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Test IO screen correction- Corrected Digital Inputs and Relay input Variable assignment

2. Can the “High System Pressure” alarm be set to have an auto restart pressure and not be just a manual reset?
Factory default could be manual and let us change it in the field. Also possible to have it not look at High System
Pressure when it is NFSD.
Done the changes in logic as per above requirement. High system Reset Pressure input is added on High/Low
System Alarm Setup Page. When pressure drops below High system reset pressure limit it will reset high system
alarm. If it is set to 0 then it will work as manual reset only.

3. I have had customer complaints about the where finger on the outside edge of the screen shows to touch.
When the screen is asleep and you touch at the particular spot, it can “Stop” the system as it is right where the
start/stop button is.
Done Changes as per above requirement. Now First touch to wakeup Screen is Ignored. So it will not take any
false action.

4. All Zone Sensor fail - No. Of pumps & Speed allow to be set to Zero and also change default to zero. When No. of
pumps set to zero all pumps should be stopped in AZF.
Done. No of Pumps can be set to Zero and Also the Speed is set to zero. (On Zero Speed the Pump runs at
minimum set speed from Program i.e default at 50%)

5. Can we use HZ instead of % for Pump Speed - IN AZF (All Zone Failure)? (Under evaluation)

6. Emergency Selector Switch Function.

In Optional DI we can select Emergency Switch Function. If this Function is selected then Option to enter
Number of Max. Pumps to run in Emergency Switch Condition will be visible on Pump Setup Page. Enter the
desired number of Max. pumps to run during emergency Switch case. Controller will stage up to Max. Pumps set
in case of Emergency Switch DI is high.
6. Default gateway added in Modbus TC/IP Page
Option for setting default gateway added on Modbus TCPIP page. If The default Gateway is set to then
the default gateway will be ignored.

7. Low Suction, High Suction, Low System, Low Water alarms are linked with General alarm status for DO as well as
BMS status.
Done and tested in Bacnet MSTP for general Alarms BI[36].

8. User logout after given period of time

Done. When backlight function is triggered then User logs out automatically.



10. Screen Saver functionality with user settable timer


11. Modbus IP – Working with Port 502 (Port 503 disabled)