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i. Basic Salary
Basic wage or salary will be paid monthly in cash. It will be paid at the end of every
month. The salary will be debited to employee’s account on the 25th of every month.
Salaries will be given to all employees based on the qualification and working

ii. Salary Increment & Promotions

Employees who show excellent performance will be getting salary increment from the
management. The salary will be increased according to the management decision. For
promotions, selected employees who shown consistent performance that can convince
the employers about their abilities will be promoted to higher position.

iii. EPF
Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a contribution plan as well as a pension plan for
the welfare of employees so that they will have money to support themselves once
they retired from work. It is a compulsory saving from employee’s monthly salary.
Employers are required to contribute at least 13% of an employee’s basic salary.

Social Security Organization (SOCSO) is a contribution plan to ensure that employees
will receive compensation of work-related accidents or illnesses. For the scheme, it
consists of Employment Injury Scheme and Invalidity Scheme. The rate of
contribution for SOCSO is at 2%.

v. Insurance
Employee’s safety and well-being will be protected throughout their employment
period by insurance company Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad. The
premises bought or rented and transports also will be insured to avoid any failure and
losses in the business

vi. Bonus
For employee’s excellent job performance and services, they will be rewarded with
bonuses. This includes annual bonus scheme, spot bonus award, staff appreciation
award and profit sharing.

vii. Annual Leave & Sick Leave

Each employee will be given an annual leave of 28 days. In terms of sick leave,
medical certificate has to be approved by a registered medical practitioner. Employees
will get paid leaves if he or she being sick for less than 60 days. But if it exceeds 60
days, the salary will not be paid.
Remuneration Schedule
SALARY (13%) (2%) AMOUNT
(RM) (RM) (RM) (RM)
Human Resource 1 4200.00 546.00 84 4830.00

R&D Manager 1 4000.00 520.00 80 4600.00

Marketing Manager 1 4300.00 559.00 86 4945.00
Financial Manager 1 4500.00 585.00 90 5175.00
IT Manager 1 4800.00 624.00 96 5520.00