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Flame PrincesS

Weird Fantasy Role-Playing

of the
Flame PrincesS
Weird Fantasy Role-Playing

of the
Flame PrincesS
Weird Fantasy Role-Playing


That Crawls
The God
that Crawls
by James Edward Raggi IV
Illustrated by Jason Rainville

Cartography by Devin Night

of the
Flame PrincesS
Weird Fantasy Role-Playing

of the
Flame PrincesS
Weird Fantasy Role-Playing
The God that Crawls
© James Edward Raggi IV 2012
First Edition, First Printing 2012
Published by Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Cover and Illustrations by Jason Rainville
Cartography by Devin Night
Editing by Matthew Pook
Layout by Mattias Wikström/Tigerbyte
Printed in Finland by Otava Publishing Company Ltd
ISBN 978-952-5904-30-7
Author’s Notes................................................................................................................. 4
–– Part the First  4
–– Part the Second  5
The Setup.................................................................................................................................... 6
–– The Story of Augustine  6
–– The God that Crawls  7
–– The Reverend Elroy Bacon  8
–– The Children  11
–– Villagers  11
–– The Chase  12
Map Keys..................................................................................................................................14
–– The Church  14
–– Dungeon Levels  20
Treasure Caches. .................................................................................................... 40
The Book..................................................................................................................................42
Sponsorships................................................................................................................. 48
Author’s Notes
Part the First making the player characters sweat, what the
hell are they about?
Have you ever noticed that players pretty much Essentially, it is a stick and carrot thing. “If
expect their characters to enter a dungeon and you want the carrot, you also get the stick.”
explore it more or less at their leisure? Ever Why not stay home and be a cobbler or a
notice that because they expect to explore at stableboy? For players, that’s boring, and for
their leisure, they always assume mapping characters, that’s boring and there’s no money
will be easily done? That they’ll load up on an in it. Why not join the army? It’s not boring,
excessive amount of equipment? That they’ll but who wants to be told what to do and who
expect to be able to leave the dungeon if they to fight and when? And military discipline?
get into trouble? agghhhh…
Have you ever noticed that the standard So the game is about undisciplined adrena-
dungeon crawl has the adventurers walking line freaks who want to get rich without doing
around and being proactive in attacking the an honest day’s labor. By presenting an adven-
monsters? That if there’s a monster that they ture hook in such a game, a Referee means
can’t immediately tackle, defeating it is gen- two things: “There is a carrot here!” and “By
erally considered just a matter of preparation chasing after this treasure, you are giving me
and healing? permission to screw around with you so bad
If those things annoy you, boy oh boy is this and do my best to beat you to death with this
the adventure for you! stick!” And the players will take it and they will
The God that Crawls will trap your player like it (if both the stick and the carrot are inter-
characters. It will chase them! And it’ll kill esting enough!), because what else could they
them quick if they expect to carry out their possibly expect playing characters that crawl
dungeoneering business as usual. into dark holes, armed to the teeth, preparing
If any of this sounds unfair, remember that to slaughter and loot?
“Adventurer” is defined as “one who looks for Sure, some people don’t like that. Some
trouble,” and “Adventure” is defined as “The might say it’s *gasp* railroading! Yeah, like
trouble an adventurer finds.” Silver Streak, Horror Express, Murder on the
Seriously, if your adventures aren’t about Orient Express, and Under Siege 2.

Choo-choo! All aboard! for the opposition was dropped in soon after,
Oh, one other thing about this... one of a but what would make the whole thing pop?
Referee’s great advantages is being able to sit Because I have to tell you, “there’s an evil cult
back and listen to the player characters take which worships a gross and evil god” is just
their time and plan, imagining far worse and about as worn out as “there’s a humanoid tribe
complicated scenarios for their capers than which is menacing the Realms of Man!” as a
the situation actually warrants. Watching plot hook. Sure, in play such a generic setup
them stew in their own paranoia is awesome. may not be boring, but what Referee is going
But this adventure, once it gets going, won’t to give his every effort to bring it to life? More
allow for much of that. It should be fast-paced, importantly on the publishing end here, what
and will require not only fast playing but also makes this “evil cult which worships a gross
equally fast and involved Refereeing due to the and evil god” adventure different from every
nature of the map and the for-once proactive other such thing, or different from what any
nature of the monster. Referee could throw together without any
Sometimes the Referee should sweat as outside help?
well. The given backstory which details the cult
and who the God that Crawls actually is, tie

Part the scenario to the real world, give the entire

scenario far more weight, and makes it much

the Second more interesting than it would have been than

if it was just left unexplained, if it just recycled
So that first rant explains the idea behind how literary sources, or was just some brand new
the adventure will play if everything goes right made up thing.
(which is not a given – be prepared to roll with Most of this information is entirely infor-
the punches because turning scenarios on mation for the Referee and not likely to be
their asses is what players do). But the thing communicated to the players. Some may see
that makes RPGs awesome is that there is not this as “fluff ” and irrelevant to the adventure,
just the game play element, but there is also but I disagree. Such detail helps to get the
the fictional element, the world and context in Referee into the mindset of the adventure,
which all of the game play happens. The idea can be an important factor in the Referee
is that all of the action is taking place within a being attracted to the adventure enough to
world which is just as real to the characters as run it in the first place, and will influence how
the actual world is to us. the Referee plays the cult. This is a very big
Following a narrative and exploring char- deal. It is the sort of thing that brings a game
acterization and building a cooperative story to life and makes the players remember them
or a setting without the game part of RPGs is forever. And that is the measure—the only
pure wankery at worst, and better suited to fic- one—of a good adventure.
tion writing at best. Yet at the same time just As always, I’d like to know what happens
the game part without all that other stuff to tie in your game when you run this adventure.
it together is nothing more than drudgery. lotfp@lotfp.com.
So the “game” part of the concept of The God James Edward Raggi IV
that Crawls was taken care of, and the “cult March 7, 2012
worshipping a muck god” general concept Helsinki, Finland

The Setup

his adventure is about the unusual not use historical Earth as a setting, this should
circumstances surrounding one old not be a problem, as the Referee should be pro-
country church. To keep the module ficient at making changes to adventures to suit
on-point, only the church and the his campaign’s needs. Since many campaigns
dungeon below it are detailed. Details about follow the traditional, “a little of this, a little of
the nearby village and surrounding area are that,” approach, merely changing the names of
omitted because they are unnecessary to the the religious figures can be enough to obscure
point of the adventure—they can merely be the situation. Or alternatively, do not change
ordinary and boring. Of course the Referee is a thing and just incorporate Christianity into
free to flesh out the surrounding area. the campaign, since “Thou shalt have no other
When placing the adventure in a campaign, gods before me,” can be read to mean “There are
all that the Referee need note is that the other gods, but you put me first!” which largely
area needs to be quite rural and in very hilly matches how religion in many campaigns is
country. handled anyway, with many gods in the setting,
The hook or motivation to get the player with a particular priest or worshiper following
characters to the church is up to the Referee, only one of them.
who would know how to get the players
involved better than any adventure writer. No
hooks that cast suspicion on the priest or vil- The Story
lagers before the adventure begins should be
used, as the natural paranoia of adventurers of Augustine
will be in effect anyway. As long as the player Augustine of Canterbury is famous through-
characters are aware of both the church and out Christiandom as the first Archbishop of
the door on the hillside, the adventure is ready Canterbury. Tireless in spreading the faith,
to go. his Gregorian mission of 597 was key in re-
One feature that the Referee should be aware Christianizing Britain.
of is that this adventure assumes a real-world History tells us that he died in 604, was then
Earth setting, circa 1600 A. D. Even though most buried at the Abbey of St. Peter and Paul (now
campaigns using LotFP or similar systems do the site of Canterbury Cathedral), and later

canonized by the Roman Catholic Church (a order was quickly established, composed
status also recognized by both the Anglican of those who knew, their mission to care for
and Orthodox Churches). Augustine as best they can, and protect his
History lies, and the truth is known only to secret shame at all costs.
a few. The secret order performs a double decep-
Augustine did not die on May 26, 604. A tion to accomplish this. As far as most of the
group of renegades who had refused to con- locals are concerned, the church is as any
vert to Christ administered a paralytic poison, other, but the secret order pretends to be
and Augustine was buried alive. Yet the pagan continuing the previous blasphemous cult,
revenge had only begun. worshipping the God that Crawls as a pos-
Augustine was dug up by the conspirators sible cover to explain why it feeds interlopers
and taken to a church that they had taken to it when they discover too much about
over near Dover. Unholy rites were performed, Augustine. Nevertheless, the members of the
transforming Augustine into a thing of terror: order are devout in their Christian faith and in
The God that Crawls. The creature was then their loyalty to Rome.
dumped into the catacombs below the church As for Augustine himself, he suffered mas-
to live out the rest of its days. sive brain damage while buried, and after being
The pagans did not realize that the trans- transformed and left in the dark for centuries
formation made Augustine functionally he has also become violently insane. Only the
immortal; without a solid mortal form there barest flashes of memory of what he once was
was no body to weaken from age, no natural remains, manifesting itself as unsuccessful
biological processes to fail. So the conspiracy attempts to coagulate into human form. Now
became a cult as the months standing guard he just mindlessly stalks the halls searching
over the hated saint became years. The vigil for prey to satisfy his ravenous hunger—a
became worship as the generations passed hunger that has no natural purpose as he has
and the original pagan beliefs died. no actual need for food.
The Norman conquest of 1066 brought the
end of the cult, as its benefactors and protec-
tors in English society were supplanted by the The God
foreigners, and soon the cult, and its secret,
was unearthed by an episcopal investigation. that Crawls
This discovery created quite a problem for Unarmored, Move  30', Hit Dice  5, 90  hp,
the Normans. Augustine lives, albeit in the 1 Attack doing 1d6 damage, ML 7
most twisted form imaginable. He must be
protected, and no one can ever know. A secret Notes and powers
The God that Crawls surprises 3 in 6 if the
party is moving toward it at above exploration
Note speed in an area with a light slime trail, and 5
The God that Crawls assumes a Silver in 6 if the party is moving toward it at above
Standard. If your campaign is on the exploration speed in an area with a heavy
Gold Standard, merely change all men- slime trail.
tions of sp to gp. The God that Crawls normally attacks
by forming the edge of its body into a crude

pseudopod and clubbing its prey. When an Also, its stats change if it absorbs magi-
opponent goes down (or it finds someone or cal equipment (including potions, but not
something lying on the ground), the God will including scrolls). These changes are also
ooze over it and begin absorbing it, a process permanent.
that takes about ten minutes for a man-sized
object (including all equipment if it is a fallen ¶¶ Any magical item with defensive capabili-
character being consumed). During this time ties increases its Armor Class by 1 point.
it will ignore everything else around it unless ¶¶ Any magical item that has offensive capa-
it is attacked. bilities or bonuses advances its damage die
If attacked while feeding, it will strike out by one type (d4 damage becomes d6, etc.).
(up to 10') with a ropey pseudopod against each ¶¶ Any other magical item increases the crea-
attacker until it is no longer being attacked. It ture’s maximum hit points by one.
is –2 to hit with these attacks when feeding.
Likewise, if a character has the idea to leap Devouring zero level characters and mundane
over or scoot around the creature (say, because creatures does not alter the God’s stats.
the character is trapped and the God is clos- The God that Crawls lairs in location 1:13,
ing in), it will shoot out strands to attempt but often roams the passages of the labyrinth
to hinder the character. Those attempting to underneath the church. On Sundays during
bypass the creature in this manner must make services when the church is full, the God lin-
a saving throw versus Paralysis in order to get gers under the pit, swaying to the singing.
past it that round (and a failed save means The God can ooze under doors, but this
the character is in mêlée range). There is a +2 takes a full turn, and it is vulnerable to attack
bonus to the saving throw if the creature is as it cannot strike back while flattening itself
feeding. in this manner. Instead, it will wait outside
The God that Crawls regains 3 hp at the start the door until there has been no movement
of every round, even if brought below 0 hp. The or sound from within for 1d4 days, or until it
creature only truly dies if it drops below 0hp hears another noise that draws it away.
after losing its regenerative ability. It fears the outside air, so it will not attempt
Holy water heals the God 1d8 points of to escape under the door at location 2:01.
The God that Crawls changes as it devours
victims. These changes are permanent. The Reverend
¶¶ For every level the victim possessed, the Elroy Bacon
God adds one to its permanent hit point Father Bacon is the leader of both the church,
total. the community around it, and of the pact
¶¶ If the character was capable of casting that keeps The God that Crawls secret and
Magic-User spells, or had innate spell-like safe. He is a 3rd level Cleric (15 hp) but not an
or magical abilities, the God’s regeneration adventurer. He keeps a sword in his quarters,
ability increases by one point. but owns no armor and carries no weapon on
¶¶ If the character was capable of casting his person in his day-to-day life. He has keys
Cleric spells, the God’s regeneration ability for locations C:01 and the door and locker at
decreases by one point. C:06.

He will not be particularly unfriendly and Church. But you can keep whatever else you
will never seem nervous or unconfident, but find down there! Do you need help? I can get
he greatly dislikes dealing with strangers, some farmhands from the village who prob-
especially the sort of rather ill-disciplined ably wouldn’t mind coming with you for a
troublemakers that most player character share then. You might want to guarantee them
groups most obviously are, because of the a silver or something just for coming though,
likelihood of needing to murder them. that’d only be fair, in case there’s nothing down
He will be very adamant about not allow- there.”
ing visitors beyond the altar of the church. He will signal to the children at the appro-
If the back rooms are discovered, Bacon will priate point and they will ring the church bell
change tact. He will say that the pit has been (see below) summoning the locals.
there since the church was built (true) and If the player characters go down the hole
that nobody connected to the church has alone, of course any rope or other conveyance
been down the pit (also true, at least for the used to descend will be cut, raised, etc. as
past few generations). He is, of course, curious soon as the player characters are out of sight,
about what might be down there (see location or sooner if the player characters are all down
C:08: the side passages leading from location and seem to want to come back up. The arriv-
1:01 are not visible from the top of the pit ing villagers will remain in force above the pit
and a greenish residue is visible on the floor for several days (keeping away from the edge
of the pit if a light is lowered), but is not so as to not be targeted by either missile
so concerned since he has never heard of fire or spells) to make sure that there
anything coming up from the pit in all of are no escape attempts.
the time that the church has been here If the player characters have
(true!). recruited villagers as retainers
However, once the pit has for the exploration, the vil-
been seen, the witnesses have lagers will of course want
got to die. Bacon is smart the player characters to go
enough to know that it is sui- first. “You’re leading this
cide to attempt straightforward expedition…” If the player
violence against traveling adven- characters do not like that,
turers, even if a large amount of the oldest of the assembled villag-
villagers can be gathered, so he has ers is willing to go down after the
devised other ways of eliminating first player character, and maybe
any danger to the God below. a second before all of the player
“What? You’re willing to go characters are down, but the rope
down the pit and see what’s will still be cut when the last player
down there? Why? Oh, you’re character is down. The doomed
treasure hunters and think there villagers will consider themselves
might be something down the to be martyrs—the safety of Saint
hole? Marvelous! I’ll tell you Augustine is of greater impor-
what, if there are any religious tance than any single life. They will
relics, you will be expected of begin singing hymns as loud as
course to turn them over to the they can and follow the player

characters everywhere down below to make message sent to the Lord Warden of Cinque
sure the God does not lose track of them. Ports, Baron Cobham, in Dover. Troops will be
The gong will be struck as soon as the player mobilized to apprehend the player characters
characters are down (see The Chase). and return them to Father Bacon at his church
However, at no point will Bacon or any on the charge of being gypsy thieves.
of the gathered locals appear to be sinister, Lord Cobham is not aware of the God or
threaten the player characters, or or seem the goings-on surrounding it, but he does owe
particularly eager to get the player characters Bacon a few major favors (Bacon has such an
down the hole. If the player characters seem advantage over most local officials and busi-
unsure about descending into the pit, none of nessmen) and so will go along with this, no
the locals will encourage the idea: “Obviously, questions asked, since the player characters
we don’t think anything’s down there, or else are typical transients and it saves the govern-
we’d have organized something ourselves. ment authorities the trouble and legal issues
Surely this church hasn’t stood for 1000 years involved with executing them. Lord Cobham
on top of something without anyone knowing, has larger matters on his mind.
right?” If the player characters fall victim to the
If the player characters wish to walk away, plot to drug them, they will awaken at the
the priest will offer them a bottle of wine. “I bottom of the pit to the singing of many vil-
had to take it from one of the flock. He was lagers looking down on them from above. The
a little too fond of this sort of thing, unfortu- player characters will have been stripped of
nately. I prefer Scotch whiskey myself when I all missile weapons and ammunition, but not
want a drink, so maybe you’d appreciate this any other equipment or valuables—the villag-
more? It’s French, very nice, I’m told.” ers will not rob them, and they know that the
The wine is of course drugged. If the player God will feed on these belongings as well as
characters stop for a meal or purchase rations their owners.
in the local village, these too will be drugged. The gong will be struck when the player
The player characters will be followed, and characters awaken.
when (if) they pass out they will be collected. No matter how the player characters get
If it comes down to it, there will be an urgent to the bottom of the pit, if they do, if at all

possible Father Bacon will apologize to them hospitable and generous. They are in most
from above, before stepping away from the ways model Christians, loyal to the Queen and
edge of the pit. He will mean it, too. wishing goodwill to all men.
The ruse of the outside door (see loca-

The Children tion 2:01) is a matter of contention between

members of the Order. It has at various times
Father Bacon’s three young charges (Timmy over the centuries been filled in, but the cur-
Burns, Barney Stodges, and Freddy Simms, rent leadership believes that there should be
ages 8 to 11) help with the day-to-day mainte- another way out of the catacombs should
nance of the church and more importantly act something catastrophic happen to the church.
as his eyes and ears when visitors are around. Past experience has shown that hiding the
They are not normally involved in business entrance does not keep it from being found,
relating to the God (they do not even know it just makes it difficult to know who finds it
about it and are never present when the pit is and when, and more often than not it is the
being used), but have had several instructions
drilled into them which they will perform
without hesitation. If there is trouble in the Note
church and Father Bacon is threatened, or It is perfectly possible (even likely with
upon command, they are to ring the church some groups) that player characters will
bell. One will go up the ladder (between C:01 not fall for any of the tricks and will not
and C:02), one will go up the trapdoor to the be trapped in the dungeon, especially if
roof (location C:13), and one will bolt out the the Referee seems a little too eager to get
door to summon help. them down there. No matter. If they just
walk away, they are leaving a lot of trea-

Villagers sure behind. If they do something rash

like slaughter the priest and/or a bunch
The local villagers who attend this church are of villagers and walk away, they will have
all 0-level characters who are decent, normal the legitimate authorities after them
people in all ways but one: they know the soon and that will be adventure enough.
secret of the God that Crawls and will do any- Force nothing; this adventure provides
thing to protect it. an environment and a handy guide for
It is important to note that it is never the resolving “What happens if…?” within
intention of these people to kidnap or murder that environment. This adventure is not
anyone. They would prefer to just feed the God a club with which to bludgeon players.
cows or sheep or pigs (they do not know the Be aware that if the players are tricked
God does not need to feed). Still the secret into exploring the dungeon and are
must be kept. Only if the secret is in danger then trapped by the priest, they will be
(and merely discovering the existence of the much more paranoid about seemingly
catacombs beneath the church is danger friendly NPCs in the future. No matter,
enough) will the villagers act to take an indi- encounters with the Weird often make it
vidual and cast him to the God. impossible to properly interact with the
So long as visitors are courteous and not world afterward.
particularly nosy, the villagers will be sincerely

innocently curious that are the ones who dis- blunder into enemies unprepared. This is not
cover it. The current idea is that an unhidden “unrealistic” for anyone that has traveled in a
door makes surveillance easier, and the sign pitch-dark unfamiliar cave or cellar with only
on the door (see 2:01) means that only the a torch or lantern.
dishonest go inside. If running through a dungeon environment,
Villagers will not normally be armed no mapping is possible, no examination of the
(although most men and boys carry a small surroundings is possible, and enemies won’t
knife), but when the church bell is rung at any be seen until literally running into them if
time other than before Sunday services, they they aren’t carrying their own light source.
will make their way to the church quickly (2d10 Realistically side passages and such would
arriving in about three turns, d10 more every likely be missed completely but Referees
turn thereafter) armed, mostly with agricul- should ignore that for the purposes of this
tural implements, and ready for trouble. adventure—it’ll be frustrating enough as it is
for the players.

The Chase Unencumbered running speed would be the

usual 120' rate per 6 second round in LotFP.
It is quite possible that this adventure will This would still only result in a 13.64 mile per
wind up being a chase as the God pursues the hour speed, which is approximately the human
adventurers who are desperately searching for average. But adventurers are often assumed to
a way out. In fact, the adventure is designed be better than the human average, so we can
around that idea. call this an abstracted number and call this
The assumptions of the dungeon are that the sustained speed rather than taking into
The God that Crawls is not something the party account sprinting speed early on and then
can defeat, and the party will be able to hand- factoring fatigue. And since the monster will
ily outrun it if they decide their lives are more be using the same rule, no problem.
valuable than heavy equipment or treasure. There are a few ways to handle this running
Since the party can outrun it, they will have a pursuit through the dungeon. We will present
bit of an advantage and the time to gauge their here “The Easy Way” and “The Hard Way.”
environment to figure out how to escape and
maybe get some treasure along the way. The Hard Way
Close attention needs to be paid to move- In “The Hard Way,” the Referee will keep track
ment rates and encumbrance for the adventure of exactly where everyone is in the dungeon
to operate properly. The usual movement rates at all times. The Referee will have studied the
listed for unencumbered characters (120' for map in detail and so will know the fastest way
LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and the to get from one point to any other point in the
same for most similarly styled games) is per dungeon. When the party makes noise, or the
10 minute turn, which is a ridiculously slow God is in a position to see their light shining
speed. However, this is a game abstraction that around the corner, it will move quickly (30' per
assumes that the party is mapping (the usual round) to attack the adventurers. Otherwise
mapping process is assumed to be something it will cruise around the dungeon at random
the characters are actually doing in the game!) (along only those corridors which have slime
and actively looking for interesting features trails) at a 10' per round rate.
(such as treasure or traps) and not wanting to The God will immediately rush to investigate

lair, to the pit at 1:01, to the outside entrance
Stairs and Ladders at 2:02 so it is easy to track this movement
When going up stairs, they should be through the maze.
counted as twice the number of squares
that they actually are (so four squares per The Easy Way
flight of stairs climbed), and ladders up In “The Easy Way” the Referee only needs to
should count as ten times the number of keep track of the monster’s movement as above
squares. The God can climb stairs and when it is within line of sight of the party, or
ladders. within line of sight of the party’s light.
Ladders down count as four times the Since there are only three stairs/ladders
number of squares (they are not smooth that lead to dead ends (disclaimer: One of
so sliding down is out), or a character those includes the ladder leading to the secret
can choose to jump and have it take no exit, which is a dead end for all intents and
time at all (but must make a save versus purposes until the exit is found, and there is
Paralyzation or take d6 damage). The one additional dead-end ladder which is in an
God can drop down ladders without area the God cannot be), it is fairly easy to treat
taking damage. the roving God as a wandering monster and
Stairs down count as twice the number if it appears, determine randomly from which
of squares that they actually are if a char- direction.
acter is running and does not want to risk The base chance to run into the God is 1 in
falling. They can count as no squares with 12 per turn. Check this whenever the party is
a successful save versus Paralyzation, or at a split in the path (stairs and ladders count)
the actual number of squares with a save where the slime trail leads multiple ways. If the
with a +3 bonus to the roll (Dexterity God appears it will come from one of the new
modifiers apply for both of these rolls). If paths. Also check when the party travels down
this save is failed, the character takes 1d4 a long (100'+) straight corridor. If it appears
damage plus suffers a twisted ankle and the God will of course be coming at the party
a 25 % movement rate until healed. from the direction that they are heading in.
The following modifiers are cumula-
tive, only resetting after the God has been
any loud noise and will always move towards encountered:
light. The most common sources of noise in
the adventure are likely to be the striking ¶¶ Add +2 to the chances if the party is moving
of the gong in location C:08, the collapse at Exploration speed
of the entrance at 2:01, and the excavation ¶¶ Add +1 to the chances if the party is moving
of the treasure parcels located around the at normal walking speed
labyrinth. ¶¶ Add +2 for every treasure cache opened
Assuming the God begins in its lair (loca- (make an immediate check when it is
tion 1:14) at the start of the adventure, it opened)
would take 11 rounds to reach the bottom of ¶¶ Add +1 for being loud (including spirited
the pit (location 1:01) or about 32 rounds to discussions of what to do next)
reach the rear entrance (location 2:02). The ¶¶ Add +2 if chasing characters who misbe-
heavy slime trail moves from the creature’s haved in front of the church’s crucifix

Map Keys

he levels of the dungeon have many are signs of where windows used to be, but
stairs and ladders leading to they have all been blocked up long ago.
different levels. These features have
been both color-coded and marked C:01 Entrance
with Roman numerals to make cross-level All three doors are reinforced heavy wood,
connections easier to reference. designed to protect the church in case of
The blue markers with the gold coin attack. They are normally left unlocked,
are treasure deposits. The walls where these but all have both heavy, complicated locks
appear are clearly marked (see location 2:02) (Father Bacon carries the key) and can be
so the player characters will easily see them. barred as well.
These (possibly) contain treasure, see the
Treasure Cache section. C:02 Fonts
The red markers identify areas where While the water here is considered “holy
the ceiling support is obviously weakened. A water” by one and all, it is not Holy Water as
character making an Architecture check can expected in game terms… unless the God has
collapse the passage if so desired. Note that devoured a human in the past 24 hours, in
the God that Crawls will not attempt to ooze which case the water here is not only counts as
through the collapsed tunnel, but will manage Holy Water, but is also twice as potent against
(after 1d10 turns) to escape if a tunnel has been those foes susceptible to it.
collapsed onto it. For simplicity’s sake, assume The ladders leading up to the bell tower are
that any collapse will not affect the level(s) in the passageway just east of the fonts.
above the current tunnel.
Each level is 20' apart vertically, floor-to- C:03 Nave
floor. The nave of the church is unremarkable, being
merely filled with pews. On the walls are

The Church hanging lanterns, only one of which will be lit

unless services are being conducted.
The church’s most striking feature is that there At night, or whenever Father Bacon is not at
are no windows at all. From the outside there the church, one or two burly villagers will be

here. They will be friendly to any visitors, but “We had the empty wall space and
will make sure none of them snoop around. Timmy wants to be an artist, so we let
A different painting hangs on the wall at the him paint this. Please don’t damage
end of each side aisle, each of them unlit. If any of the other paintings; if we have
asked about the meaning of any of the nine to take one down he’ll want to paint its
paintings, Father Bacon will give the best replacement as well.”
explanation that he can. He will also com- f. This painting is merely a large black
ment that, “Oh, most of these have been here field with a very small white dot slightly
since before my time, but they are something off-center.
of a tradition, and a church this small is lucky “I have no idea what this is supposed
to have such pieces, so we keep them.” The to mean. But it’s harmless enough I
meanings of the paintings the priest gives are suppose, and a conversation piece of
as follows: the church.”
g. This painting depicts a siege during
a. On the north wall is a recreation of the first Crusade. The signature reads
Da Vinci’s Last Supper. It is perfect Numbers 32:27.
in every detail except that nobody is “Another self-explanatory piece.”
wearing any clothes. h. This canvas is mostly bare except for
“I think this represents the purity of a few splatters of red paint that could,
Our Lord and the apostles. An interest- come to think of it, possibly be blood (it
ing interpretation, to say the least.” isn’t).
b. This painting depicts a blue sky with “This shows how empty and mean-
few clouds and a blazing sun, as well ingless the world was before Christ,
as a constellation of stars. and how his sacrifice changed every-
“This shows that the light of God thing, and now it’s impossible to look
shines brighter than the sun.” at the world without acknowledging
c. This painting depicts a graveyard with His presence.”
the signature reading Luke 12:15. i. On the east wall hangs an incredible
“Self-explanatory, isn’t it?” painting depicting the Earth, moon,
d. This painting depicts Atlas carrying sun, and stars coalescing from a
the world on his shoulders with Jesus radiant nebula (betraying knowl-
shining before him. edge that won’t exist for over three
“This shows the difference between hundred years). The signature reads
the ancient pagan past and the current Genesis 1:1.
enlightened era of Christ. Both of the “Does this not demonstrate the
figures shown carry the weight of the power and splendor of God?”
world on their shoulders, but where
Atlas bears the burden heavily, Christ Each painting is worth 5d20 × 5 sp, or 80 %
makes the sacrifice with great grace.” that if sold without its frame, except for the
e. On the east wall is a simple painting, paintings in e, f, and h, which are worthless.
perhaps done by a child, of an empty Knowledgeable collectors though, will know
crucifix standing in a field of flowers. where the paintings came from…
The sun is deep red.

C:04 Sanctuary C:06 Priest’s Room
A railing in front of the altar separates the This is Father Bacon’s personal chamber. There
congregation from the stairs leading up to the is a bed, a desk with an oil lamp, a wardrobe
crucifix. On major holidays there is a choir with his clothes, and a shelf with religious and
here, but otherwise only Father Bacon uses philosophy texts. Under the bed is a locked
this area during services. trunk (the priest carries the key) containing
The figure on the crucifix hanging a number of different political pam-
from the ceiling is especially pained phlets. Bacon is not himself politically
and contorted, a truly hideous visage to active, but considers it impor-
remind all who see it tant to be aware of
of the great sacrifice the current state of
Christ made for public opinion.
them. The God that Also in the trunk
Crawls is able to sense is a series of permits autho-
through the cross (seeing, hear- rizing the existence of a Catholic
ing, smelling… and yes, feeling the church to exist on these grounds
wounds depicted on the sculpted Christ, with the promise of protection from
which does not help its mood), and it will harassment by any means necessary.
move at twice the speed when chasing These permits are personally signed
anyone who has stolen, vandalized, offered by both the sitting monarch and the
violence, lied, or in any way acted poorly in Archbishop of Canterbury. Prior to
view of this Christ. However, the God does King Henry VIII’s split from Rome,
not know that the church is above its lair, these permits did not address this
so it will never be waiting for anyone who church’s Catholicism, but rather
might come through the church and to the granted special protections for “mat-
pit. If the God that Crawls is ever somehow ters known to all signed parties,” and
destroyed, this crucifix will shed tears. were also signed by the sitting Pope.
If asked about the unusual crucifix, Duplicates of these documents can be
Father Bacon will say it was brought to found in the archives of the monarchy,
England after one of the Crusades (which is the Archdiocese, as well as the Vatican
true, though he is not sure which one) and (even those documents dating from after
that he feels it represents Christ’s love and sac- Henry VIII’s split from Rome!). The situation
rifice more than the less grotesque examples here is known in the halls of power and the
found throughout the land. protection of the God is a prime concern upon
Long black curtains hang from the ceiling the coronation of a new monarch or appoint-
covering the walls here. The doors to the rear ment of a new Archbishop. Any interference
section of the church are not visible unless one here will face long-term consequences. The
searches behind the curtains. secret must be kept.
That this church (and the village around
C:05 Confession Booths it) is Catholic is not something that will be
This is where Father Bacon takes confession obvious; the agreements which keep these
from members of his congregation. There is people protected from the usual English anti-
absolutely nothing unusual about the booths. Catholic sentiment also requires them to be

Permits ¶¶ King Henry VIII, ¶¶ King Edward IV,
The permits present in   Thomas Cranmer,   Thomas Bourchier,
location C:06 , and who    Pope Clement VII    Pope Sixtus IV
signed them, from topmost ¶¶ King Henry VIII, ¶¶ King Edward IV,
(and most current) to the   William Warham,   Thomas Bourchier,
bottom of the pile.    Pope Clement VII    Pope Paul II
The permits marked with ¶¶ King Henry VIII, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
an arrow () are in English,   William Warham,   Thomas Bourchier,
the rest are in Latin.    Pope Adrian VI    Pope Paul II
¶¶ King Henry VIII, ¶¶ King Edward IV,
ȜȜ Queen Elizabeth,   William Warham,   Thomas Bourchier,
  John Whitgift    Pope Leo X    Pope Paul II
ȜȜ Queen Elizabeth, ¶¶ King Henry VIII, ¶¶ King Edward IV,
  Edmund Grindal   William Warham,   Thomas Bourchier,
ȜȜ Queen Elizabeth,    Pope Julius II    Pope Pius II
  Matthew Parker ¶¶ King Henry VII, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
¶¶ Queen Mary   William Warham,   Thomas Bourchier,
and King Phillip,    Pope Julius II    Pope Pius II
  Reginald Pole, ¶¶ King Henry VII, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
   Pope Paul IV   Pope Pius III   Thomas Bourchier,
¶¶ Queen Mary ¶¶ King Henry VII,    Pope Callixtus III
and King Phillip,   Henry Deane, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
  Thomas Cranmer,    Pope Alexander VI   Thomas Bourchier,
   Pope Paul IV ¶¶ King Henry VII,    Pope Nicholas V
¶¶ Queen Mary   John Morton, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
and King Phillip,    Pope Alexander VI   John Kempe,
  Thomas Cranmer, ¶¶ King Henry VII,    Pope Nicholas V
   Pope Marcellus II   John Morton, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
¶¶ Queen Mary    Pope Innocent VIII   John Stafford,
and King Phillip, ¶¶ King Henry VII,    Pope Nicholas V
  Thomas Cranmer,   Thomas Bourchier, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
   Pope Julius III    Pope Innocent VIII   John Stafford,
ȜȜ Queen Mary, ¶¶ King Richard III,    Pope Eugene IV
  Thomas Cranmer,   Thomas Bourchier, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
   Pope Julius III    Pope Innocent VIII   Henry Chichele,
ȜȜ Queen Jane, ¶¶ King Richard III,    Pope Eugene IV
  Thomas Cranmer   Thomas Bourchier, ¶¶ King Henry VI,
ȜȜ King Edward VI,    Pope Sixtus IV   Henry Chichele,
  Thomas Cranmer ¶¶ King Edward V,    Pope Martin V
ȜȜ King Henry VIII,   Thomas Bourchier,
  Thomas Cranmer    Pope Sixtus IV Continued on the next page
¶¶ King Henry V, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward II,
  Henry Chichele,   William Whittlesey,   Robert Winchelsey,
   Pope Martin V    Pope Gregory XI    Pope Clement V
¶¶ King Henry V, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Henry Chichele,   William Whittlesey,   Robert Winchelsey,
   Pope Gregory XII    Pope Urban V    Pope Clement V
¶¶ King Henry V, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Thomas Arundel,   Simon Langham,   Robert Winchelsey,
   Pope Gregory XII    Pope Urban V    Pope Benedict XI
¶¶ King Henry IV, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Thomas Arundel,   Simon Islip,   Robert Winchelsey,
   Pope Gregory XII    Pope Urban V    Pope Boniface VIII
¶¶ King Henry IV, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Thomas Arundel,   Simon Islip,   Robert Winchelsey,
   Pope Innocent VII    Pope Innocent VI    Pope Celestine V
¶¶ King Henry IV, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Thomas Arundel,   Simon Islip,   John Peckham,
   Pope Boniface IX    Pope Clement VI    Pope Nicholas IV
¶¶ King Henry IV, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Roger Walden,   Thomas Bradwardine,   John Peckham,
   Pope Boniface IX    Pope Clement VI    Pope Honorius IV
¶¶ King Richard II, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Roger Walden,   John de Stratford,   John Peckham,
   Pope Boniface IX    Pope Clement VI    Pope Martin IV
¶¶ King Richard II, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Thomas Arundel,   John de Stratford,   John Peckham,
   Pope Boniface IX    Pope Benedict XII    Pope Nicholas III
¶¶ King Richard II, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  William Courtenay,   John de Stratford,   Robert Kilwardby,
   Pope Boniface IX    Pope John XXII    Pope Nicholas III
¶¶ King Richard II, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  William Courtenay,   Simon Mepeham,   Robert Kilwardby,
   Pope Urban VI    Pope John XXII    Pope John XXI
¶¶ King Richard II, ¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Simon Sudbury,   Walter Reynolds,   Robert Kilwardby,
   Pope Urban VI    Pope John XXII    Pope Adrian V
¶¶ King Richard II, ¶¶ King Edward II, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Simon Sudbury,   Walter Reynolds,   Robert Kilwardby,
   Pope Gregory XI    Pope John XXII    Pope Innocent V
¶¶ King Edward III, ¶¶ King Edward II, ¶¶ King Edward,
  Simon Sudbury,   Walter Reynolds,   Robert Kilwardby,
   Pope Gregory XI    Pope Clement V    Pope Gregory X
rather discreet about it. Only during Mass will a professional would be needed to properly
it be obvious that this is no Anglican church. remove it from the frame, otherwise there is
Despite this, neither Father Bacon or his con- a 50 % chance of damaging it and reducing its
gregation so much care about Rome or the value by half.
Pope as they do following the tradition that
keeps the God secret and safe from the rest of C:10 Storeroom
the world, and that tradition is Catholic. This area is where the church keeps all its
martial needs. On the wall are a number of
C:07 Children’s Room “decorative” swords and shields, but inspec-
This room is where the three children of the tion reveals that these are ready for combat
church sleep. There are three beds, a dresser, and well maintained. Bunched in one corner
and a post in the corner where an oil lamp are one hundred 6' staves. Kept in crates are
hangs. a dozen suits of brigandine armor (treat as
The door to this room does not have a lock. leather) and the spear heads ready to attach
The secret door from the Storeroom (location to the staves. 100 days’ worth of iron rations
C:11) cannot be detected from this side and (in this case pickled meat) is stored here in
there is no means of opening it. barrels.
There are also two barrels of lamp oil, and if
C:08 The Pit your campaign includes guns, there will also
There is a 10' diameter pit in the center of be a box of powder, a supply of shot, and three
the room. The pit is 20' deep, but the bottom matchlock muskets.
cannot be seen without lowering a light into
the pit. If this is done, a green residue can be C:11 Storeroom
seen on the floor. The bottom of the pit is loca- This room is where items of religious signifi-
tion 1:01. The passages leading from location cance are stored in the piled-up crates: The
1:01 cannot be seen from the top of the pit. sacraments, censers, spare crucifixes, candles,
In the corner of the room is a large gong and and such.
mallet. The secret door is unobstructed, and is
opened by turning an old and unused wall
C:09 The Great Painting sconce.
A great painting hangs on the west wall,
depicting Augustine’s conversion of King C:12 Storeroom
Aethelberht. Clerics in the party will immedi- Dozens of crates holding bibles are neatly
ately recognize the scene (provided they are stacked in this room. Not all the crates are
English or serve an Abrahamic religion), all full, and the crates over the trapdoor down are
others have a 1 in 6 chance to recognize it. empty. This is a secret trap door and so will
The painting is 20' long, 8' tall, and beauti- not be seen if the crates are moved. Absolutely
fully framed. The entire piece, frame and all, nobody knows that the trap door is here, not
would fetch 750 sp from a collector, but the even Father Bacon.
frame is too big to get out of the church (it
was painted where it now hangs), but what C:13 Storeroom
qualified person would help loot a church? Dozens of crates filled with Bibles are neatly
The painting alone would be worth 500 sp, but stacked in this room. A concealed trapdoor

in the ceiling leads to the roof, from which scrawled on the west wall with subterranean
someone could easily climb down to the worm goo becomes visible:
ground or climb up the ladder on the outside “Cross Not the Chasm to That Which is
of the bell tower to gain access to the top of Cursed”
the tower. The crates below the trapdoor are
conveniently stacked to allow access. 1:05 Globes
Ten glass globes, the size of a human head and

Dungeon painted white, hang from the ceiling. Only one

contains anything (a gem that was stashed

Levels and never recovered, worth 100 sp). Breaking

a globe makes enough noise to add +1 to the
Unless otherwise noted, all rooms and pas- chances of encountering the God (this is per
sages have a 10' ceiling. smashed globe, although this chance resets
after encountering the God).
1:01 The Pit
This room is soaked in a thick layer of slime; 1:06 Holes
by far the thickest to be found in the complex. Around the perimeter of this room, 3' off the
Even the creature’s lair is not so thickly cov- ground, are a series of small holes (thumb-
ered, as there it is at rest. Here it is often in sized) exactly 3" apart (280 holes total). Each
state of great excitement, even if it just hearing hole is 6" deep.
the singing during Sunday services. A glint of some shiny thing can be seen at
The center of the room has a 10' wide shaft the end of each hole if examined carefully.
in the ceiling. This shaft is the pit from loca- Each is a coin (random chance for it to be
tion C:08. copper, silver, or gold) that can be fished out if
effort is taken (say, a turn each?). Each coin is
1:02 Footprints so jammed in that fishing it out scrapes a good
A set of footprints is sunk into the floor, head- bit of it off, so that a retrieved coin is worth
ing south. They seem to disappear into the only 9/10ths of its regular value.
1:07 A Map
1:03 Ceiling Altar Scrawled on the west wall in what looks like
An altar, complete with carvings on its side dried blood, in English, are the letters:
(which are complete gibberish), hangs from DWDESUSUSWDWWUWNNNESS
the ceiling (and is in fact part of the ceiling). SWDWWWWSUENDNDWUEU
Any attempts to search this altar take twice the
usual time unless a character is using Spider 1:08 A Better Map
Climb or other means of steadying himself Scrawled on the west wall in what looks like
while examining something on the ceiling. dried blood, in English, are the letters:
1:04 Night Letters
The room will appear empty if there is any 1:09 Low-Hanging Fruit
light, but if it is dark here then a message Strange vines grow on the ceiling, bearing

round grey fruit. If eaten, determine the effects not move, and will begin to sing. They can be
of the fruit by rolling 1d8: led away by those that retain their senses, but
will only move at half speed. The singing gives
1. Heals 1d8 damage. a +2 chance to encounter the God.
2. The fruit pops like a balloon; the noise A character automatically snaps out of
gives a +1 chance to encounter the God the trance when danger (such as the God)
(resets after the encounter). appears.
3. Causes drowsiness in the devourer;
half movement and –2 to initiative 1:11 The Faces
rolls for the next 12 turns. Two identical demonic faces are carved into
4. Poisonous! Save versus poison and take the east and west walls. Each face has an open
1d4 damage if the save is made, 1d8 if it mouth with a darkened space within. Anything
is not. put into the mouth of one statue comes out
5. No immediate effect, but the character the mouth of the other.
will start growing the vines, and from
them the fruit, from his armpits after 1:12 The Sign
1d4 weeks. A ten-foot-wide Christian symbol identical to
6. The character develops sonar and can the ones used to identify the treasure parcels
“hear” in the dark for 1d6 days. Note has been scrawled on the floor of this room.
that using this ability in this dungeon There is no hollow, filled in or otherwise,
gives a +3 chance to encounter the God under the floor.
for every turn it is used (resets after the
encounter). 1:13 The Lair
7. The character’s sweat gives off a scent This is the God’s lair. The slime is extraordi-
undetectable by humans (or human- narily thick here. Cracking open the treasure
like beings) but is repulsive to the God. caches in this room here add a +4 to the
The God will not be encountered for chances to encounter the God (each!), but all
the next 2d12 turns. four caches will always contain treasure—
8. The character’s brain fills with chloro- reroll “empty” results until a treasure comes
phyll. The character heals at double his up on the table.
normal rate for the next 1d6 months
when outside in the sun. 1:14 Escape!
The door just south of the ladder (V) leads
The fruit will rot in one turn if picked and not to the dead end with treasure cache, but the
eaten. secret door is rather obvious, if a character
knows Latin, as the word EFFUGIUM (which
1:10 Twinkle means “escape”) is scrawled on the wall where
The ceiling is covered with flecks of (worth- the secret door is.
less) crystal which shine when any light is cast The ladder up (VI) leads to location C:12.
on them. This shine will mesmerize those who
look at it (save versus Magic to avoid), causing 2:01 Entrance
them to go “blank.” Those under the spell will The door here is steel-reinforced wood. It is

barred on the outside (which might be a clue symbol means treasure. Reroll any empty
that it is intended to keep something in). A results until a treasure is indicated.
sign hangs from the bar: “Entrance Forbidden
by the Authority of the Royal Exchequer”. 2:03 Cave-In
The door is rigged: 1d4 turns after the door The three caved-in passages are impassible;
is opened, the entire doorway will collapse. they had originally led to stairs and ladders
Clearing the rubble would take several hours. that went down to a fourth, fifth, and sixth
Note that successfully searching for traps levels, but all were completely collapsed in
from the outside of the door will only discover the same event that caused the rift in level
that the structure is unstable; a successful three (location 3:01). However, through some
search for traps from the inside (or in the trick or another, each passage leaks the barest
doorway if the door is open) is necessary to trickle of water.
know that this is an intentionally designed If there is an attempt to clear the passages,
state of affairs. water will gush forth, flooding the corridor.
The collapse of the doorway will be noted The water will wind up flooding down the
within a day by the locals. Two days later a nearby stairs (IX), completely submerging the
group of men will clear and repair the door, intersection it leads to on level 3.
restoring it to its original state. While this
work is being done, the gong in location C:08 2:04 Healing Ooze
will be continuously struck in order to keep From cracks in the south wall drips a viscous,
the God around the pit there. Farm animals pale blue ooze. It smells quite sweet, and
will be periodically offered to the God below so either ingesting it or applying it topically to
as to ensure that it does not stray from the pit any wounds cures 1d8 damage. However, the
and that its conditioning is not broken. interaction of the ooze with body chemistry
produces a stronger scent which will attract
2:02 Entry Room the God (+1 to chances to encounter the God,
There is a marker for a treasure cache per person who has used the ooze, these
in the north wall, but it has already chances do not reset until 24 hours
been smashed open. A has passed).
skeletal arm (hand
inside) hangs out of The Three
the hole, the ulna and Prisons
radius ending in melted Locations 2:05–07 are three
stumps. There will prison cells. The doors are
always be trea- mad e of h eav y
sure inside reinforced wood,
this cache—the secured by three bars
entire point of each, all of which are also
this one is to fastened to the wall with
show the player primitive locks. The keys
characters have long been lost.
that this Each cell is empty,

but for a small terracotta statuette (all three If the first two attempts are unsuccessful,
are identical) in the shape of a grotesquely the third attempt is automatically considered
obese woman. Each of these statuettes is a 6.
cursed, and anyone touching them (even
through an intermediate source such as a 2:08 The Ladder
dagger, pole, or Telekinesis spell) triggers the The ladder here is lined with bells, hundreds
curse. of small bells. Using this ladder (unless some-
The curse remains with that person until it how the bells can be neutralized) adds +2 to
is removed by some (magical) means or they chances to encounter the God (resets after the
die. The curse then returns to the statuette. encounter).
If the statuette is destroyed while a person
is cursed, the curse is then permanent and 2:09 The Gem in the Mirror
cannot be dispelled. The ceiling of this room is covered in a mirror.
The curses of the individual statuettes are: In addition to reflecting what is under it, it
seems to show, in its center, the reflection of a
2:05 Mother May I gemstone hanging from a thread. This is seen
This curse will cause the character to be unable only in reflection, not in real life, so it will seem
to take any actions without the unanimous to hang upwards when looking at the mirror.
support of any allies nearby. This support must If someone attempts to reach the hanging
be verbal. The Referee should define “allies” gem, they will find that they pass through
liberally. the surface of the mirror. (Throwing things
The character can act normally when not at the mirror, or attempting to establish the
accompanied by allies. existence of the physical surface of the mirror,
will not result in anything passing through the
2:06 Mother Forget Me Not glass.) Those passing through will find them-
This curse will require a character to always selves in a large “null space” of pure darkness,
remember the name of any character or with only the glass below them acting as a
creature if that name has already been given. window back to the world. Those looking into
Any time that the character says or thinks the mirror from the real world will see this as
(determine what the character is thinking by a normal part of the reflection from the real
tracking what the player says out-of-character) world, even though the people and objects in
something that indicates a name has been for- the null space do not exist in the real world.
gotten or is being ignored, the character loses The gem will be hanging upward on a 5' long
a point of Constitution. thread.
Breaking the thread (necessary to pos-
2:07 Mother Knows Best sess the gem) causes the mirror to shatter.
This curse gives an alien intelligence domain Shattering the mirror causes 1d6 damage to
over the character’s actions… sometimes. anyone under it, and makes a rather loud noise
Three times per session, the Referee can roll which gives +3 to the chances to encounter
1d6 to attempt to override a character’s action, the God (resets after the God is encountered.
and if the roll is a 6 then the character instead Anyone that was within the mirror is trapped
does what the Referee wants for that one as the window to the world is now gone and
action. they are simply in null space.

Shards of the mirror (and none bigger than, Games’ Random Esoteric Creature Generator
say, fist size will remain) can be used to view for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games and
into the null space, and when this happens the their Modern Simulacra, or the random
trapped character can again see out into the encounter charts of your more mundane
real world through the shard. The gem can be favorite game. Roll 1d10 to determine
passed through (it is worth 1500 sp), but doing the base “level” of the “passenger.” It will
so will sever the connection between null probably be hostile, and if it is, resolve
space and the real world forever, leaving no the combat before moving on to the next
hope for any trapped inside. effect.
Only smashing the gem while in null space ¶¶ For every three rounds that the chariot
(it is brittle as glass) will return those people moves, everyone on the chariot must save
and objects trapped in null space back into the versus Magical Device. Failure means the
real world. character is the subject of a random Magic-
User spell (of a random level).
2:10 Chariot of Unreality ¶¶ For every four rounds that the chariot
This room contains a great marble statue of moves, a random magical item on board
a chariot, larger than the doorway into the the chariot will lose its enchantment. A
room. While the driver and the horses have curse on a character counts as an item
been carved in marble, the axle is metal. for these purposes. If there are no magi-
If this axle is mounted onto a real chariot cal items on board, the chariot will grow
and pulled by two horses moving at a full another axle.
gallop, the chariot will transform into a fireball ¶¶ For every five rounds that the chariot
and move at incredible speed along its path. moves, it will encounter “turbulence.”
The fire will threaten to consume the chariot Everyone on board except the driver must
and all within in; the driver must decide how save versus Paralyzation or be thrown from
many rounds he wants to continue to drive the the chariot. Those thrown from the chariot
chariot (with the warning “MORE THAN FIVE land at a random point along the journey
ROUNDS WOULD BE RISKING IT ALL!!!!” and take 1d4 points of damage per fifty
delivered in overdramatic fashion) before miles (or portions thereof ) traveled. Any
revealing or determining its effects. unsecured baggage is also thrown from
This ride has the following effects that are the charriot.
cumulative: ¶¶ If the chariot moves for over five rounds,
it threatens to break free of the concep-
¶¶ Everyone on the chariot must make a tual realm and will disintegrate into the
saving throw versus Breath Weapon for Everything. The driver must save versus
every round that the chariot moves. Each Magic Device every round to keep the char-
failure means that the character takes 1d4 iot from being unthought of. Everyone not
damage. driving who wants to bail must save versus
¶¶ For every two rounds the chariot moves, Paralyzation to do so. They can try again
the driver must make a save versus Magic every round as long as the chariot remains
Device or pick up a hostile “passenger.” conceptualized. Those jumping from the
Use the Summon spell description from chariot land at a random point along the
the LotFP Grindhouse Edition, or Goodman journey and take 1d4 points of damage per

fifty miles (or portions thereof) traveled. sheet was found is no good. Get that person
The driver cannot bail from the chariot. out of your gaming group!)
¶¶ If the chariot moves outside of the realm
of reason, the character sheets of all those Several effects are constant no matter how
characters still on the chariot must be col- long the chariot moves for:
lected (or printed out if you are not playing
face-to-face). Inform the players that these ¶¶ The chariot will travel 1d100 miles per
characters are dead. Each character sheet round.
must be placed in a separate, but otherwise- ¶¶ Regardless of the duration of the journey,
plain envelope clearly marked “PLEASE the horses and chariot will be consumed,
READ ME.” Inside the envelope with each with only the axle(s) remaining (and left
character sheet must the Referee’s contact behind at a random point along the jour-
information (in whatever method the Ref ney). Any character brought to 0 hit points
is most comfortable with strangers using, or lower from the first effect is also con-
and must include a postage stamp if a sumed, along with any carried gear.
mailing address is given) and a note stat- ¶¶ If at any point a character takes exactly 8
ing “Possible Reward for Return.” After points of damage (at once or cumulative,
this game session, but before the next, the not 7 or less, not 9 or more, but at some
Referee must go out in public and leave the point has taken exactly 8 points) while on
envelopes in different places (so they are the chariot, from any source, he dissipates
not found by the same person), in public, into a whirlwind of sorrow and pain. Any
where they are likely to be seen. The players player who laughs at this naturally without
are not to know why their character sheets prompting can dictate the results of any one
are being stuffed in envelopes. die throw in the future (do not reveal this
¶¶ If the Referee is contacted by someone until the chariot stops). If it is the player
inquiring about the reward, that player of whose character has disintegrated that
the character whose sheet has been found laughs, he gets to determine the results of
must agree to pay a reward equal to the any two die throws in the future (including
local price of one standard McDonald’s Big during new character creation).
Mac meal (is there any other universal stan- Any players caught laughing insincerely
dard of value throughout the world?) to the because they have read the adventure and
finder. If the reward is paid and the physi- wish to get the bonus must paint their nose
cal character sheet (or printout) is indeed yellow for the rest of the game session. If no
returned to the Referee, the character can yellow substance suitable for this purpose
return to play with an additional 1d4 × 10 % is available, one of that player’s character
experience points. (If the sheet is returned ability scores, selected at random, will be
with no reward required, the character reduced to 3 until such time as the player
receives no additional experience points.) completes an entire session with a yellow-
All equipment will be lost, however. (If the painted nose. Note this is a player-facing
person who finds the character sheet com- effect and new characters suffer this fate
mits a crime against the Referee—these are until the player complies.
complete strangers we are dealing with Any players not laughing at all obviously
here—this is a sign that the player whose have no sense of humor; their characters

all have one random ability score reduced Spear, and the Spear is able to hit and damage
by half until they wear a dunce cap for an any foe no matter its physical composition,
entire session. usual immunities, etc.
If the character of a player who suffers Anyone wielding the Spear turns irreversibly
one of these last effects has the effect Chaotic and forever unable to benefit directly
removed (via Dispel Magic, Remove Curse, from Cleric spells (although Cleric spell effects
etc.), it is the Referee who must wear the from items and scrolls will work).
yellow nose and/or the dunce cap.
2:13 The Upgrade
2:11 About the Book Each of the four corners of the room has
There are two things here placed on an altar- a small coin-sized depression in the floor.
like stone block: A book and a book cover Examining these depressions will reveal flecks
which has had its pages removed. of silver. If silver coins are placed in all four
The full book is written in Latin and has a depressions, there will be a piercing tone in
gilded cover. It tells of a book which has great the air (+2 chance to encounter the God, resets
power, but by separating the parts of the book after the encounter), the silver coins will drain
that power is diminished. However, after the away, and a gold coin will begin to material-
first few pages the book is gibberish, as the ize in the center of the room. It will take one
ink on the page seems to be moving. Most of turn for the gold coin to solidify enough to be
the book cannot be read at all, but at several picked up.
points the book has a legible message. But
whether that message is definitely “The book 2:14 The Stopper
must be kept apart” or “The book must not In the southeast corner of the room is a small
be kept apart” is unknown, because it keeps marble stopper plugged into the floor. Pulling
changing. the stopper out releases a great amount of
The empty book cover is plain, weathered, steam from a pipe going deep into the ground
and beaten, but there is not a mark on it to (to the ruined fifth level of the dungeon) which
identify the book. escapes with a piercing whistle (+5 chance to
encounter the God, resets after the God is
2:12 The Spear of Longinus encountered).
Mounted in a small alcove in the middle of the
east wall is a spearhead. 2:15 The Pearl
The Vatican Lance, the Echmiadzin Lance, In this room is a rather large pearl (worth
and the Vienna Lance are all frauds—the real 1000 sp) that the God is not able to digest.
spear that pierced Jesus’ side on the cross had Carrying this pearl adds a +1 to the chance to
made its way to Britannia in the early fourth encounter the God.
century to be archived with the other danger-
ous artifacts of the world. 2:16 The Invisible Chair
This weapon has no unique properties as a There is an invisible chair here, made of marble
physical object, but does have all the qualities and very heavy. Written on the back of the
gained by any weapon that pierces the divine. chair is secret knowledge—treat it as a scroll
All enemies are considered to be unarmored of a random 5th level Magic-User spell.
for purposes of to-hit rolls when using the

2:17 Footprints several relics dangerous to Christendom and
A set of footprints is sunk into the floor, head- the world at large needed to be isolated and
ing west. They seem to disappear into the wall. forgotten. As Britannia was the farthest realm
Following the footprints and walking into the in Christendom at the time (and because
west wall leads to a random room on the first none of the attendees hailed from there), it
level; roll d12+1 to determine which room. was determined to be the best place for these
items. This complex was built, and the items
2:18 Hidden Paper sealed within. Less than 100 years later, Rome
The east wall has a sliver in it, about 2' deep, would retreat from the island, and the pagans
with a sheet of paper stuffed deep into it. The regained control. It was early during this
paper is enchanted to mimic the sounds of the time that a portion of the floor of this third
African plains, so when it is viewed it will start level collapsed, creating the chasm that cuts
to make a great amount of noise (+4 chance through it. Those exploring the tunnels after
to encounter the God, resets after the God is the retreat of Rome and Christendom never
encountered, assuming that the paper is dis- dared cross it.
posed of). The hall contains the remains of four col-
lapsed columns, two on either side of the
3:01 The Chasm chasm and room. Always intended more for
The walls of this 60' deep chasm (which did not decoration than support, they nevertheless
rip apart, but merely collapsed into a subter- provide perfect anchors for anyone wishing
ranean hole) have a great number of crystals to rope across.
embedded in them, a natural feature of the A plain altar is raised on a pedestal on the
rock here. They will turn out to be worthless south end of the room. Behind the altar is a
if anyone attempts to sell them. fresco depicting a number of Christian priests,
The Archbishop was not the first to be trans- all in archaic clothing, lifting weapons up from
formed, he was just the one to retain enough fallen soldiers.
intelligence to not fall into the chasm. At the If pursued here by the God that Crawls,
bottom of the chasm swarm hundreds of mini the God will not attempt to cross the chasm
Gods-that-Crawl. The creatures struggle to (it cannot, but will certainly destroy a rope
climb the walls, but unable to do so because anchored to one of the columns), but will wait
the crystals are somehow slippery to the com- for any potential victims on the other side of
position of the Gods-that-Crawl. the chasm for 1d4 days. If someone enters the
room from the other side, or even sticks his
Mini-Gods: Unarmored, Move 30', Hit Dice 1, head out into the room, or if a light source
1 hp, 1  Attack doing 1  damage, ML 7. They is visible from the hall, the time the God will
regenerate 1 hp of damage per round and gain wait resets.
(and lose) abilities the same way the primary
God that Crawls does. The Cubicles
The small rooms that make up locations
3:02 The Grand Hall 3:03 and 3:04 are cells where the forbidden
This is the grand chapel of the original lore of the ancient world was collected to
Christian order that built these tunnels. isolate it from the world. Player characters
The First Council of Nicaea determined that might treat this as the big “treasure haul,” a

stance that should neither be encouraged or ¶¶ Body: Constitution Score
discouraged. ¶¶ Corporeality: Poison Saving Throw
Each door is heavy and reinforced and ¶¶ Destiny: Adjustment to Required XP
barred on the outside. The crossbars have brass per Level (in 5 % increments)
plates mounted on them, with “Forbidden” ¶¶ Enthusiasm: Hit Point Adjustment
inscribed in them in Latin. Inside each cubicle per Hit Die
is a shelf, on the wall opposite the door, upon ¶¶ Experience: Adjustment to Current
which the indicated item(s) rest. Exp­erience (in 5 % increments)
¶¶ Fortification: Natural Armor Class
3:03 ¶¶ Fortune: Adjustment to All saving Throws
¶¶ Impulsiveness: Dexterity Score
A. ¶¶ Mind: Intelligence Score
Empty. ¶¶ Mysticism: Magic Saving Throw
¶¶ Power: Strength Score
B. Portion of the Book ¶¶ Reflection: Wisdom Score
A random signature from The Book (see page ¶¶ Respect: Charisma Score
42). ¶¶ Swiftness: Movement Rate (in 10s of feet)
¶¶ Wealth: Adjustment to Investment
C. The Secrets of Self-Change Returns (in 5 % increments)
This scroll is written in Chinese and describes
rituals and meditations that allow people to Once aspects of a character have been rebal-
make fundamental changes in their make-up anced, the rituals will no longer affect those
by adjusting their balance between yin and aspects. So no tapbacks.
The opposing forces that a character can D. The Deadliest Poison
rebalance through these rituals are: This book (written in Latin) promises the
reader knowledge of how to brew an unde-
¶¶ Aggression and Fortification tectable, universally lethal poison using
¶¶ Corporeality and Mysticism commonly found ingredients. Anyone read-
¶¶ Swiftness and Power ing a significant portion of it (say at least
¶¶ Fortune and Destiny half an hour’s worth) will simply die, book in
¶¶ Respect and Wealth hand. No save. This particular combination
¶¶ Experience and Enthusiasm of shapes and concepts, hidden within the
¶¶ Reflection and Impulsiveness design of the text and repeated several times
¶¶ Body and Mind in the book, is simply lethal to mortal minds.
Just for its antiquity, the book is worth 500 sp
Each ritual will diminish the one and to a collector.
strengthen the other. Roll 1d4 and consult the
relevant aspect. The aspect to be strengthened E. What’s in the Box?
will gain the listed adjustment; the aspect to An empty sandalwood box sits in this room.
be diminished will lose the listed adjustment. If something is placed in this box and the lid
closed, the contents are transported to the
¶¶ Aggression: Attack Bonus Points City of Stars on the far side of the moon.

F. Not Slowly You Rot (including any uncast spells on the
Here is a plain clay urn filled with ashes. The scroll!).
accompanying scroll (written in Ancient ¶¶ Magic potions likewise have a 25 % chance
Greek) claims that the contents of the urn to be spoiled; roll when it is used.
brings immortality to those that have already ¶¶ If casting a Magic-User spell where the
passed on. A note in the margins, written in level of the caster influences the effect of
Latin, simply states, “Must investigate.” the spell, the caster must save versus Magic
If the ashes are sprinkled over a corpse (the or the spell is cast as if the caster effective
urn has enough ashes for 8d20 applications), level is 1d4 levels lower. A spell cast at
the corpse instantly dissolves and the spirit of zero level effectiveness or lower fizzles
the deceased is summoned as a ghost. uselessly.
The ghost will not be pleased and will seek
revenge on those that force it to look upon the G. The Pin
living in such a manner. Although it cannot in A small golden needle (worth 500 sp for its
most circumstances interact with the physical physical form alone) rests in a small wooden
world, there are a few situations where it can. case. Pricking a living creature with the needle
These apply only to the person(s) that applied will cause a growth to appear at the prick
the ashes to the ghost’s corpse and their close point within 24 hours. It will continue to
associates (most likely all of the other player grow, within three days being large enough to
characters). count as an Oversized Item for encumbrance
purposes and counting as an additional such
¶¶ It can cause fires to combust more power- item every week thereafter as it continues to
fully than natural. This will happen about grow.
5 % of the time when a fire is lit (with Cutting off the growth in the three days
unfortunately consequences if lighting oil, before it grows to become an Oversized Item
using gunpowder, and so on in any sort of inflicts 1hp damage and that is the end of
enclosed space, etc.). it (unless the person or creature is pricked
¶¶ There is a 1 % chance per week (cumulative) again).
that the ghost will possess an associate Attempting to cut off the growth after the
(not a player character) and attempt to three days causes 1d6 points of damage per
assassinate the character(s) at the most number of Oversized Item equivalence that
opportune moment. The chance reverts the growth has achieved. If the growth is cut
back to 1 % after this occurs. at all, it will rip itself from the creature or
¶¶ It can spoil food if it is gathered in large person’s body entirely. Once fallen from the
enough amounts. Any time that the charac- body, the growth will develop multiple legs
ter is traveling with 10 or more days’ worth and a beaked maw and immediately await the
of food (it being stored in a wagon counts), command of the character that spawned it. It
there is a 1 in 20 chance per day that it will is AC 12, moves half as quickly as an unencum-
become inedible. bered human, has 2 Hit Dice for every point
¶¶ Whenever someone attempts to cast a of Oversized Item equivalence ( for example,
Magic-User spell from a scroll, there is a growth that has been allowed to grow for
a 25 % chance that the ghost’s machina- three days and then a week, has two points
tions ruin the spell and the entire scroll of Oversized Item equivalence, and thus 4 Hit

Dice), and does 1d4 damage when attacking. Only with the transfer of the coin or the
It cannot communicate or manipulate objects death of the current owner will the current
with its legs. In fact, it cannot seem to do much owner’s memories be erased from the coin.
other than kill.
M. I Am the Gate
H. This ancient Latin tome discusses the inter-
Empty. connectedness of all things andthe illusion of
non-overlapping space. Once this connection
I. Portion of the Book is seen, it cannot be unseen. After complet-
A random signature from The Book (see page ing this book, there is a 1 % chance that every
42). time the reader opens a door, it leads to The
Beyond. A saving throw versus Magic must
J. The Plant be made or the reader is sucked through and
A pot containing a dead plant sits here. forever lost. Whether or not that happens, the
If fed blood (1hp worth) and exposed to portal cannot be closed without collapsing the
sunlight, it will come back to life, instantly frame around the door (which will collapse
growing lush green leaves. Following a full the wall it is in), otherwise, this new portal is
day’s exposure to sunlight after having been permanent. The book will fetch 1500 sp from
fed blood, it will bear fruit which is nourishing an interested collector.
enough to count as a full day’s rations.
Note that being brought inside or covered N. We Are the Lost
in any way, even momentarily, will mean the This book, written in Latin, describes a
plant has not received a “full day” of sunlight. method of meditation that allows travel with-
Cloudy or stormy skies do not interrupt the out unwanted entanglements. In game terms,
plant’s absorption of sunshine. there will be random encounters when travel-
ing from point A to a predetermined point B.
K. The meditations must be performed by
Empty. every member of the traveling party. The
travelers must have enough supplies to make
L. A Penny for Your Thoughts the journey for the methods learned in the
In here is a small box containing one gold book will prevent restocking or hunting on
piece. The gold piece is imprinted with the the way—bypassing such concerns is the very
total memories of anyone that owns it (and point!
being the one to carry the loot bag containing What the book does not say is that the jour-
it counts). If and when the gold piece is given ney will take d4+1 times longer than normal.
to someone else (as part of a financial transac- All of the party’s supplies will be consumed,
tion perhaps; physical contact is not necessary and each traveler must make a saving throw
for these effects to activate) the previous own- versus Magic or lose d100 % of his hit points,
er’s memories and knowledge are transferred ammunition carried, charges of any charged
to the new owner of the coin. The coin then magic item, and any other such consumables
erases the previous owner’s information from (roll a separate percentage for each). A rigorous
itself and imprints itself with the new owner’s journey has indeed taken place, and whatever
information. was encountered is not remembered.

There will indeed have been no standard be the same for every individual version of the
random encounters on the journey and formula):
nobody will remember having seen the party
on its travels as they were not traveling on this 1. The next thing that touches the object
Earth! after the “solvent” is applied is stuck to
it forever.
O. 2. The “solvent” excites the cellular struc-
Empty. ture of the object it is applied to in a
manner that causes it to emit a very
3:04 loud screaming sound. Forever.
3. The “solvent” turns objects per-
A. The Universal Solvent manently invisible. If applied to
This book is written in Ancient Greek and living matter, only the skin becomes
concerns the concoction of a solution that can invisible.
dissolve anything. It is the work of an alche- 4. The “solvent” shrinks an object to one-
mist who sought the secrets of the Universal quarter size permanently. Multiple
Solvent, but failed to find the final ingredient applications will shrink the object
which would allow the formula to work. The further.
book is worth 1000 sp to an interested party. 5. The “solvent” has no immediate visible
However, this book was written over 1000 effect, but the object becomes super-
years ago. Surely the modern natural philoso- flammable. Merely being within a few
pher can complete the research of the ancient feet of an open flame, or touching a
scholar? Discovering the missing ingredient heat source, causes the object to burst
will take 5d20/(lab value in 1000s of sp) days, into flame. If applied to a living being,
costing 1d100 per day in materials. However, it must make a saving throw versus
the formula is fundamentally flawed to begin Breath Weapon whenever close to an
with, something that will not be discovered open flame or touching a heat source
unless expressly investigated. Determining (holding a lantern counts) or combust,
whether the formula is even correct in the taking 1d8 points of damage per round
first place takes 1d20 days in any lab (costing until doused.
1d10 sp per day in materials). The answer will 6. The “solvent” causes the object to
be a firm no! become brittle and easily smashed
Note that because the formula is fundamen- apart. Living creatures subject to
tally flawed, a different “missing ingredient” this effect do not gain the benefits of
will be determined each time that the research armor worn (Dexterity bonuses still
is done. apply) and all hits against the creature
If an incorrect formula is created (and the do maximum damage. Optionally, any
ingredients cost 6d100 sp per application, attack that hits that would have missed
twice as much in rural areas), it will indeed had armor been effective only does the
have some effect. Roll on the following table normal random damage.
to determine the effect that the solvent has
on objects it is applied to (which will always

B. Portion of the Book E. The Death Rattle
A random signature from The Book (see page This Ancient Greek text tells of a method of
42). improving the vitality and vigor of a person.
It involves seemingly killing the person in a
C. The Blood Diamond specific way involving precise dagger thrusts
A small box here contains a scroll, an inscribed and then capturing the soul through a method
tablet, and a small stone. The stone is a small, involving some garlic and a specifically shaped
perfectly formed diamond which is worth glass container (such a thing would cost 4 sp
400+2d100 sp. The scroll, written in Latin, to be made) and then replacing it after a short,
warns that this is an artifact of evil and to keep simple rite. The text warns that it only has a
it buried in the archives. The tablet is inscribed 75 % success rate, killing the subject the other
with cuneiform writing (Sumerian) describing quarter of the time, but demonstrating great
the ritual to increase the value of the gem. benefits for those that survive the procedure.
It is a simple ritual which must be conducted Anyone successfully surviving the proce-
during a new moon. A living human and a dure will have as his new maximum hit point
sharp tool such as a dagger is all that is needed. total the highest number possible for his class,
If the victim is killed in the prescribed manner level, and Constitution (although he will wake
and the blood of this sacrifice is dripped on the up from the procedure, 1d4 hours after it is
diamond, it will increase in value. done, with 1hp and must heal up from there).
The diamond increases 100 sp in value for One random ability score will also rise to the
every level/Hit Die of the victim sacrificed to minimum or next minimum needed to give an
it, or 10 sp for a zero level sacrifice. increased modifier.
The text is wrong on one point, however.
D. The Thickening The survival rate is only 25 %, which the
A large ceramic pot full of powder sits in this player characters can surely determine
room. The powder is a preternatural thick- through observing the results of a number of
ening agent. If placed on a living creature, it attempts.
will do 1d6 points of damage as it coagulates
the water in its body. If placed in the mouth, F. The Toad of Understanding
it does 1d10 damage. If a handful is applied In a sealed glass jar is a toad suspended in a
to any sort of slime, ooze, or jelly creature, it reddish liquid. This toad lives and will stare
doubles its Hit Dice. at whomever is closest to it. The toad’s stare
The entire pot can be used to solidify an can be described as “piercing and pitying.”
entire lake or river. This effect will last 1d4 Anyone going face-to-face with it will receive
hours and create a major ecological disaster the telepathic message: “I can help you. What
(everything in the water will die) with perhaps one thing do you wish to know?” The next
far-reaching effects depending on when and question the character has will be answered—
where it is done, but that water will be quite truthfully—by the toad. After answering the
solid during that time. question, the toad will dissolve (into the char-
Using the entire pot on a living creature kills acter’s mind!). The character that received this
it. Using the entire pot on a slime (etc.) crea- knowledge will then take on a vaguely batra-
ture multiplies its Hit Dice tenfold. chian appearance.

The toad will instantly die if removed from into the character’s body, and he will be trans-
the liquid. If another toad (or other amphibi- formed over the course of the next 2d4 weeks
ous creature) is sealed in the liquid, it too will into a minotaur, becoming an 8 Hit Die mind-
achieve Understanding in 2d4 days and be less killing machine in the process… Of course,
able to telepathically answer questions. Non- he will also be able to refill the jars.
amphibious creatures placed in the liquid will
simply drown. H. The Blood Libel Scrolls
The liquid itself is poisonous and will cause These scrolls are written testimony from
anyone drinking it to suffer severe fevers Roman officials authoritatively describing
and nausea for 1d6 days, taking 1d6 points of cases, as first person witnesses, in which that
damage during that time. the Jews did indeed use the blood of infants
Also present on the shelf are a number of in their religious rites and sometimes even
full jars with broken seals. The toads in these everyday life.
jars are dead and the liquids have gone off, The scrolls are worth 1500 sp to a private
resulting in their turning different colors. collector. This collector will have the con-
These liquids are now deadly poisons (save tents published in 2d4 months, resulting in
versus Poison or die). persecutions which will kill thousands of
Jews throughout Europe. Any Western reli-
G. Excrement of the Minotaur gious authority (be they Christian, Muslim,
There are two ancient jars here, one filled with or Jewish) will purchase the scrolls for 250 sp
feces and the other with urine. The accom- (but will instigate formal legal charges on
panying scroll (written in Linear A, the lost whatever grounds the authority can invent if
Minoan written language which was extinct this offer is refused as it wants the scrolls very,
before there were vellum, parchment, or paper very badly!), research their authenticity, and
scrolls!) describes these as coming from the then bury them deep in the archives, never to
fabled minotaur of legend, and that by smear- be seen again. For the scrolls are all lies. Player
ing the excrement on oneself, the powers of characters will only get experience for the
the minotaur will be granted. amount for which they sell the scrolls.
The excrement must be smeared on the
naked flesh (as the scroll says) so wearing I. The Man-Shoe
armor or heavy equipment of any kind will Sitting on the shelf are two iron shoes that
prevent the use of both materials. look like they should be horseshoes, except
An application of the feces will allow the that they are in the vague outlines of human
character to move toward any desired point feet.
by the most direct method. It is essentially the These magical shoes are activated only after
ability to navigate labyrinths. This will last 4d6 they are nailed onto the sole of a person’s feet
turns. (this will do 1d4 points of damage).
Applying the urine will allow the character The wearer receives the following benefits:
to be aware of any hostile creatures within
100' (even through walls!). This effect lasts 2d6 ¶¶ He will never fall into a pit trap.
turns. ¶¶ He will never activate tripwires, pressure
There is a 1 % chance after any application plates, snares, or any other sort of trap that
that the essence of the minotaur is absorbed is triggered by being walked into.

¶¶ He will never get caught in quicksand, mud, ¶¶ If the character’s pack is ever left unat-
webs, or other environmental hindrance. tended, 1d4 items will be lost.
¶¶ He will always move at the same (slow—
see below) rate of movement, no matter The book does contain the following spell
the terrain. which will cancel the effects, but if the spell
¶¶ He will never need food. is learned then enough knowledge of the
Outsiders has been gained that the caster suf-
While the shoes are attached, the wearer never fers these same effects as well.
moves at a rate greater than 10'. If the shoes
are removed (doing another 1d4 damage), the Deaden Senses
character regains his normal rates of move- Magic-User Level 1
ment after all damage is healed. Duration: Instantaneous*
Range: 10'
J. A Hypothesis This spell removes any and all extra-sensory
on the Nature of Reality or extradimensional awareness from one crea-
This book, written in Latin, describes the tears ture (or object!). Characters or creatures who
in the fabric of reality and what peers through wish to resist the effect do receive a saving
the rift. Strange beings like to observe our throw versus Magic to avoid its effects.
world, but do not wish to interact or interfere The spell permanently cancels all extra-
with us, as long as they are not seen. This book normal perception in beings that do not
teaches how to see them. normally have such abilities. Creatures that
If seen, the eyes from outside the world will possess such senses innately lose them for one
not be pleased as they will know that they are day per level of the caster.
being watched, and they will take action. They Note that the spell does not prevent the
cannot directly confront the offender, but can subject from later (re)gaining any type of
arrange things so that the offender is inter- enhanced awareness.
fered with. The spell can be carved into the flesh of a
Reading this book has the following effects: subject (tattooing is not enough), becoming
permanently effective and preventing the sub-
¶¶ There is twice the chance for a random ject from ever gaining such perception again.
encounter if the one who has read the book This takes 1d4 hours and does 1d6 damage to
is on watch or at the front of a marching the subject for every hour that the “casting”
order. takes.
¶¶ The number of creatures encountered as
part of a random encounter is always in K. Portion of the Book
the upper third of the listed range. A random signature of The Book (see page
¶¶ Chances of moving stealthily are reduced 42).
by half.
¶¶ The character becomes unable to surprise L. The Lost Battalion
foes. Here a cohort of 4" lead legionnaire figurines
¶¶ The character must save versus Magic to are spread out on the shelf and piled on the
gain any restful sleep on any particular floor. Under the base of the commander figure
night. is the word “Attack” written in Latin.
If the commanding figure is held and the ¶¶ Brother: +1 to natural Armor Class.
word spoken aloud, the cohort will animate ¶¶ Son: +1 to maximum hit points.
and fight for the one holding the commander. ¶¶ Daughter: +500 experience points.
They will not stop until the commander figure ¶¶ Uncle: Windfall wealth—will acquire
is destroyed. 5d100 sp in the next d6 days.
¶¶ Aunt: Windfall wealth—the next treasure
Lead figure: Movement 30', 0 level, treat as discovered will be worth twice its originally
unarmored, attack does 1hp damage. determined value.
¶¶ Cousin: Will heal twice as fast as normal;
M. Strange Black Disc effect ends the next time the character
This is a smooth and featureless black disc reaches full hit points.
made of some unknown metal, about one
foot in diameter and one inch thick with a The bonus is doubled if the sacrificed relative
rounded, tapering edge. It is magnetic and has not yet reached puberty. If a sacrifice is
does not conduct heat or electricity. It does not somehow returned to life, the benefit is lost
rust or corrode in any way. Two rounds after a and then applied again as a penalty ( for exam-
Detect Magic spell (or any other sort of detec- ple, sacrificing your father gives you +1 to your
tion which reveals magic) is cast on it, it will Attack Bonus, but if he returns to life you now
unleash an explosion that does 1d6 damage to have a permanent –1 Attack Bonus penalty).
any within 10'. This does not harm the disc. If a character has not constructed a family
history, use the following to determine who is
N. The Curse of Blood still alive:
This series of scrolls written in Ancient Greek
describe the rituals through which one can ¶¶ Mother: 50 % chance
gain great power through the ritual sacrifice ¶¶ Father: 50 % chance
of a single blood relative. ¶¶ Grandparent: 25 % chance for each
The ritual takes exactly one hour and must ¶¶ Great-Grandparent: 10 % chance that 1 or
be consummated at exactly midnight. The rel- 2 survive
ative must be completely unhurt (not a single ¶¶ Sister: 50 % chance for 1d4
hit point lost) and conscious throughout the ¶¶ Brother: 50 % chance for 1d4
entire ritual. ¶¶ Children: 5 % cumulative chance for a child
Although the ritual is the same in each case, per year of character’s age over 16. 50 %
the text details the benefits that the character chance it’s a boy.
will receive according to the relationship held ¶¶ Uncles and Aunts: 75 % chance for 1d10
with the sacrificed relative: ¶¶ Cousins: d8–4 per Uncle and/or Aunt

¶¶ Mother: +2 to all Saving Throws. If the character’s background statement con-

¶¶ Father: +1 to Attack Bonus. sists of, “my entire family is dead, I am alone
¶¶ Grandparent: +1 to Languages skill. in the world,” then it will soon come to light
¶¶ Great-Grandparent: Gain an extra Hit Die that the character was adopted and that this
(but not level). dead family was not blood-relations. The char-
¶¶ Sister: Able to go twice as long without acter really does have many living relatives.
requiring food or water. Including a great monarch.

O. The Ring
A small box contains a finger bone with a plain
copper ring on it. The box contains a small
scroll with a Latin note on it that reads, “This 3:05
ring gives great power at a terrible price.” The door to this room is not locked. The secret
Putting the ring on grants +3 to Armor Class door in this room is easily discovered; there
and all saving throws. is a dried blood puddle that leaked under the
It also prevents the wearer from absorbing door.
any nourishment from food. Also, any food or In the room beyond the secret door is a
water within 10' of the wearer spoils within 4 skeleton piled near the door. The old blood
hours. flow originates under it. Most of the skeleton’s
Taking the ring off removes the armor and equipment has long eroded, but a dagger and
saves bonuses and prevents the spoiling of 34 sp in coins remain.
nearby food and water, but the inability to Examination will reveal that the bones
absorb food remains. Only by cutting off the around the wrist area are gouged. The bones
finger on which the ring was worn will restore are of a thief who attempted to explore this
the character’s ability to eat again. complex hundreds of years ago, was chased in
here, and unable to stand the horror anymore
P. The Door killed himself as the God waited outside the
This room has no shelf on the wall. door.

he blue markers on the maps indicate 11. Potion
hidden treasure deposits that were 12. Potion
left by the Romans before abandoning 13. Potion
the complex. Each one is a hollowed 14. 1d100 sp + Scroll
out piece of the wall filled with debris and 15. 1d100 sp + Potion
covered with plaster. It takes one turn to open 16. Potion + Scroll
one of these up and sift through it to find the 17. 2 Potions
treasure inside, and it makes a good deal of 18. 2 Scrolls
noise. 19. 1d4 Potions
To determine what is in a particular 20. 1d4 Scrolls
hidey-hole, roll on the following table. After 21. 1d4 Potions + 1d4 Scrolls
a particular treasure is discovered, cross it off 22. Jewel worth 100 sp
the list. If that entry is rolled again for a future 23. Jewel worth 150 sp
search, there is no treasure in that spot. Not 24. Jewel worth 150 sp + Scroll
all treasure will necessarily be present in the 25. Jewel worth 100 sp + Scroll + Potion
adventure. 26. Jewel worth 250 sp + Scroll
27. Jewel worth 500 sp + 2 Potions + Scroll
Roll 1d30 28. Jewel worth 1000 sp + 2 Scrolls
29. Jewel worth 2500 sp
1. 1d100 sp 30. Jewel worth 5000 sp
2. 1d100 sp
3. 1d100 sp When a scroll or potion is called for in the
4. 1d100 sp main treasure table, roll on the appropriate
5. 2d100 sp table below. Spells on scrolls are randomly
6. 2d100 sp determined. Each potion must be completely
7. 2d100 sp consumed to be effective; although a small sip
8. Scroll will give an indication of its effect (the Spoiled
9. Scroll potion will do 1 hp damage on a sip). Do not
10. Scroll cross off results as they come up.

Potion Scrolls

1d12 2d6

1. Deep Wisdom (will double 2. Cleric spells: 1d4 1st level + 1d4
imbiber’s experience award for 2nd level + 1d4 3rd level
this session) 3. Cl spells: 1d4 1st level + 1d4 2nd
2. Durability (imbiber takes ½ level + 1 3rd level
normal damage the next 3 times 4. Cl spells: 1d4 1st level + 1d4 2nd
damage is taken) level
3. Healing (heals 1d8 + imbiber’s 5. Cl spells: 1d4 1st level + 1 2nd
level number of hit points) level
4. Leaping (allows one super-leap, 6. Cl spells: 1d4 1st level
50' across or 25' up) 7. Magic-User spell: 1 1st level
5. Light (imbiber glows as bright as 8. MU spells: 1d4 1st level
a lantern for 2d12 turns) 9. MU spells: 1d4 1st level + 1 2nd
6. Memory (can remember exactly level
the path traveled for 1d4 turns 10. MU spells: 1d4 1st level + 1d4 2nd
even if running, provided the level
character can see; Referee must 11. MU spells: 1d4 1st level + 1d4 2nd
provide a perfect map of the area level + 1 3rd level
traversed during that time) 12. MU spells: 1d4 1st level + 1d4 2nd
7. Nightsight (can see in pitch black level + 1d4 3rd level
darkness for 1d4 turns)
8. Protection (+3 armor modifier for
1d4 turns)
9. Speed (2 × normal movement for
1d4 turns)
10. Spoiled Potion! (save versus
Poison or take 1d6+1 hp damage)
11. Strength (+3 Strength modifier
bonus for d4 turns)
12. Undetectability (Invisible, Silent,
Unscented, duration 2d4 turns)
The Book

he Book is one that, when intact, any particular signature. No matter what
corrupts information. When sepa- happens, if The Book is broken back down
rated, each portion of The Book into its individual signatures, each signature
reveals information which changes will always have the same spells on it as it had
depending on how big a portion of the book when first found.
is present. The Book retains the power to alter any
For purposes of description, The Book is text written about it. Any text describing The
considered to be broken up into 16 portions, Book in terms of being valuable, or mysteri-
which we will call “signatures” which we’ll call ous, or granting great power if read in full,
16 pages. If a portion of The Book is broken will be allowed to exist unchanged as this will
down to less than this, then the signature is facilitate its reconstitution. Any text written
considered destroyed. as a warning against The Book being found
As each signature is gathered with the other or reconstructed will alter itself to become
signatures of The Book, the information on the positive towards The Book. However, if The
pages changes depending on how many signa- Book is separated into four or more parts,
tures have been gathered. The Book’s power to alter this negative text
Physical contact or reassembly of the book is lessened, and instead the text becomes
is not necessary; merely being within 30' of fluid and ever-changing. Only when The Book
other signatures is enough to be considered is consolidated to three or fewer total parts
“gathered.” Any changes caused by the assem- ( from originally being 16 parts) is such text
bly or disassembly of The Book take 1d12+12 definitively changed.
hours to take effect (physical destruction, of Any portion of The Book that is destroyed
course, takes effect immediately). reconstitutes itself in a library somewhere,
Individually, each signature is effectively forming in the pages of an already existing
a spell book which contains three 1st level book. Combined sections which are destroyed
Magic-User spells. Although those spells will separate and infiltrate different libraries.
are not (with some exceptions—see below) If a total of three spell levels are ever tran-
detailed here, the Referee must randomly scribed from the parts of The Book into another
determine which spells are associated with spell book, that entire spell book becomes

another signature of The Book, and so there will not necessarily contain any of the spells
can be more than 16 parts of the 16-part Book of its constituting signatures. However, once
out there at any point in time, but a part of determined, the combination of Signatures 1
The Book can only “combine” with other books and 5 will always result in a combined tome
which were not made from its parts. with spells g, h, u, and j. If separated back into
For example, if you transcribe the spells individual signatures, they will always contain
from signature 4 into another spellbook, those spells a, b, and c, and d, e, and f. This same
two spellbooks together do not count as two pattern continues as more combinations are
parts combined because for purposes of com- made. The Referee needs to randomly deter-
bination they are the same signature. mine the spells for different combinations as
When signatures are combined, the infor- they occur, and then record them for future
mation will change. The spells previously on reference.
the pages will disappear and be replaced by Certain combinations of signatures have
the spells according to the chart below. Again, one spell which will always be found with it. No
keep track of which spells are attached to matter if found alone or combined with other
which combinations. signatures, the spell will be part of (not in addi-
For example, if Signature 1 has the 1st level tion to) the mix of spells outlined above if The
spells a, b, and c, and Signature 5 has the 1st Book contains any spells of that level. These
level spells d, e, and f, these will combine to spells are in addition to those indicated above
form a 2nd-level signature with the 1st level and they are able to be prepared by anyone able
spells g, h, and i and the 2nd level spell j. to read them even if they are not usually able to
These should be randomly determined and cast spells of this level (or cast spells at all!).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 3
2 3 1
3 4 1 1
4 4 1 1
5 4 2 1 1
6 4 2 1 1
7 5 2 2 1 1
8 5 2 2 1 1
9 5 3 2 2 1 1
10 5 3 2 2 1 1
11 6 3 3 2 2 1 1
12 6 3 3 2 2 1 1
13 6 4 3 3 2 2 1 1
14 6 4 3 3 2 2 1 1
15 7 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1
16 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Inside Signature 2 separated from that object without damag-
Mimicry ing or destroying one or both objects.
Magic-User Level 1 Living things cannot be bound.
Duration: 1 sentence/level
Range: Touch Inside Signature 7
This spell allows the subject to perfectly Featherlight*
mimic the voice of any one person or crea- Magic-User Level 1
ture that the caster has heard previously. Duration: 1 hour/level
If the subject is an unwilling one, he Range: Touch
receives a saving throw to resist its effects, The target of this spell, which must be an
but once the spell takes hold, the subject’s inanimate, non-living object, is considered
own voice does not exist until the required to be unencumbering for the duration of
number of sentences have been spoken. the spell. The reverse of this spell makes an
object count as an Oversized Item, or if it is
Inside Signature 3 already so, an additional Oversized Item.
Eyes Afar
Magic-User Level 4 Inside Signature 8
Duration: Permanent Erase Portal
Range: Touch Magic-User Level 3
The caster sees through the subject’s eyes, Duration: Instantaneous
provided that the eyes are no longer in the Range: Touch
subject’s head and the subject is still alive. The target opening, be it a door, window,
The caster sees through both (or all eyes if or what have you, will disappear, to be
the subject has more than three) eyes at replaced by the material it was set in as if it
the same time as his own and suffers no never existed.
penalty for this.
Note that the caster can only see through Inside Signature 10
the eyes; no other senses are afforded to the Chinese Whispers
eyeball. The caster cannot communicate Magic-User Level 1
through the eyes. While eyeballs cannot be Duration: See Below
reattached to the subject through normal Range: Earshot
means, any Cure spell cast by a Cleric will This spell allows the caster to target a
restore sight in a reinserted eyeball. specific person within earshot and com-
municate up to ten words of true (as the
Inside Signature 6 caster believes it, anyway) information to
Bind them. The target must then make a saving
Magic-User Level 2 throw versus Magic or be compelled to
Duration: 1 hour/level repeat this information to someone (not
Range: Touch the caster!), but when repeating the mes-
The target of this spell becomes molecu- sage one random word will be different (as
larly bound to the next non-living object determined by the Referee). The recipient of
it touches. From that point, it cannot be that message must then save versus Magic
or be compelled to repeat the information of the caster’s choosing. The caster can also
to someone else that has not already heard specify a particular recipient (up to one per
it. This continues until someone saves. level of the caster) if desired. When casting
If a recipient makes his save and wishes the spell on a caterpillar, the Magic-User
to repeat the information anyway, he must must immediately communicate whatever
save versus Magic to do so without chang- information it is to pass on. If spell effects
ing one of the words of the message. The are to be delivered, the spell(s) must be cast
spell effect ends there; that recipient is not into the caterpillar at this time.
under the effects of this spell. The caterpillar, once ensorcelled, will
complete its normal life cycle. It will spin
Inside Signature 12 a cocoon in 1d6 weeks, and two weeks
Imbue the Religious with Cosmic Might later emerges as a moth or butterfly. It will
Magic-User Level 4 then travel to the location specified by the
Duration: See Below Magic-User at a rate of 3d20 miles per day.
Range: Touch When it reaches the location, all messages
This spell allows a Magic-User to give a and/or spell effects will activate (saving
Cleric access to Magic-User spells. Once the throws apply for any spell effects normally
spell has been cast, the Cleric (who receives allowing them). If a specific recipient has
a saving throw versus Magic if he chooses been named, the butterfly will try to find
to resist) must exchange one prepared spell that person in the given location, and if that
for one Magic-User spell of the same level. person does not appear within 24 hours,
The entirety of the Magic-User spell list for the spell will dissipate without further
that level can be used for this purpose. The effect. If the recipient is found, the butterfly
Cleric can then cast that spell once as if a will whisper all information to be passed
Magic-User of the same level as the Cleric. on, spontaneously break out into any spell
When the Cleric casts the spell, his effects, and also impart the location of the
alignment turns to Chaotic immediately. nearest portion of The Book. The caster will
Further, because sorcerous magic is utterly not know whether or not the spell has been
incompatible with Clerical magic, casting completed.
the spell immediately and forever strips
the Cleric of any ability to cast Cleric spells Inside Signature 16
again. Scramble Book
Magic-User Level 2
Inside Signature 14 Duration: Instantaneous
The Caterpillar Range: Touch
Magic-User Level 1 This spell turns the contents of any book
Duration: See Below into complete gibberish by rearranging the
Range: Touch ink (or whatever was used) into new pat-
This spell enchants a caterpillar to allow it terns, destroying the information therein
to travel to a location of the caster’s choos- and rendering it forever unreadable.
ing and there convey knowledge, or spell Using this spell will trigger any safe-
effects, provided by the caster, to a location guards placed on the book.
In addition, when over half the signatures are Maps change so as to be uninformative;
gathered together, there will be additional rivers shift on maps, cities move, passages go
effects. These are cumulative, so when 10 sig- left instead of right, and so on.
natures are gathered, the effects of having 8 Spell scrolls become impossible to read and
and 9 signatures gathered are also in effect. no new spells (except those found in The Book)
Separating parts of the book does not undo can be learned or transcribed at all.
any changes, but does prevent future effects.
None of the following effects affect the con- 11 Signatures Gathered
tents of or the use of The Book or its signatures Information corruption reaches the genetic
in any way. level. Every child in utero at the time that
eleven portions of The Book are gathered, or
8 Signatures Gathered conceived from that point, has a 90 % chance
The convergence of instability affects spectral of mutation. Only 10 % of these will be visible
worlds first. When preparing/memorizing or unusual, the rest being more mundane
Magic-User spells each day, all such casters on congenital issues. Infant mortality rates in
the planet must make a saving throw versus humans spike to near 80 %, with a further
Magic or else have accidentally prepared 50 % of the survivors dying before puberty is
a (randomly determined) different spell of reached because of these issues.
that same level from the caster’s spellbook The world’s population of “monsters” will
instead. greatly increase as rapid-breeding and growing
Magic-User spell scrolls, when used, will animals produce unusually mutated offspring
also cast a different randomly determined at a great pace with a lower instance of non-
spell of the same level. survivable mutation compared to those found
in humans and demi-humans.
9 Signatures Gathered
As above, but also applying to Cleric spells and 12 Signatures Gathered
scrolls. The Book becomes self-aware and makes
efforts to be further combined. All portions of
10 Signatures Gathered The Book will now contain a new page: A map
All written communication becomes subtly showing where all of the other portions of The
changed so as to not convey its information Book are.
properly. Love letters show absolute indiffer-
ence, comedies become tragedies. Holy books 13 Signatures Gathered
are slow to change so doctrine and dogma will The Book’s corruption of other information
appear to portions of the population differ- sources becomes more self-serving as all maps
ently, causing great strife. Even artwork begins will show the locations of portions of The Book
to take on different meaning, and formerly that are in the map’s area.
revered religious art is hidden away, with new
devotional art increasingly appears blasphe- 14 Signatures Gathered
mous and formerly tasteful nudes appear more The planet becomes aware of the grow-
lewd or even pornographic. Educational texts ing threat to its structure and coherence
will no longer convey correct information. and makes efforts to buck off the danger.

Earthquakes and extreme weather will become every other book, but this The Book, magical
far more commonplace, and new diseases will or mundane, will instantly become incompre-
begin to appear. hensible gibberish. This will affect all written
A major earthquake will strike somewhere communication, as even a person writing a
on Earth once a month. Major storms will note to himself will be unable to read it. If The
appear at least that often. A new, terrifying Book is in a high tech setting, all information
plague will sweep through one civilization stored electronically also immediately fails. All
after another within a couple years. Earth will hardware and software fails the instant that
become hell. The Book is completed.
Within 24 hours, mathematics begins to
15 Signatures Gathered fail. Simple counting is no longer possible;
The planet makes the last move it possibly can structures begin to collapse as the principles
in order to resist its destruction. It will physi- that guided their construction no longer apply.
cally shift its axis so that the new geographic This happens on a biological, even cellular
North Pole is moved 1d100 x 1d20 miles in a level and so inanimate objects weaken and all
random direction. If this is a significant shift, living beings begin to fall ill, their every cell
then over the next year everything will change turning cancerous. Planets and stars begin to
as the planet begins to adjust to its new climate fall out of their orbit ever so slightly.
zones. The polar caps will melt faster than the Within another 24 hours even the pain of
new polar caps will freeze, flooding coastal existence will no longer matter as the last bas-
areas worldwide. Crops will fail around the tion of information storage, memory, fails, and
globe and society will collapse as famine and conscious thought and intelligence becomes
massive migrations result in terrible wars, sea a thing of the past. Brain activity becomes
travel routes must be learned anew as currents entirely random and the world dies in a col-
shift, and nothing will ever be the same. lective, suffocating seizure.
Within another period of time that no one
16 Signatures Gathered will be around to measure, the multiverse
Information storage systems around the unravels and becomes Nothing.
cosmos will fail. This will start with books, and In the end there is only The Book.
James Bragle Adam Maddox Arthur Axel “fREW”
Old Church Grover Browning Marc Majcher Schmidt
Class Alain Bourgeois Wesley Edwin Marshall Keith S. Schuerholz
Ben Barrett James Caldwell Rob McArthur Jack Shear
Adam Boisvert capitalbill A. H. Mcdonald Justin Smith
Peter Byrne Rodrigo Garcia Carmona Frank Mitchell Aaron F Stanton
Michael Feldhusen James Carpio Christopher O'Dell Jerry Stratton
Omer Golan-Joel Claytonian JP Jeffrey Payette Brendan Strejcek
Paul Gorman Galahad de Corbenic Joel Royas Simon Stroud
Ben M. Hannigan Andrew Crenshaw Daniel Sell Cameron Suey
K-Slacker Mark Delsing Mark Siford Erik Tenkar
Humza Kazmi Scott Dorward Simon Forster Blake Thomas
Matt Landis Ed Dove Stuart Keating Antti “Blue_Hill” Timonen
Steve Lawson Zeb Doyle Jan-Paul Koopmann Timothee “silenttimo”
Reynaldo Perez Madrinan Jr Errant Tiger Tuomas Lempiäinen Connor Uber
Christopher Maikisch Benjamin Eisenhofer Miguel Lopez Jason “Hierax” Verbitsky
Taylor Martin Johan Eriksson Mike Mearls Matthias Weeks
Geoffrey McKinney Julio Escajedo Rich “Cthulhu’s Librarian” Chris Weller
Dallas McNally Jake F. Miller Justin Williams
Andreas Melhorn Wilhelm Fitzpatrick Iain Murray Gregory A. Wilson
Jon Michaels Jean “Alahel” FRIDRICI Daniel “Thaumiel” Neffling Richard Wilson
Robert Morris Vernon Fults Newt Newport Daniel Wood
Steve Moss Marc (Lord Inar) Gacy Satu Nikander Duncan Young
John Pola Joseph Geenty Pascal OLIET Aaron Zirkelbach
Jeff Queen Eric Gillespie Jeffrey Scott Osthoff
Michael Sands Mike Gruber Dr. Cthulhupunk (Lisa
Christopher Wiegand Edward Hand Padol) Psychonaut
Benjamin Wenham Arttu Hanska John Paquette Class
G. Hartman Jake Parker Sasha Bilton

Mysterious Dennis Higgins

Forrest Hudspeth
Robert J. Parker
Stuart Pate
David Booth
Philip Gelatt
Valley Class Sir Jeffington Jefferson James ME Patterson Kairam-ah Psychonaut
Niels Adair Jeffersmythe, Last of the Alex Puterbaugh Jeffery Tillotson
John Arendt Jefferhammers Martin Ralya Aurelien Vincenti
Kristian Bach Frédéric Joly Lloyd Rasmussen
Michael Beck Tim Knight Reverend Dak
Big Bald Matt David Lai Gordon Richards
Crawling God
Drew Bergstrom Kurt LaRue David Douglas Rollins Class
Johnathan L Bingham Brian Lavelle Franz Georg Rösel Markku Tuovinen
Michael Bolam D. Lyons Adrian M Ryan – The Crawling God
A murdering cult.

A religious order dedicated to protecting sacred history.

An ancient catacomb full of danger and reward.

The God that Crawls

An adventure for characters of levels 1–2 for use with
Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing
and other traditional role-playing games.

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Flame PrincesS
Weird Fantasy Role-Playing
© James Edward Raggi IV 2012

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Flame PrincesS
Weird Fantasy Role-Playing
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of the
Flame PrincesS
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