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 Title Page (You may arrange the given information in any sequence)

o Project Title
o Name of Company
o Name of Department
o Name of University
o Submitted to
o Submitted by
o Logo of University
 Introduction to Document
 Objective of Project
 Introduction to the organization
 Details of the existing system/ For Product: Need of this product and problems with
existing products
 Results of Survey (After getting the questionnaires filled)
 Proposed Solution
 Scope of work
 Work Breakdown Structure (How the work was divided amongst the team members)
 Gannt Chart
 Process Model Used with justification of selecting the process model
 Requirements (Number every requirement and categorize it in different types)
o Functional Requirements
o Data Requirements
o Non-Functional Requirements
 Look and Feel Requirements
 Usability Requirements
 Performance Requirements
 Operational Requirements
 Maintainability and Portability Requirements
 Security Requirements
 Cultural and Political Requirements
 Legal Requirements
 Other Requirements (You may use any heading and classify the
requirements as per your project e.g. Non Functional, Security, Usability

(All Requirements must be written in Requirement Shell as per template)

 System Shall Statements (Repetition of functional requirements, but here students should
specifically use shall in their requirements for practice and learning)
 Use Cases List with description of each use case
 Use Case Diagram (All)
 Open Issues
 Risks
 Use Cases List
 Use Cases Description
 Use Case Diagram
 [OPTIONAL] Noun Identification
 [OPTIONAL] Eliminated Nouns and Identified Classes
 [OPTIONAL] Design Pattern Used (If any)
 [OPTIONAL] Class Diagram
 [OPTIONAL] Sequence diagrams
 [OPTIONAL] Component Diagram
 [OPTIONAL] Deployment Diagram
 Data Requirements (Will be extracted from the requirements)
 ER Diagram
 Database Diagram
 System Interfaces (Prototypes of Screens of proposed system)
 Test Cases
 Learning Outcomes
 Overall Experience of doing this project
 Conclusion
 References (If Any)
 [OPTIONAL] Glossary
 [OPTIONAL] Appendix