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Life history and journey of Prof. Subhash Garg is as promising, inspiring,

motivating and exemplary, as the man himself. Born in Bharatpur, this man
dedicated himself to every cause and reason he worked for. He started his
professional journey just as any other college teacher – a lecturer in commerce
but did not confine himself to his college, teaching hours or just a few subjects
and students. Sincere concern for quality education and grooming of country’s
youth saw him completely immersed in academics, understanding and
addressing concerns of teachers as well as students, and conscious
constructive efforts in shaping the educational landscape of Rajasthan state.
His crusade for teachers’ rights made him a prominent face in Rajasthan
Teachers’ Association. His undiluted and passionate concern for education got
him to the coveted position of Chairman, Rajasthan Secondary Education
Board where his role has been appreciated by one and all. He also emerged as
a prominent contributor in commerce profession through his matchless
contributions as an academician, prolific researcher and administrator par
excellence. Indian Commerce Association acknowledges his positive role in
shaping the body as Joint Secretary for so many years. His undisputed
democratic leadership, prowess of a problem solver, pleasant demeanour, ever
smiling face and optimistic attitude has been instrumental in the astronomical
growth of the body and profession. In his academic and professional journey he
has successfully experimented with numerous innovative ideas by discarding
the traditional mindset and thought. The 70th AICC which was hosted at IIS
University, Jaipur in October 2018, under the visionary and dynamic
leadership of this man set a precedent of grandeur, warmth, academic quality,
organizational finesse, matchless hospitality and gainful conference in every
sense for the over 2000 delegatesfrom across the country and overseas. It was
Dr. Subhash Garg who steered the conference to a grand success and the
conference and its perfection is now looked as a benchmark for all future
annual conferences of ICA.

Research has been the alter ego of this dedicated academician. He joined IIS
University, Jaipur as the Dean and set up the idea of CRIT- Center for
Research, Innovation and Training as the incubation center for research and
researchers not just of the state of Rajasthan but entire India. With the thrust
on research, the center worked on research projects, faculty development and
training sessions and high quality research workshops to nurture the research
acumen of the faculty and researchers. Be it comprehensive content, expertise
of reputed resource persons and trainers, unparalleled training methods and
keen learners – these workshops had it all and have been the most sought

Love for his native land and birthplace remained steadfast, rather grew
stronger with time. His heart went out for his people and resolute to contribute
for their prosperity and comfort, this man took up this new assignment. He
dedicated himself whole heartedly for his constituency Bharatpur and the love
of people bagged him the ticket for State elections from the RLD when Congress
did not fight on that seat. It was the man who mattered and not the party. His
constituency, his people and their prosperity has been his cherished dream to
which he committed himself thoroughly putting all time, resources and
personal life. He has been a man of innovative ideas which he implements with
precision. In Bharatpur, he started projects like ‘MERA GAON MERA GAURAV’;
TALK WITH YOUTH etc to channelize the energies and ideas of all and build
Bharatpur of new times with traditional values. His pious intentions and strong
love for motherland got him not just love and respect of people but also a
favorable mandate and he WON the Rajasthan state elections as MLA from
Bharatpur. His expertise, educational strengths and time tested abilities got
him the Independent charge of Technical Education Ministry and many other
responsibilities. It lends me a feeling of contentment and excitement.
Contentment that right intentions and tireless efforts will change the face of
Rajasthan education and lend it never witnessed excellence and excitement for
the new ideas and innovative practices which this man will bring. I personally
salute this man, his unflinching spirit, concern for fellow beings, commitment
to growth and prosperity and ability to execute proficiently.

Dr Garg, definitely stands as a role model for all teachers and future
generations where he stands as a live example of how a teacher can be the
change and bring the change. Attributing it to bad times, difficult people or
lack of resources is easy but bringing a change, building positive world and
optimistic minds calls for feisty spirit. Do we need to dig into books for more
inspiration – NO.. just think big and keep going. If you can dare to dream and
have the courage to bring dreams to reality.. you are ought to create HISTORY.

SIR…..we stand inspired and you have rekindled the spirit to be the change
which we want to see.

Dr Balwinder Singh
Professor, University School of Financial Studies,
Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
(M) 8146082233