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(For internal use only)

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Purpose: Ensures that the content of the drawing is complete and accurately presented.
Applicability: All Sim XXI Electrical Diagrams.
N/A =

 = Yes

1st Check
 = No
1. All relevant design data is included in the design folder.
Proper drawing number (per CSP 17.1.7) appears on all sheets and parts lists. Corresponding CAD file(s) comply with
Standards and are correctly referenced on drawing.
3. Drawing (all sheets) and parts list reflect the latest revision level.
4. Drawing title/description adequately reflects drawing function and all drawing sheets and parts list concur.
5. Notes or remarks are adequate and clear. Drawing and parts list are free of spelling and grammatical errors.
6. Drawing is called-up on next assembly.
7. Applicability (NEXT ASSY and USED ON column) is completed.
8. All abbreviations are per MIL-STD-12 and any non-standard abbreviations are defined on face of drawing.
9. All wire types, sizes and color code are properly identified either as a note or at a close proximity to the wires.
10. The note and figure for the I-Button is called out on sheet 1 of the drawing.
For 50Pin connector: I-button pin 1 connects to pin 16 of 50Pin, I-button pin 2 connects to pin 17 of 50Pin
For 25Pin connector: I-button pin 1 connects to pin 12 of 25Pin, I-button pin 2 connects to pin 13 of 25Pin
For 15Pin connector: I-button pin 1 connects to pin 7 of 15Pin, I-button pin 2 connects to pin 8 of 15Pin
For 9Pin connector: I-button pin 1 connects to pin 4 of 9Pin, I-button pin 2 connects to pin 5 of 9Pin
11. Twisted shielded wiring shown properly.
12. Each contact is appropriate for the wire gauge and the number of wires on it.
13. All components properly indicated with reference designations as per the Mechanical Assembly (i.e. DS10).
14. Proper cells used for all components and all required data fields filled out.
15. If 50Pin connector is used, all I/O pins required on the connector match that of the GPIM pin-out so that standard cable can
be used (see CD335002.XX.8.268 for GPIM Spec).
16. Every part list item has the proper CAE code (per CSP 17.1.1 - Appendix A).
17. DWG shall be as per PCD-0008
Electrical Diagram Only
18. Control number on drawing concurs with the latest in the E2A database.

19. All specified wire, connectors, contacts, lugs and are called up on Mechanical Assembly.
20. Input for Electrical components sent to D71 Mechanical.
Wiring Diagram Only
21. All required dimensions, parts, materials and finishes are specified and complete. Content adheres to Design Standard
requirements where applicable.

22. All parts list and/or bill of material items are called out on face of drawing either as balloon items or in the general notes. Parts
list quantities match drawing call-outs and remarks section of parts list.

23. “See separate part list” shown on face of drawing

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CL-0004 rev. E (16FEB04)