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ENDOCRINE SYSTEM QUIZ ___12. Which of the following hormones would bind to
receptors located on the inside of a cell?
____1. Which of these is true of the endocrine system? a. Testosterone
A. secretes hormones that are transported to b. Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
target cells by blood c. Prolactin
B. causes changes in metabolic activities d. Growth Hormone
C. effects are prolonged ___13. Which of the following is a physiological function
D. All of above are true. that is mediated by a hormone released by the posterior
___2. Name the gland that is located at the base of the pituitary?
throat, just inferior to the laryngeal prominence (Adam's a. Maturation of the egg and sperm
apple). b. Decrease in calcium levels
A. Pituitary. C. Hypothalamus. c. Water retention
B. Pineal gland. D. Thyroid. d. Increase in thyroid hormone level
___3. Which of these is not an endocrine gland? ___14. Which of the following hormones would be
A. Pancreas. C. Salivary gland. expected to increase if you were studying all day for a test
B. Testes. D. Parathyroid. and skipped breakfast and lunch?
___4. Which is not a function of the hypothalamus? a. Glucagon c. Insulin
A. Affect heart rate b. Growth Hormone d. Calcitonin
B. Control temperature ___15. Which hormone increases basal metabolic rate in
C. Affect water balance the body?
D. Secrete FSH a. Thyroid Hormone c. Secretin
___5. Which of the following hormones are responsible b. Parathyroid Hormone d. Glucagon
for the "fight-or-flight" response? ___16. Which of the following are responsible for
A. Epinephrine and norepinephrine. producing and releasing hormones?
B. Insulin and glucagon. a. The motor neurons of the peripheral nervous
C. Esrtogen and progesterone. system
D. Thyroxin and melatonin. b. All organs in the human body
___6. The pituitary hormone that stimulates the male c. The neurons of the somatic nervous system
testes to produce sperm and stimulates the development d. The cells and organs of the enteric system
of the follicle in the female on a monthly cycle is: e. The cells, glands and organs of the endocrine
A. growth hormone system
B. luteinizing hormone ___17. Where do endocrine glands secrete their
C. prolactin chemicals?
D. follicle-stimulating hormone a. Into oxygen
___7. Calcium level in the blood is regulated by the: b. Into pheromones
A. Thyroid. c. Into the bloodstream
B. Parathyroid. d. Through the blood-brain barrier
C. Posterior pituitary. ___18. Which of the following substances are produced by
D. Adrenal medulla. the pituitary gland?
E. A and B. a. Luteinizing hormone
___8. Calcitonin is a hormone of which of following: b. Follicle-stimulating hormone
A. Adrenal cortex. c. Adrenocorticotropic hormone
B. Thyroid gland. d. Growth hormone
C. Pituitary gland. ___19. What are the female gonads?
D. Thymus gland. a. Pituitary glands c. Ovaries
E. None of the above. b. Breasts d. Testes
___9. Most hormones of the endocrine system are ___20. The Pancreas produces which 2 hormones:
regulated by a: A) Epinephrine and Insulin
A. Negative feedback mechanism. B) Melatonin and Glucagon
B. Positive feedback mechanism. C) Insulin and Glucagon
C. Hormone-receptor complex. D) Glucagon and Norepinephrine
D. Hormone-gene complex. ___21. The hormone Progesterone causes what to occur
___10. After consuming a banana split, which hormones in women?
would be expected to increase? A) Follicle Development
a. Prolactin c. Insulin B) Development of the Uterine Lining
b. Glucagon d. Parathyroid Hormone C) Spermatogenesis
___11. After having a double-bacon cheeseburger with a D) Female Secondary Sex Characteristics
milkshake, which of the following hormones would NOT be ___22. Along with the nervous system, the ______ system
expected to increase? coordinates the various activities of body parts.
a. Secretin c. Insulin A) digestive
b. Cholecystokinin d. Glucagon B) endocrine
C) circulatory
D) respiratory
___23. ______ are chemical messengers that are produced
in one body region but affect a different body region.
a. Enzymes c. Neurotransmitters
b. Endocrines d. Hormones
___24. The endocrine system is quicker than the nervous
A) True B) False
___25. The pituitary is located beneath the thalamus in the
A) True B) False
___26. The hypothalamus regulates ___________.
A) heart rate
B) body temperature
C) water balance
D) glandular secretions
E) all of the above
___27. If ______ is lacking in the diet, the thyroid gland
enlarges, producing a goiter.
A) thyroxin C) iodine
B) iron D) calcium
___28. The largest endocrine gland(s) that makes 3
hormones that affect the metabolism is the:
A pancreas C thyroid gland
B adrenal glands D pituitary gland
___29. Hormone release stops when the stimulus
that triggered it – like thirst or high blood
sugar is satisfied or corrected. This is called:
A positive feedback system
B negative feedback system
C lock and key system
D solar system
___30. The endocrine gland(s) referred to as the
“master gland” is the:
A pancreas
B adrenal glands
C thyroid gland
D pituitary gland
___31. The only endocrine glands that lay dormant
during childhood to activate at puberty are
A pancreas
B adrenal glands
C thyroid gland
D ovaries and testes
___32. All the following are endocrine glands,
A sweat gland
B adrenal glands
C thyroid gland
D pituitary gland
___33. Calcium level in the blood is regulated by the:
A) Parathyroid and thyroid
B) Adrenal medulla and pancreas
C) Testes
D) Parathyroid and thymus
___34. The hormone responsible for stimulating
contractions of the uterus is known as:
A) insulin
C) glucagon
D) oxytocin
___35. The largest endocrine gland(s) that makes 3
hormones that affect the metabolism is the:
A pancreas C thyroid gland
B adrenal glands D pituitary gland