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Policy and Procedure

Association Business Leave

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Uniformed Personnel
Rhoda Mae Kerr, Fire Chief

I. Purpose

To define the administrative procedures for the implementation of Article

10, Section 2 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The Austin
Association of Professional Firefighters shall herein after be referred to as
the “Association”.

II. Background

The CBA states the Association Business Leave (ABL) pool shall be
funded by the City of Austin contributing 5,600 hours during the first ten
days of the calendar year. At the end of the calendar year, up to 1,000
hours may remain in the pool for use in the following year. However, at
no time may the pool exceed 6,600 hours. The City and the Association
shall track utilization of ABL.

III. Policy

Requests for ABL shall comply with the provisions of the CBA.

IV. Procedures

A. Members must notify the Association President via email of their

request for ABL. Request shall be made using the ABL Request form
available on FireNet. Requests must include the member’s name,
TXFIR, assignment, dates of the request and the reason for the

B. Once approved by the Association President, the request shall be

forwarded via email to Fire Headquarters. The request shall be
reviewed by a designee of the Fire Chief to verify the requested ABL is
authorized by the CBA.

Pulliam v COA et al COA0873

Policy and Procedure
E111.2 Association Business Leave
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C. Requests for authorized ABL from the Association received by noon,

three or more business days in advance of the requested time off are
automatically approved, subject only to the operational needs of the
Department. Fire HQ administrative staff will notify the appropriate
chain of command, including Battalion Chief, Division Chief, and
Assistant Chief.

D. Requests from the Association received fewer than three business

days in advance will be referred to the affected Assistant
Chief/Division Chief, who will review staffing levels and determine
whether or not the request can be approved.

E. Members approved to use ABL should notify their BC or Section

timekeeper when the ABL hours are to be used. When entering the
time, timekeepers should select “Assoc. Bus. Leave”, the
corresponding reason code, and the amount of ABL used each day.

F. Fire HQ Administrative Staff will maintain a record of all ABL requests

and ABL time used.

Pulliam v COA et al COA0874