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Table of contents

State Introduction 1

Why Tripura 1

Raw Material Base 2

Production Clusters 5

Agricultural Marketing 7

Processing Clusters 8

Infrastructure 10

State Government Initiatives 13

Snapshot of Investable Projects 15

References 16
State introduction
Located in the Northeast of India, Tripura shares its borders with Bangladesh, which surrounds it on
three sides and home to a diverse mix of tribal cultures and religious groups. In the capital Agartala,

Tripura- key highlights

State capital Agartala

Geographical areai 10,491.69 sq. km

Population (Census
3.6 mn
 USD 38.36 bn (2014-15)
Gross state domestic
 CAGR 9.94% (2010-11 to
product (GSDP)iii
USD 1,094.892
Per capita incomeiv
(2015-16, at current prices)
USD 96 mn
FDI inflowsv
(2011-12 to 2016-17) Tripura
Total road length Agartala
Rail length (route

Airportsviii  Domestic– Agartala

the imposing Ujjayanta Palace is set among Mughal gardens, and Gedu Mia’s Mosque has white
marble domes and towers. South of the city, Neermahal summer palace sits in the middle of Lake
Rudrasagar and blends Hindu and Islamic architectural styles.

Why Tripura
4 favourable agri-climatic zones– Rank 1 in the production of Jackfruit; Rank 4 in production of

Strategically located: Bangladesh on one side and South-East Asian Region on the other. Also has
historical links with Bangladesh, providing scope for bilateral trade

Availability of robust infrastructure- 5 industrial estates (41 ha), one industrial growth center, one
3 rubber park, one bamboo park, one EPIP, one food park, one mega food park, one software park,
two integrated infrastructure development centers (IIDC), upcoming mini tool room

Some of the big local food processors including Mothers Food Products, Pran Beverage India (P) Ltd.,
Cashew processing unit, Gomti Dairy unit, Modern Rice Mills, Jyotshna Food Products

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 1

Raw material base (1/2)
The economy of Tripura is basically driven by agriculture. About 42% of its SNAPSHOT OF LAND
Population depends on it for their livelihoods. The Contribution of Primary
sector (agriculture and agriculture allied sector).The Gross State Domestic UNDER CULTIVATION12
Product (GSDP) was about 26% in 2014-15ix. Pineapples (Kew and Queen Arable land 273
Variety) and Oranges (Jampui Oranges) renowned for their unique flavour
Net sown area 255
and organic nature of produce.
Total area sown 383
(2013-14, ‘000 hectare)

Tripura has one favourable agro-climatic zone- Mild tropical plain zone, favouring cultivation of a
host of crops, vegetables and fruits round the year.x North Tripura, Unokoti, Dhalai, West Tripura,
Khowai, Sipahijala, Gomti and South Tripura all come under this zone.

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 2

Raw material base (2/2)
Tripura is known for its special and unique variety of Pineapples and Oranges. The major grains in the
state is Paddy followed by Pulses, Wheat and Maize. Vegetables such as Cabbage, Tomato, Brinjal,
Bottle guard etc., are also produced along with Spices including Turmeric and Ginger.

Some of the key production highlights (2015-16)xi of the state are:

 Rank 1 in production of Jackfruit; Rank 4 in production of Pineapples; Rank 10 in Orange

 Total production of 8,58,000 metric tonnes of fruits and 18th rank in the country in terms of
total fruit production.
 Total production of 8,28,000 metric tonnes of vegetables (including Potato) and ranked 22nd
in the country in terms of total vegetable production.
 The per capita consumption of Fish in the state is reported to be highest among the inland
states of the country. It is surplus in Fish seed production as the present production is about
329.40 mn against a requirement of 293.78 mn at the end of 2014-15.
 The first state in the Northeast to produce seed of fresh water Prawn in artificial sea water
on a commercial scale. The per capita availability of Fish from local production also
increased to 18.60 kg in 2015-16 as against 17.50 kg in 2014-15.

CROPS Paddy Pulses

799.43 139.25
(‘000 tonnes)

FRUITS Jack Fruit Pineapple

291.59 180.26
(‘000 metric

VEGETABLES Potato Cabbage

128.51 83.05
(‘000 metric
tonnes) Raddish


FISHERIES 0.15 mn tonnes 0.19 bn

Fish Meat
Inland: 0.06 mn tonnes 37 ('000 tonnes)
Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 3
Production clusters
The major production clusters in Tripuraxiii are as given below:

Paddy Pulses

All districts Dhalai and South Tripura

Jackfruit Pineapple

All districts Dhalai and North Tripura,

Gomti, South Tripura, Sipahijala

Maize Banana

Dhalai and South Tripura South Tripura, Dhalai and West


Potato Cabbage

Dhalai and South Tripura Sepahijala and South Tripura

Raddish Bamboo

Sepahijala and South Tripura

All districts

Milk Meat and Eggs

West Tripura, Sepahijala,Gomoti Sepahijala, South Tripura, West


Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 5

Agriculture marketing
In Tripura 2874 farmers were mobilised till March 2017 and there are 4 registered FPOs.xiv As per the
Annual Survey of Industries 2014-15, there are 75 registered food processing units in the statexv

The Tripura Agricultural Produce Markets (Amendment) Act, 1983 has been enacted for the
establishment of the Tripura Agricultural Produce Market Board and a subsequent amendment was
proposed for the constitution of the Market Committee of Regulated Markets to increase the number
of members. The Tripura Agricultural Produce Markets (Administration) Rules, 1985, was framed to
allocate powers to the Marketing Board and Committees. In the regulated markets Paddy and Banana
are notified as transactional commodities. Paddy is admissible in the regulated markets in husked or
raw form for transactions. These transactions are made by open regulations between the buyers and
the sellers.

In Tripura, there are more than 600 (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly) agricultural markets of different sizes
out of which 31 are daily markets. Each small scale primary rural market (about 554 in number) caters
to 2-3 surrounding Gram Panchayats. There are about 84 major wholesale markets in Tripura including
21 regulated markets. (Source: Economic Review 2015-16)

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 7

Processing clusters

Rice Confectionary

Unakoti, West Tripura Unakoti, West Tripura

Fruits and vegetables Bakery products

West Tripura Unakoti, West Tripura

Cereals and cereal products Beverages

Gomati, West Tripua

West Tripura and Khowal

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 8

The state of the essential physical and agricultural infrastructure in Tripura is as follows:

Parameter Status

To be made operational soon by Container Corporation of India Ltd. at

Inland container depots*
 Five industrial Estates
Existing Industrial Areas/  Three industrial area (Bodhjungnagar, R.K Nagar, Dukli)
 2 Integrated infrastructure development centre
 2 food parks (including 1 mega food park)
 Thermal- 936 MW
Installed powerxvii  Hydro- 12 MW
 Renewables- 5 MW


Electricity cost xviii  Food processing unit: USD 0.09-0.11/KWH, USD 0.26/KVA/Month

Water rates  INR 10/kilolitre in Industrial Estates/Areas

The key food parksxix in the state include:

Food Park Location Area Allotted area Area to be Website

(in acres) (in acres) allotted (in

1 Bodhjungnagar food West Tripura, 30 25 5 www.tidc.org.in

Park-Agartala, Agartala
promoted by
Tripura Industrial
Corporation Ltd

2 Sikaria mega food Tulakona, 50 www.tripuramega

park Khayerpur, foodpark.com
Tripura (West)

Note: Sikaria Mega Foodpark Private Limited is offering Developed Plot at

INR 1 to potential industrial entrepreneurs in Tripura.

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 10

In addition to the above, land is also available at various industrial parksxx/ growth centres across the

Industrial Owner/ Total Area Area

Park/Growth Location Type (acres) available
No. Developer
Centre (acres)

Tripura 28.935 3.20

Agartala, West Industrial
1 and Badharghat Multipurpose
Tripura Development
Industrial Estate

Tripura Multipurpose 45.66 8.10

Kumharghat Kumharghat, Industrial
Industrial Estate Unakoti Development

Tripura Multipurpose 18.79 4.20

Dhajanagar Industrial
3 Udaipur, Gomti
Industrial Estate Development

Tripura Multipurpose 7.95 2.10

Dharmanagar Dharmanagar, Industrial
Industrial Estate North Tripura Development

Bodhjungnagar Tripura Multipurpose 761.89 122.40

and R.K nagar Agartala, West Industrial
Industrial Tripura Development
Complex Corporation

Integrated Tripura Multipurpose 46.285 18.50

Infrastructure Dewanpassa, Industrial
Development North Tripura Development
Centre Corporation

Integrated Tripura Multipurpose 32.54 16.40

Infrastructure Sarasima, South Industrial
Development Tripura Development
Centre Corporation

50,000 metric tonnes is the installed capacityxxiof the cold storage in Tripura, and it is the largest in
Northeast. In 2015-16 the available storage capacity was 31,000 metric tonnes in total. The
Department of Agriculture has 9 cold stores having a total capacity of 15,000 metric tonnes out of
which 12,250 metric tonnes are for Potato and 2750 metric tonnes for vegetables and fruits. There
are almost 6 cold stores under the private sector and 2 under MARKFED. (Source: Economic Review

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 12

State government initiatives (1/2)

The state government has undertaken a number of reforms to create an investor-friendly business
climate in the state including:

Faster clearances: Clearances required for setting up of food processing units like Food Safety
(FSSAI Act), Factory Inspectors NOC, Pollution Control Board, Weights and Measures
(Department of Consumer Affairs), Labour Department, NOC from Gram Panchayat (if rural)
and Municipality (if urban), Fire Safety, Sale Tax, Tripura State Electricity Corporation (for
power) have been made faster.

The registration process to avail incentives has been simplified and the number of documents
required has been reduced

Single Window clearance: The interested investor should approach the concerned District
Industries Center (DICE) or the Single Window Agency based on the proposed investment
amount of the project; all assistance to the investor on the complete process of establishing
and operationalizing an industry shall be provided. Tripura Investment Promotion Board (TIPB)
has been constituted.

Established clear timelines (1 to 90 days) for any statutory permission.

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 13

State government initiatives (2/2)
Key incentives available for the food processing industry under major policies of the state are
summarized in the table below:

Tripura Industrial Investment Promotion Incentives

Key incentives
Scheme, 2017

For thrust sector including food processing industries

Capital Investment Subsidy @40% with ceiling of INR 70 lakhs per enterprise

Actually paid to banks/ financial institutions to the

Interest Subsidy extent of @4% subject to a ceiling of INR 3.00 lakhs per
annum for 5 years.

Thrust sector only including food processing):

Employment Cost Subsidy reimbursement of ESI/EPF expenditure of employers up
to 100% for micro, small and medium industries

Reimbursement of power charges for 5 years @25% of

Power Subsidy the power charges actually paid by the enterprise,
subject to a ceiling of INR 12 lakhs per year

Under thrust sector including food processing on

exporting goods through LCS in the state @10% on
Export Promotion Subsidy value of export with a maximum ceiling of INR 20 lakhs
per annum

Subsidy for Participation in Fares and Thrust sector industries including food processing
Exhibitions @50% with ceiling of INR 50,000 for each participation

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 14

Snapshot of potential investable projects
The Government has formulated a number of policies to give impetus to the sector. Some of the key
incentives are listed below:

Processable Products Value Proposition
Bamboo market growing at an estimated
Dried bamboo shoots, bamboo shoot pickle in USD 2 bn a year
Bamboo various form, canned bamboo shoot in brine,
as curried vegetable, bamboo shoot candies, India accounts for roughly half of the total
bamboo shoot chutney, fermented bamboo area of bamboo production reported for
shoot, bamboo shoot beer. Asia and, together with China,
approximately 70 percent.

Global rice bran oil market is expected to

grow at a CAGR of 5% till 2021. India has a
Processed and packaged rice, potential of 1.4 mn tonnes of rice bran oil
Rice milling malted food production but current production is 0.9
mn tonne thereby offering significant

Global fruit processing market is

expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6%
during 2017-23. India’s fruit processing
Dehydrated fruits, fruit juice, industry is however growing at a much
Multi Fruit jam/jelly/marmalade, squash, papaya candy, , faster rate of 13%.
Processing osmodried fruits Tripura is the 4th highest producer of
Pineapple and and first largest producers
of Jackfruit. It also produces mangoes,
papaya, guava and sapota in plenty.

Global fruit processing market is expected

to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% during 2017-23.
Dried pineapple, canned and tined pineapple, India’s fruit processing industry is however
Pineapple jam, concentrate, squash, juice, frozen growing at a much faster rate of 13%.
Processing pineapple juice concentrate, pulp.
Tripura is the 4th highest producer of

Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 15


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Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 16

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Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 17

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Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing: Tripura 18

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