plagued by hyperinflation, own currency: Insead, they've all
Caicos and the British Virgin
nothing on underneath, way it was supposed to. We Bond mission, loving every Zimbabwe ditched its currency in relied on American tender since
even went back for a second minute for the danger that 1944.
reports The Sun. April 2009. (Customers got tired of Some countries have pegged their
The U.S. dollar is also the world's
The Belgian model has posed time the next day because we continuously presents itself to trying to break 100 trillion-dollar currency to the dollar at a set ratio,
were not happy with the initial us.” bills.). And while South African foremost reserve currency. (Most
naked in various sites around a process called "dollarization":
rands, Botswana pulas, Chinese American banknotes are actually
the world, calling herself a “free- shots.” Jesse added, “It can be Barbados has permanently tied
yuans and British pounds all used, held outside the United States.)
spirited and wild-hearted In addition to the shot of Marisa extremely testing mentally, the Barbadian dollar to the USD at
Economist like Milton Friedman
inside the mosque, Jesse also physically and also between us, prices are marked in dollars in the a rate of 2:1, making converting
expressionist.” She has caused capital city of Harare. have long maintained that demand
took photos of her posing naked but It is always a real prices simple.
many uproars due to her As U.S. territories, Puerto Rico, for dollars has allowed the U.S. to
on a rooftop that overlooked the adventure.” Panama has been using the dollar
penchant for posing nude in Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, incur serious trade deficits without
since it gained independence at
public places, including American Samoa and the devaluing the currency or
the start of the 20th century. Coins,
criticism from religious Northern Mariana Islands all use upsetting trade.
called balboas, are used for
communities after doing a nude
photo shoot in front of the The real Super Mario' dies aged 84
Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, game hero carried
Mario Segale,
Israel, considered an important his name.
and incredibly sacred space in the man after
According to his
Judaism. whom video
obituary, Mr Segale
Marisa and Australian game hero "always ducked the
photographer Jesse Walker Super Mario notoriety and
flew to Istanbul, Turkey, to shoot was named, has wanted to be known
some photos for his label ENKI instead for what he
died aged 84.
Eyewear. They entered the accomplished in his
former Byzantine cathedral and Mr Segale was a
life". He leaves
Ottoman mosque with the successful
behind his wife
intention of trying to sneak in a I t a l i a n - Donna, four children
photo of her revealing her A m e r i c a n a n d n i n e
genital area. he was "still waiting for my
property developer from royalty cheques".
grandchildren.The Mario series
Marisa described the is often cited as the most
the US state of Super Mario was originally
experience, “Unlike Egypt, we successful video games
did not have a solid plan this Washington. called Jumpman until Nintendo
In the 1980s, he leased a franchise of all time.
time. No preparation at all, but decided it wanted to give the
warehouse to Nintendo of The plumber's latest adventure,
endless imagination and a character a proper name. Mr
America who decided to name S u p e r M a r i o O d y s s e y, i s
pretty strong foundation.” Segale said it was Minoru
the star of their new video game currently the best-selling game
She added, “After waiting in a Arakawa, who had been tasked
after him. Mr Segale joked to on the new Nintendo Switch
long queue to enter, we were with setting up Nintendo of
the Seattle Times in 1993 that console and has sold more than
caught off guard with the America, who told him the video
12 million copies.
22 23
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There's a lot of tension in the air today, Aries. Perhaps you feel Today you could put a stop to your activities for a little while, Libra.
like no one is listening to you, and that people are draining your You may take a good, hard look at things and realize that the
energy. You may act defensively and even occasionally become climate of trust you need in order to be productive and creative is
very angry. It's possible that no one has seen in you in such a missing at the moment. It's a good time to get some order back
Mar 21 state before. Don't be afraid to express your anger. Repressed Sept 24 into your relationships and remind others of their responsibilities
Apr 20 anger is like poison for your body and soul. Oct 23 to you.

As a Taurus, you have an innate gift for healing and calming other What are you after in life, Scorpio? Deep down, does the kind of
people in crisis situations. If this isn't what you do for a living, you work you do satisfy your most intimate desires? The little
should think about doing something with this natural talent. The problems you encounter in your professional life over the next
positions of the planets today may be telling you to think about week could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Take a look
Apr 21 this in more concrete terms. If you're interested in herbal therapy, Oct 24 around to see if the work you do and the people in your life take
for example, this could be the perfect time to learn more. Nov 22 your profoundly spiritual nature into account.
You seem to be a specialist at relationships, and you're very It's possible that you're trying to do too much, Sagittarius. If look YOUR CHOICE OF ANY COMBINATION
sensitive to the ups and downs in your own. But today you may at the days you spend working, you may realize that too much of Prawn Cocktail
wonder if people love you less than they did before. This is rather your energy goes to some very meager results. Today, consider Pumpkin Soup with Sate Lilit Mixed Grill of Turkey, Beef, Lamb and Pork with a
an odd question, but another one may be hiding underneath. Do taking some time off to take advantage of life. Why not go out for a Crab Salad with Mango, Avocado and Papaya Choice of Cranberry or Turkey Gravy
you really have to make such a big effort in order to be loved? nice dinner with friends, or even better, go on a little vacation? Try Served with Roast Potatoes, Pumpkin and Green Peas.
May 22 Only you can answer that question. Nov 23 and let things happen. You deserve time just for you!
Jun 22 dec 21 Crispy Duck with Pomegranate Red Wine Sauce
You're usually full of energy, Cancer, but today you may not feel It's possible that you could be in conflict with people of the
DESSERT Served with Mountain Baby Potatoes, Mushrooms
so vivacious. There's nothing to worry about. In fact, you may opposite sex today, Capricorn. You may feel as if they put Bamboo Cheese Cake and Rucola.
have the time to do some thinking about your personal life and obstacles in front of you and slow you down. But instead of getting Christmas Pudding
what you expect to get out of your relationships. You might also into conflicts that could eventually escalate into full-blown Blackened Crispy Salmon with Mango Salsa
want to think about how you intend to go about getting it! Perhaps Served with Green Salad and Scalloped Potatoes.
Jun 23 some of your motivations have changed lately. Dec 22 confrontations, try and ask yourself what they think you're doing
Jul 23 Jan 20 wrong. Does your personality take into account both your
masculine and feminine sides?
You may have had a hard time lately reaching your objectives. You have a very dynamic day ahead of you, Aquarius. You may
Unfortunately for you, Leo, today will be no different. You may feel the need to put all your energy into a group project. You will
begin to feel a bit dissatisfied with the way your life is going at the want to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You're usually a
moment. You will ask yourself certain questions about your goals. meditative, pensive person, but today you're looking for concrete
Jul 24 Does your personal life live up to those goals? Can you express Jan 21 results and actions. Who knows? This hard work might even help
Aug 23 your wonderful creativity as much as you'd like? Feb 19 you relax a little.

Your sense of responsibility is probably the catalyst for most of Have you ever thought of yourself as a CEO or any other kind of
your motivation, Virgo. But what happens when events are
beyond your control and you're powerless to do anything about
them? You may have to admit that sometimes you can't control
leader, Pisces? Today is a great day to begin a project involving
other people - with you in charge! The strong, assertive side of
your personality will come out in your decision making and
everything, especially your family and friends. Today you should charisma. Go for it! After all, this is the first day of the rest of your
Aug 24 think about letting things happen occasionally. Your life will be a Feb 20 life.
Sept 23 lot less complicated. Mar 20

Prostitute Parrots

A lady approaches her priest and tells him,

"Father, I have a problem. I have two female
talking parrots, but they only know how to
No Room at the Inn
say one thing."
"What do they say?" the priest inquired. By the time the sailor pulled into a little town
"They only know how to say, 'Hi, we're every hotel room was taken.
prostitutes. 'Want to have some fun?'" “You've got to have a room somewhere," he
pleaded. "Or just a bed, I don't care where.”
"That's terrible!" the priest exclaimed, "but I
have a solution to your problem. "Well, I do have a double room with one
Bring your two female parrots over to my occupant ....... an Air Force guy," admitted
house and I will put them with my two male the manager, "and he might be glad to split
talking parrots whom I taught to pray and the cost. But to tell you the truth, he snores
read the bible. so loudly that people in adjoining rooms have
My parrots will teach your parrots to stop complained in the past.
saying that terrible phrase and your female I'm not sure it'd be worth it to you." "No
parrots will learn to praise and worship.” problem," the tired Navy man assured him.
"I'll take it."
"Thank you!" the woman responded. The next morning, the sailor came down to
The next day the woman brings her female breakfast bright-eyed and bushy tailed.
parrots to the priest's house. "How'd you sleep?" asked the manager.
His two male parrots are holding rosary "Never better." The manager was impressed.
beads and praying in their cage. "No problem with the other guy snoring?"
The lady puts her two female parrots in with "Nope. I shut him up in no time," said the
the male parrots and the female parrots Navy guy. "How'd you manage that?" asked
say,"Hi, we're prostitutes, want to have some the manager.
fun?" One male parrot looks over at the other "He was already in bed, snoring away, when
male parrot and exclaims, I came in the room," the sailor explained. "I
“Put the beads away. Our prayers have been went over, gave him a kiss on the cheek,
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Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner


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Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner
When Victoria Acts Imperially

Emotional Australian the two men, all the while trying statements, investigators
Tourist Victoria Erlacher to seize the Rp. 2 million they quickly determined that the two

tak Puts Brutal Mob on to

Two Men She Falsely
Accused of Theft in
has just withdrawn from the
Meanwhile, people in the
men had only withdrawn money
transferred into their account by
their employer and the money
vicinity came to the aid of the Victoria Erlacher claimed to
Bar & Grill
Find the characters hidden in the box. They
Ubud, Bali supposedly distressed woman have been taken from her
Two young men, Seniman (21) and began to brutally beat account was, when police
may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, forwards or backwards. and Anan (18), were brutalized Seniman and Anan, assuming checked, still in her account.
by a crowd when they were the woman had her story Deeply embarrassed by her
ADJUTANT falsely accused by an straight and had just been scurrilous defamation of the two
AVOCET Australian tourist of stealing embezzled by the two men. men, Erlacher apologized to the
BITTERN money from an ATM on Jalan The beating of the two men was two men, promised to pay their
COURSER Hanoman in Ubud on Saturday, captured on a mobile phone medical expenses, and
CURLEW November 3, 2018 and quickly went viral on the replaced Rp. 300,000 the men
EGRET As reported by NusaBali, the Internet. lost in the process of being
GODWIT two men had mobbed by the
HERON been waiting in local crowd.
IBIS line at the BCA T h e
JABIRU A T M t o peacemaking
withdraw Rp. m e e t i n g
LAPWING 6.8 million that convened by
MARABOU had been police at the
OYSTER CATCHER transferred by Wantilan Pura
PHALAROPE their employer Desa Ling
PLOVER to be shared Padang Tegal
SANDERLING w i t h c o - in Ubud was
SANDPIPER workers on attended by
SHOEBILL their Ubud the Seniman
SNIPE construction and Anan,
STILT p r o j e c t . V i c t o r i a
Standing in Erlacher,
WILLET line behind an member of the
WOODCOCK Australian Police quickly arrived on the police, mob
YELLOWLEGS tourist Victoria Erlacher (22), scene including the head of the participants who beat the men,
Poppies 2

they waited their turn until the Ubud Police Precinct, Made and village officials.
Jl. BeneSari Australian had left the ATM. Raka Sugita, and members of a Police said because the case
Erlacher reportedly left the ATM rapid response team who was settled amiably, no criminal
when she was unsuccessful in eventually rescued the two men charges would be pursued
withdrawing money from the who continued to be beaten against the Australian woman
to Poppies 1 AT M . T h e t w o m e n t h e n about the head even after they or the local citizens caught on
proceeded to perform their first were handcuffed and film committing a criminal
transaction by withdrawing Rp. completely in custody of the assault on the two men.
LEGIAN St. 2 million, when the Australian, police. The Precinct Chief Raka Sugita
thinking the men were now Victoria Erlacher, the Australian dismissed the case as a simple
holding money she attempted accusing the men of theft, was misunderstanding, urging the
to withdraw, burst her wa back staying at the Betutu Villas in public to keep their emotions in
into the ATM, accused the two Ubud check and not take the law into
laborers of using a fake ATM to When the two badly beaten their own hands in the future.
s t e a l h e r m o n e y, a n d men and the Australian woman
demanded their money. The were brought to the Ubud www.balidiscovery.com
woman physically assaulted Police Station to make
30 31
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner

Bali Governor Koster

Permission to Land and Take-Off
Insists North Bali Airport
to Move Ahead While
Jakarta Prevaricates on
Koster has held meetings with
the Minister on August 10th,
August 27th and September 4,
agricultural fields and avoid
disturbing local religious sites.
Project developers must now
socialize the new plan and a
Issuing Location Permit
Beritabali.com reports that
Bali's newly elected Governor, I
Since first being proposed by
Bali's former Governor Made
Mangku Pastika, the proposed
loss of traditional lands to the
surrounding community.
In the absence of an officials
North Bali International Airport permit from Jakarta, PT hideaway residence | ungasan, bali
Wayan Koster, has confirmed (BIBU) has been surrounded in Bandara Internasional Bali
plans will go ahead to build a controversy with many Utara (PT BIBU) has pushed
new international airport in communities vying to become ahead with the project by
North Bali at Kubutambahan, the preferred location and, later, holding religious ceremonies at
Buleleng, assuring all problems over land acquisition the site in August 2017. At that
concerned that the essential surfaced. At one point the time, developers claimed

“Kuta Weekly’s Property of The Month”

“location permit” (penlok) will airport was to be built on a construction on the new airport
soon be issued by the Ministry reclaimed island, but is now would start in 2017. Plans
of Transportation. planned for the shore of revealed at the time included a
Original plans to build the Kubutambahan. supporting power plant
airport on an artificial island of A Canadian Airport Consultant covering 150 hectares, a 600
reclaimed land have been Airport Kinesis Consultant has hectare Aero City, school,
abandoned with the airport now been engaged to design the hospital, mall and recreational
planned to be part of the
mainland of Bali. The cost of
The total project will consume
park. The airport would include
two runways and a passenger
hideaway residence | ungasan, bali
Rp. 25 trillion to build the airport an estimated 1,400 hectares terminal. www.hideawaydevelopment.com | www.hideawayresidencebali.com
on reclaimed land and the and is seeking to be energy A yacht terminal adjacent to the info@hideawaydevelopment.com
technical challenges prompted self-sufficient generating power airport has also been discussed
the decision to build the facility from sea currents and wave together with a critical toll road
on land. actions. Originally, plans to to connect the proposed airport
Lobbying hard for the issuance build the airport on reclaimed to the rest of the Island.
of the location permit by the land were touted for its ability to
Ministry of Transportation, preserve 400-600 hectares of www.balidisovery.com

32 33
Kuta Weekly 16 Nov. - 22 Nov. 2018 News Corner Kuta Weekly 23 Feb. - 1 Mar. 2018 News Corner
Avoid Gilimanuk if You're Looking Grungy
2 1 Y o u n g unable to present
“Punkers” their KTPs.
Border security sadi
Refused Entry
that most of the
at Bali Port of “punkers” were
Gilimanuk. around 20 years of
Security officials on age and had
d u t y a t t h e “hopped” free rides
Gilimanuk Ferry on passing goods
Crossing point on trucks, saying they
S a t u r d a y , were headed for a
November 10, 2018, Ve s p a R a l l y i n
took temporary Denpasar.
custody of tens of Upon inspection, the
y o u n g E a s t group lacked valid
9 at 11:00 pm. During the
Javanese boys – described as IDs and could show no money
inspection process and as they
“punkers” who were traveling to to support their travels.
attempted to leave the port and
Denpasar, Bali in order to Authorities at the port refused
enter Bali, the 21 juveniles were
participate in a Vespa Rally in the group entry to Bali and
asked to present their identity
Bali. placed the young men on a ferry
cards (KTP) and to explain their
As reported by Balipost.com, a headed back to the Port or
plans while in Bali. The group
large group of East Javanese Ketapang in East Java.
members, who hailed from
“punkers” arrived in the port of
Gresik, Sidoarjo, Rembang,
Gilimanuk on Friday, November
Pasuruan and Malang were all www.balidiscovery.com

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