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Msgr. Gutierrez Epiphany: The Marginalized and the Unknown— p.

Lifestyle Zena Sultana Babao: Chasing the Dream Goes on — p. 3
Arts & Culture Virginia Ferrer: Walang Nakakaalam (Nobody Knows) — p. 11
Global Filipino Marjon Saulon: Why Filipino Education Matters — p. 16 Asian Studies 460, SDSU

January 4-10, 2019

CA 91910

DILG defends $396-million CCTV system deal with China firm by Romina Cabrera, Philstar.
Australian gov’t issues advisory
com |

vs traveling to Mindanao
MANILA, 1/3/2019— The De-
partment of the Interior and Local
Government (DILG) defended

with my cousin Boyet

Christia Marie Ramos, Inquirer. should “reconsider” their “need to its $396.8-million emergency
net | MANILA, 1/3/2019 — The travel” to the said area due to the response and monitoring system
Australian government has cau- “very high levels of violent crime contract with a Chinese firm that
tioned its citizens from travel- and the high threat of terrorist at- raised security concerns.
ing to Mindanao, citing threats tack and kidnapping.” Interior Secretary Eduardo Año
of terrorism, violent crimes and
The advisory, which was last up-
dated on January 1 and was still
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. downplayed security concerns
raised by lawmakers, saying the
Publisher & Editor
current, warned its citizens not to DILG will undertake necessary
travel to central and western Min-
San Diego Asian Journal
In a travel advisory issued by the measures to protect data in the
Department of Foreign Affairs danao due to the “very high threat
The Original & First Asian Journal in America
planned surveillance system.
and Trade in Australia, it advised of kidnapping, terrorist attack, “The public doesn’t have to

its citizens to “exercise a high violent crime and violent clashes worry about data breaches in the
degree of caution in the Philip- between armed groups.” y cousin Boyet, Ulandrino Silverio project as there will be no storage
pines overall.” The said travel warning was Alarcon, passed away last December 21, of classified data or information
It recommended that those plan- issued days after a bomb attack inimical to national security in the
ning to go to eastern Mindanao
2018. He was six months younger than CCTV system,” Año said.
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I, my contemporary and buddy whenever we spent State-owned China International
our summer vacations in our Tiya (Auntie) Naty’s Telecommunications and Con-
China's 'next generation' house in Culianin Plaridel, Bulacan. struction Corp. won the contract

electromagnetic railgun
for the installation of a vast net-
At 70 he had lived a full life and was survived by his work of security cameras under
widow, Laila, and a teenage daughter about to graduate
spotted at sea — reports
the first phase of the project titled
from business school. I always called him by his childhood Safe Philippines.
nickname “Boyet,” although he was also known as “Boy” It is a joint project between the
by Patricia Lourdes Viray, Phil- a defense blogger, posted the or “Ding.” I knew his name was “Ulandrino,” an unusual government and the People’s | MANILA, 1/2/2019 — photo of the navy ship with the name. In fact, I don’t know of anybody bearing such a name. My curiosity led me to google it, and Republic of China that Año said
China appears to have beaten the weapon on Dec. 29, 2018. I found nothing. I asked his elder sister Mina if he was named after a relative, which was often the aims to improve public safety,
United States and the rest of the A report from ABC News indi- practice among families. She said her father, our Tiyo (Uncle) Jose, was so fascinated with America evidence collection and incident
world into testing a new genera- cated that such weapon could fire after it had liberated the Philippines and won World War II that he wanted his son to bear the U.S.A. prevention during disasters,
tion weapon capable of shooting at hypersonic speeds of at least initials. As such, he was named Ulandrino Silverio Alarcon. In our country, we take the surname of as well as improve emergency
hundreds of kilometers away Mach 5, which is five times the our mothers as our middle name. Maybe, Mina surmised, her father wanted the name “Alejandrino” response.
from a warship. speed of sound. at first, but it would not reflect the “U.S.A.” initials, hence the change to “Ulandrino.” At least my The project was one of 29 agree-
Photos of what appears to be an Twitter user Dafeng Cao, an cousin Boyet could have claimed his name was so unique that nobody else could have it. Too bad he ments signed during the state visit
electromagnetic railgun mounted observer of the People's Libera- didn’t have a son whom he could have named after him as a “Jr.,” but there’s still a chance his daugh- of Chinese President Xi Jinping
on the Chinese Navy's Yuting- tion Army, posted similar photos ter may bear a son and name him after her dad. This way, the name “Ulandrino” might be revived and last month.
class tank landing ship Haiyang- captioned "Long time no see, the who knows, might someday become as popular as “Alejandrino” . That should be a fitting tribute to An initial 12,000 surveillance
shan surfaced online last week. railgun test ship spotted undergo- my cousin Boyet, the original “Ulandrino”. cameras would be installed in
Weibo user Haohan-Red Shark, ( Continued on page 9 ) ( Continued on page 6 ) Metro Manila and Davao within
30 months.
“The project will simply allow
Paulo Coelho: Brillante Men- Miss Universe 2018 gowns on exhibit our police to respond to crimi-

doza’s ‘Kinatay’ an Oscar con- at SM Pampanga

nal activities, address disasters
and traffic issues and apprehend

tender if directed by Tarantino | PAMPANGA. suspects in the event of threats to

12/29/2018 -- THE iconic gowns public order, safety and security,”
GMA News | MANILA, "A Filipino movie that, if it was designed and crafted by Kapam- Año added.
12/28/2018 -- The movie that directed by Tarantino, would be pangan designer Mak Tumang He said firewalls meant to pro-
earned for Brillante Mendoza the shortlisted for the Oscar," Coelho for Miss Universe 2018 Catriona tect the system from hackers and
best director trophy at the 62nd added. Gray are on exhibit at SM City other threats would be installed
Cannes Film Festival in 2009 Mendoza noticed the applause, Pampanga, right in his home- by the DILG through funding by
continues to draw raves from to which he replied, "Oh and btw, town. the government.
influential personalities, this time Quintin Tarantino wrote me a let- The three gowns, Sinag, Adarna, The DILG chief argued that “it’s
from famous Brazilian author ter congratulating me after I won and Mayon which made headlines about time” that a surveillance
Paulo Coelho. the best director award in #can- locally and internationally, are system used in many cities in
In a tweet, Coelho described nesfilmfest". on display at the mall’s Annex the world be installed here in the
Kinatay as "[o]ne of the most Shown in 2009, Kinatay is about 3 from December 28 to Sunday, Philippines.
disturbing movies" he watched a criminology student, played by December 30. The final feasibility study of the
World renowned Kapampangan fashion designer Mak Tumang present in an ex- Safe Philippines project was ap-
this year. He lauded its Mendoza, hibit the three gowns: Adarna, Mayon, and Sinag worn by Miss Universe 2018 Ca- The Sinag gown was worn by
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the screenplay, and the actors. triona Gray. (Chris Navarro) ( Continued on page 5 )

Save the Date:

January 13, Sunday

Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm with
the Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm with the Di-
vine Mercy Chaplet and the Way of the Cross

Jesus I Trust In You!

06 017 EL DORADO CA 40900 $ 552,000 $ 706,650 $ 854,200 $ 1,061,550
06 019 (These limits were determined under theCA
FRESNO provisions of the Housing
23420 $ and Economic
484,350 $ Recovery
620,200 Act
$ of 2008)
749,650 $ 931,600
Page 2 Asian Journal
06 San Diego
021 |GLENN
619.474.0588 |
CA $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ January
749,650 $ 4-10, 2019
FIPS FIPS County Name State CBSA One-Unit Limit Two-Unit Limit Three-Unit Four-Unit

Housing & Real Estate

State 023
County HUMBOLDT CA 21700
Number $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ Limit 749,650 $ Limit 931,600
Code 025
Code IMPERIAL CA 20940 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 007
INYO CA 17020 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 009
KERN CA 12540 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 011
KINGS CA 25260 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 013
17340 $ 726,525
484,350 $ 930,300
620,200 $ 1,124,475
749,650 $ 1,397,400
06 015 DEL NORTE CA 18860 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600

Realtors® pleased to see FHFA raise its 2019 National Loan Limits
035 LASSEN 45000
06 017
31080 $ 552,000 $
726,525 706,650 $ 1,124,475
930,300 854,200 $ 1,397,400
06 019
31460 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
WASHINGTON (November 27, Nashville and Denver, along with 06 021
MARIN CA 41860 $ 484,350 $
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Maximum Loan Limits for Mortgages Acquired in Calendar Year 2019 and Originated
620,200 $ 1,124,475
930,300 749,650 $ 1,397,400
2018) – This morning, the Fed- those in Utah and Wyoming. Fannie Mae 043
06 and Freddie
MARIPOSAMac Maximum Loan after Limits
10/1/2011for Mortgages
21700 $ Acquired in Calendar Year 2019 and Originated
or before 7/1/2007
484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
eral Housing Finance Agency an- 06 025
after 10/1/2011 46380 $
or before 7/1/2007484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
nounced it will raise the national “The National Association of Real- 06 027 (These
047 INYO limits were determined under theCA
MERCED 32900
provisions $
of the Housing 484,350 $
and Economic 620,200 Act
Recovery $ of 2008)
749,650 $ 931,600
conforming loan limit for 2019 tors® is pleased to see the Federal 06 029 (These
049 KERNlimits were determined under theCA
MODOC provisions12540
of the Housing
$ and Economic
484,350 $ Recovery
620,200 Act
$ of 2008)
749,650 $ 931,600
Housing Finance Agency raise its FIPS FIPS KINGS County Name State CBSA
25260 One-Unit Limit Two-Unit Limit $ Three-Unit
749,650 $ Four-Unit
by 6.9 percent from $453,100 to national conforming loan limits for
County Name
$ 484,350
529,000 $ 620,200
CBSA One-Unit Limit Two-Unit Limit Three-Unit
818,600 931,600
State County Number Limit Limit
$484,350. In addition, the high- 2019. Today’s decision reflects rising
$ 484,350
652,050 $ 620,200
834,750 $ 749,650
$ 931,600
cost limit will rise from $679,650 or near record high home prices in 06
484,350 $
$ 620,200
930,300 $ 749,650
620,200 $ 1,124,475
$ 931,600
749,650 $ 1,397,400
to $726,525. As a result, loan many U.S. markets, and the move 06
46020 $
484,350 $
$ 930,300
620,200 $
$ 1,124,475
749,650 $
$ 1,397,400
limits will be higher in all but 47 helps keep the American Dream 06 039
31080 $ 484,350
726,525 $ 620,200
930,300 $ 1,124,475
749,650 $ 1,397,400
06 011 COLUSA CA $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
counties or county equivalents within reach for countless families 06
726,525 $
726,525 $
930,300 $ 1,124,475
620,200 749,650 $ 1,397,400
930,300 $ 1,124,475 $ 1,397,400
across the country beginning on working with Fannie Mae and Fred- 06 043
SACRAMENTO CA 40900 $ 484,350 $
552,000 620,200 $
706,650 749,650 $ 1,061,550
854,200 931,600
06 015 DEL NORTE CA 18860 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
January 1, 2019. die Mac. Without this assurance November 2018
06 045
41940 $ 484,350
726,525 $ 620,200
930,300 $ 749,650
1,124,475 $ 931,600
06 017 EL DORADO CA 40900 $ 552,000 $ 706,650 $ 854,200 $ 1,061,550
that loan limits keep up with home 06 047
40140 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
price growth, borrowers across the 06 019 FRESNO CA 23420 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
The FHFA’s limits define the country risk being pushed out of the
41740 $
484,350 $
484,350 $
620,200 $ 1,067,750
620,200 $
749,650 $ 1,326,950
749,650 $
maximum one unit single- 06 051
075 MONO
SAN FRANCISCO CA 41860 $ 529,000 $
726,525 677,200 $ 1,124,475
930,300 818,600 $ 1,397,400
market altogether as mortgage rates 06 023 HUMBOLDT CA 21700 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
family mortgage amounts that 06 053
44700 $ 652,050 $
484,350 834,750 $ 1,009,000
620,200 749,650 $ 1,253,950
and rising home prices continue to 06 025 IMPERIAL CA 20940 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hold back potential homebuyers,” 06 055
SAN CA 34900
42020 $ 726,525 $
667,000 930,300 $ 1,032,150
853,900 1,124,475 $ 1,282,700
06 027 INYO CA $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
may finance and are also used said NAR President John Smaby, a 06 057
41860 $ 486,450 $
726,525 622,750 $ 1,124,475
930,300 752,750 $ 1,397,400
06 029 KERN CA 12540 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
to define the loan limits for the second-generation Realtor® from 06
726,525 $
484,350 $
930,300 $ 1,124,475
620,200 $
967,950 $ 1,202,925
749,650 $ 931,600
Federal Housing Administra- Edina, Minnesota and broker at 06 085 SANTA CLARA CA 41940 $ 726,525 $ 930,300 $ 1,124,475 $ 1,397,400
06 033 LAKE CA 17340 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
Edina Realty. 06 087 SANTA CRU CA 42100 $ 726,525 $ 930,300 $ 1,124,475 $ 1,397,400
tion’s program. These limits are 06
November 2018 035 LASSEN CA 45000 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
important for funding home sales 06 089 SHASTA CA 39820 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
Visit the FHFA's Conforming Loan 06 037 LOS ANGELES CA 31080 $ 726,525 $ 930,300 $ 1,124,475 $ 1,397,400
in high-cost coastal markets like 06 091 SIERRA CA $
more onerous 484,350
standards$$of would-
620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
Limits page to view for the new limit aspx 06 039 MADERA on the FHFA’s national price CAindex. 31460 $ 484,350 620,200 $Enterprises.
749,650 $ 931,600
California, Virginia, and Mary- 06 093 SISKIYOU The market for private financing
CA $
be homebuyers 484,350 $ 620,200
who do $not possess $ 749,650 $ 931,600
in your county. 06 041 MARIN CA 41860 $ 726,525 930,300 $The1,124,475
National Association
$ 1,397,400 of Real-
land, but are increasingly impor- Each year,06
06the FHFA043
095 the
MARIPOSA has improved, but remains CA
hobbled 46700
CA pristine$$credit494,500
and/or face
$ higher
633,050 $tors® 765,200
620,200 $ is America’s
$ largest
$ trade as-
tant in other markets across like loads/Pages/Conforming-Loan-Limits. national and
limits based
SONOMA since the Great Recession, CA
MENDOCINO requiring
CA rates than
$ those
$ charged$$by the
902,450 $sociation,
620,200 $ representing
749,650 1.3 million
$ 1,355,700
$ 931,600
06 099 STANISLAUS CA 33700 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 047 MERCED CA 32900 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 101 SUTTER CA 49700 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 049 MODOC CA $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 103 TEHAMA CA 39780 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 051 MONO CA $ 529,000 $ 677,200 $ 818,600 $ 1,017,300
484,350 RANCH$ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 053 MONTEREY CA 41500 $ 652,050 $ 834,750 $ 1,009,000 $ 1,253,950
06 107 TULARE CA 47300 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 055 NAPA CA 34900 $ 726,525 $ 930,300 $ 1,124,475 $ 1,397,400
06 109 TUOLUMNE CA 43760 $ 484,350 $ 620,200 $ 749,650 $ 931,600
06 057 NEVADA CA 46020 $ 486,450 $ 622,750 $ 752,750 $ 935,500
06 111 VENTURA CA 37100 $ 713,000 $ 912,750 $ 1,103,350 $ 1,371,150
06 059 ORANGE CA 31080 $ 726,525 $ 930,300 $ 1,124,475 $ 1,397,400
06 113 YOLO CA 40900 $ 552,000 $ 706,650 $ 854,200 $ 1,061,550

November 2018
November 2018


Offered at 11647 PUNTA DULCINA, 92131, SCRIPPS RANCH
Offered at
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jacuzzi. 12 ft ceilings with grand foyer. Built in bar-BQ. Local hiking trails are • 4450 sq ft circular stairway. A large gourmet kitchen with abundant cabinetry, plus butlers
just a short walk to compliment the California lifestyle. Beautifully pantry. Custom features will surpass you. 12 ft ceilings throughout. Built in • 4397 sq ft
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Neighborhood in Scripps Ranch!

• Attached Casita Oversized 4 car garage. Located in the Stonebridge Neighborhood of Scripps


619-587-0631 |CalBRE #02009208 ROSS STASIK, REALTOR® 619-587-0631 |CalBRE #02009208

Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.
Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.
January 4-10, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 3

Poll sees young, talented Pinoys Feast of the Black Nazarene draws
leaving the Philippines millions to Manila's streets
Ian Nicolas Cigaral,, Philippines' young population —
| MANILA, 12/26/2018 — The aged 15 to 29 — wants to move out
Philippines’ adult population is if everyone around the world could
likely to be cut by 9 percent due migrate where they wanted.
In Southeast Asia, only Singapore
to migration, according to a new had positive scores in terms of at-
Gallup poll, which also sees an tracting young and educated expats
exodus of young talents already while Vietnam performed the worst

Chasing the Dream Goes On

at home. in the region.
Overall, New Zealand got the high-
Gallup released its potential net mi- est PNMI score at 231 percent and
By Zena Sultana Babao panic level. gration index (PNMI), which mea- would likely see an influx of young,
sures the total potential net change to talented migrants, Gallup said, while
A few days ago, a friend of mine Most of us can be classified as the adult population by subtracting 70 percent of Sierra Leone’s total
whom I will call Moira said very average Americans. Six or seven those who would like to move out of adult population wants to leave their
casually, “All is not right with my years ago it was estimated that the a country from those who would like home country if they had the oppor-
world. Something has definitely average 50-year old American had a to move into a country. tunity — the worst in the survey.
net worth of zero. Yes, zero! After Results were based on telephone “Gallup's Potential Net Migration
gone wrong.” working for 25 years, the average and face-to-face interviews with Index does not predict migration pat-
American has not been able to ac- 453,122 adults — aged 15 and older terns, but it provides useful informa-
“What went wrong?” I asked, think- cumulate anything. That’s not true — in 152 countries from 2015 to tion about the people these countries Wednesday, January 9, 2019 grant petitions, and to help those
ing that she was kidding as usual. with everybody, of course. Since it’s 2017. are attracting from around the world in need.
“Zena, that’s an easy question to an average, there are exceptions! The Philippines got a PNMI score and the areas where leaders need to By: Arnulfo Valderama Fortunado
ask, but hard to answer,” Moira of -9 percent, which indicates a net work to ensure they retain the talent The statue, which normally resides
quipped. She hesitatingly in- At 50, we still have another 15 population loss, Gallup reported. already at home,” the report read in Every year on January 9, mil- above the altar of the Quiapo ba-
formed me that she realized she is years or so to work. Some even The poll also said 16 percent of the part. lions of Filipinos — newspaper silica, draws crowds to that church
one of the millions of Americans work up to age 75 or more, if they Philippines’ highly educated people The UN General Assembly last reports say as many as 10 mil- throughout the year, packing the
today who keeps on working are still able. A lot has to change will likely leave the country to work week formally ratified a deal that lion1 — gather in Manila for a hourly Masses and the area around
if we want to recover lost revenue, or live abroad. Educated residents lays out 23 objectives to open up le- the basilica all day on Fridays and
harder and harder, and receiving savings, and investments. We have are those who have completed four gal migration and discourage illegal procession of the Black Nazarene,
Sundays. The Black Nazarene image
less and less for her efforts. to reverse what happened in the past years of education beyond high border crossings. or Poong itim na Nazareno, a is brought out of the shrine for public
25 years. We have to work overtime, school or have the equivalent of a A total of 152 countries, including life-sized statue of a suffering veneration three times a year. On
I jokingly said, “Moira my dear, double time, night and day, 24/7, or bachelor's degree, Gallup explained. the Philippines, voted in favor of the Jesus fallen under the weight of New Year’s Day, it is brought out to
you are lucky you’re still working. do something else which will guaran- Meanwhile, 13 percent of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly the cross, along a 6.5 km route begin a novena that leads up to the
Thousands are spending countless tee us more income. I’m not recom- and Regular Migration. Twelve January 9 feast. On Good Friday, the
days at the unemployment lines, and from Rizal (Luneta) Park to the
mending anything illegal, of course! countries abstained while five na- minor basilica in Quiapo. Few day most typically associated with
countless nights worrying where to In the past years after Obummer tions voted against it — the United Jesus carrying the cross, it is also
get money for bare necessities.” religious celebrations anywhere
entered the picture, it was estimated they do little more than talk about it. States, Hungary, the Czech Republic, revered in public. But January 9 is
that an average 50-year old American Poland and Israel. in the world can match this feast the feast that draws massive crowds
“Stop kidding me!” she said, “I’m Another 40 percent work very hard, in terms of the number and fervor
had a net worth of minus $7,000. but sometimes they don’t see beyond “While critics of the agreement fear to see and touch the statue. The event
serious!” Then she asked, “Where You read it correctly – minus $7,000! it would open the doors to unchecked of devotees surrounding the is carried live on television, and the
did all my earnings go? Where did the present moment. They have no
It’s going the wrong way! Hav- vision. The remaining 20 percent mass migration, Gallup's latest Po- procession. Attendance has grown movement through the streets creates
all my time go? What’s more, when ing more liabilities than assets are tential Net Migration Index actually remarkably in the last 20 years, a religious frenzy unmatched by any
did my dreams turn into night- who possess both dream and vision,
becoming the norm! and have the action to match, are the shows that in most of the countries and the route has been stretched other religious event in the country.
mares?” that are refusing to sign, more people The procession usually takes 18 to
ones who make it. to accommodate growing crowds.
What also keep us in the sinkhole want to leave them than come to 22 hours, and sometimes even lon-
“Wow, cheer up, girl!” I said “you are the dual expenses of taxes and in- them,” the pollster pointed out in its
If newspaper accounts are correct,
Since time has its limits, especially ger. The passion over the opportunity
definitely are in the doldrums.” terest. The biggest expense is taxes report. the number of Catholics attending to touch or accompany the Nazarene
“Look at me! I’m not getting any for us who are young no more, it’s
– every time we move, we are taxed. better not to procrastinate. Let’s “Hungary, for example, which the Nazarene feast equals, or per- sometimes results in serious casual-
younger” she says. We are taxed when we work, we are became the second country after the haps even doubles that attending ties.2
Yes, I see. Time is slowly, or take a cue from speaker and author
taxed when we save, we are taxed Rita Emmett, “A plan is what you U.S. to withdraw from the compact, recent papal Masses in the same
maybe rapidly, passing her by. Like when we buy, and we are taxed when could see its total adult population
me, she is no longer in the bloom of are going to do, a schedule is when locale. Most Filipino Catholics Historical background
we die. Especially here in Califor- you’re planning to do it, if you don’t shrink by as much as 16 percent if consider the Nazarene statue to be
life. “Look at me” she again said. nia, there’s no getting away from it! everyone around the world moved
“After years of hard work I still have schedule your plan it may never get miraculous, able to heal terminal The January 9 procession reenacts a
And more taxes are in the horizon done.” where they wanted,” it added.
nothing to show for it. I am not rich when Gavin “Nuisance” Newsome cancers and other sicknesses, to ( Continued on page 12 )
by any means!” Let’s do it!
becomes the Governor within in a
“Rich is subjective,” I countered few days.
“if you are thinking of the likes of Interest on loans keep skyrocketing
Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Lucio Tan and accruing. The disastrous mort- NOVENA SCHEDULE for 2019 Black Nazarene
or Manny Pacquiao, then you’re not gage programs of the past few years ST. JOSEPH CATHEDRAL December 31, 2018 Monday
rich.” wiped people out. No wonder a lot
“But if you are thinking of those of homes went into foreclosure! And
1535 3 Ave. SAN DIEGO CA 92101
rd Novena / Rosary after scheduled 7:00AM and
hapless/hopeless individuals we 12:07 PM Holy Mass
a lot of people went belly-up! On our
see along the sidewalks holding credit cards, if we just pay the mini- Invites You and Your Family to Attend the January 1, 2019 Tuesday and January 5, 2019 Saturday
up ‘homeless - will work for food’ mum required, we are paying interest Novena /Rosary after scheduled 9:00AM Holy Mass
signs,” I continued, “then you’re not
poor either.”
on top of interest. It will take us a 7th Annual Feast January 6, 2019 Sunday
lifetime to pay them off, if ever. Novena /Rosary after scheduled 5:15 PM Holy Mass
“I’m not poor, just middle-class and
broke!” Moira declared.
These are the nightmares than won’t Celebration of January 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8, 2019
end up when we wake up. Some-
“Where did it all go wrong?” she
asked again. “I am still chasing the
times we don’t even know we are in
a nightmare until it is too late. Just
JESUS of NAZARETH Novena / Rosary after scheduled 7:00AM and
12:07PM Holy Mass

dream, and I haven’t even touched like in Moira’s case!
the tail-end of it. Am I stuck in this But it’s never too late. If we are
rut?” still alive and kicking, it’s good
If we are anything like Moira, as news. Nor are we done yet! We can
most of us probably are, then we are still chase the dream. In the interest
stuck. The plan of our parents: get of time, we have to run much faster
an education, work hard, retire and
collect our pension and social secu-
rity, was effective for them during
with our creaking limbs. LOL!
Ben Franklin said, “Most people die (BLACK NAZARENE)
because they stop dreaming.” And
their time. But it doesn’t apply to us Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future
anymore. It has become obsolete! belongs to those who believe in the JANUARY 9, 2019 WEDNESDAY
Getting a good education and mak- beauty of their dreams.”
ing good grades no longer ensure 6 PM Holy Rosary and Prayers to
Our dreams, whatever they are,
success. Nor does working hard in Jesus Black Nazarene (Bilingual)
do not just materialize and come
our jobs if we are working for some- into fruition if we don’t do anything Flower Offering
body else! There’s no real security about it. We have to be proactive! 7 PM Bilingual Mass
anymore with all the “downsizing” As Jean Anouilh puts it, “To say yes Procession using sidewalk around the block followed by
or “rightsizing”, the politically to your dreams, you have to sweat
correct words for “you’re fired” or Snack and Fellowship at the Holy Family Center.
and roll up your sleeves, and plunge
“clean up your desk!” We cannot both hands into life up to your For More Information please visit
rely on Social Security or company elbows.”
pensions anymore, as funds are Forty percent of the people we
dwindling away and inching to the meet have some great ideas, but
Jesus of Nazareth (Black Nazarene)
“Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno”
“Mahal na Poong Hesus Nazareno”

Seniors, 60+: come enjoy a warm, nutri- DIRECTIONS: FROM SOUTH DIRECTIONS: FROM NORTH

tious lunch provided by Serving Seniors Take I- North Take I-5 South HOW TO GET TO ST JOSEPH BY BUS and TROLLEY?
at St. Charles Nutrition Center. Lunch is Take the 6 Avenue exit 16 B Take the Front St Exit 17
From South or North, Take Blue Line or Orange Line.
served Monday – Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 Towards Downtown Towards Civic Center
Turns slight left onto 6thavenue Stay straight to go onto Front St
Get Off 5th Ave Broadway Trolley Station, You will see
CVS Pharmacy; bus waiting area. Take Bus No. 3. Get
p.m. Suggested donation $3.50, but any Turn Right onto Beech Street Take the 2nd left onto W. Beech St.
Off Beech Ave. Cross the street where California Coast
donation is gratefully accepted. No one
Turn Right onto 3rd Avenue Take the 3rd left onto 3rd Ave 1535 3rd Ave
is on the Right 1535 3rd Ave is on the Right Credit Union and walk straight ahead going to 4th Ave
will be turned away for inability to donate. ST. JOSEPH CATHEDRAL
then 3rd Ave (Church Main entrance).

All are welcome. Please join us! 1535 3rd Avenue San Diego CA 92101 FREE PARKING:
St. Charles Senior Nutrition Center Tel. No: 619-239-0229 WEBSITE:
BIG ACE PARKING located between Beech St and 3rd
945 18th St., San Diego, CA 92154 Reverend Patrick J. Mulcahy, Pastor
Ave. from 6 pm to 12 MN Mon – Fri. All day
Saturday and Sunday. STREET PARKING from 6 pm to 8 am Mon to Sat. All

Novena starts every Friday at 10:30 AM. We gather at the statue of Jesus the Black day Sunday and Holidays otherwise 2 hours
Nazarene and pray the Novena, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Holy Rosary
metered parking.
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 4-10, 2019

Health & Wellness

Fun Free Ways Bullies are bred in their own families H1N1 is primary flu virus circu-
to Get Fit at the by Anne A. Jambora, or has many unresolved issues, she It all begins in the family. “It’s a lating in San Diego, nation
said. cycle. A very young child whose
You remember hearing, “Sticks mother is negligent will not see By José A. Álvarez, County of San old reporter visiting San Diego from
and stones may break my bones, “The bully does not have a sense his or her mother as unloving; she Diego Communications Office Washington, D.C. is under investi-
of self-worth and inner power. They or he will see herself or himself as gation as possibly due to Pandemic
It’s January, the holiday overeat- but words will never hurt me”? H1N1 complications. It is unknown
Research shows that this all-too- need to prove something. She or he unlovable,” she said. “Parents might Pandemic H1N1 is the primary
ing season is over and many of has to find a way to be important, not be aware, but shaping a child’s influenza virus circulating this whether the woman had underlying
us are ready to get back in shape. familiar saying simply isn’t true; to matter, to do something to feel identity is crucial. Directly or not, medical conditions and whether she
words can harm and hurt, and season in San Diego and across
But don’t worry about finding powerful.” the child absorbs it totally and un- most of the nation, the County
had received a flu shot. One local
a gym. The San Diego County break the heart and spirit. critically and has not yet developed resident is a confirmed H1N1 death:
Health and Human Services a 49-year-old male with underlying
Library offers a wide range of Most of the time, she said, parents critical thinking.”
There are many forms of bully- are not aware their kid is a bully. Agency announced today. medical conditions and unknown
exercise classes for nearly every
ing. Although physical bullying It’s up to the school or authorities Stop comparing your children, she vaccination status.
age and ability and, best of all, Of 1,730 lab-confirmed influ- “The recently reported deaths are
is the most recognizable, even to inform the parents of their child’s advised. When a child is wrong or
they’re free! behavior. Assuming that the parents has been wronged, parents must not enza cases reported so far this a reminder that, regardless of your
the less obvious versions, such as age, the best protection against any
verbal and psychological, can im- still have authority over the child, shrug their shoulders and say, “Hay- season in San Diego, nearly 94
Yoga classes are the most plenti- the child will listen to his or her aan mo na s’ya.” Raise your children percent are influenza A. Influenza known strain of flu is getting vac-
ful with vinyasa, hatha, gentle, pact children and cause emotional parents. to learn empathy and respect early cinated,” Thihalolipavan said. “The
harm. Any kind of bullying nega- A has several subtypes, includ-
parent and baby, toddler, kids, in life. ing Pandemic H1N1 and H3N2.
current flu vaccine offers protection
youth, Silver Age and Silver tively affects a child’s health and Parents should talk to the child against Pandemic H1N1, influenza
sense of well-being and dignity. and explain that bullying is wrong, If your child is being bullied,
During a typical year, the primary H3N2 and two B flu strains.”
Sneakers classes. Add to that influenza virus is H3N2 or “sea-
laughter yoga, adaptive yoga for that she or he must not hurt another Carandang said parents must assure The County Health and Human Ser-
The pain of bullying can last person, that that is not acceptable the child that it’s not his or her fault, sonal” flu. This season, there are vices Agency publishes the weekly
adults with special needs, bilin- 10 cases of Pandemic H1N1 for Influenza Watch report, which tracks
way into adulthood. Studies have behavior, Carandang said. and discuss ways of protecting him-
gual yoga and yogalates, whew! self or herself, and ways of respond- every case of H3N2. key flu indicators and summarizes
found that both bullies and their influenza surveillance in the region.
But if parents are dealing with ing to the bully. Report to the school
Other exercise classes run the victims are at higher risk for a hardened bully, they may need authorities immediately. The Centers for Disease Control All other indicators are at expected
gamut. Some examples: tai chi, mental health problems and other professional help. “The bully can be- and Prevention (CDC) has reported levels for this time of year.
Zumba, qigong, belly dancing, struggles in childhood. Bullies come a dangerous person to society,” “The school must do something. It that Pandemic H1N1 is the main in- For the week ending Dec. 29, 2018,
country line dancing, soul line were at higher risk of substance she said. must be a place for learning and em- fluenza virus making Americans sick the Influenza Watch report shows the
dancing for ages 50+, the Feeling abuse, depression, anxiety and pathy and kindness. Its teachers must across the nation. Local and national following:
hostility, and victims suffered Most parents are not aware of the be good role models. Unconsciously, flu reports show that adolescents Emergency department visits for
Fit Club, hoop fitness and kids’ influenza-like illness: 6 percent of
martial arts. increased suicide risk, depression, subtle things children go through. the child will adapt to that kind of and young to middle-aged adults are
behavior. The school must teach more affected than other age groups. all visits (compared to 4 percent the
Want to check them out? Not ev- poor school performance and low previous week)
“When you’re a child, you are good values. To prevent bullying The CDC has investigated why
ery County library branch offers self-esteem. who your parents say who you are,” in schools, we must create a caring H1N1 virus sickens more young Lab-confirmed influenza cases for
every class so check online for a Carandang said. community,” she said. people compared to children and the week: 396 (compared to 405 the
schedule of available classes. Power over another older adults, who are typically hit previous week)
And if you’re inspired to im- A child doesn’t know prejudice Carandang said that after decades hardest by other flu strains because Total influenza deaths to date: 9
Being bullied chips away at a per- or hatred until it learns it, often by of observing Filipino parenting— of their weaker immune systems. (compared to 44 at this time last
prove your health overall, follow son’s confidence and self-esteem. example. Children are just learning from Forbes Park to Payatas—she Two factors seem to play a part: season)
the #NewYearNewYou hashtag Total lab-confirmed cases to date:
what it means to get along, how to has seen how parents often mix younger and middle-aged adults
on Twitter for a variety of health “We need to understand what share toys, and discovering ways to discipline with insults thrown along 1,730 (compared to 7,319 at this
have not been exposed to the H1N1
and wellness tips from the library bullying is,” said Dr. Ma. Lourdes work together. They are only begin- the way: “’Yan kasi, ang tanga mo,’ virus as much as older adults, and time last season)
throughout the month of January. “Honey” A. Carandang, Ph.D., clini- ning to understand how their feelings ‘Inutil ka kasi,’ ‘Hindi ka nagiisip.’ these groups typically have the low-
For general information about cal psychologist and National Social and behavior affect others. Exercise mindful parenting. Do not est vaccination rates in the nation. How to Prevent the Flu
the County Library, visit www. Scientist. just react. You have to think first In 2009, the CDC concluded that -- https://www.coun- Displacement before you speak.” adults older than 60 years of age CDC recommends that everyone “People use the term bullying a had a level of immunity that was 6 months and older get a flu shot
get-fit-at-the-library/amp/?__twit- lot, but many do not understand For instance, some parents are not Offer suggestions instead of insults: not present in children and younger every year. The vaccine is safe and
ter_impression=true what it is about. Bullying is about aware they are bullying a child’s sib- “Next time, do this.” Suggest a adults when the H1N1 pandemic effective. It takes two weeks for im-
power—the power over another. ling. This is called displacement of “do” to give the child an alterna- hit that year. Further research has munity to develop.
It has to have a victim. The bully anger and frustration—they put the tive. Discipline is to teach with care, revealed that the 2009 Pandemic Vaccination is especially important
needs to find a victim perceived to child down in front of a sibling. Carandang said, and the impact on H1N1 virus has similar components for people who are at high risk of
Call the Asian be weaker.” the child goes to the outside world. to a previous H1N1 virus that was developing serious complications
from influenza. They include:
Journal at Carandang said bullying is a
The child lives through adulthood
feeling she or he is not good enough, Everything starts at the foundation
dominant during the 1950s and even
earlier. People with chronic medical condi-
619.474.0588 for system—there’s the bully, the bul-
lied and the bystander. A bully has
and may carry that and become a of the family. “Tuloy, when a child “Older people have some element tions like asthma, diabetes and lung
disease, even if symptoms are under
goes to school, nangbu-bully na. of immunity to Pandemic H1N1 be-
your advertising usually been bullied or maltreated,
victim or a bully, too.
The family has shaped that child to cause they’ve had more exposure to control
needs. behave that way,” Carandang said.
“Parents could be better, gentler and
these influenza viruses than younger Pregnant women
People 65 years and older
groups,” said Sayone Thihalolipa-
kinder in disciplining their children. van, M.D., M.P.H., County deputy People who live with or care for

Holy Land Tours There’s such a lack of kindness in public health officer. others who are at higher risk
the world.” The death last week of a 26-year- ( Continued on page 5 )

Book yout trip to Holy Land with your friends or relatives

Jerusalem Bethlehem Nazareth Galilee Via Crucis Last Supper

Gethsemane Dormition Nativity Church Capernaum Tel Aviv

Trips in 2019 - $3,995.00

Mar 02-12 ; Mar 20-30 ; Apr 03-13 ; Apr 10-20 ; Apr 17-27 ; Apr 24 - May 04 ; May 01-11 ; May 08-18 ;
May 15-25 [ May 22 - Jun 01 ; May 29 - Jun 08 ; Jun 05-15 ; Jun 12-22 ; Jun 19-29 ; Jun 26 - Jul 06 ;
Jun 29 - Jul 09 ; Aug 28 - Sep 07 ; Sep 04-14 ; Sep 11-21 ; Sep 18-28 ; Sep 25 - Oct 05 ; Oct 02-12 ;
Oct 09-19 ; Oct 16-26 ; Oct 23 - Nov 02 ; Oct 30 - Nov 09 ; Nov 04-14 ; Dec 02-12 Dec 18-28

Flights from anywhere in the United States and flights between countries as per
your itinerary (all necessary flights on your trip are included).
Daily Mass will be scheduled.
Airport Taxes, Security Fees & Fuel Surcharges Saving you an average of $400- r
Transfers as per itinerary.
4 or 5 star hotels in downtown areas.
Transportation with luxury bus.
All breakfasts and all dinners.
All tips to driver, hotel, and tour guide. If you feel that the tour guide did a great
job, offering them extra tips is greatly appreciated.
Guided Tours and Tour Fees ~ Our tour guides are very caring, licensed, and
well educated. Many of our guides have their PhD's.
Luggage handling (1 suitcase and 1 carry-on per person).
Single Supplement (as long as the passengers is willing to room with someone
and allows us to provide them with a roommate. If the passenger wants a guaran-
teed room to of their own, then they have to pay the $900 single supplement).

Office Hours
Remember: Our trips are not more expensive during high season ~ Passengers
will never be expected to pay extra for anything while on the trip ~ We always

Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6

wait for passengers and never leave anyone behind.

Call Nonong Roxas for reservations: (858) 221-3088

Sat 9-3
Best One Stop Travel & Cargo
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City, CA 91950 Emergency Visits Welcome
January 4-10, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 5

California Communities
Port of San Diego and City of Chula Vista Invite the Treat yourself City of San New California
Public to Next Phase of Design Workshops for Chula to free e-books Diego’s mini- Laws in 2019
Vista Bayfront Parks and audiobooks mum wage in- Healthier Meals

By County News Center, County of creased to $12 Senate Bill 1192. California restau-

on Jan. 1, 2019
San Diego Communications Office rants will be required to make milk
or water the default beverage that's
If you’re like many San Diegans, served with kids meals. That's op-
funds are a bit tight after recent posed to sugary soda or juice
Increase applies to all indus-
gift-giving. That can make it tries and all businesses within
tough to buy a book or magazine Straws Upon Request
the City of San Diego
for that shiny new Kindle or iPad Assembly Bill 1884. Sit-down
you may have gotten as a present. SAN DIEGO – Effective Jan. restaurants in California will only
1, 2019, in accordance with the provide a straw when the customer
The good news is, the County requests it. California will be the first
Library can help you treat yourself City of San Diego’s Earned Sick
Leave and Minimum Wage Ordi- state to ban the offering of plastic
to some new digital reading materi- straws. the bill goes into effect July
als – for free. nance, employees who perform at 1st.
The library offers nearly 55,000 least two hours of work in one or
e-books and audiobooks. You can more calendar weeks of the year Craft Whiskey
download the latest digital titles right within the geographic boundar-
to your tablet or e-reader. Depend- ies of the City of San Diego will Senate Bill 1164. You'll soon be
ing on your device, you can either able to buy your favorite whiskey
download the Libby app and link it
receive a minimum wage rate
increase from $11.50 to $12. direct from a craft distillery. The new
to your San Diego County Library bill allows liquor lovers to get up to
card, or use the Library’s Overdrive 2.25 liters of alcohol per day. That's
platform. The ordinance applies to all indus-
tries and businesses and there are no about three bottles.
Once you link your device, you
can choose from a variety of titles, exemptions. Tips and gratuities do
not count toward payment of mini- California IDs
including mystery, fantasy, self-
improvement, biography, children’s mum wage.
In accordance with the ordinance, Senate Bill No. 179. Effective
fiction and pretty much anything else January 1st, people who apply for
you’d find on a physical shelf. updated notices for posting at the
workplace are available on the City’s a California drivers license or ID
“The Library encourages reading can expect a new gender category
In the second phase of ongo- plete discussion of each park tion on the feedback gathered in the in every way — to develop skills, Minimum Wage Program’s webpage.
fall of 2018 from the first Design Every employer must post these section. Applicants can choose
ing outreach efforts for the space, workshops will be hosted create opportunities and motivate a between male, female or nonbinary.
Workshop and community survey, notices in a conspicuous place at any
future Harbor and Sweetwater separately for Harbor Park and love of reading,” said Migell Acosta,
workplace or job site. Those who select "nonbinary" will
Sweetwater Park. how that feedback was incorporated Director of the County Library.”
Parks on the Chula Vista Bay- into the design options for each Employees will continue to earn get a card with an "x" in the gender
front, the Port of San Diego To meet the community’s steadily category of their cards.
park and the features of each design increasing interest in audiobooks and sick leave, either by the accrual or
and the City of Chula Vista Harbor Park Design Workshop
option. Attendees will then have an e-books, we have made significant ( Continued on page 13 ) ( Continued on page 8 )
invite the public to attend two The Harbor Park Design Workshop opportunity to provide input that investments into our digital collec-

Design Workshops to review will begin at 6 p.m. on Thursday, will be used to create a final design. tions, and we look forward to adding pharmacies. If you don’t have medical
and provide input on design Jan. 10, 2019, at the City of Chula Members of the public are welcome many new titles in 2019.” insurance, you can go to a County public
options for the two parks. Vista Public Library, Civic Center and encouraged to attend both work- The County Library recently sur- health center to get vaccinated. For a list
shops. Following each workshop, a ( Continued from page 4 )
Branch, located at 365 F St. in Chula passed 1.5 million digital checkouts of locations, visit or call
survey will be posted online at por- In addition to getting vaccinated, 2-1-1.
for the year, a 50 percent increase
Paulo Coehlo
The future Harbor and Sweet- Vista. people should also do the following to compared to last year’s numbers. It’s
water Parks will account for allowing for additional feedback avoid getting sick:
Sweetwater Park Design Work- one of only 30 public library systems Wash hands thoroughly and often
more than half of the new park opportunities. in the world to hit that mark. ( Continued from page 1 )
shop Use hand sanitizers
space planned for the Chula Vista Stay away from sick people actor Coco Martin, who joins a
Bayfront and, given their loca- The Sweetwater Park Design Work- The parks’ design teams, KTU+A The library also offers more than 150 Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and syndicate by accident to earn a
tion, their design will be pivotal shop will begin at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, and Jacob Petersen with Petersen digital magazines, ranging from food mouth living for his family.
Studio, were selected for their and travel, to current affairs and finance Clean commonly touched surfaces
to guiding the look and feel of Jan. 29, 2019, at the City of Chula publications. All magazines can be
Included in the 2009 Cinemalaya Film
extensive urban park and waterfront If you are sick, stay home and avoid Festival, it also premiered at the 62nd
these new spaces for Chula Vista Vista Public Library, Civic Center
design expertise – with an emphasis downloaded via the Library’s RBdigital contact with others
Branch, located at 365 F St. in Chula Cannes Film Festival, where Mendoza
residents and regional visitors to on local landscape architecture and app.For more information about the The flu vaccine is available at doctors’ won the Best Director Award. —NB,
enjoy for years to come. While Vista. County Library, visit offices, community clinics, and retail
natural resource management experi- GMA News
each park will be unique, they ence. KTU+A’s award-winning,
These Design Workshops are the
will be connected and will offer second phase of a three-part pub- local portfolio includes the recently-
the community a full spectrum of lic outreach process providing the completed Southcrest Trails Park in
ways to engage with the water-
front in complementary spaces.
community the opportunity to help
guide the design vision for the future
Harbor and Sweetwater Parks. Each
southern San Diego, the University
of San Diego Paseo de Colachis
and the Canyonlands City Heights
Trail in San Diego. Jacob Petersen’s
In order to allow for a com- workshop will begin with a presenta-

Miss Universe During the mini press confer-

award-winning projects span the
country – from the Waterfront Park
on North Harbor Drive in San Diego
to Discovery Green in Houston and
( Continued from page 1 ) ence, Tumang disclosed his plan of Elizabeth Caruthers Park in Port-
building a gallery in his hometown,
Gray when she was crowned possibly near his Atelier in San
land’s South Waterfront District. 2240 E. PLAZA BLVD., SUITE P,
Binibining Pilipinas- Universe Antonio, to permanently display the
2018 which officially kicked-off three world-famous gowns after the
This outreach process is the
continuation of years of thoughtful
her journey to the Miss Universe proposed roadshow. conversation with the community
pageant, while she wore the Adar- “Catriona (Gray) told me that she and stakeholders to set guidelines for
na gown during the preliminaries needs to bring the Mayon gown to
of the Miss Universe pageant and
New York first and will be back in
the various projects along the Chula
Vista Bayfront, including more than
PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557
the homecoming, and then after all
the fiery red "Mayon" gown when the exhibits, I am planning to build
100 public meetings to date. The
Port of San Diego and the City of
she was crowned Miss Universe a gallery here in Mexico where I can Chula Vista are committed to a trans-
2018. display the gowns for the public to parent and open outreach process
view,” he said.
Tumang personally graced the Meanwhile, Tumang said that the
through which community mem-
bers can share their vision for these
launching of his personal exhibit, almost hip-high slit design of the
and was accompanied by his parents headline-making gowns may become
important park spaces and continue
to help shape the future of the Chula
who are town Mayor Teddy Tumang the newest fashion trend in 2019,
and wife Febbie Tumang, and SM especially when it comes to gown-
City Pampanga officials led by North making.
Luzon IV Assistant Vice President “I believe that it is very likely that
The Chula Vista Bayfront proj-
ect envisions a vibrant, innovative
for Operations Junias Eusebio, Mall the gowns will set a new fashion destination in the San Diego region
Manager Aaron Montenegro, and trend because Catriona (Gray) is – a unique and welcoming place for
Assistant Mall Manager Kaye Chua. now an icon and many want to imi- people to live, work and play. When
Eusebio said that the exhibit of tate everything about her, including the project is complete, the public
Tumang’s Miss Universe collections the gowns that she wore,” he said. will enjoy more than 200 acres of
aims to pay tribute to the artistry and parks, a shoreline promenade, walk-
creativity of the Kapampangan de- A proud father
signer who brought pride and honor
ing trails, RV camping, shopping, PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
dining and more. While providing
to Pampanga and the whole Filipino Tumang’s father, Teddy, also reiter-
nation. ated how proud he is of the Kapam-
long-awaited, enhanced shoreline Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
recreation and an active commercial
“It is but fitting that we exhibit pangan designer’s newest accom- harbor in the South Bay, the Chula For details and information
the beautiful creations of Mr. Mak plishment and the recognition from Vista Bayfront project will also es-
Tumang in his hometown here in the local and international platform tablish ecological buffers to protect please call our office at (619) 259-6464
Mexico, Pampanga for all of us to that the former is currently gaining. wildlife habitat, species and other
see and be proud of after it show- “When Catriona (Gray) was pro- coastal resources.
cased if not only to the whole world, nounced winner while wearing the
but to the whole universe the world- gown made by my son, my manli- For more information or to sign up
class Kapampangan talent” he said. ness didn’t help in stopping myself for updates, visit
Eusebio also disclosed the pos- from being teary-eyed. It was really chulavistabayfront.
sible roadshow of the Mak Tumang one proud moment for the country
exhibit to other SM mall branches in and more importantly to me because About the City of Chula Vista
the whole country to give a chance my son was part of it,” he said.
to other Filipinos to view the now- Teddy furthered that the recognition The City of Chula Vista is located
world famous gowns. currently earned by Mak is the fruit at the center of one of the richest
“We are still in the process of of the hard work he invested in his cultural, economic and environmen-
finalizing everything with Mr. Mak passion which, he said, he supported tally diverse zones in the United
Tumang and hopefully, we will be all the way from the very beginning. States. It is the second-largest City in
able to push through with the road “I am happy that he is now reap- San Diego County with a population
show to let our fellow Filipinos in ing the fruits of hard work and as of 268,000. Chula Vista boasts more
other parts of the country to view his a father who supported him all the than 50 square miles of coastal land-
beautiful creations,” he said. way, I am more than happy for him,” scape, rolling hills, mountains, parks,
he said.
What’s next for the gowns? ( Continued on page 6 )
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 4-10, 2019

Promised Land
Peping, at the back. We would ride
through different barrios alternating
our positions and sharing a single
bottle of sarsaparilla drink while

resting in the middle of our journey.
We had fun the whole care-free
afternoon, enjoying the open spaces
and fresh air around us. Suddenly, a
local bully named “Apen” demanded
we give him the bike. He brandished Chapter 18 of "Promised the largesse. She would spend the school?” Isabel was surprised. The
a sharp balisong (fan knife), enough money for her shopping needs and old man’s wife was smiling too.
for us to give in to his demand. Pep- Land" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
eventually as bets in mahjong games “Maniwala ka diyan sa Tatang mo.
Memories with my cousin Boyet ing told us Apen once stole a bike
and hid it in a haystack. He was big Six months had passed and Isa-
bel still could not land an office
which, unbeknownst to her husband,
she acquired the habit of playing
Binibiro ka lang niyan (Don’t be-
lieve in your Uncle. He’s just pulling
and at least five years older, and the ever since money from the U.S. your leg),” Romy’s mother said. “We
( Continued from page 1 )
enjoyed a high status, for we were thought of losing the bike made me job. It would have been easy for started arriving. came from the casino.”
Boyet’s mom, my Tiya Aning, was city boys, but we learned a lot from cry. Unfortunately, a group of girls her to simply accept her cousin’s “Tataba ako dito sa bahay (I am go- “Can you play at the casino during
the younger sister of my father. The them. We would all walk towards with whom we were flirting passed Ditas offer for her to work in Mc- ing to get fat here at home),” Isabel the day?”
two were exceptionally close with the Angat River, which was just a by. It was one of the most embarrass- donalds, but Isabel would have muttered as she looked at herself in “Bukas twenty-four hours iyon (It’s
their other siblings, Tiya Lilay and mile away from our Tiya Naty’s ing moments of my life. Later, we none of it. She also did not want the mirror. Indeed, she had gained open for twenty-four hours),” the old
Tiya Mandeng. Their mother had house. Near the river, we had to pass saw Apen’s mother coming towards weight for being idle. man said. “Gusto mo sumama ka sa
through a cluster of shrubs where we us riding the bike. It turned out she to hear other people’s suggestions
died when they were young. My “I better get out and get more ac- amin bukas, malilibang ka (If you
father was ten then, Tiya Lilay eight, would strip naked and run towards was a cousin of our Tiyo Berting, of working as a caregiver.
tive.” want, you can come with us tomor-
Tiya Aning six, and Tiya Mandeng a cliff to jump into the water. The the husband of our Tiya Naty, and She joined a nearby sports club and row. You will enjoy it).”
four. They grew up by themselves local women washing clothes afar was told about the mischief of her “Jobs are difficult to find here,” had regular exercises with a trainer. “I do not know the way there. I was
so they remained close until their could see us, but once immersed in son. Years later, Apen was knifed to she complained to Albert one Occasionally, she would pass by Di- told it’s far.”
passing. the water, it didn’t matter if we were death, perhaps with his own bal- time. tas’ place of work. Ditas also learned “It’s easy. The casino bus will pick
We were eight when we started naked or not. isong, during a drinking spree by our not to give her cousin advice on how us up at one o’clock in the afternoon
our annual summer vacations in the We were in the river one time when friend Peddy’s elder brother, Andy. Again, Albert bit his tongue. He to be productive. She didn’t want to at the parking lot of Von’s.”
province. The place we lived in in Boyet and I felt a string of fish line Andy, a quiet and good-natured teen- wanted to remind her once again earn Isabel’s ire, which Albert had “I will tell Albert about it,” Isabel
Quiapo was very hot during summer, with fish hooked by its baits. The ager, served five years in prison. she could find a job in an instant if made the mistake of doing. replied.
as it was in the midst of the urban owner placed it there to catch fish, One of the rites of passage of boys she were not so choosy. But he had One time, Isabel got carried away “Don’t tell Albert. It might become
jungle, with buildings attached to and while he was looking away, like us was circumcision. I shared learned his lesson. The last time shopping. The sale at Target was too an issue between the two of you.
each other, and no spaces or trees for we swam underwater and acquired this experience with my cousin he told her, she gave him a sharp much for her to handle. Before she Just go and come home at about this
the cool wind to flow through. Every the fish for ourselves. After we had Boyet when we were about twelve. look, cried, rushed to the room and knew it, it was almost five o’clock. time; he will not even notice you left
summer, our parents would whisk collected enough, we placed them We could have easily gone to a clinic slammed the door. She did not talk to She would not have time to cook the house.”
us away to the province where open under our pants and surreptitiously in Manila for the surgery, but we him for days, and he had to contend dinner for Albert. The night before, “But I won’t have time to cook
spaces and fresh air were aplenty. walked away. We gave them to our choose to do it with the local boys in with preparing his own food. Albert had complained about the fast Albert his dinner.”
Since we were the only boys of companion Peddy for him to cook so the barrio. It was done by an uncle Eventually, Isabel got tired of look- food dishes she brought home. He “What is Ditas for? Just ask her to
the same age, Boyet and I would go we could feast on them later. Boyet of my father, Lolo Ondong, who led ing for a job. She lolled around the wanted her to cook Tinola (chicken cook extra food for you.”
around gallivanting with other boys and I went home to our Tiya Naty’s us to the field before dawn as we house, watched television all day, cooked in ginger soup) for him. Ditas chose to be quiet. She did not
in the barrio. One time, a local boy place, ate a sumptuous lunch and chewed guava leaves. We were told and sometimes drove around town Isabel called up Ditas and asked her mind cooking for her cousin; how-
named “Imo” showed us how to while still full, we walked back to it didn’t hurt, like one was just bitten when her husband was at work. Not cousin: “Anong ulam ang lulutuin ever, she wanted Isabel to steer away
make the frame for a slingshot. We Peddy’s nipa hut, looking forward by an ant (parang kinagat lang ng that she needed a job. The $1,500 mo ngayon (What dish are you going from the vice.
would look for a Y-shaped branch of to eat our “catch.” But his family langgam). But it was not true. It was monthly allowance Albert gave her to cook tonight)?”
a guava tree, cut, and smoothen it. had already cooked and eaten them, painful as no anesthesia was used. was more than enough to buy their “I don’t know yet,” Ditas answered. THE NEXT DAY, although Isabel
We would cut slices of rubber from for they had nothing to eat then. We We had to put on a brave face other- grocery needs with plenty to spare. “Puwede ba, isahog mo kami at thought of joining Ditas’ in-laws at
old interiors of tires and a piece of felt betrayed, and it was only years wise we would be branded as a sissy Albert took care of the other house- magluto ka ng Tinola (Can you add the casino, she chose to stay home.
leather from old shoes. We would later when we fully understood the or coward. Some cried and suffered hold expenses. Two hundred dollars food for us and cook Tinola)?” Isabel However, with nothing else to do,
hunt birds perched on trees, then concept of poverty. the consequences. After the foreskin of the savings was sent to her family requested. “I will pay for it.” she spent the whole afternoon ago-
shoot them with a small rounded As the two older boys, Boyet and I was cut with a shaving razor, it was back home, and Isabel spent the rest “You don’t have to pay me,” Ditas nizing over the decision. While con-
pebble and the slingshot. I never were assigned to draw water from a folded backward. We were then told shopping for clothes and other items answered. “Just pass by our apart- templating the fact she could have
got to hit any bird despite numer- nearby artesian well for household to spit the chewed guava leaves on that caught her fancy. ment at around six and pick up the spent the time having fun gambling,
ous attempts unlike Boyet, though use. We did it once or twice before the wound for medicinal purpose. A “Don’t send us money anymore,” food.” the hours at home grew longer and
his was just a few meters away. I we realized that as city boys, we clean piece of cloth with a hole in it, her father wrote to her. “You will That gave Isabel extra shopping more boring.
remember him shrieking with delight were not up to the task. We began usually from an old T-shit, was used need the money more over there time. When she arrived at Ditas “I will give it a try. Just for fun and
and showing off the poor dead bird hiding from our aunt, until she was as a bandage. For a month, we would especially in time of emergencies.” apartment, she saw Ditas’ parents-in- for one time only,” she resolved to
as a trophy. My daughters would forced to hire a local boy to do the clean the wound daily with water But before his father’s letters could law also coming in. herself. “Anyway, Albert will never
hate me for our cruelty, but that was job. boiled with guava leaves, again, be sent to Isabel, her mother would “Saan ho kayo galing (Where have know.”
the typical activity among us boys at When I was ten, my father bought for medicinal purpose. One could volunteer to mail them, open them you been)?” Isabel asked the two. “What time will you leave home
that time. me a bike. We would ride the bike tell who among the boys had just up, read them and throw away any “Sa iskuwela (From school),” Mang for the bus that will pick you up and
The local boys were our compan- in the province during our vaca- undergone such an experience. They letters advising their daughter to Teban, the father-in-law answered take you to the casino?” she asked
ions and playmates for weeks until tions, with Boyet sitting on the bar in would walk bow-legged around the stop sending money. After all, it was smiling.
we went home after summer. We front of me and a chubby local boy, ( Continued on page 13 ) Isabel’s mother who got most of ( Continued on page 7 )
“You mean you’re going to

Do we need half-pound hamburgers,

huge orders of fries, or shakes the
for over eating. For some people
it may be habit. Some use food to
and give it to them.
Port of San Diego
size of oil barrels? relax, or to make themselves feel Western style diets are fattening the ( Continued from page 5 )
better psychologically, or they are planet. But it’s actually more than
a marina, and miles of trails. Chula
Probably nowhere on earth is a just unaware of how much they are that – it’s also the reality of afflu-
Vista is a leader in conservation and
culture subjected to so many mixed eating (the unconscious eater). And ence. With more money to spend –
renewable energy, has outstanding
messages. One commercial tells us holidays just make it worse. more disposable income – people eat
public schools, and has been named
to lose weight; another tells us where in restaurants more often, often eat
one of the top safest cities in the
to get thousand calorie soft drinks. If you are in the business of selling foods higher in fats and sugar, and
country. Established neighborhoods,
Weight loss clinics are springing up food, you have to make it taste good, their weight goes up in proportion.
contemporary communities, startups,
everywhere, while at the same time be appealing, smell wonderful, be
corporations, entertainment venues,
we are told how great it is to order served in an inviting atmosphere, Japan never used to have problems
a U.S. Olympic and Paralympic
pounds and pounds of greasy, fried and create a need. The restaurant with obesity. People primarily ate
Training Site, and historic down-
food. industry is great at this, especially fish, rice, green vegetables and ate
town all contribute to Chula Vista’s
fast food restaurants. And that’s one very little sugar or processed foods.
Give me food; I’m not hungry!
attraction for both families and busi-
Figuring it all out of the deadly combinations: restau- That all changed after WW II. Just
nesses. A promising future includes
rants that have to sell food to stay in as the US started opening up more
implementing smart city technology
How are we supposed to get it all business coupled with people who Japanese restaurants, so did Japan
Do we really need that much Besides holidays and meals and citywide, developing the 535-acre
straight? How are we supposed to love or need to eat (and we all need open up more American restaurants.
to eat? snacks galore, everywhere you look Chula Vista Bayfront, and planning
be healthy when it seems all we re- to eat – it’s just how much we need
the portions in restaurants are getting for a new university on 385 acres.
ally want is to just shove more and that creates the problem). Add an increasing taste for Western
The holidays are over and many bigger, much bigger. From Burger Visit
more fries down our throats? On food with ever-increasing income as
Americans are groaning. The US King to Mc Donald’s to any steak Please don’t misunderstand me; I Japan became hugely more affluent
television we are inundated with ads About The Port of San Diego
has always had a love affair with house in town, the sizes of meals are am not simply blaming the fast food and a “perfect storm” was cre-
that create a desire for more food,
food. Not as big of a love affair as growing and growing and growing. industry. They are, after all, just giv- ated that had obesity skyrocketing.
while at the same time we know how The Port of San Diego serves the
the French, of course, but big and And so is our waistline. ing us what we demand. We need to Japanese got to taste French fries
unhealthy it is. people of California as a specially cre-
getting bigger. Those holidays, of learn to demand less. and then got to pack on pound after ated district, balancing multiple uses on
course, bring out gluttony. Do we really need that much food? pound after pound. Lucky them.
There are numerous studies out 34 miles along San Diego Bay spanning
there proving to us how unhealthy We as individuals and as a nation five cities. Collecting no tax dollars, the
it is to overeat. We know this. And need to want less food, be happy So where are you going to eat lunch Port manages a diverse portfolio to gen-
yet. with less food, and love less food. today? What are you having for erate revenues that support vital public
And yes, I know that goes against dinner? Are you going to eat French services and amenities.
There are scientists and physicians some of our most basic instincts. fries or rice? Are you going to eat
But our health and our kid’s health, beef or chicken? Are you going The Port champions Maritime, Water-
with absolute proof that too much front Development, Public Safety, Ex-
fat in the diet leads to heart disease, even our national health requires to eat a hamburger or broiled fish? periences and Environment, all focused
high blood pressure, high cholesterol it. We need a national shout: Want Let’s face it, anything but holidays on enriching the relationship people
and more. We know this. And yet. less!! left-overs, right? and businesses have with our dynamic
waterfront. From cargo and cruise
We continually see evidence all And not only could we lose weight What are you going to put around terminals to hotels and restaurants, from
around us of the cost of being over in the process, we might even save your waist? What are you going marinas to museums, from 22 public
weight. Insurance statistics, medical some money as well. Want to be to make your legs and feet carry? parks to countless events, the Port con-
records, government evidence and healthier? Want to feel better? From What are you going to pack into tributes to the region’s prosperity and
Writers: Msgr. Fernando Gutierrez, Virginia Ferrer, Zena Sultana-Babao, more prove that those who consume now on when you eat, order the your arteries and veins? remarkable way of life on a daily basis.
Diggong Divinagracia-Araneta, Ofelia Dirige PhD, Marjon L. Saulon, Con- small size. Get the small hamburger,
too much fat, salt, and sugar, and do
tributors: Ernie Delfin, Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD, Atty. Rogelio Karagdag Jr.
not eat enough fruit and vegetables the small French fries, the small soft I know, I know, I know. Those are About Port of San Diego Water-
die younger, much younger, than drink. Save the money, save the both easy and tough questions. We front Development:
those who eat a healthy diet. We calories, save your waistline. know how to do the right thing, the
healthy thing. We know what to do Port of San Diego Waterfront Devel-
know this. And yet. opment contributes to the continuous
Not just an American problem and we know how to do it. And yet.
prosperity of the local economy.
But it tastes good! From Real Estate to Aquaculture and
Have you ever noticed that when Blue Tech, the Port invests in major
There is an old saying that states, you look at photos of city streets redevelopment and community infra-
if it tastes good it’s not good for from Asia or Europe or the Mideast, structure, so businesses in our region
you. Some of that is indeed true. often you’ll see a McDonald’s sign Call the have the opportunity to stay competitive
or the golden arches? You’ll see in the global marketplace.
Unfortunately, that taste is one of the Asian Journal at
reasons why we like to eat food that signs from any number of US fast
is slowly killing us. food companies now. Look at pho- 619.474.0588 for
tos from fifty years or more ago and your advertising
There are other reasons, of course, you never saw them. Hey, it tastes needs.
good, people want it and we export
January 4-10, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 7

Bingo a program that provided wheelchairs

to disabled senior citizens. The
man, who sold the wheelchairs and
“Here, if you win two consecutive
times, you get the $5,000 bonus.”
“But that’s impossible to do. There
( Continued from page 6 )
earned large commissions, had an are too many competing players.”
Ditas’ mother-in-law on the phone agreement with a Filipino doctor “That’s why nobody has won the
the next day. who prescribed the wheelchairs to bonus ever since we played here.”
“Twelve-thirty.” seniors, even those who didn’t need Isabel gave the game a try. She
“I will pick you up at the apart- them. The doctor received a share of played five times but did not win and
ment. We’ll go together to the bus the commission and the wheel chair lost $50.
parking lot.” company made money out of the “I am unlucky today, I don’t want
products they sold. In addition to his to play anymore,” she said.
ISABEL WAS SURPRISED TO sales commission, the agent would “Just one more time, your luck
SEE that the casino was huge. buy the wheelchairs for $1,000 might come,” the old woman en-
“Ang laki pala (It’s big),” she mut- from the recipients who didn’t need couraged her.
tered to herself, stepping stepped off them and ship them to the Philip- And she spoke like a prophet as
of the bus. pines where they could be sold for Isabel won the next game. She was
“Do you go here every day?” she upwards of $3,000 each. The man jumping with joy.
asked the old couple. shared the earnings with the other “I recovered my capital with profits
“At one time we could only afford members of the syndicate. to boot, I never thought it would be
to go here three times a week; now, “But isn’t that illegal?” Isabel asked that easy,” she exclaimed.
we’re pretty much here every day.” Mang Teban. “Let’s go home,” she told the
“Where does your gambling money “It is illegal if we are caught, but couple.
come from?” we won’t. Everybody is on the take.” “Wait, we haven’t won yet. Play
Romy’s father smiled. more and if you win the next game,
“Don’t you know?” “YOU KNOW how to play bingo, you’ll get the $5,000 bonus,” Mang
“No,” Isabel replied. right?” the old woman asked Isabel. Teban said.
“My wife and I receive $600-a- “Of course, we play it in the Philip- And she did.
month of supplemental income the pines every time, especially during
government gives to people over 65 wakes.” (To be continued)
years old with no other income.”
“That’s nice. In the Philippines
people with no income will just die
away,” Isabel observed.
“That’s why you and your cousin
are lucky for marrying Navy person-
nel and moving to America. Espe-
cially Ditas whom our son Romy
picked among his other girlfriends.”
“So how can you now afford to go
to the casino every day?” Be careful against many
The couple smiled again.
“We hit the jackpot,” the old man
“Did you win big in gambling?”
“No,” this time, it was the old Do not force the infinite God a joke. Immodesty is not laughing
woman who answered. to fit into our limited minds. matter. Respect girls and women
“Tell her the story, Teban,” she They who call God stupid always. You have no excuse to abuse
women, especially poor women.
ordered her husband. is antichrist. Pray for these
It turned out that a Filipino man ap- people but do not imitate them.
proached the couple two months ago Never call people names nor use
at a weekly seniors dance affair the
Respect them as elders but do cuss words even as expressions.
U.S. government had funded. not follow their bad example. Dirty words that come out of your
“Do you want to earn money?” he mouth – foul language, lies, gossips,
Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, Rap- slander, malicious jokes – make you
asked them., 12/31/2018
“Of course,” the old man replied. crass and ungentlemanly. Shameless
“Fill out this form and I will give crass people use such dirty words.
you motorized wheelchairs each for An open letter to my godson Do not imitate. They are anti-God;
free.” Seth on New Year's Eve they cannot be honorable. God wants
“But we don’t need them, we can you to be refined and honorable. I
still move around.” Dear Seth, have great dreams for you.
“You don’t get the point. I will buy
those wheelchairs back from you at Nothing is easy these days when Do not ever try drugs. Say no to
$1,000 each, and you’ll have extra it comes to rearing children like friends who might offer you drugs.
income.” You kill yourself slowly by doing
you. You are subjected to so that. Drug users and drug addicts are
They were told the government had much vulgarity and violence that sick. They need treatment and help
I fear you might catch the wrong in order to be well again. Do not
values which can ruin your future believe those who offer killing as a
as a good Filipino and as a good solution. People who kill and people
child of God. who coax others to kill are anti-God.
They are antichrist. Christ came to
My first advice to you is pray con- give us new life, eternal life.
stantly and go to Mass as frequently
as you can, if possible even daily. Do Finally Seth, respect the Pope and
not listen to him who tells you it is my fellow priests and bishops be-
useless to go to Church and attend cause we are signs of God's love for
Mass. Whoever teaches you that you. We are not spotless like angels,
is antichrist and there are many of but in our weaknesses, God still uses
them, including those who look at us for His mission. Walang silbi (No
it as a joke. They are not for Christ. worth?) Yes, we are, but if we are
They are against Christ. able to do anything good at all, all is
because of God's mercy. In mock-
Inaanak (Godson), the name of God ing priests and bishops, you do what
is sacred. Promise me never ever antichrists do. Be a loyal son of the
to disrespect the name of God. You Catholic Church.
might not be able to understand God
always. Our minds are too limited. Keep the rosary in your pocket
Do not force the infinite God to fit each time you leave the house; your
into our limited minds. They who mother's name is Mary. Carry a
call God stupid is antichrist. Pray for handkerchief in your other pocket.
these people but do not imitate them. That is a mark of good manners.
Respect them as elders but do not
follow their bad example. Don't play with firecrackers tonight.
Keep safe. Happy New Year!
You have a godly father who
respects your titas and your Mama. Ninong Father Soc
Treat all women and girls with
respect, in fact, even with reverence. –
Do not laugh when older men make
fun of women. That is vulgar, and Socrates B. Villegas is the archbish-
if you laugh or imitate them, you op of Lingayen-Dagupan. He is also a
former president of the Catholic Bishops'
become vulgar yourself. Rape is not Conference of the Philippines.

At the Heavenly Gates

Two physicians and an HMO tells him to go ahead.
manager die and line up together
at the heavenly gates. The last man says, “I was an
One doctor tells St. Peter, “As a HMO manager. I got countless
pediatric surgeon, I saved hun- families cost-effective health
dreds of children.” care.”
St. Peter promptly lets him enter. St. Peter replies, “You may en-
The next doctor says, “As a ter. But,” he adds, “you can only
psychiatrist, I helped thousands of stay for three days. After that, you
people live better lives.” St. Peter have to be discharged!”

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Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 4-10, 2019

Here are the new all-electric vehicles coming in 2019
by Fred Lambert. due to software issues. expected to soon go into production
Now the first deliveries in Europe and we should have an opportunity
With every year, buyers have are expected in Q1 2019 and it to get in the SUV soon.
more all-electric vehicle options should make it to North America in Mercedes-Benz is talking about a
and 2019 is not going to be an Q2 2019. 450km (280 miles) journey, but the
exception. As I reported in my Audi e-tron first company was still using the NEDC
drive review, I am fairly impressed standard when it made the an-
Here are the new all-electric ve- by virtually every aspect of the ve- nouncement.
hicles coming in 2019. hicle except for its efficiency. I wouldn’t be surprised if the
In the EV space, every year is more Despite having a large 95 kWh bat- real-world range is much closer to
exciting than the last one, but I think tery pack, I think people are only go- around 200 miles on a single charge.
we will soon see a massive accelera- ing to be able to get about 200 miles The battery pack will be powered
tion of new EV models coming to of range out of the vehicle. by 2 asynchronous motors with a
market. While that’s disappointing on an total capacity of 300 kW (408 hp).
Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s efficiency basis, it’s still enough for It can achieve a top speed of 180
2019. most people and I think that as a pre- km/h (111 mph) and an acceleration
It’s still going to be a great year for mium SUV with a $74,800 starting from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.1
EVs with undoubtedly a record num- price before incentives, it’s going to seconds.
ber of new EVs hitting the road, but find its place in the market in 2019. According to the spec sheet, the to make more of an urban vehicle. the market this year. “a high-capacity 64 kWh lithium-
it won’t be an exceptional year for EQC is equipped with a water- I am not sure if that’s the right thing It should bring the range of the polymer battery pack” capable of
new EV models coming to market. Mercedes-Benz EQC 2019 cooled onboard charger with a to do in 2019, but it will all depend on Leaf to over 200 miles and make it a 100 kW charge rate and a front
I think 2020 and 2021 are going to capacity of 7.4 kW and has a maxi- the price. If the price is not excessive, an affordable long-range all-electric wheel drive 150 kW (204 ps) motor,
be standout years for that. The Mercedes-Benz EQC is going mum capacity of up to 110 kW at an it could maybe become an interesting vehicle. “producing 395 Nm torque from a
Nonetheless, we are going to see a to be a direct competitor to Audi appropriate charging station.“ option. We expect to have all the details as standstill, enabling the Niro EV to
few new all-electric models hitting e-tron and with the two vehicles The German automaker has yet to We should learn more in the coming soon as next week. Stay tuned. accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just
the market and that’s going to result combined, I am hoping that they are confirm the price, but it is expected months. 7.8 seconds.”
to more options to buyers: going to help rapidly convert the pre- to start at around $70,000. BMW i3 2019 Porsche Taycan Just like the Kona Electric, a less
mium SUV segment to all-electric. expensive version will also be avail-
Audi e-tron 2019 Tesla’s Model X already helped, but Mini Electric 2019 While BMW has taken its sweet time The Porsche Taycan is arguably able with a “39.2 kWh lithium-poly-
it’s not for everyone and I think the to release a new all-electric vehicle, the most anticipated electric vehicle mer battery pack” for a range of “up
The only reason for the Audi e-tron EQC and the e-tron will bring new The BMW group hasn’t brought the automaker has been pretty good of 2019 because it will introduce a to 300 kilometres (186 miles) from a
being on the list is actually because buyers. a new all-electric vehicle to market at consistently releasing upgrades for 800-volt system and the fastest EV single charge.”
it is late. It was supposed to hit the Unlike the e-tron, we haven’t had since the BMW i3 back in 2013, but the i3. charging we have seen to date. The 64 kWh version is expected to
market in 2018, but it was delayed the chance to try to EQC yet, but it is it’s finally happening. It’s not a brand new electric car, but I Even though it’s another high-end result in about 250 miles of range.
In 2019, BMW is supposed to start think it’s getting a significant enough all-electric vehicle that only a few We haven’t had the chance to test
the production of the all-electric the vehicle yet, but we are going to
New California
Larger companies must pay workers update to merit a mention here. wealthy people are going to be able
Mini. The 2019 BMW i3 is getting new to afford, the technology is going to around the end of January.
at least $12 per hour. We haven’t actually seen the pro- 120Ah battery cells, which is going push to the whole industry to a new Like the Kona EV, the vehicle is
( Continued from page 5 ) duction version of the vehicle yet, to result in a new 42 kWh battery level in my opinion. expected to be priced aggressively,
Equal Representation but Mini has been releasing electric
Helmets, Please pack for a range of about 153 miles, Aside from the charging system, but the availability is also expected
concept vehicles for years now and according to the automaker. the vehicle is expected to have a to be limited to CARB states, like
Senate Bill 826. Publicly traded the one seen above is expected to be
Assembly Bill No. 3077. Teens and companies based in California must That’s about a 30% increase over the significant range with different op- the Kona EV.
kids under 18 will need to strap on the closest one to what is going to be previous version. tion ranging between 200 and 300
have at least one woman on their in production.
a helmet before heading out. Those board of directors by the end of 2019. BMW has historically been good at miles. Volvo all-electric XC40
spotted on a bike, scooter, skate- Not much is known about the specs updating the specs of the i3 without The Porsche Taycan is also
board or skates without a helmet will of the Mini electric. increasing its MSRP significantly. expected to be able to maintain a Volvo’s new XC40 has been very
Daylight Savings I feel kind of bummed out about
get a fix-it ticket. Right now, the BMW i3 is listed at a high-speed for a long period of time well-received in the very popular
the vehicle because even though base price of $44,450 before incen- without overheating. compact SUV segment and now the
Assembly Bill 7. Californians may it’s years in the making, I feel like
Loud Drivers, Not Allowed never have to "fall back" an hour tives. In terms of pricing, it should start automaker has confirmed earlier
BMW is not bringing its best effort. at about $90,000 and it is expected this year that it plans to make an all-
again. Back in November, voters Earlier this year, we visited BMW
Assembly Bill No. 1824. A manda- approved Prop 7. That gave the state to take a look at their 5th gen elec-
Nissan Leaf 2019 with 60 kWh to into production around the end of electric version as soon as next year.
tory fine comes into effect for loud legislature the power to end daylight battery pack the year. With most electric SUVs hitting
drivers on the road. Those cited for tric powertrain technology and they Kia Niro EV the market being in bigger or more
saving time. But the amendment still are doing some impressive things,
modified or loud exhaust or muffler needs to get the thumbs up from both Like the BMW i3, we are not talking premium segment, like the Mer-
systems will have to pay up. but it won’t be in the electric Mini. The Hyundai Kona EV has cedes-Benz EQC and Audi e-tron
the state and the federal government They are skipping the Mini and about a new vehicle, but the Nis-
to go into effect. san Leaf is also getting a significant already hit the market and the Niro quattro, this one should come at a
Minimum wage instead, the next-gen EV technology EV is very similar, but it offers yet lower price.
will debut in the BMW iX3. enough update to merit a mention
Source: Stephanie Lim, https:// here. another option on the market start- Unfortunately, not much is known
MW-2019. In 2019, companies We expect that the range in the ing in 2019. about the vehicle just yet, but
Mini is going to be limited to around The 60 kWh battery pack for the
with 25 or fewer employees must news/New-California-Laws-in-Ef- Nissan Leaf has been talked about for The company says that in Europe,
pay workers at least $11 per hour. fect-2019-503528071.html 150 miles of range, which is going the Niro EV will be equipped with
( Continued on page 9 )
years, but it’s finally expected to hit


91902 92101 92115

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(619) 281-2300 4761 Convoy St Bonita Valley Auto Care Griffin's Auto Repair Bob Brown's Automotive
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7 Easy tips to Egg metabolites in blood related to lower risk of type 2 diabetes
make your New Finland shows. The findings were
published in Molecular Nutrition
ing in the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart
Disease Risk Factor Study in eastern
type 2 diabetes, including the amino
acid tyrosine.
investigations with both cell models
and intervention studies in humans

Year healthier and Food Research. Finland.

"The purpose of the current study
The study suggests some plausible
mechanisms which could at least partly
that use modern techniques, such as
metabolomics, are needed to understand
the mechanisms behind physiologi-
was to explore potential compounds explain the inverse association between
By Tom Christensen, County of San Eggs remain one of the most egg intake and the previously observed cal effects of egg intake," Early Stage
controversial food items. that could explain this association Researcher Noerman concludes.
Diego Communications Office using non-targeted metabolomics, lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
High intake of eggs has "Although it is too early to draw any
traditionally been discour- a technique that enables a broad causal conclusions, we now have some Materials provided by University of
Many people start off the new aged, mainly due to their profiling of chemicals in a sample," hints about certain egg-related com- Eastern Finland. Note: Content may be
year with resolutions aimed at high cholesterol content. says Early Stage Researcher and lead pounds that may have a role in type 2 edited for style and length.
creating a healthier version of However, eggs are also a author of the study Stefania Noer- diabetes development. Further detailed
themselves. As we know, all too rich source of many bioactive man from the University of Eastern
often those resolutions start to fade
away as the calendar starts march-
compounds that can have beneficial
effects on health. This means that the
The study found that the blood Moderate drinking not harmful for
older patients with heart failure,
-- Science Daily health effects of consuming eggs are samples of men who ate more eggs
ing through the year ahead. included certain lipid molecules
difficult to determine based solely on

study suggests
Consumption of one egg every their cholesterol content. that positively correlated with the
But what if you selected some blood profile of men who remained
simple solutions that could add up to day seems to associate with a The investigators have previously
blood metabolite profile that is shown that eating roughly one egg free of type 2 diabetes. In addition,
big differences in the way you nour-
per day was associated with a lower the researchers identified several bio- Patients should check with any, data to help us advise people who
ish your body and change your habits related to a lower risk of type 2 doctors, but daily glass of wine drink moderately and have just been
risk of developing type 2 diabetes chemical compounds in blood that
for the better? diabetes, a new study conducted diagnosed with heart failure."
among middle-aged men participat- predicted a higher risk of developing doesn't appear harmful The new study suggests that such
Naomi Billups, public health nutri- in the University of Eastern
tion manager for the County of San patients can safely continue to drink
-- Science Daily in moderate amounts -- one serving of
Here are China's
Diego’s Health and Human Services is even cheaper than traditional guns,” alcohol per day for women and two for
Agency, offers some tips to get you CASIC said. A new study suggests that men. The researchers found a slight
on the right track for the year ahead. ( Continued from page 8 ) ( Continued from page 1 ) Beijing's testing of its electromagnetic people over age 65 who are association between moderate drinking
My favorite tip is a simple one from Volvo’s latest CUV platform was railgun comes as the Chinese military and longer survival times. But since the
Michael Pollen’s book “In Defense ing sea trials these days." prioritizes "drilling soldiers and war newly diagnosed with heart fail-
built from the ground up to support study doesn't establish cause and effect,
of Food.” He says: “Eat Food. Not preparations" as its work focus for the ure can continue to drink moder- the researchers can't conclude that mod-
several types of powertrains – in- Long time no see, the railgun test ship
too much. Mostly Plants.” What that cluding an all-electric one. is spotted undergoing sea trials these
new year. ate amounts of alcohol without erate drinking is actively protective. It
means by “eat food” is to eat it in its In its New Year's Day editorial, the worsening their condition. is possible there is some other factor, or
My main fear with the all-electric days. PLA said they should be "well prepared
real state – natural and clean. Move — dafeng cao (@dafengcao) Decem- combination of factors, common among
XC40 is that Volvo could price it for all directions of military struggle moderate drinkers that leads to this
away from processed and packaged too high against the non-electric ber 29, 2018 The study, from Washington University
and comprehensively improve troops’ School of Medicine in St. Louis, showed benefit. As such, the evidence does not
food and food that is full of sugar, salt version, which starts at $36,000. The railgun's 3D model made by ????. combat response in emergencies … to a survival benefit for moderate drink- support the idea that nondrinkers with
and flour. That’s often a problem for automak- ensure we can meet the challenge and heart failure will improve if they begin
— dafeng cao (@dafengcao) February ers compared with those who abstained
When eating something with a nutri- ers who sell electric and gas-pow- win when there is a situation.” from alcohol. On average, survival for moderate alcohol consumption.
tional facts label, choose items with 3, 2018 According to US intelligence reports,
ered versions of the same car. moderate drinkers was just over a year The researchers analyzed data from
the fewest number of ingredients to If it ends up being over $50,000, China's weapon could strike up to 200 longer than abstainers, a difference that a past study called the Cardiovascular
The Haiyangshan, a Type 072II Yuting- kilometers away with projectile velocity
eat less processed food. I think it will be a tough sell at the class landing ship, has been converted was statistically significant. However, Health Study, conducted from 1989 to
More matters! When eating out, ask of 2.5 kilometers per second or 9,000 the findings do not suggest that non- 1993. It included 5,888 adults on Medi-
dealership, but anywhere close or to become an experimental testbed, ac- kilometers per hour,
for extra vegetables with your meal. even below that could be a very at- cording to a report from Australia-based drinkers should start imbibing after a care. Of these, 393 patients developed
reported. heart failure during the nine-year follow-
Start packing. In a reusable contain- tractive option on the market. The report also noted that the US Navy
heart failure diagnosis, the researchers
er, stock up on nuts for quick snacks The 119-meter long amphibious assault emphasized. up period. Heart failure occurs when
The vehicle is expected to have has been testing its own land-based rail- the heart gradually loses the ability to
that don’t go bad. ship of the Chinese Navy used to carry The study is published Dec. 28 in
over 200 miles of range on a single gun for about a decade but power gen- JAMA Network Open. pump sufficient blood to the body. It can
Ease into mindful eating. Slow down charge. 10 tanks and is now being used to carry eration, size and stability of electronics
the electromagnetic railgun. "My patients who are newly diagnosed be triggered by a heart attack or other
and let your body signal when you’ve Others? and resilience of its rails have delayed chronic conditions such as diabetes or
The railgun, still without a warship, with heart failure often ask me if they
had just the right amount of food. its development. should stop having that glass of wine kidney disease.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Keep uses intense bursts of energy to build a A report from ABC News stated that
That’s about it for what is expect- magnetic field capable of throwing out every night," said senior author and With an average age of 79, slightly
water with you wherever you go in a Washington's priority remains to be the cardiologist David L. Brown, MD, a more than half of the heart failure pa-
ed to come to market in 2019, but cannon shells at hypersonic speeds, giv- development of a hypervelocity projec-
reusable bottle. If it helps you drink there could also be a few surprises ing the weapon greater speed, range and professor of medicine. "And until now, I tients were women, and 86 percent were
more, add herbs or fruit slices to add tile that would enable missiles to fire at didn't have a good answer for them. We white. The patients were divided into
in 2019. Let us know what you accuracy than conventional cannons, the hypersonic speeds.
flavor. report read. have long known that the toxic effects four categories for the analysis: people
think those could be in the com- The railgun, however, is not high on who never drank, people who drank in
And finally, a tip that’s good for In 2015, the China Aerospace Science of excessive drinking can contribute to
ment section below. the agenda, US Strategic Capabilities heart failure. In contrast, we have data the past and stopped, people who had
the environment around you. Don’t Also, we are definitely going to and Industry Corporation announced the Office spokesperson Chris Sherwood
throw food away – start composting. development of the advanced weapon. showing that healthy people who drink seven or fewer drinks per week, and
see several new vehicles announced told website Task and Purpose. moderately seem to have some protec- people who had eight or more drinks
The County has information and free “Railguns use electromagnetic energy "SCO shifted the project's focus to
this year for release in the coming to attack targets and are considered an tion from heart failure over the long per week. The researchers defined one
composting workshops. years, which should make for an conventional powder guns, facilitating term, compared with people who don't
advanced technology that offers greater a faster transition of HVP technology to
exciting 2019. range and more lethality, while the cost drink at all. But there was very little, if ( Continued on page 14 )
the warfighter," Sherwood said.


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Spiritual Life
Battle Plan 2019 Again, the Lesson of Humility
This spiritual battle will not be won by lukewarm disciples.
by Church Militant 12/31/2018 through an asteroid — the world's A moment later, I again saw the child who had awakened me. It was
end is a given; it's just a matter of of wondrous beauty and repeated these words to me, True great-
As the New Year gets underway time. The disciple knows this, and ness of the soul is in loving God and in humility. I asked the
it is clear to all the faithful that the disciple is ready, ready for the child, “How do you know that true greatness of the soul is in loving
the battle is in full tilt. end, but also ready for the New God and in humility? Only theologians know about such things and
Creation. you haven’t even learned the catechism. So how do you know?” To
Epiphany The federal and state govern-
ments are investigating the
But the disciple does not fear any of this He answered, I know; I know all things. And with that, He
disappeared (Diary, 427).
The Marginalized and the Unknown
this! For the disciple clings to Jesus'
Church for crimes of sexual abuse promises, and the hope of eternal life
and corruption; some Church of- in the New Creation to be ushered in The day of the renewal of vows. The presence of God flooded my
Joke of the week: The lion was childhood days. A child reminds us ficials are either mute or offering after the Last Judgment. The tumult soul. During Holy Mass I saw Jesus, and He said to me, You are
proud of his mastery of the animal of our own vulnerability, innocence, words of nonsense, and many of these days are of no bother to him, My great joy; your love and your humility make Me leave the
kingdom. One day he decided to playfulness, and dependence on Catholics are simply walking and he maintains the right practice heavenly throne and unite Myself with you. Love fills up the
make sure all the other animals knew our parents, loved ones and God. away out of indifference to it all. of the Faith, despite all of it, despite abyss that exists between My greatness and your nothingness
the death throes of a fallen world,
he was king of the jungle. He was Because as children we experienced The faithful remnant when talk- devolving to its end. (Diary, 512).
so confident that he bypassed the that to be strong we have to be de- ing amongst one another know My Prayer Response:
smaller animals and went straight pendent on others, we want children of few avenues to tread during Lord, again You appeared as a child to St. Faustina and repeated
to the bear. “Who is the king of the of our times to be equally strong So what does the faithful disciple
this battle for Christ and for His do during these days of pitched Your teaching: True greatness of the soul is in loving God and in
jungle?” the lion asked. “Why, of independent. We do not want to keep
course, you are,” the bear replied. them with us always when their time Church. One question commonly battle? For one, he prays. And he humility. Lord, make me humble.
The lion gave a mighty roar of has come to part our company so heard among the faithful dur- prays fervently, morning, noon and *The words of Jesus appear in boldface type
approval. Next he asked the tiger, as not to stifle their free spirit and ing these early days of the war night. He prays for his own redemp-
“Who is the king of the jungle?” The independence. At the same time, we is: "What should I be doing?" tion, for the redemption of his family -- Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Mar-
tiger quickly responded, “Every- do not want to let them loose from and friends and for the conversion of ian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
Another is: "What should we be all sinners. And when he prays, he Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on Jesus' Words from the Diary of St.
one knows that you are, oh mighty our tender loving care, if they are doing?" Faustina by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 Marian Press
lion.” Next on the list was the not well-prepared to face the outside mostly prays the Rosary, saying his
elephant. “Who is the king of the world. Paradoxically, they should be prayers with the Blessed Mother and
I see the faithful posing these
jungle?” the lion asked. The elephant
immediately grabbed the lion with
independent and standing on their
own feet as mature persons, but pertinent questions, one to
reminding himself repeatedly of the
central mysteries of his redemption. DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET
his trunk, whirled him around in the wisely as “little children” dependent another, as great progress in this
air five or six times and slammed on others and us. spiritual war in which we have Of all the necessary bulwarks
find ourselves. If you recall just needed for the fight, humility is the How to Recite the Chaplet of
him into a tree. Then he pounded
him onto the ground several times, THE FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY a few months ago, far too many most important. Tweet Divine Mercy
dunked him under water in a nearby (Greek word epiphaneia for revela- Secondly, the disciple makes daily
were still oblivious to the battle. sacrifices during these fierce days of
lake and finally dumped him out tion or appearance) is the manifesta- Now many of the faithful remnant The Chaplet of Mercy is recited
on the shore. The lion — beaten, tion of God’s saving action in Jesus warfare — of fasting, almsgiving,
are all too aware of the battle, using ordinary rosary beads of
bruised and battered — struggled to Christ. The Gospel does not give the and of self- deprecation. Of these
and are assembling and pledging spiritual warfare tools, the self- five decades. At the National
his feet. names of the magi nor suggest that Shrine of Divine Mercy in
“Look,” he told the elephant, “just they are three. Traditionally, they themselves to the fight, for the deprecation is the most important,
duration and for the conquest! because it is in striving for humility Stockbridge, Massachusetts the
because you don't know the answer were considered to have originated
is no reason to get upset.” from Babylon, Persia, and Yemen. Many of the faithful now, just that a man attains it! And of all the Chaplet is preceded by two
An Armenian tradition named the necessary bulwarks needed for the opening prayers from the
like the first Christians, know that fight, humility is the most important.
Scriptures: First Reading: Isaiah Magi of Bethlehem as Balthasar this spiritual battle is a battle to Diary of Saint Faustina and
60: 1-6. For the people in exile, a of Arabia (Africa), Melchior of The devil can do little against the
the death. They know that this followed by a closing prayer.
new day has dawned. Jerusalem Persia (Europe), and Gaspar of India man who knows himself before God
(Asia). One thing is sure: they came
spiritual war cannot be lost, but for who he is, a creature made in
brought to its knees by the Babylo- Optional Opening Prayer
nian conquest, is encouraged to “rise to do homage to The Child Jesus and they also know that it will be won God's image and likeness, but still
up in splendor,” because its dark present him their gifts. According to only through the selfless gift of simply a creature.
night of suffering is ending and the tradition, the magi presented gold as themselves. You expired, Jesus, but the source
Lord is coming in glory. Finally, the a symbol of kingship, frankincense Hear St. Paul: of life gushed forth for souls,
exiles bearing the wealth of na- or incense as a symbol of deity, I hope you have also caught that and the ocean of mercy opened
tions are going home to worship the and myrrh, an embalming oil, as a sentiment, and that you are willing I beseech you therefore, breth-
up for the whole world. O Fount
Lord. Second Reading: Ephesians 3: symbol of sacrificial death. Other to pledge your very life for the fight, ren, by the mercy of God, that
you present your bodies a living of Life, unfathomable Divine
2-3a, 5-6. A passage from this Letter interpretation described the gifts because this spiritual battle will not
sacrifice, holy, pleasing unto God, Mercy, envelop the whole world
stresses the inclusion of all people, generally as gold symbolizing virtue, be won by lukewarm disciples. Rath-
especially the Gentiles, within frankincense symbolizing prayer, er, it will only be won by disciples your reasonable service. And be and empty Yourself out upon us
the new saving mystery of God’s and myrrh symbolizing suffering. willing to give their lives for the not conformed to this world; but be O Blood and Water, which gushed Jesus, I Trust in You!
love manifested in Jesus Christ. Faith, following Jesus' example. The reformed in the newness of your forth from the Heart of Jesus as a
This Feast of the Epiphany has an The Gospel today tells of the Church in its first years was built on mind, that you may prove what is fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!.
“evangelizing” element attached lowly and humble people. God the the Blood of the Lamb, but also on the good, and the acceptable, and
to it, because it narrates the initial Almighty descended on the lowly the blood of countless martyrs who the perfect will of God. (Roman Begin with the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Apostle's Creed:
conversion of non-Hebrews, the earth. The angel announced the birth pledged their lives for Christ and for 12:1–2)
Gentiles, and pagans that the magi of The Savior to the inconsequential, his newly formed Church. Our Father
represent. Gospel: Matthew 2: 1-12. uneducated and smelly shepherds. The year 2019 is the year of the
Great Battle for the soul of the Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
Symbols found in ancient Roman The magi whose origins are un- In this spiritual battle for the
Church's restoration, what will Church. Let's win this! And it will Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
coins point out that the constellation known came to pay their homage to
Aries was used by pagan astrologers The Child who was not revealed to ensure victory will be the faith- be won by all of us, through prayer, Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as
to represent Judea. Astrologers of the the powerful (Herod) and the learned ful rediscovering this early fervor fasting, personal sacrifices and alms- we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into
time, such as the magi, identified the (authorities in Jerusalem). The Child and enthusiasm, the certain and giving. It's not much of a game plan, temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.
birth of the Messiah to be in Judea or was born not in the city, but in a tiny true conviction that what is most nothing much at all when you think
Aries. Armed with their astrological village, Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph important to the disciple is that one about it — but then again, Moses
had no game plan when he led Israel Hail Mary
knowledge, the magi found complete were humble peasants who loved is redeemed in Jesus, and that after Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou
guidance and revelation from the and obeyed God more than them- this, after all else is said and done, out of Egypt on the fly, yet he parted
nothing else matters, nothing else! the Red Sea with only a staff in hand amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Hebrew Scriptures. Following the selves. This Gospel story teaches
instruction that the Hebrew chief us that God favors the poor and the and the iron determination to lead his Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at
priests and scribes gave them, they humble more than the proud. As the The world is going to end. Jesus people to freedom. the hour of our death, Amen.
followed the Star that led them to Star shone in the dark night, God told us that this is so — whether its
where the Child was: at Bethlehem always triumphs over evil. demise comes about through plastic Let's march! The Apostle's Creed
of Judea. straws in the world's oceans or I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and
Quotation of the week: May each earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, Who was
Reflection: A child is always the Christmas, as it comes, find us more
Faith does not operate in the realm
conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered
center of attraction in every gather- and more like Him who at this time
ing. A child noticeably stands out became a little child, for our sake; under Pontius Pilate, was crucified; died, and was buried.
even among adults. A child is always
a beautiful person to watch be-
more simple-minded, more humble,
more affectionate, more resigned, of the possible. He descended into Hell; the third day He arose again from the
dead; He ascended into Heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God,
cause he/she reminds us of our own more happy, more full of God. John Faith does not operate in the has borne, the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the
childhood. Poets, philosophers, and Henry Newman. and the rest of his kindred shall living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic
popes dreamed of going back to their realm of the possible. There is
no glory for God in that which is return Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,
humanly possible. Faith begins to the children of Israel. the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.
I'll say maybe a last thing about He shall stand firm and shep-
where man's power ends.
spiritual warfare. I just spoke to 300 herd his flock Then, on the large bead before each decade:
priests at our inaugural Word on by the strength of the LORD,
Unless you are willing to do in the majestic name of the
Fire National Conference for Priests. the ridiculous, God will not do Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood,
LORD, his God;
On the Feast Day of the Queenship the miraculous. When you have and they shall remain, for now Soul and Divinity, of Your Dearly Beloved Son,
of Mary, I talked about why it's not God, you don’t have to know his greatness Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins
a twee, sentimental feast. On the everything about it; you just do it. shall reach to the ends of the and those of the whole world.
contrary, Mary the Queen is associ- - Mother Angelica: (born Rita An- earth;
ated with Christ the King. And in the toinette Rizzo: 1923 – 2016: was he shall be peace. On the ten small beads of each decade, say:
Israelite tradition, the king and his a Catholic American Poor Clare
queen mother are warrior figures. God chooses what the world
nun best known for her television considers little or of no significance: For the sake of His sorrowful Passion,
They do battle with the enemies of personality.) "too small among the clans," a bar- have mercy on us and on the whole world.
Israel. And so now Christ and Mary, ren woman in her old age, a young
his queen mother, are warriors in the Scripture Text: (MI 5:1-4A) maiden newly betrothed, small Conclude with (Say 3 Times):
great spiritual struggle. towns in Galilee and Judea. He uses
Does anyone doubt that the demonic power has been at Thus says the LORD: what is ordinary and graces them Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
You, Bethlehem-Ephrathah with extraordinary grandeur.
work in this terrible time? I think you'd be naïve in the ex- too small to be among the clans have mercy on us and on the whole world.
treme to deny it. What’s our job? Get in the army. Get in the of Judah, Needed in God's plan were the
army of Christ the King and Mary the Queen Mother, and from you shall come forth for cooperation, obedience and surren- Optional Closing Prayer
fight with them for the purification of our Church: through me der of men and women to carry our
prayer and penance, through abstinence and fasting, one who is to be ruler in Israel; God's great plan. Those same things Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of
through raising of one's voice and calling of the bishops— whose origin is from of old, are needed today and if they are compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase
whatever means you want to use, cooperate with Christ the from ancient times. given, we will have the same result – Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not
Therefore the Lord will give God's goodness with great joy!
King in his cleansing and purifying work. That's the them up, until the time — Source: despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence
spiritual call of our time. -- Bishop Robert Barron when she who is to give birth submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.
January 4-10, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of Karilagan Youth Program
for young women
Ilonggo History A Project of Silayan Filipina in 9th. Just send me you name, date
collaboration with Access, Inc. of birth, and email address. Once I
by Dinggol Araneta verify your age, then I will send you
Divinagracia I am the Youth Advocate for an application. Feel free to share
the following flyer with other young
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times. the Karilagan Program-- a young
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist women ages 15-19 in your network
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism.
women's empowerment program. who may be interested.
I am also a non-profit attorney

Walang Nakakaalam
at Access, Inc. in Linda Vista If you cannot make the January

Remembering Bongkoy!
representing survivors of domes- workshops, there will be other work-
tic violence, sexual assault, and shops offered each month on various
trafficking. Because of my over topics to help young women succeed
and find their purpose. Feel free to Wala ni sinuman ang s’yang nakakaalam
20 years in this field, I know the Na ang mga ngiting ito na aking taglay
(By: DinggolAranetaDivinagracia - email me for additional information.
January 2, 2019) importance of empowering young
women to use thèir voice early Dahilang kinalimutan ko nang tuluyan
I look forward to hearing from you.
“Today the 2nd day of January and often to hopefully prevent en- Nang ikaw ay aking binalak na iwanan
2019, is the 70th birthday of my tering into an unhealthy relation-
"twice-over" first cousin named ship and to be able to help other Anne S. Bautista Walang sinuman ang siyang nakakabatid
women who have fallen victim. Youth Advocate (Karilagan Pro-
Arturo Divinagracia Araneta, Jr. gram) Ang tunay na dahilan ng aking pagtangis
The family fondly called him Access, Inc. Kung akala nila na ako’y nananabik
"Bambino", and we used to tease It is for this reason that I am reach-
ing out young women ages 15-19 2612 Daniel Ave. sana ‘y naririto ka nang iyong marinig
him since our childhood days who may be interested in the follow- San Diego, CA 92111
with his bansag or tease name ing upcoming free January work- (858) 560-0871 x 103
"Bongkoy". On his 65th natal day Walang may hinala kung gaano kahapdi
shops. If you are interested, you can
anniversary last January 2, 2014, let me know via email by January Ang nangyari nitong mga huling sandali
his cremated earthly remains was Matapang ako’t hindi agad magagapi
5 Points to ponder about
interred into his final resting place Arturo "Bambino" Araneta, Jr. Iyan ang tingin sa’kin, sila kaya’y mali?
in our modest family memorial sera, sera!". But Bambino, in his
lot at the Molo Catholic cemetery
in the City of Iloilo, Philippines.”
early 20’s together with his two
Assumption-Iloilo Convent breed the 3 Magi Wala naghihinalang ako’y nasasabik
dinggol.d~~~ younger sisters, left the comfort of Ang alam lang nila’y may angkin akong bangis
their luxurious home at Villa Lizares by Mel Ullrich, Tekton Ministries the right path and will soon see the Igapos man ako gaano man kahigpit
Here's the obituary I posted after he in Tabuc Suba, Jaro in Iloilo City, 12/28/2018 Lord and glorify Him. How does kakalag pa rin ako’t biglang tatalilis
passed away on May 8, 2010 almost armed themselves and went to the your heart respond knowing that one
nine years ago: hills to fight the repressive dictator- Ask anyone about the Magi, day Jesus will return? Are you filled
ship. He was later captured after an also known as the Three Kings with joy like the Magi, eager to see Walang may alam na kailangan ko’y ikaw
FAREWELL BAMBINO! intense gun battle in the hinterlands or Three Wise Men, and the first Him, knowing you have shared your Kaya kong gawin lahat sa mundong ibabaw
of southern Luzon and was incarcer- thing that typically comes to mind gifts? Or are you fearful like King
ated for several years in the stockade Herod, troubled and concerned with ang pagtangis ko lingid sa kanilang alam
With deep sorrow we announce the is either a familiar Christmas
sudden demise last week of Arturo for political prisoners in Manila, your position and possessions here Sa aking pag-iisa ikaw ang dahilan.
tune or the gifts they brought the on earth?
Divinagracia Araneta, Jr. in Sta. Ana, Cebu and in Iloilo City. After his re-
CA., a victim of fatal heart attack lease when martial law was over, and Christ Child. The fact is, we don’t
know a lot about them. They are Always Obey God’s Call— Copyright 2018 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
in his early 60's while doing some democracy was restored, he worked WITH HOPE ‘n INSIGHT
paper works in his office. diligently as a traveling Salesman in mentioned only in the Gospel of A.S.A.P.
Bambino was an active leader dur- Luzon for a Multi-National Com- Matthew, and he offers very few RHYME
ing his University of the Philippines pany. details. But one thing we know One of the greatest lessons of the
birth of Christ is the faith and obedi- LET’S SEEK CLARITY
(UP) student years as a member of Later, he married the former Sol- for sure–they are among the first
ence of so many. Mary, Joseph, the
the Samahan ng Demokratikong ing Esteva of Molo, Iloilo City; pilgrims in the New Testament!
Kabataan (SDK) who joined the raised three children at Makati City In fact, they’re kind of the poster
shepherds, and the Magi all hear
God’s call and respond affirmatively
‘n JOY!!
"First Quarter Storm" in the early in Metro Manila who are now all
1970's against the oppressive regime. career professionals and then he children for a meaningful pil- to His will. More importantly, they IN THESE ‘n
"Tura" to his friends and "Bambino" later moved to California, USA --but grimage: respond immediately to what they
or Bino to his family and close rela- while awaiting his family to follow hear or is revealed. When God calls THESE TUMULTUOUS TIMES
tions, he was born with the prover- him, he met his untimely last and They journey great distances to you or places something in your Joel H San Juan
bial "silver spoon in his mouth". His final destiny. foreign lands. heart, do you obey immediately?
father from Molo Arturo Locsin Ara- We admire his sacrifices and Or do you question it, ponder it, put
neta was a sugar planter who had an devotion to his family. And more They travel with an intention. it off, or try to rationalize a re-
"Hacienda" in Bago City in Negros importantly; his idealism and firm They seek to grow closer to Our sponse that is more comfortable and
Occidental while his mother was the conviction, the fearless determina- Lord and pay Him homage. convenient for you? We must all be
former Consuelo Parcon Divina- tion to fight for what he believed is Like all pilgrims, I have to believe courageous in responding to God’s THIS IS A NIGHT FOR RELAXATION
gracia, a Pharmacist of Dumangas right and the courage to be willing to the Magi were changed by their call without hesitation.
and Pototan ancestry who owned a lay down his own life for freedom, journey. It’s fitting that their feast
day is called the “Epiphany,” a word Trust That God Will Provide
Tonight I won’t attempt
Botica in Iloilo City. fair justice and to serve the people.
When martial law was declared; Yes! Bambino, we are proud of derived from the Greek epiphainen, The gifts of the Magi affirm that
many people cowered in fear and you and your legacy shall never be a verb that means "to shine upon," God provides for our needs in His Deep complicated thoughts
mostly shouted "Alleluia", while forgotten. Farewell and rest in peace "to manifest," or “to make known.” perfect time. The gifts they present
others sang to the tune of "Que !!! ...your Manong dinggol~~~ A more modern definition is “a sud- to the baby Jesus may seem imprac- (Although I like to believe I can)
den, intuitive perception of or insight tical for an infant, yet they prove
into the reality or essential meaning to be essential for the Holy Family And instead just do a bit of relaxing
of something.” I think that’s fitting. when they are forced to flee to Egypt
They certainly left us with many on short notice. God provides what
meaningful insights and things to Joseph needs at just the right time. Perhaps with a little glass
think about: We can trust that God knows what
we need and will provide for us, too. Of sparkling wine on the side
Wise Men (and Women!) Seek
Christ Respond to the Lord with a Gen- While the crescent moon
erous Heart
Upon their arrival in Jerusalem, the
Magi ask, “Where is the one who has The Magi teach us that sharing our
Circles us with grace
been born king of the Jews? We saw gifts is pleasing to the Lord and that
his star in the East and have come to the size and “practicality” of a gift With a billion stars watching
worship him.” The Magi are a salient is not as important as the gift itself.
example of faith, believing in and One of the snares we commonly slip Sending sparkling twinkles of delight
seeking Christ long before they see into is rationalizing the timing and
Him. We know that when we seek appropriateness of giving. (I’ll start And pushing troubling thoughts aside
God with sincere determination, we tithing when my kids are out of col-
will find Him. He is not hiding from lege…) How appropriate is it to give
us, and really, we need not go far to a baby a chest of gold and incense? Into the dark closets of the night
find Him. He is always waiting for The Magi are not concerned by what
us, ready to welcome us into a loving the baby King will do with them.
and intimate relationship with Him. The act and spiritual discipline of
Will you react with fear or excite- giving are far more important to God This is a time for peace and relaxation
ment when Jesus returns? than how or how much we give.
Matthew 2:3 tells us that when May seeking and glorifying God
King Herod heard about the birth of be our focus this Christmas season.
As I now drink some hot ginger tea
Jesus, “He was greatly troubled.” Instead of being distracted by all the
But in verse 10, we learn the Magi glitter and trimmings of the holidays, In a cup with Einstein’s impish face
are “overjoyed at seeing the star.” let’s celebrate the wonderful gift that
Seeing the star confirms they are on God sent to save us all! Sticking out his tongue tauntingly at me
Painted on the outer surface of my cup

Room for Rent $390.00

Nice house near Pomerado
Hospital, woman preferred.
Please call Aida at (858) 547-
3535 or (858) 679-9460.
Top: Daughter Paopao holding her fathers sacred urn.. (Below) Seated at middle
is Sol Esteva vda. de Araneta.
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 4-10, 2019

Classified Ads
Feast gospel, and feeding street people.
The vigil continues many of these
the duration of the Translacion. They
help devotees to climb up on the
corruption and persistent dirty poli-
ticking in the Philippines had caused
deep fakes. One of Farid’s recent
breakthroughs has been focusing on
dropping. The proliferation of deep
fakes, Ovadya says, is likely to exac-
( Continued from page 3 ) same activities long into the night. carriage to touch the Nazarene or the enormous poverty, abuses and subtle changes of color that occur in erbate this trend.
seemingly minor historical event, the Participants sing religious and in- cross, and they wipe the image with sufferings among its populace, and the face as blood is pumped in and According to Danielle Citron, we
1787 solemn Translacion, or transfer, spirational songs and dance all night towels and handkerchiefs tossed at contribute to the sense of needing to out. The signal is so minute that the are already beginning to see the
of the image from its original home, long, perform and watch stage plays them by devotees. Wiping cloth on turn directly to God for relief. Filipi- machine learning software is unable social ramifications of this epistemic
where Rizal Park is now located, to until the wee hours of the morning. the statue is believed to “rub off” the nos are patient, tolerant and forbear- to pick it up – at least for now. decay.
its present home at the basilica in miraculous power and curative abili- ing people. They can take so much As the threat of deep fakes intensi- “Ultimately, deep fakes are simply
Quiapo. The Translacion ties of the statue onto the cloth. abuse and sufferings just like Jesus fies, so do efforts to produce new amplifying what I call the liar’s
did during his passion, crucifixion, detection methods. In June, research- dividend,” she said. “When nothing
An image of the Black Nazarene, On January 9, after a huge morning As devotees chant “Viva, viva," and death on the cross. Similarly, ers from the University at Albany is true then the dishonest person will
carved of mesquite wood by an Mass, the Translacion procession of and call to the statue, the procession Filipinos show how they can identify (SUNY) published a paper outlining thrive by saying what’s true is fake.”
anonymous Mexican sculptor, ar- the Black Nazarene from Rizal to wends its way very slowly through by enduring a procession lasting how fake videos could be identified
rived in Manila in the mid 1600s. Quiapo begins. The Black Nazarene the streets, able only to move slowly up to 22 hours. --- https://www. by a lack of blinking in synthetic This article has been amended
The statue was partially destroyed in is moved from the grandstand to a because of the frenzied crowds who subjects. Facebook has also commit- to clarify that though sp.a initially
1945 during the liberation of Manila special carriage to begin the long, descend on it, and usually makes it feast-black-nazarene ted to developing machine learning claimed it used machine learning
in World War II. The Archdiocese of slow procession, which is anything to the church late in the night. models to detect deep fakes. technology to create its fake Trump
Manila commissioned a renowned
Filipino santero, or saint carver,
but somber. The most determined
devotees walk the 6.5 km route bare- Devotion to the Nazareno is espe- You thought But Farid is wary. Relying on
forensic detection alone to combat
deep fakes is becoming less vi-
clip, it was later revealed that the
video was made using After Effects,
an editing software
Gener Manlaqui, to sculpt the pres- foot from Rizal to the Quiapo minor cially strong among the large num- ( Continued from page 14 )
ent day replica, using the original basilica as penance and an emulation ber of poor Filipinos. Poor people a well-timed deep fake could very able, he believes, due to the rate at In these critical times …
head. of Jesus on his way to Golgotha. The comprise the majority of devotees well disrupt the democratic process.” which machine learning techniques … The Guardian’s US editor John Mul-
act of walking barefoot is a panata or at the feast and have an especially can circumvent them. “It used to holland urges you to show your support
While these disturbing hypotheti- for independent journalism with a year-
The vigil vow of sacrifice and thanksgiving to deep devotion the Black Nazarene cals might be easy to conjure, Tim be that we’d have a couple of years
as a way of identifying their own between coming up with a detection end gift to The Guardian. We are asking
mimic Christ who carried the cross Hwang, director of the Harvard-MIT our US readers to help us raise $1 mil-
On January 8, a million partici- to Calvary barefoot. struggles with the Passion, death and Ethics and Governance of Artificial technique and the forgers working
lion dollars by the new year to report on
pants, mostly youth, gather in Rizal Other attendees lining the roads resurrection of Jesus. Filipino clergy Intelligence Initiative, is not will- around it. Now it only takes two to the most important stories in 2019.
Park for a vigil in anticipation of the include families of the walking variously describe the devotions as ing to bet on deep fakes having a three months.”
procession.3 Devotees line up at the devotees, local and foreign tourists, magic-oriented or mis-focused, or as high impact on elections in the near This, he explains, is due to the flex- A note from John:
grandstand for the pahalik, or “kiss,” devotees from overseas, and mem- admirable, pious reflections of faith, future. Hwang has been studying the ibility of machine learning. “All the
the opportunity to kiss or touch the bers of lay associations throughout but the bishops are always eager to spread of misinformation on online programmer has to do is update the In normal times we might not be mak-
cross or foot of the Black Nazarene. the Philippines. Each of the associa- be there for Mass.4 In numerous networks for a number of years, and, algorithm to look for, say, changes of ing this appeal. But these are not normal
Often they wipe the cross or foot tions carries a banner indicating its ways, they try to channel this devo- color in the face that correspond with times. Many of the values and beliefs we
with the exception of the small- hold dear at The Guardian are under
with a cloth that they keep and rub name and location. The banners are tion through focus on the Eucharist. stakes Belgian incident, he is yet to the heartbeat, and then suddenly, the
Whatever these efforts, the devo- fakes incorporate this once imper- threat both here in the US and around
on themselves or give to relatives usually colored maroon or white and see any examples of truly corrosive the world. Facts, science, humanity,
unable to visit the Nazarene. The embroidered in gold with an icon of tionalism of Filipinos seems to be incidents of deep fakes “in the wild”. ceptible sign.” (For this reason, Farid
diversity and equality are being chal-
touch of the cloth is said to bring the Nazareno and the name of the growing, especially as it is manifest Hwang believes that that this is chose not to share some of his more lenged daily. As is truth. Which is why
physical healing. Many groups or association in white or gold sur- in burgeoning participation in the partly because using machine learn- recent forensic breakthroughs with we need your help.
families bring copies of the Naza- roundings. Black Nazarene feast. ing to generate convincing fake me. “Once I spill on the research, Powerful public figures choose lies
rene statue — some quite large — videos still requires a degree of all it takes is one asshole to add it to over truths, prefer supposition over
and other statues. These are treated Traditionally only men were al- In its qualities of suffering, pa- expertise and lots of data. “If you are their system.”) science; and select hate over human-
with great respect and often wiped lowed to be namamasan, the barefoot tience, and fervor, the ritual of the a propagandist, you want to spread Although Farid is locked in this ity. The US administration is foremost
with a cloth, but do not draw the men who pull the wheeled carriage vigil procession enacts the sufferings your work as far as possible with technical cat-and-mouse game with among them; whether in denying climate
same level of frenzy as the primary using two large ropes. Recently, and patience of the Filipino people. deep fake creators, he is aware that science or hating on immigrants; giving
the least amount of effort,” he said. succor to racists or targeting journalists
Nazarene statue that is pulled in the though, women have also been al- While devotees bring their own “Right now, a crude Photoshop job the solution does not lie in new
personal concerns and sufferings to technology alone. “The problem and the media. Many of these untruths
procession. lowed to pull the rope. The right side could be just as effective as some- and attacks find fertile ground on social
The vigil is filled with singing, of the rope or the right shoulder was the Nazarene, the celebrations are thing created with machine learn- isn’t just that deep fake technology is
media where tech platforms seem unable
dancing, and stage plays. Inspira- traditionally believed to be the most an extraordinarily communal, rather ing.” getting better,” he said. “It is that the to cauterise lies. As a result, fake is in
tional talks by clergy and bishops en- sacred side since it was the side on than individualistic, form of devo- At the same time, Hwang acknowl- social processes by which we col- danger of overriding fact.
courage impious or wayward people, which Jesus bore the Cross. tionalism. Though Filipinos can and edges that as deep fakes become lectively come to know things and Almost 100 years ago, in 1921, the
especially youth, to turn from bad do visit the statue all year long, the more realistic and easier to produce hold them to be true or untrue are editor of The Guardian argued that
habits and vices such as smoking, Hijos del Nazareno, Sons of the procession is a huge event. The vigil in the coming years, they could under threat.” the principal role of a newspaper was
drugs, drinking, and pre-marital sex, Nazarene, clad in yellow or white and procession are characterized by usher in an era of forgery qualita- Indeed, as the fake video of Trump accurate reporting, insisting that “facts
to became ardent followers of Christ. shirts, form an honor guard for both patience and urgency, a manner that spread through social networks are sacred.” We still hold that to be true.
tively different from what we have The need for a robust, independent press
Youth are encouraged to engage the Black Nazarene and serve as of taking things directly to Jesus seen before. in Belgium earlier this year demon-
walking among them, yet doing so in strated, deep fakes don’t need to be has never been greater, but the chal-
in apostolic-religious work like marshals. They are the only ones “We have long been able to doctor lenge is more intense than ever as digital
studying, preaching and teaching the allowed to ride on the carriage for their own fashion. Long decades of images and movies,” he said. “But undetectable or even convincing to
disruption threatens traditional media’s
in the past, if you wanted to make be believed and do damage. It is pos- business model. We pride ourselves on
a video of the president saying sible that the greatest threat posed by not having a paywall because we believe
something he didn’t say, you needed deep fakes lies not in the fake con- truth should not come at a price for any-
a team of experts. Machine learning tent itself, but in the mere possibility one. Our journalism remains open and
will not only automate this process, of their existence. accessible to everyone and with your
it will also probably make better This is a phenomenon that scholar help we can keep it that way.
forgeries.” Aviv Ovadya has called “reality apa- We want to say a huge thank you to
thy”, whereby constant contact with everyone who has supported The Guard-
Couple this with the fact that access ian so far. We hope to pass our goal by
to this technology will spread over misinformation compels people to
stop trusting what they see and hear. early January 2019. Every contribution,
the internet, and suddenly you have, big or small, will help us reach it. Please
as Hwang put it, “a perfect storm of In other words, the greatest threat
make a year-end gift today to show your
misinformation”. isn’t that people will be deceived, ongoing support for our independent
Nonetheless, research into machine but that they will come to regard journalism. Thank you. — https://www.
learning-powered synthetic media everything as deception.
forges ahead. Recent polls indicate that trust in nov/12/deep-fakes-fake-news-truth
In August, an international team of major institutions and the media is
researchers affiliated with Ger-

many’s Max Planck Institute for
Informatics unveiled a technique for
producing what they called “deep
video portraits”, a sort of facial
ventriloquism, where one person can Now accepting applications for a
take control of another person’s face
and make it say or do things at will. full-time live-in caregiver position
A video accompanying the research
paper depicted a researcher opening at our beautiful 6-bed elderly facil-
his mouth and a corresponding mov-
ing image of Barack Obama opening ity in San Marcos. Duties include
basic housework and cooking.
his mouth; the researcher then moves
his head to the side, and so does

There will be a background check.

synthetic Obama.
Christian Theobalt, a researcher

Legal residents only, call

involved in the study, told me
via email that he imagines deep
video portraits will be used most
effectively for accurate dubbing in
foreign films, advanced face editing
techniques for post-production in
film, and special effects. In a press
release that accompanied the original
paper, the researchers acknowledged
potential misuse of their technology,
Work for the San Diego’s
but emphasized how their approach
– capable of synthesizing faces that
Top Home Care Agency!
look “nearly indistinguishable from
ground truth” – could make “a real
difference to the visual entertainment
Now Hiring
Hany Farid, professor of computer
science at the University of Califor-
Exerienced Caregivers
nia, Berkeley, believes that although for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
the machine learning-powered
breakthroughs in computer graphics
are impressive, researchers should Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits
be more cognizant of the broader
social and political ramifications of Requirements
what they’re creating. “The special • 3 professional references
effects community will love these
new technologies,” Farid told me. • Proof of eligibility to work in the US
“But outside of this world, outside of
Hollywood, it is not clear to me that Call for an appointment
the positive implications outweigh
the negative.” Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Farid, who has spent the past 20
years developing forensic technol-
ogy to identify digital forgeries, is La Jolla Apply Online!
currently working on new detection
methods to counteract the spread of
January 4-10, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 13

As the
be convinced to bear arms to save
themselves from exploitation. San Diego author donates $10,000 from book
sales to Navy Marine Corps Relief Society
Luis Jalandoni, retired NDFP
chairperson and a former priest, in
a segment in the film, Revolution SAN DIEGO, CA (January 3,

by Rudy Liporada
Sway Selfie: The Red Battalion, he was
asked how he could reconcile being
2019)—San Diego native and
retired Navy Chief Petty Officer
with the movement when a preach- Jeff Edwards has just donated
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada ing in the bible says “Though shalt $10,000 to the Navy-Marine
at not kill.” His response: “That really Corps Relief Society, after com-
depends on who is saying it and to mitting $2 from every sale of his
whom it is directed to.” He said that
latest military thriller, Steel Wind,
“Young Filipino Revolutionaries:
the enemy could be saying this to the
people to prevent the people from during the months of November

“We will continue it for them

rising in revolt but the enemy will and December. Edwards’ goal for
have no hesitation to kill, breaking the campaign was to contribute

(CPP Pioneers)”
the tenet without qualms.” Nonethe- directly to the welfare of service
less, during his talk at the anniversa- men and women, through the or-
ry, he emphasized that, now a peace ganization that helped his family
As the Bamboos Sway the celebration, Joma emphasized process consultant, the NDFP is still
open to peace negotiations which
in a time of need when he was a
By Rudy D. Liporada that the resiliency of the movement
President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte junior sailor aboard a guided mis-
is based on the justness of its cause. sile destroyer in Japan.
A highlight of the celebration He said that while they started only has virtually quashed last November,
2018. Edwards’ wife and infant son for meals and then-costly interna- As an Anti-Submarine Warfare
of the Communist Party of the with nine high powered guns with had flown space-available (which tional telephone calls. It was an act Specialist trained extensively in
Philippines (CPP) during its 50th a miniscule of 60 combatants in military members can do for free) of kindness that Edwards has never mainframe computers, weapons
Tarlac, the NPAs now are in 73 of The film, Revolution Selfie: The
Year Anniversary, in Utrecht, Red Battalion, was produced and from Japan to visit family in North forgotten. systems, and naval combat tactics,
Netherlands last December 29, the 81 provinces in the Philippines. Carolina. Technical trouble caused “When the bank representative was Edwards brings an experience-based
With fully armed thousands of fight- directed by American filmmaker
2018, was a film clip where Steven De Castro. He depicted the the plane to divert to Alaska, where cutting the check, she asked if I was edge of authenticity to his writing
ers supported by thousands more of they were stranded with no space- paying off a debt,” said Edwards. “I and possesses uncommon insight on
young New Peoples’ Army local militia, the company and battal- activities of the NPA, particularly
the Pulang Bagani battalion in the available flights out, and only $15 in was about to shake my head when the current national-security environ-
(NPA) fighters and activists from ion size forces are primed to “transi- I realized she was right. In a sense, ment.
movie. To do this, he spent weeks his wife’s pocket. The family had no
schools, urban poor and varied tion from the middle phase to the way to afford the several thousand this is paying off a debt. NMCRS Set in the all-too-likely scenario of
professional and working groups advance stage of strategic defensive” in the NPAs’ camp, joining them in
their arduous and dangerous marches dollars it would have cost to get has been helping out military a North Korean military confronta-
thanking the “pioneers” of the of the armed conflict. them home. NMCRS stepped in with families like mine for more than 100
and witnessing their services – ( Continued on page 14 )
Philippine revolutionary move- medical, dental, production, lectures, money for the flight, even money years.”
Organized by the National Demo-
ment for their continuing guid- cratic Front of the Philippines celebrations, and others.
ing inspirations for the young
City of San Diego
(NDFP) International Information
revolutionaries. The prevailing
statement was: “We thank them
Office in Utrecht with the Linangan
Art and Culture, the whole day anni-
On service to the people, at a side
interview, Connie Ledesma, also a Memories our summer vacations until our early
twenties. Peddy, our childhood play-
mate, became a rig driver (kutsero), ( Continued from page 5 )
(the pioneers) for starting this for versary celebration was attended by peace process panel member and a ( Continued from page 6 )
former nun, when asked why she Imo a farmer, and Peping a jeepney “front load” method, in accordance
us. We will continue it for them.” representatives of communist parties, barrio. I am proud to say that my with the ordinance. Employees may
labor organizations, and other soli- left the nunnery to join the move- driver. We lost touch with each other
ment, she said that: Although her cousin Boyet and I passed the test soon after. use earned sick leave for all reasons
Indeed, most of the NPA fighters darity groups from the Philippines, with flying colors. Our courage was described in the ordinance, includ-
United States, Netherlands, Canada, name is associated with the wealthy Boyet married in his forties and had
and activists now in the Philip- sugar barons in Iloilo, she was with tested and we did not disappoint. We a daughter. Occasionally, we saw ing, but not limited to, time for their
Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, showed the rural boys that city lads own medical care or for the medical
pines were not even born yet France, Germany, Austria, Iceland, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. each other during family reunions,
when CPP Founding Chairman Their congregation is dedicated to like us could be as tough as them. as I lived abroad. We never had a care of a family member. Employ-
Norway, Peru, United Kingdom, Unless, of course, we were asked to ers may limit an employee’s use of
Jose Maria Sison (Joma) with 11 Switzerland, India, Mexico, Turkey, integrating with the poorer sector of chance to bond again fully as we be-
society specially with women with fetch water from artesian wells. came busy with our own lives. It was earned sick leave to 40 hours in a
others reestablished the Com- Indonesia, and others. The Embassy Eventually, I went to college and benefit year.
munist Party of the Philippines in of Venezuela in The Hague also sent problems. “It’s there, being with when we reached our seventy years
them, where I realized that there is Boyet applied the electronics repair on earth that our bonding would end If a person believes an employer
December 26, 1968. And while a representative. skills he had learned in high school is violating the ordinance, they are
no other solution to their problems for good, but the happy memories of
Joma, Julieta De Lima, and oth- but through the revolution.” to his career. He worked as a televi- our summer vacations in the prov- encouraged to file a complaint, in
ers carry on with the struggle and Apart from congratulating the CPP sion technician for a big company writing, with the Minimum Wage
for reaching its golden milestone, the ince as young boys remain in my
others have already died, 10s and Youth organizations of the Nether- while I pursued my journalism mind to cherish. - AJ Program. For more information, visit
representatives, invariably, thanked profession. We continued to share
thousands of so called millenni- the CPP for being a shining example lands also presented a Mao-Tse-Tung
als are carrying on the fire started on how to wage a protracted war. pen to Joma to which he remarked,
by the pioneers 50 years ago. In Following the “north star,” the CPP attributing to De Lima’s earlier
between the pioneers and the mil- with its NPA is now recognized as lecture, “Oh! Good. I will continue
writing for the revolution then.”
13th of the Month Fatima Devotion
lennials are conduit veterans who
have learned from the pioneers
waging the longest armed struggle
against a government in the world.
Adlibbing, though, from his culmi-
Divine Mercy #shrine Encinitas
The solidarity speeches of the
and share their revolutionary pray
representatives always ended with nating written speech earlier, Joma praywith
knowledge with the younger chants in varied languages like Viva taunted Digong on his earlier boast
generations. A Mao-Tse-Tung CPP-NPA-NDF! that he will annihilate the NPAs at
thought comes to mind: With the the end of the year 2018. Glanc-
experience of the old cadres and Julieta De Lima, an NDFP peace ing at his watch, Joma said “two
the enthusiasm of the youth, the panel member, emphasized in her days are left before the end of 2018
revolution will prevail. talk, that according to Mao-Tse- and the CPP and the revolutionary Divine Mercy Shrine in Encinitas, CA.
Tung, a revolution is waged not movement it leads is even growing
And for those who have given their only with guns but also with pens. stronger and drawing in more mem- Are you part of the story?
Without each other, the revolution bers and allies. He (Digong) adjusted
all, dying in the struggle, a collage his deadline to the middle of 2019.
representing NPA fighters, activists will fail. In arousing the masses
through information of prevailing (Again) He will fail.”
belonging to various sectors was
presented during the function. A situations and solutions to problems,
the written word in articles, books, The audience laughed.
presentation by the youth of Neth-
erlands emphasized that the spirit scripts for theater presentations,
and the like must be done through And the solidarity group from many
of those who have died lives in the nations sang with more than vigor
souls of those who continue to be in- the pen. Now, with the prevalence
of social media tools, the pen has the International to move forward
spired by their example. Thus, they from what the ‘pioneers’ have started
have not really died for they keep become a euphemism for using these
tools. Still the ideology flowing and beyond the golden jubilee cel-
the movement alive and resilient. ebration of the CPP.
through the ‘pen’ is necessary for the
In his culminating address during masses to be aroused. They will then
April 13,
April 2015
13, 2015 May 13, 2014
Divine Mercy shrine grounds Thank you to all our volunteers!
In the fight against all forms of cancer, follow Hippocrates:
"Let your food be your medicine." what you will see: the 20-footSolemnity
cross of
on the hill top. (the stations of the
Christ mercy
divine the Kingprayer
2014 warriors juliet
brandell and ronald sarte are
cross and the grotto of our lady of among the many volunteers who
the rosary are also on the site but come to pray at the site every month.
not visible from the street.)
Join us on the 13th of each Month at front of the San Dieguito Unified School
2:00 pm to pray the Rosary, the Chaplet District (between Westlake St and
of Divine Mercy and the Way of the Delphinium St).
Cross at the Divine Mercy #shrine Remember:
grounds (vacant land with 20-ft Cross 1. Park on street and walk up to the
across from San Dieguito Unified site.
School District) in Encinitas CA. 2. No restroom facilities on site.
When: 13th of the Month 3. Dress for the outdoors (jackets,
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm hats, comfortable walking shoes for
Where: 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas uphill hike)
Ca 92024 (not an actual address; for We hope you can join us every month.
driving directions only) or Google Thank you and God bless! - DMHFSC*
“divine mercy shrine encinitas” JESUS, I trust in you!

Take I-5. Exit Encinitas Blvd. Go east Zarina (619) 890-2789

FR BEN BELTRAN SVD is seeking sponsors and donors to join the effort to fight can- about 1.4 miles. Site is on vacant land Rowena (619) 962-8185
cer by healing the body with organic food. When in Metro Manila, please visit WOW with cross on hill along Encinitas Blvd in Gen (619) 851-9547
Organic Restaurant where we serve food to strengthen the body's immune system.
WOW Organic Restaurant is a program sponsor of a feeding initiative using organic * The DIVINE MERCY HILLS FOUNDATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (DMHFSC) is dedicated to the design,
meals to restore to health cancer-stricken children in a local hospital in Metro development and maintenance of a DIVINE MERCY #shrine for the purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine
Mercy message and devotion. This shrine will draw people of all nations, cultures and beliefs to a vessel with which they are to
Manila. Let us help Fr Beltran in these efforts. keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy — the image of Divine Mercy. The Foundation is a 501(c)3
For more info, contact non-profit organization. Visit the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California website at or email for more information or if you would
like to donate time, talent or treasure to this project.
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 4-10, 2019

Why Catholics should beware as high-tech You thought fake news was bad? Deep fakes
'deepfake' videos emerge are where truth goes to die
By Kevin Jones “This is a dangerous time. Moving the problem.” Oscar Schwartz, The Guardian
forward, we need to be more vigilant For Bush, it is hard to say whether 11/12/2018
Dallas, Texas, Apr 25, 2018 with what we trust from the inter- the new video technology will
/ 03:01 am (CNA).- Like any net,” Peele’s Obama says. fundamentally change the media Technology can make it look as
figure of importance, there is The footage of President Obama environment or simply continue cur- if anyone has said or done any-
was manipulated and set to a script. rent trends. thing. Is it the next wave of (mis)
high likelihood that the Pope or
Adobe After Effects and a program information warfare?
another Catholic leader could be called FakeApp were used. Render- People have become more savvy
the subject of a fake video using about relatively new technological
‘When nothing is true then the
ing of the clip took about 56 hours.
a rapidly improving technol- Peele, a filmmaker who won an hoaxes, such as scam emails promis- dishonest person will thrive by
ogy—and everyone needs to take Oscar for the movie “Get Out,” con- ing money from a Nigerian prince, saying what’s true is fake.’
care not to empower such a hoax, ceived the video with his brother-in- he noted. ‘When nothing is true then the
said Rudolph Bush, director of law BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti. “Nobody believes that kind of stuff dishonest person will thrive by
journalism at the University of With the prospect of such vid- anymore. So we do adapt,” Bush saying what’s true is fake.’ Photo-
eos, Bush said, one has to work to said. “At the same time, as these graph: Joan Wong
Dallas. “straighten out what is fake news things become more sophisticated, In May, a video appeared on the
and what is real news.” particularly if they’re used by state
“It’s very likely to happen, I think,
“What it does is sow seeds of actors or groups with a high level internet of Donald Trump offering age control. “Hi Theo, this is a on the porn videos, which became
and the consequences could be seri- advice to the people of Belgium playful video. Trump didn’t really known as “deep fakes”. In response,
distrust and worry in societies,” he of understanding of what it takes Reddit banned them for violating the
ous,” Bush told CNA April 23. “De- on the issue of climate change. make these statements.” “Hey, Dirk,
said. “And of course democracies are to manipulate a society or a group, site’s content policy against invol-
pending on who is targeted by this, “As you know, I had the balls to this video is supposed to be a joke.
based on communal trust, the idea then we’ll see whether we can parse untary pornography. By this stage,
depending on how ripe that target is Trump didn’t really say this.”
to be manipulated, it could be very
we can get together and solve our what’s real or not real.” withdraw from the Paris climate The party’s communications team however, the creator of the videos
problems peacefully.” _____ agreement,” he said, looking had released FakeApp, an easy-
damaging.” had clearly underestimated the
The rise of the “deepfake” video directly into the camera, “and so power of their forgery, or perhaps to-use platform for making forged
also poses the question: will false- Dear Reader:
should you.” overestimated the judiciousness media. The free software effectively
For Bush, the prospect is “really
hood triumph? of their audience. Either way, this democratized the power of GANs.
worrisome,” given reports that social
“There used to be an old saying At CNA, our mission is to tell the truth. The video was created by a Bel-
media have been used to incite Our journalists work hard to find the gian political party, Socialistische small, left-leaning political party Suddenly, anyone with access to the
that the truth will win out. That is had, perhaps unwittingly, provided a internet and pictures of a person’s
societies during elections or times truth, and to help you understand it. We Partij Anders, or sp.a, and posted
something that we based our societ- deeply troubling example of the use face could generate their own deep
of racial or ethnic tensions. These do this because Jesus Christ is the way, on sp.a’s Twitter and Facebook. It
ies on, our journalism on: over time, of manipulated video online in an fake.
tensions are manipulated to foment the truth, and the life.
“not only political strife but war and
what is true will carry more weight provoked hundreds of comments, explicitly political context. When Danielle Citron, a professor
than what is false,” Bush continued. Our coverage aims to be smart, fair,
in some cases genocide.” and honest. And our coverage is always many expressing outrage that the It was a small-scale demonstration of law at the University of Maryland,
“That’s being tested now.” American president would dare of how this technology might be first became aware of the fake porn
“We live in an age when there is free—free to you, and free to the Catho-
Bush has worked as a professional lic parishes, dioceses, and news outlets weigh in on Belgium’s climate used to threaten our already vulner- movies, she was initially struck by
so much false information, at such able information ecosystem – and how viscerally they violated these
journalist since 1997, serving as
a volume, that it can be hard to sort
around the world that carry our stories. policy.
Dallas and Enterprise editor at the The world needs the truth. And we perhaps undermine the possibility of women’s right to privacy. But once
out what is true,” he said. “We have need your help. Sign up for a recurring a reliable, shared reality. she started thinking about deep
Dallas Morning News. He has writ- One woman wrote: “Humpy Trump
a responsibility as consumers to monthly donation or a one-time gift. Fake videos can now be created fakes, she realized that if they spread
ten for the Chicago Tribune and the needs to look at his own country
verify what is true, and when we Your generosity helps us tell the truth, in using a machine learning technique beyond the trolls on Reddit they
Dallas Morning News on politics with his deranged child killers who
understand what is true, to share it the light of Christ. called a “generative adversarial could be even more dangerous. They
and crime. just end up with the heaviest weap-
with our fellow parishioners.” I hope you'll partner with our team at network”, or a GAN. A graduate could be weaponized in ways that
He spoke in response to the de- ons in schools.”
He advised readers to find trusted CNA. We're grateful for you. student, Ian Goodfellow, invented weaken the fabric of democratic
velopment of so-called “deepfake” Another added: “Trump shouldn’t
sources of information within their GANs in 2014 as a way to algo- society itself.
videos, which are created with artifi- blow so high from the tower because
community, whether in their church -- https://www.catholicnewsagency. rithmically generate new types of
cial intelligence software. One video the Americans are themselves as
community or in the local newspa- com/news/why-catholics-should- data out of existing data sets. For “I started thinking about my city,
published by Buzzfeed appeared to dumb.”
per, and to rely on those. beware-as-high-tech-deepfake-videos- instance, a GAN can look at thou- Baltimore,” she told me. “In 2015,
feature former U.S. President Barack But this anger was misdirected. The
“This is a really difficult conversa- emerge-67227
sands of photos of Barack Obama, the place was a tinderbox after the
Obama in a public service announce- speech, it was later revealed, was
tion in our society: whether people
San Diego author
ment about fake news. nothing more than a hi-tech forgery. and then produce a new photo that killing of Freddie Gray. So, I started
will trust the so-called traditional approximates those photos without to imagine what would’ve happened
“We’re entering an era in which Sp.a claimed that they had com-
media or mainstream media,” Bush being an exact copy of any one of if a deep fake emerged of the chief
our enemies can make it look like missioned a production studio to use
said. “A great deal of effort has been ( Continued from page 13 )
them, as if it has come up with an of police saying something deeply
anyone is saying anything at any tion, Steel Wind relies not on the machine learning to produce what is
put into sowing distrust in those entirely new portrait of the former racist at that moment. The place
point in time — even if they would solitary, super-hero-style champion, known as a “deep fake” – a comput-
organizations.” president not yet taken. GANs might would’ve exploded.”
never say those things,” Obama’s but the skills and abilities of every- er-generated replication of a person,
image said. day working service members fol- in this case Trump, saying or doing also be used to generate new audio
“Know from where your news from existing audio, or new text Citron, along with her colleague
“So, for instance, they could have lowing orders and solving problems things they have never said or done.
comes. That’s very important.” from existing text – it is a multi-use Bobby Chesney, began working on a
me say things like, I don’t know, to save the world. Sp.a’s intention was to use the fake
‘Killmonger was right!’” said the video to grab people’s attention, then technology. report outlining the extent of the po-
Both the fundamentals of Catholic The use of this machine learning tential danger. As well as considering
digitally modified president, refer- Praise for Jeff Edwards: redirect them to an online petition
teaching and of journalism and com- technique was mostly limited to the the threat to privacy and national se-
ring to the antagonist in the 2018 hit calling on the Belgian government
munication have shared priorities: AI research community until late curity, both scholars became increas-
movie “Black Panther” who aimed “Jeff Edwards has created a superb to take more urgent climate action.
“we seek truth, and we also verify 2017, when a Reddit user who went ingly concerned that the proliferation
to launch a global African uprising. thriller that grips the reader from be- The video’s creators later said they
truth,” said Bush. by the moniker “Deepfakes” – a of deep fakes could catastrophically
In the video, Obama appears to ginning to end. Brilliantly executed. assumed that the poor quality of
“That has to be a priority when portmanteau of “deep learning” and erode trust between different factions
insult President Donald Trump and “ —Clive Cussler, international best- the fake would be enough to alert
we go and we communicate. It’s a “fake” – started posting digitally of society in an already polarized
make fun of Secretary of Hous- selling author of Raise the Titanic their followers to its inauthenticity.
responsibility to communicate truth- altered pornographic videos. He was political climate.
ing and Urban Development Ben “Here is a writer at the top of his “It is clear from the lip movements
fully, to make sure the information building GANs using TensorFlow,
Carson, before it is revealed that the game. The result is a brilliant techno- that this is not a genuine speech by
we’re disseminating is truthful, it’s Google’s free open source machine ** What would’ve happened if
president’s image is a digital modi- thriller, the kind a young Clancy Trump,” a spokesperson for sp.a told
verified, that it’s critically appraised, a deep fake emerged of the police
fication. His lips have been synchro- would be proud to call his own.” — Politico. learning software, to superimpose
before we start disseminating it,” he chief saying something racist? The
nized with those of filmmaker Jordan Homer Hickam, best-selling author As it became clear that their celebrities’ faces on the bodies of
said. place would’ve exploded **
Peele, who has acted as an Obama of October Sky practical joke had gone awry, sp.a’s women in pornographic movies.
“Otherwise we just become part of
impersonator. social media team went into dam- A number of media outlets reported
In particular, they could foresee

For second Congress in a row, elected Asian

deep fakes being exploited by pur-
Hello Dolly!
WHERE: San Diego Civic Theatre;
1100 3rd and B Street, Downtown San veyors of “fake news”. Anyone with
access to this technology – from
Americans and Pacific Islanders hit new high
( Continued from page 15 ) TICKETS: Tickets now on sale state-sanctioned propagandists to
Regional: The Little Mermaid, Cinderel- WEBSITE: https://www.broadwaysd. trolls – would be able to skew infor-
la, The Marvelous Wonderettes, Merrily com/upcoming-events/hello-dolly/ mation, manipulate beliefs, and in so
We Roll Along, Sunday in the Park with For show photos please visit: https://
Three new legislators will high, according to the Congres-
bring the total number of Asian sional Asian Pacific American In a November statement, Kim doing, push ideologically opposed
George, A Little Night Music, The Wiz- online communities deeper into their
ard of Oz, High School Musical. Film: media-downloads/press-photos/ Or call Americans and Pacific Island- Caucus (CAPAC). The 115th said his campaign was always about
the people of New Jersey and who own subjective realities.
The Fifth Door, The Great White Way, or email: (619) 564-3012 - cheideman@ ers elected to Congress to 20, a Congress, with 18 elected Asian
Beautifully Cruel. Education: Boston would best advocate for the hopes
new high. Americans and Pacific Islanders, and needs of the community in “The marketplace of ideas already
JESSICA SHERIDAN (Ernestina). SD @BroadwaySD was the previous high. Congress. suffers from truth decay as our
Broadway/NYC: Hello, Dolly!; Sister networked information environment
Act; Follies; Mary Poppins; Les By Agnes Constante, DNC Press “Since its founding in 1994, CA- “Our campaign was about the interacts in toxic ways with our
Misérables; Radio City Christmas Spec-
tacular. Tours: The Bridges of Madison Moderate Today marks the first day of
PAC has always strived to ensure
that diverse voices are represented
issues — about affordable health
care for all Americans; about fair
cognitive biases,” the report reads.
“Deep fakes will exacerbate this
County, The Producers, Beauty and the the 116th Congress, following a in the halls of Congress, and we are taxes for New Jersey families; and problem significantly.”
Beast, How to Succeed..., Footloose. ( Continued from page 9 )
historic election that brought 70 thrilled that the American people about a government that works for
Film: The Producers. Television: “Liza serving of alcohol as a 12-ounce beer, voted overwhelmingly to elect candi- Citron and Chesney are not alone in
Live from Radio City Music Hall.” a 6-ounce glass of wine or a 1.5-ounce new Democratic members in the the people,” he said. “I look forward
dates who better reflect the diversity to working on these and other key these fears. In April, the film director
Award nominations: Ovation Award shot of liquor. Senate and the House of Repre- of our nation,” Democrat Rep. Judy issues while representing my home Jordan Peele and BuzzFeed released
(Lead Actress in a Musical) and LA sentatives. This new class of leg- Chu, the caucus chair, said in a state- a deep fake of Barack Obama calling
Weekly Award (Musical Performance). The researchers accounted for impor- district with integrity and civility in
islators will include three Asian ment. “With these victories, CAPAC Washington.” Trump a “total and complete dipshit”
tant variables in their analysis, including
### age, sex, race, education level, income, Americans and Pacific Islanders, will have its highest AAPI member- to raise awareness about how AI-
smoking status, blood pressure and bringing AAPI representation ship in history and an important seat In Guam, San Nicolas, a senator generated synthetic media might be
CRITICAL PRAISE FOR “HELLO, other factors. After controlling for these in Congress to 20: TJ Cox from at the table within House Leader- in the U.S. territory’s legislature, used to distort and manipulate real-
DOLLY!” variables, the investigators found an California, Andy Kim from New ship.” defeated his Republican opponent, ity. In September, three members of
association between consuming seven or Dolores Flores Brooks, in November Congress sent a letter to the director
“It is, in a word, perfection.” fewer drinks per week and an extended Jersey, and Michael San Nicolas
In their races, all three candidates with 54.85 percent of the vote. In the of national intelligence, raising the
--- Time Out New York survival of just over one year, compared from Guam. faced and defeated incumbents. alarm about how deep fakes could
“The best show of the year. ‘Hello, with the long-term abstainers. The June primaries, he unseated 15-year
incumbent Rep. Madeleine Bordallo. be harnessed by “disinformation
Dolly!’ must not be missed.” -- NPR extended survival came to an average Cox is one of three Asian-Amer- Kim unseated Republican incum- campaigns in our elections”.
“‘Hello, Dolly!’ is back on Broadway, of 383 days and ranged from 17 to 748 ican and Pacific Islander fresh-
and it looks so fresh, you want to pinch days. The greatest benefit seems to be bent Rep. Tom MacArthur in New Before going into public office,
its cheek.” -- Variety derived from drinking 10 drinks per men representatives-elect who Jersey's 3rd Congressional District, San Nicolas worked as a high school The specter of politically motivated
“A palpable bonding festival of hot- week, but so few patients fell into that are scheduled to be sworn into winning by nearly 4,000 votes. His history teacher and financial planner. deep fakes disrupting elections
ticket excitement, contentment, and category that the data were insufficient Congress next month. Joining victory makes him the second Ko- He has said he felt called to serve is at the top of Citron’s concerns.
raucous joy.” -- Newsday to draw definite conclusions. him are Andy Kim, who won the rean American elected to Congress, and followed in the footsteps of “What keeps me awake at night is a
“This ‘Dolly!’ is classic Broadway at the first in more than 20 years. his grandparents, who were former hypothetical scenario where, before
its best.” -- Entertainment Weekly "People who develop heart failure at an seat to represent New Jersey's 3rd
members of Guam's legislature. the vote in Texas, someone releases a
“It delivers on exactly what’s craved by older age and never drank shouldn't start Congressional District, and Mi- Prior to his election, Kim had deep fake of Beto O’Rourke having
lovers of old-school musicals drinking," Brown said. "But our study chael San Nicolas, who is slated worked as an adviser to Gens. David sex with a prostitute, or something,”
from the era when giants like Merman suggests people who have had a daily In Central California, Cox's win
to serve as a non-voting represen- Petraeus and John Allen, and for the brought the total number of seats Citron told me. “Now, I know that
roamed the earth. drink or two before their diagnosis of
‘Hello, Dolly!’ is making people crazy heart failure can continue to do so with- tative for Guam. White House as the director of Iraq flipped by Democrats to 40. He will this would be easily refutable, but if
happy.” -- The Washington Post out concern that it's causing harm. Even at the National Security Council. He also join Democrat Rep. Bobby this drops the night before, you can’t
so, that decision should always be made The three new legislators will previously told NBC News that his Scott of Virginia to become one of debunk it before serious damage has
PERFORMANCE INFORMATION: in consultation with their doctors." bring the total number of Asian decision to go into public service two sitting members of Congress of spread.”
was prompted by the Sept. 11, 2001, Philippine descent. She added: “I’m starting to see how
WHEN: January 15-20, 2019
Americans and Pacific Islanders terrorist attacks, which took place ( Continued on page 12 )
elected to Congress to 20, a new while he was in college.
January 4-10, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 15

Holly Dolly! casting announced for the first national tour of the Tony Award-Winning Best Musical Revival
STARRING BROADWAY lagher Levi) called “The Voice of Camino Real, Gypsy. Film: Split The Man Who Came to Dinner, Blonde (US national tour) and Toy Think You Can Dance.” LeProtto
LEGEND BETTY BUCKLEY Broadway” by New York Magazine, (Saturn Award nomination), The Laughter on the 23rd Floor, A Funny Story: The Musical (Disney). Educa- attends Pace University.
is known as a legendary, multi- Happening, Wyatt Earp, Another Thing Happened on the Way to the tion: Bachelor of Music Degree from
(SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Decem- award-winning performer, and is a Woman, Frantic, Tender Mercies, Forum (Tony Award nomination), New York University, Steinhardt. KRISTEN HAHN (Minnie Fay).
2012 Theatre Hall of Fame inductee Carrie. Television: “Preacher,” The Female Odd Couple, Candide Broadway: A Gentleman’s Guide to
ber 3, 2018) – Producer Scott and 2017 recipient of the Julie Harris “Supergirl,” “Getting On,” “The (Tony nomination), The Sunshine ANALISA LEAMING (Irene Mol- Love & Murder (Miss Barley), Our
Rudin has announced the cast for Award for Artistic Achievement, Leftovers,” “Chicago Med,” “Pretty Boys, and Minnie’s Boys (Drama loy). Broadway: School of Rock; Town starring Paul Newman (West-
the first national tour of the Tony given by The Actors Fund. Her Little Liars,” “The Pacific,” “OZ,” Desk Award, Outer Critic’s Circle Hello, Dolly!. New York: Pipe port Country Playhouse). Regional:
Award-winning Best Musical Broadway credits include Triumph “Law & Order: SVU,” “Without a Award, and Theatre World Award). Dream, Where’s Charley? (En- Grazia in Death Takes a Holiday
Revival of Hello, Dolly!, starring of Love (Tony Award nomination), Trace,” “Eight Is Enough.” Record- He starred in the national tours of cores!), The Mikado (Carnegie Hall). (Arvada Center). Film: 5 Flights Up,
Broadway legend, Tony Award Sunset Boulevard, Carrie (Outer ings: 18 solo albums (two Grammy The Producers, Guys and Dolls, Tours: Annie, The Sound of Music. Our Town (PBS/Showtime). Educa-
winner Betty Buckley. Broadway Critics Circle Award nomination), Nominations), most recently Hope The Time of Your Life, Fiddler on Regional: The Muny, Kansas City tion: Bachelor of Fine Arts in vocal
Song and Dance, The Mystery of released on Palmetto Records in the Roof, and Laughter on the 23rd Starlight Theatre, North Shore Music performance from Carnegie Mellon.
San Diego is pleased to present June 2018. She has been a teacher of Floor. His film credits include The Theater, Magic Theatre, Geva The-
Edwin Drood, Cats (Tony Award),
this dazzling production of Hello, Pippin, and 1776. Ms. Buckley’s Scene Study and Song Interpretation Verdict, Serpico, To Be or Not To atre Center, Infinity Theatre Com- GARETT HAWE (Ambrose Kem-
Dolly! as part of the 2018-2019 London stage credits include Dear for over 45 years. She has received Be, and In & Out. Television: Dr. pany, Barrington Stage Company. per). Broadway: Carousel, Newsies,
Season, sponsored by San Diego World; Sunset Boulevard (Olivier two Honorary Doctorates for her Fried on The Sopranos. Leaming is a Lotte Lenya Competi- Matilda, Mary Poppins. Tour: The
County Credit Union® from Award nomination); and Prom- contribution to the Musical Theater tion winner. Education: Bachelor 101 Dalmatians Musical, Mary Pop-
January 15-20, 2019. ises, Promises (Evening Standard from The Boston Conservatory and NIC ROULEAU (Cornelius Hackl) of Music from Eastman School of pins, Wicked. Regional: Gypsy (The
Award nomination). Off Broadway, Marymount Manhattan College. recently finished a record 2,500 per- Music. Cape Playhouse), Bye Bye Birdie
The previously announced Ms. her credits include Old Friends formances in The Book of Mormon. (Sacramento Music Circus), Newsies
Buckley will be joined by Lewis J. (Drama Desk Award nomination), LEWIS J. STADLEN (Horace Van- He has performed in The Book of JESS LePROTTO (Barnaby (Paper Mill Playhouse). Television:
Stadlen (Horace Vandergelder), Nic White’s Lies, Elegies, The Eros dergelder) is the recipient of the Irish Mormon on Broadway, in Chicago Tucker). Broadway: Carousel; Hello, “Peter Pan Live!,” “Nurse Jackie.”
Rouleau (Cornelius Hackl), Analisa Trilogy, Juno’s Swans, I’m Getting Times Award for his performance (original cast), on the national tour, Dolly!; Cats; On the Town; News- Bachelor of Fine Arts from the
Leaming (Irene Molloy), Jess My Act Together and Taking It on at Dublin’s Gate Theatre produc- and on the West End. Television ies; Bye Bye Birdie; How the Grinch University of Cincinnati College-
LeProtto (Barnaby Tucker), Kristen the Road. Regional: Grey Gardens tion of Arthur Miller’s The Price. credits include Daddy’s Boy in Tina Stole Christmas; The Boy From Oz. Conservatory of Music.
Hahn (Minnie Fay), Garett Hawe (Ovation Award nomination), Old Broadway: The Front Page, Fish in Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt National: “So You Think You Can
(Ambrose Kemper), Morgan Kirner Friends, Arsenic and Old Lace, The the Dark, The Nance, The Produc- (Netflix) and the 2012 Tony Awards Dance” tour, Radio City Christmas MORGAN KIRNER (Ermengarde).
(Ermengarde), and Jessica Sheridan Threepenny Opera, Buffalo Gal, ers, 45 Seconds From Broadway, (CBS). Other credits include Legally Spectacular. Television: “So You ( Continued on page 14 )

The ensemble will feature Maddy

Apple, Daniel Beeman, Brittany
Bohn, Giovanni Bonaventura, Eliza-
beth Broadhurst, Whitney Cooper,
Julian DeGuzman, Wally Dunn, Al-
exandra Frohlinger, Dan Horn, Co-
rey Hummerston, Madison Johnson,
Nathan Keen, Beth Kirkpatrick, Ben
Lanham, Ian Liberto, Kyle Samuel,
Scott Shedenhelm, Timothy Shew,
Maria Cristina Slye, Cassie Austin
Taylor, Davis Wayne, Brandon L.
Whitmore, and Connor Wince.

Led by four-time Tony Award-

winning director Jerry Zaks and cho-
reographed by Tony Award winner
Warren Carlyle, the entire creative
team of the Broadway production re-
prises their roles for the national tour
of Hello, Dolly!, including four-time
Tony Award winner Santo Loquasto
(Scenic & Costume Design), six-
time Tony Award winner Natasha
Katz (Lighting Design), Tony Award
winner Scott Lehrer (Sound Design),
Andy Einhorn (Music Supervision),
Robert Billig (Music Direction),
Tony Award winner Larry Hochman
(Orchestrations), Tony Award winner
Don Pippin (Vocal Arrangements),
David Chase (Dance Arrangements),
and Telsey + Company (Casting).

Hello, Dolly! began performances

on Broadway on March 15, 2017,
and officially opened on April 20,
2017. Having broken the record for
best first day of ticket sales in Broad-
way history, the box office record at

Dental Implant Centers

the Shubert Theatre twelve times, TM
and shattering The Shubert Organi-
zation’s all-time record ten times,
this production will end its historic
Broadway run on August 25, 2018. DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
A complete list of cities and dates
for the national tour of Hello, Dolly!
can be found at www.hellodollyon-

Cast Bios


( Continued from page 1 )

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

outside a shopping mall in the
southern city of Cotabato that
killed two and injured at least 34
Philippine National Police Chief ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Director General Oscar Albayalde
described the deadly blast as a “cow-
Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
ardly attack” against civilians. ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
The police, earlier, said that it is
eyeing the possible involvement of ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
local terrorist groups inspired by the
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at
in the bombing.
The Australian government also
noted an earlier travel advisory of
the United States Department of

UE Graduate 1987 Manila

Homeland Security, which states that
the Ninoy Aquino International Air- Call for a FREE CONSULTATION:

port “is failing to meet international

Fluent in Tagalog
standards for security.” /jpv

( Continued from page 1 )
proved by the National Economic
and Development Authority last Two convenient locations
Año claimed crime could be re- ❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
duced by 15 percent and response
time improved by 25 percent with
the installation of the surveillance
866.469.7645 •
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | January 4-10, 2019

politics in the homeland. Its effects

Miss Universe PH franchise still with Bb Pilipinas
Voices of Filipino- speak loudly in our levels of civic
engagement, with historically low
voter-turnout and political repre- 'It's still with us,' BPCI chair-
American Youth sentation in U.S. government, both
local and national. It became harder
person Stella Araneta tells
to place blame on our inaction in
Marjon L. Saulon America when many members of | MANILA,
Marjon L. Saulon is a feature writer and columnist the older generation had grown tired 1/3/2019 – Binibining Pilipinas
of the Asian Journal San Diego. This part of a series of the inevitable corruption, patron- Charities Inc (BPCI) chairperson
of articles that will be publsihed in book form. age, and dishonesty of politics that
plagued their economic hopes in the Stella Marquez Araneta put to rest
reports that the Miss Universe
Why Filipino Education Matters
franchise is no longer under the
Most importantly however, I group. On Thursday, January 3,
For much of my life, there was a new life of prosperity and free- learned that the Filipino-American she told reporters that they are
dom in the land of opportunity. We experience is one of triumph and still working with the organiza-
not a single class to which I could perseverance.
proudly, and unapologetically learned of the United States Navy, tion.
and how politics resulted in the Learning about the three distinct STILL WITH BPCI. Stella Araneta says that the Miss Universe is still with the Bb
voice my story, and the Filipino waves of Filipino-American im- "Well, it's still with us," she said Pilipinas Charities Inc. Photo shows Stella and husband Jorge with Miss Universe
enlistment of thousands of Filipinos
roots that hold it together. Until in Subic Bay with the promise of migration created a sense of home when asked about reports that the 2018 Catriona Gray. Photo from Facebook/2018 Miss Universe
this year. U.S. citizenship and the comforts of and familiarity for much of us in the franchise had been given to another
class. We felt a sense of ease and company. "If some people say some- was a judge at the pageant, came to in 2017 for the 2016 pageant.
retirement benefits; a promise yet to
This past month, I concluded my security in knowing that our stories thing else, let them talk about it." Manila with Miss Universe 2018 The Miss Universe Philippines
be fulfilled to this day.
blended into a common stream - dif- Catriona Gray in December 2018. title is the main crown under the Bb
Asian Studies 460 Filipino-Amer- Pilipinas franchise. Other crowns in-
fering in its currents and waves, but Araneta's response comes following Singson, in an interview, confirmed
ican Communities class at San We learned of contemporary is-
bounded by the same flowing direc- reports that the international organi- that he was offered the franchise, but clude Bb Pilipinas International, Bb
Diego State University along with sues that currently demand action
tion of hope. Whether our families zation allegedly offered the franchise said he was thinking about it since Pilipinas Supranational, Bb Pilipinas
20 other motivated, career-driven and nourishment; the struggles of
had been part of the first wave of to former Ilocos Sur governor and it might involve more hardwork. Grand International, Bb Pilipinas
identity and acculturation, lack of
students. There is one overarch- nutritional and dietary education immigrants working in the swelter- businessman Luis "Chavit" Singson. Singson has been supporting the Globe, and Bb Pilipinas Interconti-
ing theme and lesson I learned in ing heat of rice fields and farmlands Speculation was fueled when Sing- Miss Universe Organization since he nental. – with a report from Voltaire
causing health issues, and the need
that class. in the labor movement, the second son and his daughter Richelle, who brought the pageant back to Manila Tayag/
for greater civic engagement among
the youth. wave of Navy veterans relocated
Filipino education matters. to San Diego, or the scholarly class
I learned that the uniqueness of of engineers, lawyers, and doctors
Admittedly, I came into the class in our culture is difficult to pinpoint arriving after the 1960s - our class
search of answers to my frustrations because of the incredible influences gained a sense of belonging in what
with what it meant to be a Filipino, of Chinese, Spanish, and American seemed to be a lonesome journey of
specifically in America. My experi- customs and traditions that became cultural and identity soul-searching.
ences, judgements, and objections ingrained in our own throughout If it were not for a few Filipino-
of our culture were scattered and hundreds of years. The Spanish American students at San Diego
suspended in the vastness of my brought Catholicism and foods like State who had met with school
mind and thoughts prior to the class. pan de sal, leche flan, and sisig while administrators to advocate for the
That quickly changed. the Americans installed an inclusive continuation of the class, many of
public school system with english our perspectives, experiences, and
In 17 weeks, we covered an abun- as the medium of instruction, along thoughts would have been left in
dance of topics ranging from the with our model of democracy - similar suspension - without a com-
surprisingly rich pre-colonial history exemplified by our Congress with mon voice to share, or peers to vali-
of the Philippines and the effects of a Senate and House of Representa- date our family stories of triumph
the Spanish-era rule, to the country’s tives. and perseverance.
present-day politics and the immi- Why do we tend to stay quiet As our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal
gration waves that have resulted in politically? We learned of crony has once said, “He who does not
know how to look back at where
the relocation of millions of present- capitalism in the early 1930s as
he came from will never get to his Asian Studies 460, SDSU
day Filipino-Americans. We learned we gained independence from
about the ‘manongs’ and the Filipino the United States. Corruption and destination.”
Through this class and our educa- Asian Studies 460 Filipino-American Communities class, Fall 2018, San Diego State University, led by Dr. Ofe-
farm workers who arrived in the political patronage became the norm, lia Dirige, PhD, MPH (front, left). A series of essays based on the AS460 subject matter on culture and identity wrotten
early twentieth century, in search of thus contributing to our present day tion, we reflectively inched closer to
our own. by students have been feattured in the Asian Journal San Diego this fall.

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