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Press twice Press to open Press to view Use joystick to select block Press to turn Press to open Press to view Turn to control Turn to control
to save menu with Amp+Cab, Amp, Press ACTION and use selected block action panel more parameters volume from volume from the
changes to advanced or Preamp joystick to move block on and off for the selected for the selected 1/4”, XLR, Phones output
preset functions tonestacks Hold to turn block or page item Digital, and
and settings Turn to change block’s model USB 1/2
Global EQ on
Press to open model list and off outputs

Turn to select presets
Press to open Setlists

Lost? Press to
return to the main
Home screen

Knobs 1-6
Turn to adjust parameter
Press to engage function
Press to reset value
Press to toggle between Hz
or ms and note values
Press and hold to jump to FS1 FS2 FS3 FS4 FS5 FS6
the Controller Assign page
for that parameter

Step on FS1/FS7 to
select the next/previous
bank of presets
Hold both FS1 and FS7 to FS7 FS8 FS9 FS10 FS11 FS12
change to Preset and

Preset Footswitch Mode Stomp Footswitch Mode MODE TAP/TUNER Expression Pedal 1 (and 2)
Step on a footswitch to select the preset Step on a footswitch to toggle its block(s) on and off Step on FS6 to toggle between Step on FS12 to set Move the expression pedal to control
Step again to reload the preset Touch a footswitch to select its assigned block or item Preset and Stomp footswitch modes Helix’s tempo volume, wah, or any combination of
Hold for Pedal Edit mode Hold to open the Tuner amp and effects parameters
Touch repeatedly to cycle through multiple assigned items
(edit blocks with your feet) Touch to open the Activate toe switch to toggle between
Touch and hold to assign switch to the selected block EXP 1 and EXP 2
tempo panel
Select an input block and turn the Use the joystick or touch Move Split block Move Merge block Press BYPASS to INPUT BLOCKS PROCESSING BLOCKS OUTPUT BLOCKS
joystick to set the input source. Each a switch top to select a down to create a down to create a turn block on and off
path can have one or two input blocks block (outlined in white) duplicate input duplicate output (bypassed blocks Multi
block block appear dim) Press and hold BYPASS None (Path 2 only) None Wah (1/4”, XLR, Digital, USB 1/2)
to turn Global EQ on (icon Multi
Turn PRESET knob visible) and off (Guitar, Aux, Variax) Distortion Amp+Cab Path
to select a preset 2A, 2B, 2A+B (Path 1 only)
PATH 1 A Select an output block Guitar
Dynamics Amp
and turn the joystick to
route the signal to back Aux 1/4”
Each of Helix’s two signal B panel jacks, Path 2, or EQ Preamp
paths can be either
your computer via USB. Variax
parallel (A and B) or
Each path can have one Modulation Cab XLR
serial (A only)
or two output blocks
A Variax Magnetics
PATH 2 Delay Impulse Response Send
1/2, 3/4
Model category and type Press PAGE to view Return Reverb Volume/Pan
of selected block; more parameters for 1, 2, 3, 4, 1/2, 3/4
indicates a stereo model. Digital
the selected block. This (S/PDIF, AES/EBU, or L6 LINK)
Turn the joystick to select block has four pages S/PDIF Pitch/Synth Send/Return
a model; press the joystick
to open the model list USB Filter Looper USB
Value appears white and in brackets Turn knobs 1-6 to adjust parameters for the selected block. 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 1/2, 3/4, 5/6
if a controller is assigned to it Press knob to return Levels to unity (0.0dB) and Pans to center

Ext Amp Out 1/2 Guitar In Aux In Sends/Returns 1/4” Outs Variax Input S/PDIF In/Out AES/EBU | L6 LINK Out
Connect to your traditional Connect your primary Connect an Can be used as mono/stereo FX Loops for Use 1/4” cables to connect This input provides power, Connect 75-ohm Connect a 110-ohm AES/EBU (XLR) cable here
amp to switch channels or guitar or bass here; active pickup- inserting external stompboxes into your tone to your guitar amp, pedals, digital audio, effects coax (RCA) cables for digital connection with studio equipment;
turn its reverb on/off; use provides switchable equipped or as additional inputs and outputs for powered speaker, or other control, and instant recall here for digital L6 LINK provides easy, reliable, one-cable
a TRS cable for dual pad and impedance guitar or bass connecting keyboards, drum machines, playback system; for mono between Helix and a connection with connectivity between Helix and Line 6 StageSource
operation (1=tip, 2=ring) selection here mixers, other modelers, and more signals connect only the Line 6 Variax Guitar studio equipment monitors and/or DT series amplifiers
left 1/4” out

It’s alive!

Connect to a
grounded AC
power outlet

EXP 2/3 CV/Expression Out Microphone In Ground Lift Switch XLR Outs Phones Out MIDI In, Out/Thru USB
Connect two Connect to the expression Plug your microphone in here If you are experiencing hums Use balanced XLR cables to Connect headphones here; Connect Helix to your MIDI Helix can act as an 8-in/8-out
additional pedal inputs on stompboxes for processing your vocals or and buzzes, press this button connect to studio monitors turn top panel PHONES equipment for sending and 24-bit/96kHz audio interface for
expression or CV (Control Voltage) recording to your computer via in to eliminate ground loops or the house mixer or PA knob to adjust volume receiving program changes, recording to Macs and PCs;
pedals here inputs on vintage pedals or USB. Provides switchable 48V between your equipment when playing live; for mono continuous controllers, and reamping and MIDI are provided
synths phantom power for studio signals connect only the other MIDI messages Helix can also record to and play
condenser mics left XLR out back from an iPad (with camera kit)