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Mohamad syafiq Akmal bin Abdullah

What is a tender mix and briefly discuss why tender mix occur during the construction?
Tender mix is internally unstable mix that tends to displace laterally and shove rather than
compact under roller loads. Internal mix stability is a function of asphalt binder viscosity and
aggregates gradation and shape. It’s an asphalt mix usually refer to mix that difficult to

Tender mix occur during construction due to lack friction or shear strength in the asphalt mix.
The lack of shear strength resulted of combination factor. Most common factor that caused is
aggregates properties which is term of particle shape and texture, gradation of aggregates.
Next liquid asphalt binder properties which the binder grade and binder content used. lastly,
field construction operation method which is the temperature zone and roller pattern that can
caused tender mix to occur during construction,