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Stages Time T’s activity Ss’ activity Interaction Teaching Aids Aims

1. Warm up 5’ T greets the Ss and the guests. Ss greet the T and the T- Ss Coloured cards A1
T arouses Ss’ interests in the topic guests. Pictures
Guessing Riddles of the day- Dessert Recipes-Learn Ss guess the desserts in the
to make cakes, asking her Ss to riddles read by their teacher.
guess some “cookie riddles”
created by the teacher herself.
2. Lead-in 10’ T introduces the topic by asking her Ss watch carefully the video T- Ss Computer A2
Ss to watch a short video clip about clip and choose the best Ss-T Video projector
Watching a short how to make a strawberry ice- answers. Video clip
video clip Jamie cream in 45 seconds by Jamie A video clip by
Oliver- ice-cream Oliver. T asks her Ss to answer Jamie Oliver-
with Jamie some questions related to the video ice- cream with
clip they have seen. Jamie
3. Pre-reading 5’ T asks her Ss to work in pairs and Ss work in pairs and match T-Ss Flashcards- A3
match the cooking verbs to the the cooking verbs to the S-S cooking A4
Matching exercise corresponding utensils pictures, correct pictures and make
then make up sentences. up sentences with them.

4.While-reading 15’ T gives her Ss different dessert Ss work in groups and fill in T-Ss Recipes A5
recipes (English, American and the missing words. The Ss-Ss worksheets, A6
Recipes- Fill in Romanian) for each group and asks English group’s recipe is English,
the missing words them to fill in the missing words about pancakes. American and
(ingredients, cooking verbs). The American group’s Romanian paper
T checks Ss’ reading recipe is about donuts. flags
comprehension of the texts. The Romanian group’s
recipe is about Snow White
5. Post-reading 10’ T asks her Ss to name the Ss brought homemade cakes T-Ss Real homemade A4
ingredients they used for making made by themselves like Ss-Ss cakes- Candy A6

their cakes and then to describeapple pies, brownies, bar , fortune
Describing their shortly the methods of preparation
donuts, cake and American cookies cards
real homemade (use of linking words and phrases:
pancakes. Paper chef hats
cakes-speaking first, next, then, after that, finally).
Ss work in groups and
choose one type of cake
they brought today and
specify the ingredients and
the method of preparation.
Ss choose a “chef” leader of
the group to display their
cake. The group “chef”
leaders wear their paper
chef hats when presenting
their recipes.
6. Homework 3’ T explains the homework for the The Ss will have to write a T-Ss Project
next English class. recipe for a traditional dish S-T
of their country to be
published in the school
magazine including the
ingredients and the method.
7. Evaluation 2’ T evaluates orally Ss’ level of T-Ss
participation, satisfaction and
cooperation during the lesson.

Contingency T gives her Ss (working in groups) Ss work in groups to put the T-Ss “Bizarre” A7
plan/ Up-sleeve “bizarre” picture cake descriptions lines into correct order. Ss-Ss picture cake
activity such as: (potato cake, sweet pea Ss work in groups and the descriptions-
cupcakes, salad dressing cake) to “masterchef” leaders read worksheets
Reordering be read and put into correct order. their “bizarre” dessert
the “bizarre” T asks her Ss to choose a “a recipes.
dessert masterchef” leader of the group to
descriptions- read their correct descriptions.
jigsaw reading