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Expository Essay

SPECIFIC TOPIC: ​One principle of constructivism

I. Introduction
A. Using quotes
II. Body
A. Explain the principle: People learn to learn as they learn
B. Examples of using this principle
III. Conclusion
A. Using general facts

One principle of constructivism

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think,” said by Albert
Einstein. This concept can be referred to one of the learning theory called, “Constructivism.” One
of the principles of constructivism is people learn to learn as they learn. ​5/5
Piaget, the founder of constructionism states that constructivism is a learning theory based
on the concept that people learn through their own experience. There are many principles of
constructivism, one of them is people learn to learn as they learn. In other words, people gain
understanding and knowledge while doing or experiencing by themselves. They would be
experimenting and confront with real-life experience or problems, in order to learn. But how does
this principle of constructivism used in school? In Portland, there was a school named “Creative
Science School or CSS.” It is a school where students build their skills through participating,
observing, problem-solving and drawing conclusion. According to CSS, their learning isn’t a
destination but it is a journey for students to discover with the help of facilitators or teachers.
Students at CSS would discover knowledge through their activities and mistakes. This would also
provide them with challenges and enjoyment. Another example in Thailand is Darunsikkhalai
School for Innovative Learning or DSIL. It is a school in which students came up with a project,
based on their own interest. For instance, building an airplane, starting a coffee business or even
making a tomatoes farm. They will spend ​three months to study and become expert in their topic.
Moreover, teachers at DSIL found that this theory would help students be prepared for their
professionals and would be motivated because their projects came from their own curiosity.​ 5/5
In conclusion, the opinion of Piaget is that this principle of constructivism turns students into
experts and encourage students to be an active learners by constructing their own theories of the
world. ​5/5

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