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changes from 0.


-fixed autodrive for both Ped/Bodyguards and Player

-added the three playermodels in modelselection for bodyguards
-added 23 missing peds
-fixed never wanted to not flash stars
-fixed freeze wanted level
-Vehicle mod menu will now retrieve text for mods from the game
-fixed issue with nearest ped stuff picking up player (Michael), shouldn't happen
-moved Gogo Blista to right category
-added menusound and disablemenuwrap
-added car seat belt as well as bike seat belt, both are automatically enabled when
cargodmode is enabled
-added scenarios for bodyguard/peds and player
-fixed siren when car god mode was enabled.
-leave engine running
-save settings function
-make current weapon invisible
-added ability to change some keybinds such as vehicle speedup/stop, vehicle
rockets, next track,indicators
-added ability to change to default station using Num * key.
-ability to stop driving afer waypoint is reached
-Special God mode makes a return, second options page
-various other bug fixes

changes from 1.0:

-Added a few missing weapon attachments (Heavy Shotgun and Marksman Rifle)
-fixed bug with special godmode not setting health correctly at startup and fixed
still being able to die
-added more animations, trainer now has a total of 21.881 animations.
-added keybinds for Clear Wanted Level, Spawn Attacking Driver/Ped, Teleport to
Waypoint, Teleport to Marker, Car Alarm, Move trhough doors, and explode nearest
-added remove doors in Vehicle doors and windows menu.
-a bug becomes a feature, disable siren, yes people asked for it :)
-additional clothes load/save slots, for a total of 20 for Player and 20 for
Bodyguards peds
-fixed some issues with clothes menu and clothes load/save
-added Monkey Mosaics (thanks to doppelblind !) in other teleports
-added DLC vehicles and the PDW weapon
some features from IV trainer return:
-Warp to Saved Vehicle
-Cycle Through Passenger Seats
-Cruise control (to enable G+7, speedup W, speeddown S, stop space).
-Attach/Release Vehicle to Skylift (G+8)

Changes from 1.1:

-various bugfixes
-added Weapon finishes, these are additional components for the relevant weapons.
-added bullet proof tyres in vehicle mod menu, they are also saved when saving a
car, please be aware that if Vehicle god mode is enabled, you'll get those
regardless of how you saved the car.
-added no menu wrap and menu sound for num4/num6 navigation.
-added warning message when trying to change chrome wheel color.
-added stunt jumps in other teleports menu. Thanks to Flavaone for providing them
to me.
-the ped task option has been removed from the main bodyguard menu, it is now
located under ped taks menu.
various options from IV trainer return:
-added Vehicle Health Display
-added Set Vehicle Health
-added lock/unlock vehicle doors
-added silence alarm when stealing
-added Vehicle Rotation 90 degrees
-added Destroy / Fix Vehicle Engine
-added walking styles (both for player and bodyguard/ped) currently about 69 styles
are available but more research is needed as there bound to be more
-You can now fully customize the Vehicle God mode, on Vehicle options menu, the
second option lets you enable or disable individual options that are part
of Vehicle God mode. (this is similar to the special car god mode in IV trainer).
Those option will also be saved when using save all settings.
The last option (Auto Repair) basically overwrites most of the other options and
will simply repair the car when damage occurs.
Other than on IV, this should have a lesser effect on the ability to break windows
and other stuff (thanks to arewenotmen for finding the native that allows this).
Also the first option (Prevent Vehicle Damage) will also overwrite some of the
other options (the proofs options).
Of course for any of this to work, Vehicle god mode needs to be enabled (first
option on Vehicle options menu).

Changes from 1.2:

-added several teleports to interiors, mostly mission stuff (sunken cargo ship, two
ufo's, plane and train crash and some other interiors).
-added peyote teleports in other teleports, thanks to Gforce for providing them to
-fixed issue with time setting forward/backward and not taking hours into account.
-when enabling cargod mode and disabling tyres can't burst, it wasn't possible to
enable bullet proof tyres in Vehicle mod menu, this has been "fixed",
when car god mode is enabled together with tyres can't burst, it remains impossible
to disable bullet proof tyres in vehicle mod menu. This is by design.
-changed blip color for attacking and combat ped to unfriedly.
-weapon tints and attachments can now be used with bodyguards/peds, both before
spawn and after using the ped task menu.
-Gravity gun makes a return, works on peds, cars and objects, just aim at the
desired ped, car or object, aim again to attach, move and shoot or drop.
force settings can be set in game and are saved with save settings.
-airbreak forward and up speed are now configurable in game and added to save
-fixed walking styles, most should now work.
-reviewed controller support, you can now enable or disable controller support via
options menu (second page).
If enabled more game controls are being disabled whilst the menu is displayed or
whilst airbreak or hydraulics is enabled, if disabled these controls are not
disabled and keybindings for controller are automatically unbinded. This settings
supports the save settings function, so no need to do anything in the ini
for controller settings. In addition I changed the dpad right/left scrolling for
controller and added controller support for airbreak,hydraulics and Gravity Gun.
-added spawn weapon by model name.
-Parachute settings menu off Weapons menu, allows you to equip the primary and
secondary parachute, allows you to set the tints for both
allows you to set the parachute smoke color and includes unlimited parachutes.
Those settings are saved when save settings option is used.
-added LSI Los Santos Tourist Info Wildlife Photography thanks to choc4444 for
providing them to me.
-added Knife Flights again thanks to choc4444 for providing those.
-reorganized the other teleports menu, pickup teleports have now moved to new
Pickups menu.
-added keybinds for save teleport (F10+0 / F10+9 for first 10 slots).
-added "world conditions" keybinds, time settings and health and armor and give all
weapons (Ralt+num0/num9).
-added "other" Keybinds, see readme for list.

Changes from 1.3:

-Ability to display ingame messages above minimap (disabled by default), also the
ability to set message duration (in seconds)
message options moved to separate submenu off options menu page 2. This stuff will
be saved when save settings is used.
-Player wet and player dry
-Added quite a few interiors in the interiors teleport off other teleports menu.
-Voices return, unfortunately they don't work quite the same way as in IV. First of
all there are only a relatively small number of speeches,
also changing voice for player is not working and for peds this is only supported
for the ambient ped models (so no player model).
In any case, for player you can play a select number of speeches, whilst for
bodyguard /peds you can also change the voice (providing it's a normal model).
-Vehicle Texture corrosion (for lack of a better description), on select vehicles,
such as the Canis Bhodi, you can set the Texture corrosion. Thanks to arewenotmen
for finding natives. This will also taken into account when saving and loading
-added move_m@multiplayer to walking styles.
-some cutscenes don't play which causes the trainer to stall. I have added a 10
second wait, if after 10 seconds the cutscene doens't start the trainer will give
up waiting and will return normally.
-added Add Waypoint to Mission Marker, press Pagedown (or use option in mission
menu) and a waypoint will be placed on the mission marker.
-added the 60 predefined teleport slots to locations off other teleport menu, so
you can just overwrite them without loosing them.
-controller support for vehicle rockets (B)
-change open menu for controllers to just X, menu cancel is just RB.
-added Bailbonds to pickup teleports (thanks to choc4444 for providing those).
-fixed vehicle god mode not being disabled in the last car the player used.
-added additional keybinds, RCTRL+0 for lock car and various stuff using I+num

Changes from 1.4:

-Opening and closing the menu with controller back to RB+X as otherwise space opens
menu and E closes menu. It should however now work better.
-Removed controller support for vehicle rockets, as people complained pressing B
fires them...
-Attacking cars will now be removed after some time (by the game).
-Fixed an issue with time functions and real time duration being enabled.

Changes from 1.5

-Voices now work on player character as well, thanks to jedijosh920 for finding the
native that allows this
-fixed an issue with RB+X not always correctly opening up the menu depending on how
you closed it.
-added raise/lower roof for convertible cars in doors menu, this is also saved when
save vehicle is used.
-key for airbreak changed F6 is used as switch key to Franklin, new key is G+6.
-fixed parachute tints not being applied on game start
-key for Vehicle god mode G+9
-when using custom color menu (the RGB colors) the pearl colors remained, now you
can optionally remove those). Also the custom color menu will work for the saved
-keybind for saved vehicle (K+Num 1) , delete Saved Vehicle (K+Num 0) and teleport
to Saved Vehicle (K+Num 2).
-Keybind for cycle through passenger seats (K+ Num 3).
-keybind for Enable/disable Gravity gun (K + Num 4) and blow up Cop Cars (K + Num
5) and Teleport bodygards to player (K+ num 6).
-added the missing Knife Flights, again thanks to choc4444 for providing those.
-changed freeze time so that time does advance whilst saving and watching tv works
again. I will hear when someone doesn't want this and I will make it optional.
-fixed an issue with real time duration not advancing the hours.
-some of the paperscrap teleports have been corrected, thanks to flavaone.
-added Vinewood Souvenirs Teleports in pickup teleport menu thanks to choc4444.
-object stuff slowly returns, ability to select from the last spawned 500 objects,
move them, clone them, make them visible/invisble and dynamic/static.
in addition the save and load to objects.ini returns, it will save the last 250
objects to objects.ini so that they can be loaded on demand.
-preview object is available when in objects 1 - objects 6, Holding X will preview
the selected object.
-object move speed and rotation speed are saved when save settings is used, this
can be set in the object move screen.
-lower vehicle makes a return as well, including the ability to set the force that
is applied (which is also saved when save settings is used).
-added Bahama Mama's West and Dr Friedlander Office to other teleports, interiors,
thanks to TaazR for providing the missing native.
-leave engine running now takes the light state into consideration.

Ini Changes:

Defaults (these are automatically added when save all settings is run)
ObjectMoveSpeed=0.5 //Object Move Speed
ObjRotationSpeed=0.5 //Object Rotation Speed
LowerCar=0 //LowerCar
LowerCarForce=-0.02 //Lower Car Force

Keybindings (copy those to your existing trainerv.ini)

SavedVehicleKey1=75 //Delete Saved Vehicle Default K
DSavedVehicleKey2=96 //Delete Saved Vehicle Default Num 0
SavedVehicleKey1=75 //Saved Vehicle Default K
SavedVehicleKey2=97 //Saved Vehicle Default Num 1
TSavedVehicleKey1=75 //Teleport to Saved Vehicle Default K
TSavedVehicleKey2=98 //Teleport to Saved Vehicle Default Num 2
CyclePassengerKey1=75 //Cycle through Passenger Seats Default K
CyclePassengerKey2=99 //Cycle through Passenger Seats Default Num 3
GravityGunKey1=75 //Enable Gravity Gun Default K
GravityGunKey2=100 //Enable Gravity Gun Default Num 4
ExplodeCopCarKey1=75 //Explode Cop Car Default K
ExplodeCopCarKey2=101 //Explode Cop Car Default Num 5
BGteleportKey1=75 //Teleport Bodygaurds Default K
BGteleportKey2=102 //Teleport Bodygaurds Default Num6

Changes from 1.6

-added 6 vehicles, two weapons, 6 horns from the Ill Gotten Gains Update Part II
-fixed issue with object loading and collision
-keybinds for Spawn Random bodygard and player ragdoll
-added Night Vision and Thermal Vision on weapons menu
-people reported crashes in model spawning, now I cannot reproduce the issue on my
game, but have added two lines of code that hopefully solve this issue.

Ini Changes:

Keybindings (copy those to your existing trainerv.ini)

SpawnRBodyKey1=75 //Spawn Random Bodyguard Default K
SpawnRBodyKey2=103 //Spawn Random Bodyguard Default Num7
RagdollKey1=75 //Ragdoll Default K
RagdollKey2=104 //Ragdoll Default Num 8

Changes from 1.7

-added Engine Power Multiplier and Engine Torque Multiplier, values can be set in
game and are saved with save all settings.
-Egine Power Multiplier up and down keys (J+Num1 for down, J+num2 for up) and Egine
Torque Multiplier up and down keys (J+num 3 for down, J+num4 for up).
-reworked object list, now there are around 4900 objects which should all spawn,
thanks to arewenotmen for supplying 150 additional objects obtained from scripts.
-fixed issue with object loading and object cloning.
-added 10 object load/save slots for saving the last spawned object.
-changed the player ragdoll keybind (K + Num 8) to get out of the ragdoll when
player is in ragdoll, so press K+num8 for ragdoll and K+num8 again to end ragdoll.
-keybind to toggle between Nightvision, Thermal Vision and normal Vision (K+Num9).
-when giving ped a combat task, I would equip mini SMG automatically, this has now
been removed.
-ability to select bodyguard/ped driveby weapon, both before spawn (select drive-by
weapon) and after spawn (ped task menu). the before spawn settings are saved when
using save all setttings.
-added slow motion whilst aiming in weapons menu, ability to enable and set the
time scale, the settings are saved when save all settings is used.
-added slow motion whilst driving works like the previous option, but now whilst
driving, doesn't work for Franklin (he has his own special ability). Use caps lock
or whatever you have set for special ability key.
-Keys for the two slow motions: J+num5 and J+num6.
-corrected fly under bridges teleports thanks to doppelblind.
-added alternative vehicle spawn menu "Vehicles sorted by Model Name".
-keybind for last played animation (J+Num0).

Ini Changes:
Keybindings (copy those to your existing trainerv.ini)
NightVisionKey1=75 //Night Vision Default K
NightVisionKey2=105 //Night Vision Default Num 9
AnimationKey1=74 //Last Played Animation Default J
AnimationKey2=96 //Last Played Animation Default Num 0
EPMKey1=74 //EPM Down Default J
EPMKey2=97 //EPM Down Default Num 1
EPMKey3=74 //EPM Up Default J
EPMKey4=98 //EPM Up Default Num 2
ETMKey1=74 //ETM Down Default J
ETMKey2=99 //ETM Down Default Num 3
ETMKey3=74 //ETM Up Default J
ETMKey4=100 //ETM Up Default Num 4
AimTimeKey1=74 //Aim Time Default J
AimTimeKey2=101 //Aim Time Default Num 5
DriveTimeKey1=74 //Drive Time Default J
DriveTimeKey2=102 //Drive Time Default Num 6

Changes from 1.8

-fixed issue with move object and rotation.
-ability to save and load to objects-objects4.ini, separate submenu off objects
-clone last spawned object RCTRL+C.
-hazard lights key J+num7

Ini Changes:
Keybindings (copy those to your existing trainerv.ini)
CloneObjectKey1=163 //Clone Object Default RCTRL
CloneObjectKey2=67 //Clone Object Default C
HazardKey1=74 //Hazard Lights Default J
HazardKey2=103 //Hazard Lights Default Num 7

Changes from 1.9

-fixed issue with dynamic objects not being saved correctly
-added ability to save ini file with specific name, (Save last 250 Spawned Object
to custom ini) this allows you to name your ini something other than objects-
-added ability to search for ini files in V's main Directory, this allows you to
list all ini files in V's directory (except trainerv.ini) and load the one you
-atttached objects return, you can attach objects to the Vehicle you are in, the
Saved Vehicle, the player and the last or specific Bodyguard Ped.
-You can of course move attached objects and detach them
-Ability to save attached objects to Vehicle, Player or Bodyguard/Ped
-Added Camera that follows the object in object move screen, press F10 to enable. I
don't know how usefull this will be, but it is there. You can use mouse to rotate
the camera.
Works also when you press RCTRL+C to clone object in move screen, it will then
follow the cloned object if the camera was enabled. Press F10 again to return to
normal camera.
-Added 4 additional Vehicle Color Load/Save slots
-Added "by the book house" to other teleports, interiors.
-Added teleport to Aircraft Carrier and Heist Yaht, for this a separate mod is
needed. (
3#entry1067794362 )

Changes from 2.0

-added the 5 highlife apartments, the lobbies and the police station for which a
separate mod is needed (
single-player/page-3#entry1067794362 )
in other teleports, Heist /High Life interiors, this is also where the Aircraft
Carrier and Heist Yaht can be found.
-added three missing high level apartments in other teleports, interiors.
-ability to set player Health, from 100 to 7000, be sure to disable special god
mode for this to work.

Changes from 2.1

-Thanks to Flavaone, quite a few teleports have been added or corrected.
-Many interios have been added, thanks to Taazr for his video, which I used to add
-Blackout in options menu 2.
-Weapon Damage modifier, enable and set the modifier, saved when using save all
settings, both weapon and melee modifiers are enabled, this allows for one hit
-Ability to set Tattoos for Player Models and MP-freemode Male and Female models.
Both for the player and for bodyguards/peds, also ability to save using the save
clothes slot. Be aware that I cannot detect tattoos,
so only the tattoos set by trainer will be saved and loaded. For Bodyguards, you
can only save the one you last used when visiting the tattoo menu.
-Ability to set the color for Clock, Speedo, Coords, Player Health and Vehicle
Health display. (options menu second page).
-Fixed the issue where after spawning two combat peds all peds fight each other.
-The above issue can be re-created and reset by using the Relationship menu
(options menu page 2) which returns from IV trainer, you can set relationships
between two groups and reset them.
First Select the two groups and then select relationships and press Num 5 on
-Changed everyone ignore, hopefully works better now, otherwise try and use the
relationship menu.
-Ability to set pearls from all 160 colors instead of only 85.
-Another feature returns: Added Vehicles, ability to set model name, display name
in added cars sections of trainerv.ini, each slot needs to be enabled in ini.
-Some mods with keybinds to single keys would prevent you from using those keys
into functions where text input is needed, such as spawn by model name, I have
changed those functions
and it should now be possible to use these keys whilst those mods are running.
-Keybinds, J+ num 8 for increase and J+ num 9 for decrease wanted level, S+ num 1
to equip a silencer on the fly.
-new task for peds: Follow.
-Attached Vehicles Menu (Object Menu, Attached Objects menu) which allows to attach
a vehicle to another vehicle and move it in position. You can select amongst the
last 5 spawned vehicles, providing they still exist.
-ability to specify a subfolder in V's main folder to search for ini files for
object spawning, this ensures ini files in V's main directory are not included,
you need to specify the folder in defaults section of trainerv.ini, for instance if
you want to use the folder Map Mods, you would do the following:
ObjectIniFolder=Map Mods,
this will make the trainer search for ini files only in main V folder\map mods, and
will therefore not search in the main V folder for ini files. You of course need to
move the objects ini files to the same folder.
if you don't set the value, it will continue to search for ini files in the main V
folder and all subdirectories of the main V folder.
-Ability to switch between the normal SP map and the DLC2 MP map, this enables the
Heist Yacht and Carrier to be loaded without any additional mods required,
this will also enable the updated High end Apartments, some lobbies, the police
station and the High Life Apartments. You can switch back and forth on the fly
but be aware switching will take some time, game appears to be frozen, but it's
just loading/unloading in the background. Credits to Guadmaz for finding the
natives that allow for this.
this function can be saved at game start, just enable MP map, use save all settings
and the next time you will start with the MP map, it will also auto load the Yacht
and the Carrier.
Be aware that we found some downgrades to the safe houses and that playing with the
MP map enabled might not be compatible with some story line missions, you have been
-Alexander Blade has fixed the object limit (250) and will release a new version of
his hook in the near future. I have therefore increased the number of objects I
to 2048 (which is the absolute limit). Also 500 objects will now be saved to ini
file instead of 250 previously. I was able to spawn as many as 1855 objects in
game, but this number might
be lower in different areas of the map. The trainer will no longer crash when you
have exceeded the limit.
For this to work, you need to wait for Alexander Blade to release the newest
scripthook, which should be soon.

Ini changes:


WantedUKey1=74 //Wanted Level Up Default J

WantedUKey2=104 //Wanted Level Up Default Num 8
WantedDKey1=74 //Wanted Level Up Default J
WantedDKey2=105 //Wanted Level Up Default Num 9
SilencerKey1=83 //Add Silencer Default S
SilencerKey2=97 //Add Silencer Default Num 1


WeaponDamage=0 //Weapon Damage Multiplier Enabled
WeaponPowerMult=1.0 //Weapon Damage Multiplier
MpMap=0 //MP Map Enabled
ClockColor1=255 //Color for Clock text, RGB system Red Component Default
ClockColor2=255 //Color for Clock text, RGB system Green Component Default
ClockColor3=255 //Color for Clock text, RGB system Blue Component Default
ClockC=25 //Used Internally by trainer
SpeedoColor1=255 //Color for Speedo text, RGB system Red Component Default 255

SpeedoColor2=255 //Color for Speedo text, RGB system Green Component Default 255

SpeedoColor3=255 //Color for Speedo text, RGB system Blue Component Default 255

SpeedoC=25 //Used Internally by trainer

CoordsColor1=255 //Color for Coords text, RGB system Red Component Default 255
CoordsColor2=255 //Color for Coords text , RGB system Green Component Default 255
CoordsColor3=255 //Color for Coords text, RGB system Blue Component Default 255
CoordsC=25 //Used Internally by trainer
HealthCColor1=255 //Color for Vehicle Health text, RGB system Red Component Default
HealthCColor2=255 //Color for Vehicle Health text , RGB system Green Component
Default 255
HealthCColor3=255 //Color for Vehicle Health text, RGB system Blue Component
Default 255
HealthCC=25 //Used Internally by trainer
HealthColor1=255 //Color for Player Health text, RGB system Red Component Default
HealthColor2=255 //Color for Player Health text , RGB system Green Component
Default 255
HealthColor3=255 //Color for Player Health text, RGB system Blue Component Default
HealthC=25 //Used Internally by trainer

And the entire Added Cars Section, search for //added cars and copy the entire
section to your trainer.ini.

Changes from 2.2

-No Helmet, options second page
-No Police Helicopters, options second page
-Kill all Nearby peds, options second page (just because we can)
-Explode all Nearby Vehicles, options second page (couldn't resist)
-Everyone Ignore now works correctly
-Get Damaged object ID (damage an object and run the option from object menu) this
will give you the hash and the name (providing the trainer has the name stored). It
will also show up in the spawn by model name screen.
-Object View, in objects menu, this is code from Alexander blade, slightly
modified. It will display the object hash of objects around you,
be aware that due to the many text entries, this might interfere with the menu, for
specific targettted objects use the get damaged object ID function.
-ability to load map mods (ini files) on startup, create the folder autoload inside
V's main directory and just place the ones you want to start in this folder.
-added Snow in SP, using code from GTAMultiplayer Team, in Weather Menu.

ini changes:


NoHelicopters=0 //No Police Helicopters

EnableSnow=0 //Enable Snow
NoHelmet=0 //No Helmet

Changes from 2.3

-ability to play animation for all spawned Bodyguards/Peds.
-unload North Yankton (teleport menu).
-snow will work again on latest patch.
-updated the global that prevents "recording UI" when using controller.

Changes from 2.4

-added reveal map using code from GTAMultiplayer Team in options menu page 2.
-fixed issue with snow not enabling at startup.
-additional added car menu (40 additional added cars) you can switch between added
car menu 1 and 2 using num 4 and num 6.
-added compatibility with both the Lowrider and Halloween DLC's.
-10 new cars, 5 new peds and 3 new weapons (including attachements).
-added Benny's Garage on other teleports heist (MP map should be enabled).
-Benny's Vehicle Mod menu will come in a later update (next few days, not fully
researched yet).

ini changes:

RevealMap=0 //Reveal Map

Added cars:
Added cars 41 - 80

Changes from 2.5

-Benny's Vehicle Mod menu is ready, this menu will handle the new modifications for
the new cars,
the existing upgrades (also for those new cars) will still be in the Vehicle Mod
-Benny's original wheels added (in Vehicle mod menu, also applicable to existing
-Support for the new modifications when using save car.
-two additional Vehicle Load/Save menu pages, bringing the total number of slots to
60, cycle between menus using num4 and num6.

No Ini Changes

Changes from 2.6

-added Trim Design colors and Dashboard colors to Benny's Vehicle Mod Menu (works
only for the new cars).
-added Weapon Finishes for 5 existing weapons (weapon components menu).
-added Voices for new peds.
-added the machine pistol at bodyguards driveby weapons.
-forgot to include the new vehicles into the bodyguard vehicle selection and into
the spawn random vehicle functions, fixed.

No Ini Changes
Changes from 2.7
-Bugfixes only

Changes from 2.8

-added 26 vehicles
-added 2 peds and 2 voices
-added 2 weapons and 4 attachments
-added 8 teleports to the "Stilt Apartments"
-added missing weapons attachments for bodyguards driveby weapon

No ini Changes

Changes from 2.9

-added third added vehicles menu, now 120 added vehicles are possible
-added fourth Vehicle Load/Save menu, now 80 vehicles can be loaded or saved.
-added the 3 penthouse suites in teleports,other teleports, Custom Suites (MP maps
needed) with the ability to change appearance of the interior.
-added 2 stilt apartments in teleports,other teleports, heist/high life interiors
(MP maps needed). That means all 10 are now in.
-fixed issue with horns, removed duplicates and they should now all be named
-fixed issue with unlimited ammo not working on newer DLC weapons.
-Prevent recording UI global updated.
-Snow returns, credits go to Yu for finding the memory pattern.
-Added Yachts in teleports, other teleports Yachts (MP maps needed). You can spawn
a total of 36 yachts, you can
select location, type, lights and the type of rails. Thanks to guadmaz, who
provided his source code, which is partially used in this trainer to provide the

ini changes:

Added Cars:
Added 40 additional added vehcile definition

Changes from 3.0

-For Snow, Deep Vehicle and Deep Ped Tracks are now enabled, furthermore four new
settings have been added to the ini (enabled by default)
Vehicle Tracks, Vehicle Track Depth, Ped Tracks and Ped Tracks Depth. Please be
aware that for snow to actually work
frame scaling mode should be set to off in advanced graphic settings of the game.
-For people that use single key keybindings, I have put in a check so that those
won't work if you use the internet browser.
-Support for loading ini file from \asi directory if you use that to load trainer.
-Fixed some issues related to loading a save.
-Added fourth and fifth added vehicle menu, total is now 200.
-Added fifth and sixth vehicle load/save menu, total is now 120.
-Added Second and Third Clothes Load/Save Menu both for Player and Bodyguards/Peds,
total 60 slots for both.
-Added ability to enter animdict+animname using keyboard in animation menu (both
first you enter the animdict (the left part) and then the actual anim name (the
right part) separated by a comma.
-Added second and third animation load/save menu (both Player and bodyguard/ped)
this brings the total to 60 save slots.

ini changes:
VehicleTracks=1 //Enable Vehicle Tracks for Snow
VehicleTrackDepth=1 //Enable Deep Vehicle Tracks for Snow
PedTracks=1 //Enable Ped Tracks for Snow
PedTrackDepth=1 //Enable Deep Ped Tracks for Snow

added cars:
80 definitions. (121-200)

Changes from 3.1

-Set model by name in Select model menu, for bodyguards/peds.
-Thanks to Taazr, we can now delete the exteriors of the Apartment Buildings and
Stilt Houses for a better view, MP maps should be enabled.
-Again Thanks to Taazr, the missing props when MP maps are enabled is fixed. This
will work at game start and when you load a save, but
may not work whilst progressing on missions. All that is needed in this case is
disable and then enable MP maps and the props will be back.
-Added MP Customization menu in clothes menu. This allows customization of the 2 MP
characters, several features, shape features and color and opacity things.
The trainer can detect the Head Shape and color data, it can detect the several
head features, but not their color or opacity. However once set by trainer,
all of these options can be saved or loaded using the existing clothes save/load
-Added T-shirt overlays, Hair and some missing Tattoos in the Tattoos, Hair and T-
shirt Overlays Menu (previously called Tattoos Menu).
-Added cutscenes from DLC into the mission menu, cutscenes option.

No ini changes

Changes from 3.2

-Added the three new Vehicles.
-Added three new categories in Benny's mod menu (with load/save support of course).
-Fixed issue with some MP apartments views (thanks to Taazr).
-Snow has been fixed to work on the latest patch, thanks to Alexander Blade for
taking the trouble to find the memory offsets.

No ini changes

Changes from 3.3

-reverted back to hard coded mod categories in Vehicle mod menu, apparently some
people had missing text.

No ini changes

Changes from 3.4

-added 7 new vehicles, 2 new weapons and one new wheel type (in vehicle mod menu).

No ini changes

Changes from 3.5

-ability to change yacht color, thanks to davidp027 for sharing the information.

No ini changes

Changes from 3.6

-Yacht changes, added doors and the ability to set chrome or gold doors, added
flags and made water waves smaller.
-Two additional apartments in other teleports, interiors.
-14 new Vehicles.
-3 new Peds.
-8 new weapon components (Drum Magazine).
-Added new T-shirt overlays
-Added new menu Offices and Warehouses (MP Maps Needed) in other teleports menu.

No ini changes

Changes from 3.7

-Fixed the "Office Themes" to be correct now.
-Updated to support new patch, snow + reveal map now working again.

No ini changes

Changes from 3.8

-Added Peds Menu, ability to spawn added peds, same principle as added vehicles.
Support for clothes saving and bodyguard model select.
-Added Weapons Menu, ability to spawn added weapons, same principle as added
vehicles. Support for bodyguard weapon selection.
-Added Vehicles can now also be selected in the bodyguard drive menu.
-Added Time cycle modifier menu in weather menu.
-Added snow particles when snow is enabled.
-Added 7 additional Peyotes (Thanks to _CP_)
-Added Maximum Wanted Level in options menu, don't use any of the other wanted
level options, because they will override this one.
save settings supoport is included for Maximum Wanted level.

Ini changes:

Max_Wanted=0 //Enable Maximum Wanted Level

MaxWanted=2 //Maximum Wanted Level (1-5)

added Added peds and added weapons section (at the end of the file, so you can
easily copy paste it into your existing ini).

Changes from 3.9

-Support for latest patch (snow and reveal map should now work again)
-Added 15 new Vehicles
-Vehicles should not disappear

No ini changes

Changes from 4.0

-support for lastest patch (snow and reveal map should now work again, vehicles
won't dissappear, recording UI global updated)
-added 21 new vehicles
-added 13 new peds
-added 7 new weapons and one weapon attachment
-added Halloween weather.
-New Mp Biker teleport menu off other teleports menu.
-added 25 timcycle modifiers

No ini changes

Changes from 4.1

-remove fast motion from time menu
-changed timecycle modifiers alphabetical
-fixed name of Gang Burrito and put contender into SUV's, fixed name HVY BIFF
-fixed bug with freeze weather.
-fixed issue with chrome rims and color changing
-added a bunch of overlays (tattoos, hair and t-shirt overlays)

No ini changes

Changes from 4.2

-Fixed bug with unlimited ammo not applying to new weapons
-added more overlays (tattoos, t-shirts, hair) they are now all in, and some t-
shirt overlays (mpindependence) have been fixed as they never worked.
-ability to choose an additional 35 license plates provding you have additional
license plates installed, if not, they won't increase beyond what is installed

No ini changes

Changes from 4.3

-support for lastest patch
-added 24 vehicles

No ini changes

Changes from 4.4

-fixed issue with MP vehicles disappearing on the steam version of the game, retail
was working fine.
-added some interiors from import/export in separate submenu off other teleports.
-added 7 new timecycle modifiers
-added import/export tattoos.
-added 6 new peds.
-two additional added vehicles menus, taking the total up to 280.

ini changes:

Added 80 added car definitions.

Changes from 4.5

-Added Import/Export teleports, 60 car garages, mod garages and warehouse, all of
which have customization options.
This also fixes the view of the some of the executive apartments from a few updates

No ini changes

Changes from 4.6

-Fixed a bug with wanted level.
-Fixed a bug with clouds and force weather.
-Fixed Real Time duration and sync to system time to not interfere with the
-The first two MP Biker teleports are now customizable.

No ini changes

Changes from 4.7

-Fixed 60 car garages, those are actually 20 car garages, three combined makes 60.
The numbering scheme has been changed accordingly.
-added Import/Export Warehouse basement, with pump customization.
-MP Biker teleports changed with full customization options.
-Swapped K-L Left/right indicator

Ini changes:
LeftIndicator=75 //Left Incidator
RightIndicator=76 //Right Indicator

Changes from 4.8

-Fixed the view of the Executive Offices and the 60 Car garages.
-Biker Warehouses are now fully customizable.
-IPL loader in teleport menu.
-Fixed a problem with cycle vehicle seats.
-After a lot of requests, I have implemented a Cloud Menu (yes, yes I hope the
whinging will stop :) ). Thanks to Quant, I took the values from his trainer.

No ini changes

Changes from 4.9

-No clouds will now be permanent, will be saved using save settings.

Ini changes:

No_Clouds=0 //No_Clouds

Changes from 5.0

-weapons damage multiplier will again work for melee, blame R they added a new parm
in between...
-fixed a bug where some teleports in interiors would be wrong or would not remove
certain IPL's.
-the get all weapons function now also gets all weapon attachments. Both when run
from the menu or using the RALT+NUM7 keybinding.
-added several teleports locations for each yacht.
-ability to set the yacht name. Sometimes if you get too close, the name
disappears, no idea why.
-you can use the radio in the yachts (total of 4 radios for each yacht), press E or
LB on controller to switch on/off use Right Arrow/Left Arrow or Dpad Right/Left for
station up/down.
-Tv is also usable on the yacht, same controls as the radio.
-Since I had to do the TV for the yacht, I added an enable TV function on the
teleport menu, so TV's should work in apartments, go near the TV and enable the
function on the menu (teleports, other teleports).
There are about 17 or so models on which the TV works, inlcuding the monitors in
the heist rooms. You can spawn tv objects and enable the TV on them as well.
-Apartment Radio, enabling this will make the radios work in various interiors. You
can press E or LB on controller to enable the radios, many apartments have three
different radios, most
other interiors have just one radio. Each one can be enabled and the station set
(left/right arrow, or Dpad left/right on controller). Both the option itself as the
state and station
of each radio that is enabled will be saved when save settings is used. So that on
each game session those radios will play when you are inside the interior and they
will play the same station
as they were when you used save all settings. The interiors that have radios are
the 19 High end Apartments and the midrange and low end apartments and the high,
mid and low end garages
in the other teleports, interiors option, the 5 upgraded apartments and the 10
stilt apartments in heist teleports, The custom suites, the Offices and warehouses,

all of the MP biker teleports (using 4 hidden stations for all of those) and the
import/export teleports.
In total there are 101 interiors that have the radio enabled, for a total of 217
radios :) I have also added radios to the safehouses, they will work
the first time you teleport, but might stop working as the game does stuff with
those radios as well. They will work providing you use the locations teleport
option in other teleports.
Also a radio has been added to other teleports, interiors, Bahama Mama's, in this
case you cannot change the radio station and the radio is enabled when you teleport
-ability to override the fix for infinite loop when dying as non player model, this
is NOT saved when save settings are used because it can potentially get you an
infinite loop, use with care.

Ini changes:
ApartmentRadio=0 //Apartment Radio
OverrideLoopFix=0 //override infinite loop fix

Radio stuff (this will automatically be added the first time the option is enabled
and save settings is used)

Changes from 5.1

-support for latest patch.
-added four new vehicles.

No ini changes

Changes from 5.2

-support for latest patch.

No ini changes

Changes from 5.3

-added support for the roof livery of the Tornado Custom, second option on the
vehicle livery menu, any future vehicles with this kind of livery are automatically
supported. The livery2 is also saved with save vehicle function.
-saw that Wildbrick's add on plates are now up to 25 additional plates, so I have
changed my code to have at least 50 additional plates supported by trainer.
-support for latest patch, so snow should work again
-reveal map is now using a native, so not depended on game version anymore
-added 19 new vehicles.
-added 2 new peds.
-added 6 new weapons + their attachments + new weapon tints.
-added teleport to gunrunning yacht and bunker (bunker is customizeable).
-added gunrunning overlays (tattoos and badges).
-some of the vehicle guns can be changed using the vehicle mod menu.
-added timecycle modifiers (20).

No ini changes

Changes from 5.4

-Fixed issue with the new ammo types preventing firing the gun, now the clip gets
filled when you enter ammo and also when you first equip the ammo type via the
weapon attachment menu.
-removed version check on the various other teleports submenus.
-the silencer hotkey now also works for the new weapons
-ability to enable Maxed Out weapons, by default it is back to disabled. In Ini,
set MaxedOut=1 if you want maxed out weapons with all attachments.
-fixed issue with some vehicle spawn submenus.

Ini Changes:
MaxedOut=0 //Get all Weapons Maxed out

Changes from 5.5

-Added Weapon Livery Colors.

No Ini Changes

Changes from 5.6

-fixed issue with weapon tints and melee weapons.
-fixed issue with setting ammo and the new ammo types.
-fixed a few issues with weapons and change model, now livery color and new ammo
types should work fine.
-if you use get all weapons using keybind, this will also take the setting MaxedOut
into consideration
-added ability to quickly go to the second column on menus that have two columns.
Num 9 to go to the second column, Num 7 to go back to the first. Can be set in Ini.
-ability to save all weapons to weaponsx.ini (20 slots). All weapons, their
attachments, tints, livery colors and Ammo are saved and can be loaded.
Be aware, this shitty game has a problem with the new ammo types, and require waits
for the correct ammo to be applied. I have no idea why, in any case, I am not
to wait my code for any longer than strictly necessary. So if any of those new 6
weapons, using the new ammo types have 0 ammo instead of what it should be, either
set the ammo manually, or..... load the slot again, as that seems to fix the issue.
I have no idea why, it simply executes the EXACT same code.

ini changes:

MenuKeyQF=105 //Menu Second Column, Default Num 9
MenuKeyQB=103 //Menu First Column, Default Num 7

Changes from 5.7

-fixed an issue where when changing characters, the no helmet option would not
-added a 2 second wait to fix the above issue...
-added some missing weapons to the drive by bodyguards weapons. Be aware, the
attachments for the new weapons have not been updated, this also applies to the
normal weapons section, I cannot be bothered atm, they work, and that's all that

Changes from 5.8

-removed 2 second wait when changing characters, The no helmet should now also
work, there was a problem with weapons leading to the crash people were reporting,
should now be fixed.
-added 19 new Vehicles.
-added one ped (u_m_y_smugmech_01).
-added 2 cutscenes.
-added smugglers teleports in other teleports (the hangar).
-added overlays for mpsmugglers and mpairraces.

Changes from 5.9

-Fixed crash in Hangar teleport menu.
-Fixed (hopefully) crash with all weapons and model changing.
-Ability to change the color scheme of the hangar
-The Hangar Living Quarters can now be enabled and or disabled.

No Ini Changes
Changes from 6.0
-Support for Doomsday DLC:
-Added 29 Vehicles.
-Added 10 Peds.
-Added 7 Weapons (including full customization).
-Added 13 Cutscenes.
-Added 37 Time Cycle Modifiers.
-Added 60 tattoos (30 female/30 male).
-Added Doomsday teleport menu, in other teleports. Not all teleports are in, as I
need scripts to find out the interior props.
-I started with the ability to save some interiors in the ini, only two biker
teleports current work, but I will over time add others.
The supression of the recording UI when using dpad down on the controller does not
work, again I need access to the scripts to find the new global.

No ini Changes

Changes from 6.1

-Fixed issue with unlimited ammo and the new weapons
-Fixed the Dpad Down bringing up the character selection screen, it will however
still show the recording UI, again until I have decompiled scripts this cannot be
-Added teleports to Tunnel, Base and Silo all part of the Lab interior, just to
break it up.
-Added the Player Facility and Avenger interiors in the Doomsday teleport menu,
however, not fully functional because I again need decompiled scripts.

No ini Changes

Changes from 6.2

-The Player Facility and the Avenger Interior can now be customized, with the
ability to save to ini,
when you subsequently re-teleport (including with another game session) you will
revert to the saved interior.
-The IPL loader, now is a IPL/Interior Prop Loader, allows you to add interior
props to interiors yourself and load IPL's.
-The Recording UI is now surpressed when using Dpad down when using the menu.
-Added 80 more vehicle save/load slots. Now 200.

No ini Changes

Changes from 6.3

-The change model function crashed for some people, whilst I have never found
anything wrong in my code, I have now changed the way the weapons
are being retained. This seems to fix the problem and allows me to have a single
function instead of duplicate functions.
-All the Biker, Import/Export, Gun Running, Smugglers and Doomsday Teleports that
are customizeable can now be saved to the ini.

No ini Changes

Changes from 6.4

-Added object spawn unlocker from GTAMultiplayer Team into trainer.
-Added All objects to trainer, replaced objects 1 -objects 6 with two Object list
menus that will allow you to select all objects (objects 1 - objects 44).
Be aware, many objects simply don't work, but they are all selecteable.
-Added 4 Different MOC teleports in the Gunrunning teleport menu. These are using
objects, thanks to Nkjellman for providing the objects and coordinates.
-Added 100 additional Vehicle Save slots.
-Added 40 additional Added Vehicle slots.
-Weapon Damage Multiplier can now have negative values.
Several Airbreak changes:
-Renamed Airbreak Speed Menu to Airbreak Settings Menu.
-Enable Vehicle/Player Invisible in Airbreak Settings Menu, when enabled both
Vehicle and Player will be invisible when airbreak is enabled.
-Enable Vehicle/Player No Collision in Airbreak Settings Menu, when enabled both
Vehicle and Player will have no collision when airbreak is enabled.
-Both options will be saved when save all settings is used.
-Ability to enable airbreak using controller, hold X and pres LS.
-Airbreak controls will not work if the menu is on screen.

ini Changes:
ControllerAirbreak1=203 // Default X
ControllerAirbreak2=86 // Default LS

Added Vehicles:
40 additional slots

You can just retain the ini, just copy the two lines under keybindings changes over
to your existing ini (under keybindings), which is optional if you don't intend on
changing it anyway.
You can also copy the 40 additional added vehicle slots, copy from Enable281=0
until DisplayName320=Car 320 over to your existing ini (under added cars),
again optional if you don't use those slots.

Changes from 6.5

-added Infinite Stamina in options menu 1. If enabled it will get saved when save
all settings is used.
-added Restricted Areas, enabled by default, if disabled, you will be able to visit
the prison, fort Zancudo and the Airport without being attacked,
will get saved when save all settings is used.
-Fixed an issue with the Vehicle load/save slots, it was trying to retrieve the
full car name (new method), but lead to a crash when the model was not in the game
files, this has now been corrected.

No ini Changes

Changes from 6.6

-Added 40 save clothes slots for Player and 40 for Bodyguards/Peds
-Ability to add or remove Crew Emblems to Vehicles, thanks to Mafins for providing
me with the offsets. The emblems are also saved when you save the vehicle.
Be aware not all cars are definied, The offsets for the Emblem are taken from the
Car mod shop script, and R has definied a total of 302 vehicles there, all the
others get
the emblem applied on a default spot, which might not at all be visible.
Furthermore R apparently made 4 mistakes, as the Surfer, Surfer2, Avenger and
Autarch don't display the emblem.
-Again thanks to Mafins who pointed out a single native, I now have separated
controller and keyboard support, this means for instance
that enabling controller support, will not suddenly enable the arrow keys working
in the menu.
-Ability to change the office text, font and color for the four offices. And to
save these plus the selected IPL to ini.
-Ability to change the Biker Clubhouses text, font and color for the two
Clubhouses. And to save these to ini.
-Various elements for the player facility:
-The Table of the Orbital Cannon can be enabled, if enabled the table will cycle
through different map positions every 7 seconds.
-The screens of the Orbital Cannon can be switched on.
-Big screen can be enabled (which will disable the Boot screen) and you can select
which image it will display.
-Boot screen can be enabled (which will disable the Big screen), it will cycle
through the boot screen and a black screen.

No ini Changes

Changes from 6.7

-added 280 additional added Vehicles slots, allowing 600 in total. However you
don't need to define them in the ini anymore, with help
from IKT, I have code running that will detect add on vehicles, the first 600 of
them will be added to the added vehicles menu
automatically sorted by Displayname (including the make name). The added cars
section in the ini can therefore be deleted, it will not do anything anymore.
-ability to disable vehicle weapons, in weapons menu, will be saved if save all
settings has been used.
-The Livery option in Benny's Mod menu has been moved to the Livery Menu directly
off the Vehicle Options Menu 1.
-The Vehicle Components Menu has been moved as an additional category in the
Vehicle Mod Menu.
-If you set a timecycle, it wills stay active until you clear it again in the
timecycle modifier menu.

Ini Changes:

Deleted added cars section, for existing inis, you can either delete it as well or
leave it, it does not really matter.

Changes from 6.8 (Or for the people that don't understand: What is new in 6.9..)
-Ability to disable auto-detect of add-on vehicles, which gives you the ability to
define them in the ini again (you can re-use your old added cars section from
previous ini),
this means that the text displayed on the Added Vehicle menu, and the text
displayed for each Vehicle save slot for add-on vehicles, will come from the
displayname in the ini.
if autodetect is switched on, both will come from the game itself. To enable this,
you will need to set DefineAddedVehiclesInIni=1 in defaults section of the ini.
The default remains for autodetection of add-on cars, which means there is no need
to set anything up in the ini.
-Improved the auto-detect of add-on Vehicles, for Vehicles, if the vehicle author
did not bother to set proper names, I now just get the modelname (thanks IKT).
-Search function added for: Vehicles, Player Models, Objects and Animations. The
search results window will allow you to spawn any of the found Vehicles, Player
Models Objects or Animations.
I have used some of IKT code for search, so credit should go to him, thanks !
-Thanks to the transmet team, who published a much bigger animation list, I have
now replaced mine with the list from them, bringing 105186 animations into the
Since there is a search function now, you should use that, rather then the
animation options, which will still work, and will now cross all 105186 animations.
-Added the ability to also choose Weapon Components and Color and Livery Color for
the MKII weapons in the various Bodyguard/Ped Weapon Menus.
-Added SNS mkII, Heavy Revolver mkII and Double Action Revolver to Bodyguard/Ped
Driveby Weapons.
-Removed the restriction to change wheel color of chrome wheels.
-Ability to set additional props for the four offices, two biker clubhouses and the
facility. Of course these will be saved when save interior to ini is used.
-Privacy Glass for the Facility is another option you can enable. Again will be
saved when save interior to ini is used.
For the offices and biker clubhouses, you can enable the additional props under the
"set name menu", for the facility this can be done in the facility menu.
-Turns out I missed about 15.000 objects, so they are also added to trainer, making
a total of 80709 objects. New menu added, Object List 3.
I believe I now have ALL objects of the vanilla game into the trainer.

ini Changes:
Defaults: DefineAddedVehiclesInIni=0
Added Cars re-added to ini, this is only applicable if you choose to disable
autodetection of added vehicles, if you want to use autodetection, don't replace or
copy anything to your ini.

Changes from 6.9

-Privacy Glass for the facility Bedroom.
-The Tropyhs props in the facility did not change when color of the facility was
changed, this has now been fixed.
-Modern Office in Hangar did not load the props, now fixed.
-Support for secondary Hair Color in the MP Models Customization menu.
-Avenger was missing a interior prop, fixed.

No ini Changes.

Changes from 7.0

-Vehicle Damage Multiplier, will also be saved when save settings is used.
-Ability to save Bodyguards/Peds, either the last spawned Bodyguard/Ped (or
selected Bodyguard/Ped) or save all spawned Bodyguards/Peds to a file.
the weapons, clothes, the type (Bodyguard/Ped/Attacking Ped or driver) and the
position are saved, as well as the task when Peds are concerned.
-Voices and speeches are now mapped, this means that all the voices have relevant
speeches. Total of 801 Voices and 50831 speeches.
Big thanks to Alexguirre who wrote a program to extract the speech names. I am
using his list and have added a few more voices from latest patches
those are found under Select Voice 4, Select Voice 1 -3 is using his list.
-There was a bug in the select current drive-by and select current Bodyguard/Ped
weapon, this has been fixed.
-Another bug fixed, when setting wheel color, with custom colors, custom colors
would not save when save vehicle was used.
-Yet another bug fixed, saving bodyguard default weapon was not correct.

No ini Changes.

Changes from 7.1

-Ability to open the safe and gunlocker in the offices.
-The MOC is now fully customizeable, setting Bays and colors. And save to ini.
-Serveral little problems with Yachts have been fixed, one of them was a direct
result of the Yacht text, which messed up colors of the yachts.
-Starboard and Port text now also include the country name.
-Ability to enable white text instead of black text for the Yacht Name.
-Ability to save spawned yachts. When you return, the settings of saved yachts will
be retrieved, so all you need to do is select the yacht and select spawn.
-save last spawned bodyguard/ped and all bodyguard/peds now save wakstyle and voice
if it was set and load it.
-all spawned objects will be freezed (or made static) unless dynamic objects is

No ini Changes.
Changes from 7.2
-added a third teleport menu page and a third save teleport menu page, 30
additional slots for teleporting and saving.
The first 11 teleports are by Rennie.
-ability to make the specific Bodyguard/Ped leave.
-ability to save last selected timecycle modifier to ini, so that it will load it
on next game start.
-Increased range for both Torque and Engine Power multiplier.
-some small changes to MOC.(Turret Controls were missing, doors were wrong,
doorblocker repositioned).
-ability to use club emblems in the biker clubhouses.
-the club emblems selected for Club House 1 will also be used in the facility.
-there IS a way to have the club emblem in the Facility and the two Biker
Clubhouses but you will have to do it manually:
download your clubemblem from social club (save as), start openIV, edit mode, open
Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\x64\textures\script_txds.rpf,
right click, choose new Texture dictionary (ytd), make sure the name is set to
crewemblem. Then open crewemblem.ytd and import your crewlogo, making
again sure the name is crewemblem. Both the dictionary and the file name iside of
it should be called crewemblem. Now add the following line
to trainerv.ini under the defaults section: crewemblem=1. If you followed the
instructions correctly your crewemblem (or whatever you have put
inside the dictiorary) will now be shown in the facility and can be selected in the
two biker warehouses. You might want to extract the dictionary
and save it somewhere, because after each patch, it will be gone, and has to be
reimported into the rpf file.

Ini Changes:


Teleport7Slot0] - [Teleport9Slot9] However, you don't need to replace the INI as

those teleports have also been programmed into the trainer.

Changes from 7.3

-the saved vehicle function will save the last spawned vehicle, if you are not in a
Vehicle. This is usefull for trailers, because when saved, all vehicle related
functions should work without having to be in it.
-compatibility for latest patch, added 16 vehicles and a few objects. That was all
that was added by R, no other new content is available.
-added 40 additional added weapons slots.

No ini Changes.

Changes from 7.4

-ability to load the first weapons slot when the game loads.
-snow works again.

Ini changes:
WeaponsAutoLoad=0 (change to 1 to use weapons auto load). Again NO NEED TO CHANGE
THE INI, just copy the line if you need it, or leave it out when you don't.

Changes from 7.5

-compatiblity with latest patch (snow and recording UI will work).
-added 14 vehicles, 11 have crew emblems.
-added 1 weapon.
-added 49 peds (After hours peds on menu).
-added 18 voices and all relevant speeches.
-added 1307 objects (Object List 3, Objects 55).
-added 8 cutscenes.
-updated list of timecycles.
-added T-shit overlays (2x63).
-added new teleport menu in other teleports, with fully customizeable interiors for
the After Hours update.
-N for next track does not work anymore, as Rockstar deleted the native.

No ini changes.

Changes from 7.6

-Added Privacy glass in the Nightlcub Office.
-Ability to dim the Nightclub Office Lights.
-Ability to open the Nightclub Office Safe.
-Ability to add smoke on the Nightclub Dancefloor.
-Ability to enable the Thropies in the Nightclub Office and Safe.
-added 89 scenarios, which means that list is now updated and has all available
-Thanks to doppelblind the Underwater Pickups have all been named.
-Ability to change the Vehicle Audio (Engine), Vehicle options, second page, last
option, you can either select the Vehicle audio from a list,
or simply use the search. Yes the usage of the function will change the radio
station, and I have decided to leave the game do it's own thing...
-Added a few Walkstyles, at the end of the list.
-Ability to open and close the bomb bay doors in Vehicle doors and windows menu.
-Rockstar is using a native to disable the new radio station from being displayed
at the radio wheel, and preventing the usage of the station,
but I am using the very same native to enable the station again, so it will be in
the radio wheel. I actually also forgot to include the
blonded station in the default radio function, this has now been corrected. The Los
Santos Underground station is also included in the default radio function.

No ini changes.