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Air pollution causes and solution

My greetings to everyone. Today we will not talk about borders

mindsets government and stock market but this day this minute this
moment I would like to dedicate to the most essential garbage can of
world .air. Air pollution has been present on earth for the past billion
years but it was not a major issue as the causes were very few and
natural such as forest fires and volcanic eruption. But as the years
passed and society kept on developing the pollutants in the air kept on
increasing. And this happened as now with the natural cause’s man
made causes also came into being. the first new factor and the most
major one is factor which is at the most ease even after dirtying the
environment the most or factor- ies manufacturing industries release
large amount of carbon monoxide,hydrocarbons, organic compounds
and chemicals into the air thereby depleting the quality of air.infact the
Taj mahal and many temples in Mathura are being corroded away by
toxic fumes released by refineries in Mathura. The 2nd factor which
makes us sick by making us hic or ve-hic-cular exhausation smoke
emitted from vehicles cause immense amount of pollution due to
sulfur dioxide emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels like petrol
and disel of life on earth.3rd factor affecting air pollution is the shining
most factor,mining. Mining operations like drilling, blasting, hauling,
collection, and transportation are the major sources of emissions and
air pollution. Coal left in the ground can catch fire, and mine fires are
difficult to control, with some burning for decades or even centuries,
creating a major source of air pollution.there are many more factors
such as stuble burning which is a major cause of pollution in india .
thus we need to find real sustainable solutions which can be used in
daily life. Such as lets say for setting up a factory 10 trees need to be
cut, then the owners of factories need to plant 50 trees so that
ecological balance of the place is normal . it could also be done so that
factories are set up in rural places as there is already a lot of pollution
in urban areas but there is lesser pollution in rural areas. This would
also provide employment opportunities to the poverty stricken rural
household. Also the current technology could be updated and a
machine that could filter the impurities could be installed in the
chimnneys. In this manner the toxic fumes can be neutralized and clean
air could be realized.closiing of factories cant be a solution. Similarly
automobiles run on electricity could be used.it would not only lessen
then pollution level but fossil fuels could be saved and used in other
activities.but the most useful solution would be to educate the
people.to spread the word. if people knew what is actually the main
problem.then they would listen to gov. and do whatever is in their hand
to stop it. Such as when cracker ban was imposed then most people
supported it as they knew what were the cosequences of bursting
crackers. And ussualy the day after Diwali has the worst fog but this
year it was comparatively better.thus if every person in our country
decides that they wont pollute the environment then half the problem
is already solved. Air pollution can only be solved when the mindset of
people, their attitude towards environment changes and we convert
that me to we in our minds

Air pollution is a very debated topic currently and many learned people
have given their opinions on this issue and also solutions and simply to
conclude I would say when humans truly realise their love for Mother
Nature , no environment related issue would ever arise the future