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Se Ep [EARN NG SRE TT ie realistic wood - . effects : with Mike Rinaldi, Roberto Ramirez o> ka Danie! Zamarbide,Guillermo Vidal es Net © and many more. High-end fiji} yi #/ The modelers final guide for weathering wood ® echniques on how to make your diorama look best Wace VAY eae Ma UY ‘AK 562 Old & Weathered Wood Vol. 4 "Old & Weathered Wood is a set of 6 acrylic paints essential for painting all kind of wood effects. From ship decks, weapons and all kind of objects as boxes, fences, carts. Our new colors have been carefully researched for accuracy and are presented in our familiar easy to use bottles. AK 260 Wood Weathering Set WO oO D Pema 20 sare weece a ace ieeenas WEATHERING SET This weathering set will help you achieve incredible results over your weathered wood objects. In conjuc- tion with the arcylic set provides the widest range of effects, eeu) realistic wood effects